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In Defense of Poor Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones

We knew it was only a matter of time before blood spilled on Game of Thrones. Naturally, in the second episode of season seven, it's Euron Greyjoy who makes the first attack of the season: he ambushes his niece and nephew, Theon and Yara. Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: Everything You Need to Know About Robert's Rebellion

A moment many Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for is finally happening: Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are meeting! However, despite their willingness to become allies, the history between their families ensures that it's much easier said than done. Show More Summary

The 1 Brutal Detail You Might Have Missed During Euron's Attack on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones threw us for an insane loop during the second episode of season seven on Sunday night when Euron Greyjoy attacked the Iron Fleet as they were setting out on a seemingly peaceful journey to Dorne. The intense battle left...Show More Summary

No, You're Not Losing It: Dickon Tarly Definitely Has a New Face on Game of Thrones

When we first meet Dickon Tarly, Samwell's pompous brother on Game of Thrones, he's at a very awkward Tarly family dinner in season six. He openly mocks his brother about his claims of killing a White Walker and is generally a big asshle (no wonder Sam has all those self-esteem issues). Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: Exactly What It Means to Be a Eunuch

After an episode of Game of Thrones featuring a Grey Worm love scene, a passionate speech from Varys, and Theon reverting back into Reek mode, eunuchs are having a moment in Westeros. But if you're wondering what "eunuch" means, you're...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: The Heartbreaking Meaning Behind Arya's "That's Not You" Line

The second episode of Game of Thrones filled us with a ton of emotions, but few scenes were as affecting as Arya's long-awaited reunion with her direwolf, Nymeria. While traveling to Winterfell on horseback, Arya stops in the middle of the woods to make camp. Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: The Starks' Grandfather Has a Bloody History With the Targaryens

Thanks to Jon learning about the huge cache of dragonglass sitting beneath Dragonstone, and a little prodding from Tyrion, the King in the North and the Dragon Queen are finally going to meet on Game of Thrones. However, Jon's sister,...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones Just Filled in Some Very Important Gaps in Varys's Past

On Sunday's Game of Thrones episode, Daenerys is most suspicious of Varys's loyalties because in the past, he sides with Robert Baratheon against Mad King Aerys, then supports Dany's brother Viserys (who was a weak, unintelligent man). Show More Summary

People Had a Lot to Say About Euron After Last Night's Game of Thrones Episode

There we were, just casually following along as battle plans unfolded on Game of Thrones, when all of a sudden crazy-ass Euron drops in to shake sht up. Insane as ever, Euron leads his men in a violent attack on the Iron Fleet, a brutal mess of fire and gore and cutting out people's tongues. Show More Summary

Netflix Is Saying Arrivederci to The Lizzie McGuire Movie and These Other Titles

It's that time again. Netflix has a whole slew of nostalgic classics to keep you occupied in August, but they're also getting rid of some precious gems. Superbad? Super gone. The Lizzie McGuire Movie? Arrivederci! See what other movies...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: Here's the Last Time We Saw Hot Pie

The second episode of Game of Thrones season seven is action-packed, but we were just as excited about one of the smaller moments: when Arya sees Hot Pie again after all this time. Hot Pie, played by Ben Hawkey, is one of the boys recruited to join the Night's Watch in season one. Show More Summary

What Euron's Bloody Defeat of Yara and Theon Means For Game of Thrones

It's the penultimate season of Game of Thrones and there are only seven episodes this season, so it makes sense that sht gets really real in episode two, "Stormborn." While the premiere and the beginning of this week's episode literally...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: There's More to the Unsullied Than You Might Expect

The moment Missandei and Grey Worm fans have been waiting for since these two meet finally happens on Game of Thrones. Before Grey Worm departs to lay siege on Casterly Rock, he and Missandei have sex in what is one of the show's boldest...Show More Summary

13 Brutally Hilarious Reactions to That Theon Greyjoy Moment on Game of Thrones

One second, Yara Greyjoy is calling Theon her "protector," and the next second, her brother... literally jumps ship. When Euron shows up and attacks the Iron Fleet on this week's episode of Game of Thrones, all hell breaks loose, and Yara's life is on the line. Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: Here's What You Need to Know About Casterly Rock

Any Game of Thrones fan knows by now that there are a lot of locations to keep up with on the show, even though there are still some that don't manage to get a lot of screen time. Casterly Rock, for example, has been the topic of quite a few conversations in past seasons, though viewers have yet to be introduced to the location. Show More Summary

36 Emotions That Coursed Through Your Veins During Game of Thrones This Week

After the action-packed season premiere of Game of Thrones, we knew things would only get more intense in the weeks to come. Yet we still weren't prepared for every insane thing that came with episode two. Going into the week, we were...Show More Summary

You Definitely Remember Jorah Mormont's Father on Game of Thrones

On Sunday's Game of Thrones episode, titled "Stormborn," Samwell Tarly gives comfort to the possibly-dying Jorah Mormont by revealing he had known Jorah's father during his time in the Night's Watch. If you were left wondering who Jorah's...Show More Summary

The Hidden Reference in Tyrion's Letter to Jon in Game of Thrones

It finally looks like Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen might eventually be in the same place to start working together on Game of Thrones. In "Stormborn," Tyrion sends a raven to Jon asking him to come to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys. Show More Summary

So THAT'S the Gift Euron Greyjoy Will Bring Cersei on Game of Thrones

In the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones, Euron Greyjoy promises Cersei Lannister that he'll return to King's Landing with a gift, and we have a theory about what - as in, who - he plans to bring her: Yara Greyjoy. Confused? Assuming...Show More Summary

Get Ready For Jon and Daenerys to Meet in Next Week's Game of Thrones!

OK, breathe. This week's Game of Thrones was heart-attack-level intense, and it's only episode two of season seven. But even as we grieve the losses of this week's episode, we are dying to see next week's, and the preview looks exciting...Show More Summary

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