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What Do Falling Dreams Mean? The Answer Is Eye-Opening

Have you ever woken up from a dream where you tripped or fell? How often do you continue to have falling dreams? It's actually incredibly common. It's considered to be one of the most typical dreams experienced by the human population. Show More Summary

Everything You Need to Know About How to Plan the PERFECT City Hall Wedding

If you're looking for a no-fuss, budget-friendly wedding, city hall might be a great place for you to get married. You won't have to deal with the stress of handling a wedding guest list running past 100 and the costs of entertaining and feeding a ton of people. Show More Summary

7 Reasons Fall Is a Great Time to Travel

If you've been holding off on booking a vacation, now is the time to make your move. Fall is the absolute best season of the year to take a trip. Before you raise your brows at an Autumn getaway, read on to see why it's so beneficial to pack your bags when the leaves turn color. Show More Summary

Why This Website Is the Internet's Best-Kept Secret

Deal hunting is my middle name. There's not a thing I do, whether it's booking travel or stocking up on single-ply toilet paper (yup, I said single-ply), where savings doesn't come into play. Scouring for the best products, whether it...Show More Summary

Here's Why You Should Book a Flight to Portugal ASAP

There are definitely trends in the travel industry, and Portugal seems to be the place to head to in 2016. Due to new and inexpensive routes on the country's flag airline, TAP, to many major cities in the US and in Europe, along with...Show More Summary

Know Your Audience! Here Are Some Foolproof Ways to Craft the Perfect Work Email

Understanding punctuation is essential for being a successful writer of any kind and in any profession. It properly describes the inflection intended in any sort of script. Sometimes it can make all the difference in the world when it...Show More Summary

What to Do When Anxiety Leaves You Feeling Completely Trapped

You may be the boss of you as an adult, but when you have anxiety, it can feel as if you are never in charge. There may seem to always be something hovering over you and stealing the wheel from your hands when you least expect it. In so many ways, anxiety can operate like a prison. Show More Summary

9 Time-Saving Hacks For Cleaning Your Bathroom

These bathroom-cleaning hacks will save you major time - All You Use Instagram to find places to visit (and avoid) on vacation - Lifehacker 37 brilliant ways to reuse an empty milk jug - Wise Bread Here's how you can finally afford Summer...Show More Summary

The Newbie's Guide to Tailgating

Fall is practically synonymous with football season, and there's nothing like getting a crew of friends together to cheer on your favorite team. Since no game day is complete without a little pre-kickoff fun, we're sharing our tips for...Show More Summary

105 DIY Costumes For Women You'll Be OBSESSED With

It's possible to look amazing without spending a ton of money on your Halloween costume - if you have the perfect idea. We've rounded up costumes for women that are creative AND easy to DIY. You'll be obsessed with these 100+ ideas! Related...Show More Summary

These Empty Theme Parks Around the World Are BEYOND Creepy

There are numerous reasons Disneyland is absolutely the best, but not all theme parks last like the happiest place on Earth. Some of the 10 theme parks ahead shut down mainly for financial reasons, but some also have tragic histories and reported hauntings that will make you have nightmares. Check out the following former parks and the interesting tales behind them.

How Much Is Hillary Clinton Worth? The Numbers Will SHOCK You

It's no surprise that Hillary Clinton is a wealthy woman, but just how wealthy she is may surprise you. By analyzing the presidential candidate's 2015 US Public Financial Disclosure Reports, Money Nation found that her net worth is $31.3...Show More Summary

11 Amazing Travel Deals For a Last-Minute Summer Vacation

Whoa, don't get too ahead of yourself! We've still got plenty of Summer left to enjoy. Take advantage of Labor Day weekend and go on a little getaway. We've rounded up the best deals on hotels, flights, and vacation bundles so that you can get the most from your money. Show More Summary

The Back-to-School Checklist You Didn't Realize You Needed

Backpack? Check! Notebook? Check! You may think you've covered all of the back-to-school basics, but what about the not-so-obvious essentials? To help make sure your child is fully prepared for the new school year, we've created a checklist...Show More Summary

Don't Say These Things to an Anxious Person, Unless You Want to Make Things WORSE

People mean well and want to help, but when someone is experiencing anxiety or feeling nervous, the last thing we need is more useless cliches that don't help us one bit. It's hard to understand anxiety unless you have experienced it. Show More Summary

23 Song Lyric Tattoos That Will Inspire Your Music-Loving Soul

Having your favorite sayings inked on you permanently can make them mean even more. The right song lyric can describe all your feelings and hold melodic memories you'll want to treasure forever. If you're looking for new ink, consider...Show More Summary

What Mildew Really Is and Helpful Tips on How to Clean It

Ugh, mildew. But how is this unsightly growth any different from household mold? The two are often grouped together and basically have the same goal, which is to munch on and grow off organic objects. While mold is always present in the air, mildew is the growth of mold on any kind of surface. Show More Summary

20+ Printable Halloween Pages to Color While Eating Candy Corn

You already know that adult coloring is one of the latest crazes - it's the perfect way to de-stress and unwind, after all! So now we're bringing you free printable pages with a Halloween twist. Start thinking skeletons, haunted houses, witches, and candy (of course) because Oct. Show More Summary

The Amount of Money Athletes Get For Winning a Gold Medal Varies A LOT

Winning Olympic gold is no mean feat, but with the symbolic medal often comes a paycheck, too. Athletes make a lot of their money through endorsements, but they can also win actual cash for their placement in the competition - some more than others. Show More Summary

Nevermind the Brochures - Here's Why You Should Really Study Abroad

The start of every college semester always brings with it the fun game of "guess which of your friends are going abroad!" If you're the one holding down the fort on campus, the jealousy of watching fellow students' gorgeous travel pics...Show More Summary

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