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Daily Facebook Controversy – Woman Gives Birth On Clinic Lawn, Someone Takes Picture And Posts

So how was your delivery experience? Did you have your mandatory “holding-the-baby-exhausted-and-totally-aware-that-you’re-covered-in-birth-goo-and-a-hospital-gown-but-glowing-with-newly discovered-motherly-bliss” picture taken? Did it look anything like that?   No? OK. Show More Summary

Taylor Swift Is Ready To Make Some Changes: Power To You, Woman

Taylor Swift has been pretty quiet in the press lately. We saw her at the MVA’s dancing and making “Ugh Screw YOU” faces with best friend Selena Gomez when One Direction and former luv-ah Harry Styles took the stage, but not much since that time. Show More Summary

Jonas Brothers Cancel Upcoming Tour Due To “Deep Rift”

I have a 14 year-old daughter, so I know a few things. I know that what I am wearing is always wrong, that my hair is dated, my car is too messy, my voice too loud, my questions too frequent, and my food too “vegetable based.” I also...Show More Summary

These Character Posters For Lars Von Triers’ Nymphomaniac Are…Well, They’re Something.

Go to your local multiplex during the ramp-up for the Summer and Winter Movie Seasons, and you’ll see that the walls are festooned with Character Posters. Serving as a kind of static teaser, Character Posters are just that: big-ass posters...Show More Summary

Yes I’m Mixed Race. Please Stop Being So Weird About It. [Essay]

People are far too quick to point out things about my physical appearance and that’s always made me uneasy. There’s nothing about my face or body that makes me look un-human. My nose is of average size, my eyes are large and wide, and my forehead takes up more acreage than I’d like. Show More Summary

Kanye West Appears On Jimmy Kimmel; Evolves Into My Snark Kryptonite

When it comes to music, I’m not much of a Kanye West fan. When it comes to clothing or design or cars or art or personality traits, I’m also not much of a Kanye West fan. But here’s the thing when it comes to being a semi-literate intelligent...Show More Summary

Kris and Bruce Jenner Split: Is Anyone Surprised?

Who would a thunk that doucheface Scott Disick would be the last Kardashian man standing? And yet it appears to be the case. A couple months ago Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries became final, Khloe is and isn’t and is and isn’t with...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson Confirms: Low-Carb Diets Are The Work Of The Devil

Oh, Pat Robertson. Is there anything you won’t say? If it’s not gay marriage it’s the “awful-looking women” who ruin same-sex marriages, or it’s liberals, or it’s cat-lovers or people who wear the color blue or whatever crazy shit you’re spewing today. Show More Summary

Tikker “Death Watch” Reminds You To Stop Pissing Your Life Away

WARNING: Before reading about the Tikker “Death Watch” countdown device, please make sure that 1) You are in a happy place, 2) You have the phone number of a good friend, therapist, or pot dealer on hand, and 3) You have secured all sharp objects and high cliffs in your vicinity. Show More Summary

Ellen Has Advice For Bethenny Frankel And She Should Take It

I watch (or rather, I listen to) television all day. I work from home and if I had the radio on, I’d do nothing but host impromptu solo karaoke parties all day, so TV it is. Because of all the television watching I do, I fancy myself a bit of an expert. Show More Summary

Casey Kasem’s Wife Won’t Let His Kids See Ailing Father

Long-time famous radio DJ, voice actor, and all-around nice guy Casey Kasem isn’t a young man anymore. Oh man, I am such a downer today. But blame nature, not me, because I didn’t invent the aging process. Anyway, Kasem is now 81 years-old...Show More Summary

It’s Horror Movie Viral Marketing Stunt Season! (Watch Yo Self)

CONSUMER ALERT: It’s October, which means all sorts of creepy crawly scary movies and TV shows and such are about to debut, which also means the marketing teams behind this projects are kicking things into high gear in attempts to garner BUZZ and SYNERGY and VIRAL SOMETHING OR OTHER. Show More Summary

Tom Hanks Has Type 2 Diabetes; Reminds Us We’re All Gonna Die

Is there anyone who doesn’t think Tom Hanks is Top 5 Coolest Guys Around? He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s cute in that “mashed potatoes” kind of way, and you just know he’s a cuddler and would totally take you out for french fries when you’re all PMS-y. Show More Summary

Miley Cyrus Says Sex Ends At 40 And Even I’m In On The Joke

Dammit, Miley. Just when I thought I was through with you; just when I promised myself I wouldn’t watch or read or write about you and your butt-cheeks and your questionably coated tongue, you’ve gone and done it again. Well played, sister. Show More Summary

Warner Bros CEO Wants To See Wonder Woman On Screen. It’s About Time.

Quick show of hands: how many of you have heard of Ant-Man? That’s what I thought. Now, unless you are a total comic book geek (or have kids who are), chances are you’ve never heard of Ant-Man. And yet this B-list Marvel superhero is getting his own movie. Show More Summary

Surprise; It’s Pop-Up Prn!

I’m sorry that the majority of this post is going to sound like post-menopausal hand-wringing. Sorry mainly because I still suffer the scourge of Eve and don’t see why I should also be labelled a dried up prude just because I like to choose when and where I get my porn fix. Show More Summary

Royals Are Just Like Us? Princess Kate Asks Antique Shop Owner For Discount

Dear Me,   Have I you I you we decided what to do yet? Do we write this post with our heart, or brain? Not sure, but we’re switching back to first person, because this is too confusing. So check this out. This British girl, Kate, walks into an antique shop, The Old Stables in Norfolk. Show More Summary

Chris Brown Says He Lost His Virginity At Eight And That’s Not Even The Worst Part

Chris Brown, human being or reasonable facsimile thereof, has finally started his 1000 hours of court-ordered community service for I can’t even remember what crime. But he’s “paying his debt to society,” and that’s what matters because he’s all good now and can go on to become an upright, law-abiding member of his community. Show More Summary

‘Curvy Girl Lingerie’ In The Running For Super Bowl Commercial Roster

Financial software company Intuit is running a contest for a small business to win a Super Bowl commercial, which would be a huge opportunity for up and coming businesses looking to break into a national market. One of the businesses...Show More Summary

Lauryn Hill Leaves Prison, Drops Single Same Day: Your Friday Is Super Lazy

Now, Lauryn is only hu-man. Don’t think she hasn’t been through the same predicament. I mean, who hasn’t had to decide which single to drop on their first day out of prison? Today R&B/rap pioneer Lauryn Hill completes a 3-month prison...Show More Summary

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