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omg Topps

seriously what the hell distracted driving is very dangerous

Setsmas All Year Round - Day 8: Junk Food

True facts: One of the first trading cards I ever had if not THE first card was a 1978 Burger King card acquired in Toronto on a family trip. That card was of a Tiger and is long gone like my memories of that trip. If it even happened,...Show More Summary

Insert set wantlist

Insert set wantlist - Mostly Topps for now, major work in progress. I need it handy so I'm posting it before it's ready. I'll put a real post up tonight sometime.2001 ToppsThrough the YearsCOMPLETEBefore There Was ToppsBT1 Lou GehrigBT2...Show More Summary

SETSMAS ALL YEAR ROUND - Day 7: Happy Twin Peaks Day

I'm gonna post all these scans if it kills me.Hi there! On February 24th a hundred years ago Special Agent Dale Cooper did A Thing and we got a couple dozen episodes of weird-ass soap opera horror television, a weirder-ass movie and yet another remake/reboot/sequel of 25 year old property (pending). Show More Summary

Favorite Card of 2016

Because P-Town Tom wants to know.So this is my favorite set: And this is my favorite player: So this should really be a no brainer, right? BUT THEN.... HOLY CRIMINY JEEBUS BABE RUTH WITH A MONKEY Dem bootleggers at Leaf done threw me a knuckleball. Show More Summary

2016 Allen & Ginter Wantlist

so I'm slow, leave me alonealso I'm putting all the ginter base cards i still need on one page for easy scrolling in times of dime boxery2014 Allen & Ginter28 43 99101 116 145 146 189 193219 222 282316 324 333 3452015 Allen & Ginter2...Show More Summary

The Perfect Card to Close Out 2016

2016 sucked. Terrible things happened to everyone but you gotta just roll with the punches and move on. I've never really posted a 'most wanted' or 'white whale' list but if I had this card would have been on it. 2016 in all it's badness threw an opportunity to pick this card up at me recently so I took it. Show More Summary

The Twelve Days of Setsmas: Day 6 - Coolness

Ten years ago yesterday I was happy and carefree and content with my life and then the next day I started a blog about baseball cards and everything's been all downhill sinceIn honor of this auspicious date where I not only ruined my...Show More Summary

The Essential 2016 Christmas Music Playlist

Let's face it, i'm not getting any more complete set posts done right now so let's just kick back and enjoy some holiday music. Music fitting of this HORRIBLE SHITTY TERRIBLE AWFUL YEAR.eNJoY Fear - Fuck Christmas This was originally going to be a top ten list. Show More Summary

The Twelve Days of Setsmas - Day 5: Space Punk

SPOILERSQ!QQQQ@!!@Q!!!!!!!there is a movie out now and it is about space and it is about armed political confictthere are spaceships and robots and lazer swords that go voom voomit is a movie that is set after the prequels and before...Show More Summary

The Twelve Days of Setsmas - Day 4: Bubba Roof

SOThe past two days of Setsmas were postponed on account of work.This annoyed the frustrated perfectionist in me and I almost cancelled Christmas but I had a day off to myself and thought better of itnow I am just going to post twelve...Show More Summary

The Twelve Days of Setmas - Day Three: Hoopy Froods

Augh!I did real life stuff all day instead of writing blog posts!I don't know what set to upload!Where are my scans?!?Everything's ruined!I'm gonna be late!AAAAaahhhhhhhhhh! DON'T PANIC 1994 Cardz The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I might have posted this before, but what the hell, here it is again(?). Show More Summary

The Twelve Days of Setsmas - Day 2: Buzzz

Two posts in a row holy shiiiiiFun fact about Uncle Junkie... those of you who follow me on the twittahs know I am a Jawja Bulldawg fan woof woof woof woof woof.BUT, when I was a wee little Junkling I was actually a bigger fan of Georgia Tech. Show More Summary

The Twelve Days Of Setsmas - Day 1: Spooooky

Ha Ha!I ATEN'T DEADI smell pretty funky, but the blog still lives!In the past, I've done a Twelve Days of Cardmas series where I play off the holiday song and post 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 cards over twelve days. This is a painstaking...Show More Summary

Vintagey Non-Sport Wantlist

Going to a place that might have some of these tomorrow so getting prepared.massive work in progress that may never be completedpics later maybe1966 Topps Batman (have)Red 23a 26a 27a 28aBlue 44bBlack 12Laffs 521973 Topps You'll DieShow More Summary

Score Wantlist - 1988-1998

1988 Score 2 12 14 16 18 22 26 46 54 55 59 78 96 129 1 30 131 154 174 202 206 246 331 345 350 384 454 470 494 500 516 526 541 546 549 602 638 641 651 659 72 75 103 104 105 1989 Score 3 27 28 30 35 39 50 66 68 70 72 75 84 88 92 93 94Show More Summary

Joy of a Completed Set: 2004 Star Wars Heritage

Bought a ton of expensive packs in 2004, didn't come close to completing it.Bought a complete set, one card was missing.Found the last card in a box full of junk last weekend at the flea market.enjoy The entire set is horizontal so I...Show More Summary

Star Wars Wantlists

under construction.......Star Wars Galaxy 1993-2012Series 12 3 14 16 21 23 26 27 30 34 35 37 38 39 41 42 43 4451 52 56 67 68 69 75 83 86 87 90 91 94 106 108 110 114 115 116 119 122 124 125 126 128 130 133 134 138 139 140 Series 2141Show More Summary

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