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How to Present Your Google Slides Slideshow Presentation

It's one thing to create an effective Google Slides presentation. It's another thing to present the slideshow you created. Before you give your presentation, do some preparation work first. You need to understand what sort of slideshow presenter Google uses. Show More Summary

10 Best Mind Mapping Software Tools for Better Brainstorming

Mind Mapping is a great way to lay out your thoughts and brainstorm new ideas. Rather than just using simple lists, you’re able to link ideas in multiple different ways. You can think creatively rather than just linearly.  Mind mapping starts with a big idea. Show More Summary

What Is Multimedia? + How to Use It in Your PowerPoint Presentations

What is a multimedia presentation? You've probably heard the term multimedia, but what does it actually mean in PowerPoint?  In short, it's combining multiple types of media in your presentation. You can use combinations of images, audio, and video to...Show More Summary

How to Quickly Create a Job Board Website With WordPress

When you’re looking to start an online business, a job directory site can be a viable source of income. Since people are always on the lookout for a new job, whether they want to change careers, find a better paying position, or simply...Show More Summary

17+ Best WordPress Themes for Consultants & Coaches (2017)

Helping businesses and individuals increase their revenue, realize their true potential, and accomplish their goals is an exciting and rewarding career. But, as a business coach or a consultant, you need a beautiful and modern online presence. Show More Summary

How To Convert Columns To Rows In Excel With Power Query

The problem is not that we lack data, it's that we have so much data that it's hard to find meaning inside of it. You need a way to re-arrange and clean up your data to make it usable. Microsoft Excel is a very user-friendly tool, but...Show More Summary

How to Answer the “What Do You Do for a Living?” Question

Let’s say you’re attending an event for work. You know some of the attendees, but not all of them. Some people are handing out business cards; others are talking to their colleagues. After getting a drink, you head over to your friend. Show More Summary

How to Add Text Drop Shadows in PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

Drop shadows are one of those text features that help you really set your text off on a slide. Today, I'll teach you how to apply these types of text effects in PowerPoint.  We also have a helpful compliment to this tutorial. Download...Show More Summary

Which Metric Should You Use to Measure Customer Satisfaction?

In UX design, metrics are used to measure how something is performing, and the “Net Promoter Score” (NPS) is recognised as being the gold standard of measuring satisfaction. Satisfaction may be a fairly good indicator for success when...Show More Summary

How to Make a Timeline in PowerPoint With Templates

Timelines and presentations go hand in hand. One of the best ways to tell a story in your presentation is to give your audience a timeline that connects the past to the present.  When you're crafting your story, share the key events that led you to the current moment. Show More Summary

How to Create a Professional Google Slideshow Presentation

You're ready to create a professional Google slideshow, and you do know the basic steps. But you need some help with a few techniques. Or, you've created Google presentations before, but you need a refresher. Either way, this is the tutorial for you. Show More Summary

How to Record Narration in a PowerPoint Presentation

You might think of PowerPoint as the app you use when you're speaking to an audience. But what if that audience can't be in the same room as you?  This is why adding narrations in PowerPoint is so useful. You can record audio right inside of PowerPoint, and have it playing while your viewer is watching the slideshow. Show More Summary

How to Start Using SmartArt in PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

PowerPoint has this great feature called SmartArt that helps you add graphic illustrations and infographics to your presentation. You have to see it in action to get some ideas about how you can best use SmartArt in PowerPoint to make flexible presentation graphics.  We also have a helpful compliment to this tutorial. Show More Summary

How to Crop an Image in PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

PowerPoint has the option to crop images inside of the presentation, so that you don't need a separate app to select the part of the image that matters for your presentation. Let's learn how to crop images in PowerPoint fast.  We also have a helpful compliment to this tutorial. Show More Summary

What Are the Important HR Requirements for Small Business?

So far in this series on HR for small business, we’ve looked at important human resources topics like hiring, raining, and communication. But there are also some basic requirements you have to fulfill as a small business owner or HR officer. Show More Summary

How to Add Text to PowerPoint & Make Amazing Text Effects

Getting good with a new app like PowerPoint is easy when you learn it one tool at a time. Even though PowerPoint is painless to get started with, there's plenty of features underneath the hood. It's easy to start working with text in PowerPoint, but there's plenty more power behind the scenes. Show More Summary

17+ Best Mobile App & Software WordPress Themes for 2017

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They help us get our jobs done, stay in touch with people we care about, and even do our shopping. But, as useful as apps are, there is also fierce competition in the app marketplace. Show More Summary

14+ (Quick) Professional Tips to Using Google Slides Better

Google Slides is a great tool for creating a professional presentation. Even if you feel comfortable with the basics of how to use Google Slides, you may not realize everything it can do.  There are killer techniques you can use to save...Show More Summary

Quick Tips and Tools for Working Remotely

We’ve all been there, a pile of work to get through and too many meetings and distractions to get it done. The office can be a great place to bond with colleagues and collaborate but there may be times when you just need to be more productive! If...Show More Summary

How to Stop Junk Email (Ultimate Spam Prevention Guide)

According to a report from technology market research firm, The Radicati Group, we're getting more spam today than ever before.  In 2015, the average number of spam messages received by an average business person was 12 each day. ByShow More Summary

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