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Allen & Ginter: Surprisingly Good

Topps redeems itself with one of its best efforts in years. I've been bored with Topps at best this year, and at worst... well, I'll save the grumbling for another night. The latest edition of Allen & Ginter (the more favored moniker...Show More Summary

Dog Days of the Timbers

An impulse buy nets me an official team set of last year's MLS Cup champions. In hindsight, this was probably an overpay by a few dollars, but for $4.99 I picked up a current year Topps Portland Timbers team set. I was expecting, foolishly,...Show More Summary

Topps Chrome Makes Me a Hypocrite

Last winter's bad ideas become this summer's shiny wonders. I was harshly critical of this year's Topps flagship set, to the point where I made sure I wouldn't buy a single pack of the stuff. I still don't like it. I have to admit, sadly, that it looks really good in a Chromium suit. Show More Summary

I Got the Blues, and I Can't Be Satisfied

It's not quite hockey season just yet. Longtime trade partner and hockey enthusiast Sportscards From The Dollar Store reacted to something I said on the internet during the NHL Playoffs about supporting the Blues by sending a starter collection that way. Show More Summary

Why Do I Collect Steve Garrabrants?

It's more of a rhetorical question. Nothing against Steve Garrabrants, who I'm sure is a wonderful person, but when I win auctions on cards like this it really makes me wonder what I'm doing with my time. Garrabrants was a career minor league who spent 4 years in the Diamondbacks system. Show More Summary

The Knowns and the Unknowns

Some guys I've never heard of and some guys you've probably heard of. Nary a week goes by here at Cards on Cards that I don't talk about Wainwright this and Ozzie Smith that. I should probably give a little time to some of the players...Show More Summary

Second Series, Same as the First

Finishing up some current year needs thanks to @batcavelv As usual, the second series of this year's Topps flagship set is a continuation of the first, which meant another round of cards to get thoroughly annoyed at. I still despise this set as much as I did when I first laid eyes on it and still haven't bought so much as a single pack this year. Show More Summary

Random Card-Supial

This is something. I had another more verbose post planned for this evening, but I didn't know that I was going to be in for three hours of unplanned tech support the second I walked through my door after I got home from work. Instead, you get this thing.I'm adding it to the Summer Cleaning list if anyone wants it. The little guy is a local (Oregonian), Ben Petrick.

A Slew of Redbirds from A Rival Fan

@TomSOlson sends Cardinals from the north. To the, um, west. This may in fact finally be the Cubs year (or is it?), but that doesn't mean I can't make nice with a fan of the rival team. I'm sure P-Town Tom is just as eager to get Cardinals cards pushed out the door as I am eager to see St. Show More Summary

Wheelin' and Dealin'

There's no trade deadline at Cards on Cards. It's been 6 days since an Upton Trade and the non-waiver trade deadline has already passed. Still, there's plenty of time for trades (and trade posts!) here at Cards on Cards central. TheShow More Summary

Someone Likes the A's

Turning A's into Birds, thanks to a @JoshSamBob mailing. For nearly a decade, I haven't been able to figure out what to do with any of my Oakland A's cards, aside from a stray Rickey Henderson or Mark McGwire card here and there. This all finally changed recently, as I finally found a suitable home for a bunch of A's cards. Show More Summary

A Long Ways From Cooperstown

Another super trade from three time zones over. Portland, Oregon is a long ways from anywhere. With the crippling budget crisis that seems to have been the standard operating practice for the USPS going on years now, it's fairly wondrous that it only takes a few days for these baseball cards to go from coast to coast. Show More Summary


A greater than great set of cards from @Lost_Collector I like to say that every trade I've made through the blog over the years has been great, but certainly there are occasions where something I get back is a little more... great. This is probably one of those teams. Show More Summary

Summer Cleaning 2016

Time for trades! Let's make a deal? Awhile ago, I discovered this filthy cardboard box that is built for containing microphone(s). What sort of horrors laid within? AHHH! AHHHHH! Cardboard horrors! So while I clear this thing out, IShow More Summary

New School, Guys

New cards, fuzzy memories. Last month, Topps unleashed another round of their flagship set (Series Two) with another round of inserts. I've finally lined up a deal to get all the Cardinals base cards from the set I'm trying to ignore, but of course that leaves a lot of inserts to gather up. Show More Summary

Old School, Y'All

Throwback Thursday? Sure, why not? Awhile back, I reached out to Jon from A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts to ask about some extra early '80s Topps album stickers he had acquired in the comments section on a post he did for APTBNL. I am super excited about these two stacks of stickers that I get to put, unstuck, in my Cardinals binders soon. Show More Summary

Rooty Tooty Fresh & Looty

Ketel, anyone? June's @thelootlocker box arrived recently, once again bearing fruit. I had skipped a month of the hobby packs-a-month club because I ran out of time to buy in for the previous month. I have considered getting an automatic...Show More Summary

This Blog Post is Not About Pokemon Go

@TwitchWasHere delivers the good goods. It's crazy to have a week that will be almost entirely free of baseball, which might actually help me get caught up in some posts that I wanted to write. I'm not entirely sure if he's shuttered his latest blog, but Twitch is active on Twitter and is always up for a trade. Show More Summary


Just one All-Star nod for the Cardinals means I'm taking the year off from the farcical game. While it certainly seems like a down year for the Cardinals, there were a number of All-Star candidates on a team that has mostly been one of the top offenses in the league this year. Show More Summary

Repack Hits?

Who knew? As I recently teased on Twitter, I bought a few of the drug store variety repack boxes over at Walgreen's on Monday. I was only going to grab one as my reward for running errands that actually involved said drug store, but they happened to be on sale ($3.99!) for some weird reason, so I bought all three that were on the shelf. Show More Summary

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