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Confinement revisited

Today it is appeared a definitive updated version of my paper on confinement (see here). I wrote this paper last year after a question put out to me by Owe Philipsen at Bari. The point is, given a decoupling solution for the gluon propagator in the Landau gauge, how does confinement come out? I would [...]

Warp drive at NASA

I am currently a twitter user. One of my followings is Jeri Ryan. She has been Seven of Nine in Star Trek Voyager saga. Yesterday, it comes out of the blue what I read in one of her twits: NASA is developing warp drive! Indeed, Jeri was pointing to  this link. This is a Gizmodo’s [...]

ATLAS and CMS papers published

Papers by ATLAS and CMS have appeared in Physics Letters B and can be freely downloaded. They report on the discovery of the Higgs-like particle on July 4th. CMS Collaboration (2012). Observation of a new boson at a mass of 125 GeV with the CMS experiment at the LHC Physics Letters B DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2012.08.021 ATLAS [...]

Higgs boson and conformal symmetry

So far, I believed to be the only man on Earth to trust a complete absence of mass terms in the Standar Model (we call this conformal symmetry). I was wrong.  Krzysztof Meissner and Hermann Nicolai anticipated this idea. Indeed, in a model where mass is generally banned, there is no reason to believe that [...]

The man passed away, the legend will always survive

Neil Armstrong passed away yesterday (see here). He was the first man to put his feet on the Moon. He started all my dreams when I was just nine and that July’s night I was staring at his extraordinary enterprise together with Buzz Aldrin (see here) and Michael Collins on the Apollo 11. Now, I am [...]

‘t Hooft and quantum computation

Gerard ‘t Hooft is one of greatest living physicists, one of the main contributors to the Standard Model. He has been awarded the Nobel prize in physics on 1999. I have had the opportunity to meet him in Piombino (Italy) at a conference on 2006 where he was there to talk about his view on [...]

Curiosity touched down successfully!

I was excited this morning while I was looking at the last minutes of flight of Curiosity there at JPL. This remembered when I was nine and, with my father, I looked at man on the moon.  This time Iwas with my sons and we shared happiness with all the people that worked hard for [...]

Papers by ATLAS and CMS on Higgs just appeared

As promised by the two collaborations at CERN, their papers have been today appeared on arXiv: “Observation of a new particle in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at the LHC“ “Observation of a new boson at a mass of 125 GeV with the CMS experiment at the LHC“ [...]

Running coupling and Yang-Mills theory

Forefront research, during its natural evolution, produces some potential cornerstones that, at the end of the game, can prove to be plainly wrong. When one of these cornerstones happens to form, even if no sound confirmation at hand is available, it can make life of researchers really hard. It can be hard time to get [...]

H->WW channel at ATLAS

Today is started Higgs Hunting conference at Orsay (France). Data for WW decay of Higgs boson from ATLAS have been made public. The talk is here. The data provide a clear excess in this channel and the rate is somewhat higher with respect to the Standard Model expectations of about 1.5 sigma. Gamma-Gamma channel remains [...]

Quote of the day

“So far, the h particle does indeed walk and quack very much like a Higgs boson.“ John Ellis and Tevong You  Filed under: Particle Physics, Physics, Quote Tagged: CERN, Higgs particle

QCD 12 and Higgs’ tears

I have spent this week in Montpellier being a participant to QCD 12, a biannual conference organized by Stephan Narison. It is the third time that I go to Montpellier for this conference and there are always very good reasons for being there. Essentially, the quality of physics and beauty of the city are already [...]

Higgs particle finally found!

After a two hours seminar, both CMS and ATLAS spokepersons confirmed a 5 sigmas discovery of a new particle that is consistent with the Higgs particle of the Standard Model. The mass is in agreement with previous clues on last December seminar from CERN: About 125 GeV for both experiments. Congratulations for the great discovery [...]

QCD@Work 2012

This week has been of great interest for me being one of the participants to QCD@Work 2012. I have had my contribution accepted by the organizers and so I gave a talk. The conference was held in a really beautiful city, Lecce here in Italy. This conference is organized jointly by University of Bari and [...]

“Please do not believe the blogs”

CERN does not confirm rumors that were spreading about Higgs particle  in the blogosphere recently (see here). We have not to wait too long anyway as ICHEP is just a few days ahead. Filed under: Media, Particle Physics, Physics, Rumors Tagged: ATLAS, CERN, CMS, Fabiola Gianotti, Higgs particle

Millenium prize on Yang-Mills theory: The situation in physics

Yang-Mills theory with the related question of the mass gap appears today an unsolved problem and, from a mathematical standpoint, the community did not recognized anybody to claim the prize so far. But in physics the answer to this question has made enormous progress mostly by the use of lattice computations and, quite recently, with [...]

Turing machine and Landauer limit

My inactivity period was due to a lack of real news around the World. But I was not inactive at all. My friend Alfonso Farina presented to me another question that occupied my mind for the last weeks: What is the energy cost for computation? The first name that comes to mind in such a [...]

New entries in my lab

With my son I have recently measured Johnson noise and got its square root (see here) that proved to be in agreement with my theoretical expectations (see here). We built up the main instrument, the low-noise high-gain amplifier but my aim has always been to get a meaningful lab instrumentation that could make easier this [...]

Ereditato resigns

Antonio Ereditato resigns as OPERA spokeperson following the failure of the supeluminal neutrino affair. He will be part of history but through a harsh lesson we all learned. He remembers me another character of history of physics in a similar situation, Prosper-René Blondlot and N ray affair. So, science is a self-correcting process but some [...]

Johnson noise and its square root: The video

We have uploaded the video of the measurement of the square root of Johnson noise: This will participate to the Google Science Fair 2012. Filed under: Physics Tagged: Johnson-Nyquist noise, Low noise preamplifier, Noise measurement, Stochastic processes

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