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Holy Hell! This Running + Strength Workout Is Intense

5 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

There are weeks when all you have time for is a one-and-done workout. The kind of workout that leaves sweat dripping from every inch of your body and every muscle shaking. The kind of workout that takes less than an hour to finish, but feels like you were working out for two. Show More Summary

After This 30-Day Challenge, You'll Have the Best Butt Ever

10 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Squat challenges are all the rage now, and while it certainly is an accomplishment to work your way up to 200, 500, or even 1,000 squats (yikes!), doing the same kind only works certain muscles. Here's a new challenge for you to try....Show More Summary

This Is What It's Like to Run a Half Marathon - Through Disneyland

17 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

While most parts of my job get me pretty excited, I must say I was particularly freaking the fck out delighted when I got invited to the Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland - and that's putting it mildly. My Disney-loving, 5-year-old-at-heart...Show More Summary

Breyers Just Made All My Vegan Dreams Come True

19 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

I was hitting up the grocery store for, you know, the usual - kale, bananas, avocado, and rolled oats - and then I turned down the ice cream aisle, planning to stock up on eight a couple pints of dairy-free Ben & Jerry's, but I screamed...Show More Summary

How 1 Simple Facebook Photo Motivated This Woman to Lose 80+ Pounds

19 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

It was a simple family photo that Cortland West's mom posted to Facebook that threw her weight struggles into focus for her. "When I finally looked at the picture, I was shocked. I honestly didn't recognize myself," Cortland said. And at 5'6" and 236 pounds, she decided that was it: it was time to change. Show More Summary

If You Want to Run Longer, This Is a Must

19 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Ever wonder why some days you feel like you can keep running and running while on others you have zero stamina? Certainly the amount of sleep you got the night before, stress levels, and diet play a role in how you perform during your runs, but how you regulate your breath during your jogging session also affects your energy levels. Show More Summary

You've Heard All About BBG From Kayla Itsines, but Does It Actually Work?

19 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

You've been following Kayla Itsines on Instagram for forever. You've seen the before and afters. But you're still wondering, can you have weight-loss success with BBG? Does this work for everyone? Related Kayla Itsines's New "BBG Stronger"...Show More Summary

How Exercising in My Underwear Has Changed My Workouts

2 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

We all have our trouble spots, and for me, it's my belly. Even before two pregnancies, I've always been a little self-conscious about that extra squishiness above my belt. I'm a full-bathing-suit-in-the-Summer, never-take-off-my-shirt-while-working-out kind of gal... Show More Summary

Feeling Bloated? Do This Now For Quick Relief

2 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

If you want to fight belly fat, burning calories and fat through cardio - especially interval training - is your best bet. Bloating, on the other hand, is its own beast, and you can't feel confident rocking your fitted shirts if your belly is superpuffy. Show More Summary

The #FitGirlProbs Tag is the Most Relatable Treasure Trove of Memes

3 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

It's hard out there when you're trying to live that fit life! Healthy eating, leg day, meal prep, gainz... one can only take so much at a time! And while we commend your hard work and empathize with your struggles, sometimes you just have to laugh at it all. Show More Summary

What to Skip, What to Sip: Starbucks's Creamy, Icy Drinks

4 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

If warm weather has you craving a cool, refreshing sweet treat - inspiring you to head to your local Starbucks for a creamy drink, like the Caffè Espresso Frappuccino - before downing 380 calories in a few chilly sips, you should consider your choices. Show More Summary

This Personal Trainer Explains How Fitness Helps Her Heal

4 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

As an athlete, anything can set you back. A bad performance... a nagging injury. Personal trainer, dancer, and instructor Christina Jensen knows about obstacles first-hand. After a back injury put a hold on her dance profession, she thought her career was over. Show More Summary

How to Kill Your Sugar Addiction Before It Kills You

4 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

While excusing yourself from sugary celebrations is no fun, neither is dealing with a post-sugar-binge hangover. And on top of it, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave - it can take a few days to weeks to get over an addiction to refined sugar once you start. Show More Summary

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Tone It Up (Including If It Actually Works)

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Chances are, if you're into women's fitness, you've heard of Tone It Up at least a few times. It's a membership-based program that gives you access to nutrition plans, at-home workouts, and more. But maybe you haven't.... Need a rundown? The...Show More Summary

How I Stay Motivated When I Work Out Alone

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Like binge-watching bad TV alone and living sans roommates, working out independently has some obvious benefits. There's the opportunity to be selfish in terms of what the actual workout is and when you schedule it. But it can be difficult...Show More Summary

ALERT: There Is a Treasure Trove of Sneakers Under $50 on Zappos

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Ready for some new summertime sneaks? These 10 supercute kicks from Zappos are $50 or less. And they're not generic brands - you can find your favorite styles from Nike, Adidas, ASICS, Under Armour, and more in the treasure trove we've put together ahead (and there are even more on the Zappos site). Show More Summary

16 Ready-to-Eat Whole30 Snacks From Trader Joe’s

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Zack Peter Every once in a while (especially after a holiday weekend), my body needs a reset. It needs a simplified break from added junk and processed food, which brings us to the Whole30 Program. At first Whole30 may feel a little overwhelming. Show More Summary

Pam Lost 121 Pounds in a Year - Here's How

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Pam didn't grow up with the healthiest of habits, and that ended up contributing to significant weight gain over time. At her heaviest, Pam was 240 pounds. She had her epiphany after a moment of deep embarrassment and regret at an amusement park in 2014, and it reminded her of a promise she made to her late mother - one to get healthy. Show More Summary

You Might Stop Buying Skinless Chicken Breasts After This

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are a staple for healthy eaters everywhere - they're lean and they're an excellent source of protein, but all too often they're also bone-dry and flavorless. This could lead anyone astray from healthy...Show More Summary

I Added These 4 Things to My Salad and Now I'm Not Hungry Till Dinner

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

I was feeling proud of being so prepared, making five mason jar salads on Sunday, but as soon as I finished my last forkful of veggies at lunch on Monday, I was starving an hour later. Then I'd end up eating a huge snack that was as big as a second lunch. Show More Summary

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