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72 Hours in Dubai: Desert Decadence in Just 3 Days

As a habitual red-eye-flight nonsleeper and notorious plane germophobe, traveling 45 hours to spend just three days in Dubai felt daunting at best and insane at worst; as with many other Americans, traveling outside of North America for under a week can often seem difficult to justify. Show More Summary

5 Days in Iceland

Ben and Kirstie made a travel list on their honeymoon that featured the top 10 places they both wanted to visit. Since then, their goal has been to visit all the destinations before having kids, and Iceland happened to be one of them. Show More Summary

This See-Through Glass Slide Lets You See LA From the Tallest Skyscraper in California

If you're ever in Los Angeles (or even California), you've got to check out OUE Skyspace LA, where millennials, couples, and families are flocking to for fun. Located at the 70th floor of the iconic US Bank Tower, Skyspace features a Skyslide and two open-air observation decks overseeing the San Gabriel Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and the city. Show More Summary

These Transparent Kayaks Allow You to See the Underwater World Below

If you want to take your adventuresome side to the next level, this Crystal Explorer Kayak will do the trick. The clear canoe-kayak hybrid allows you to observe the water beneath you without any obstruction. It works in both smooth and choppy waters, so you can use it just about anywhere. Show More Summary

The 1 Magical Ingredient That Deodorizes Your Clothes Can Also Get You Drunk

No time to do a load of laundry? There's a life hack for that. The ingredient you need to take the smell out of your clothes is probably sitting on your bar cart. No joke, vodka will do the trick. Simply pour vodka straight into a spray bottle, no need to dilute it with water, according to Reader's Digest. Show More Summary

19 Things You Naturally Understand Because You're From California

California is basically its own little world. There are amazing cities, like Los Angeles and San Francisco, and scenic beaches, forests, and everything in between. If you grew up in the area, there's a few things that only you would understand, no doubt. Show More Summary

WTF Is Drinking Vinegar and Why Do I Need It?

There are new products being introduced what seems like every single day within the health and wellness world, and it can be tough to differentiate between the worthy ones and the fads. When the tried-and-true ancient elixir apple cider vinegar re-emerged as the trendy cure-all, it gained as much attention as the kale craze and for good reason. Show More Summary

This Ancient Greek Wonder Looks Like Mystical Floating Cliffs

When we think Greece, we automatically picture the white-washed buildings and blue waters. As much as we love its picturesque cities like Santorini, they tend to make us forget that the Mediterranean country is full of other worldly beauty. Show More Summary

12 Things You Should Never Throw Away

While we all try to minimize clutter, there are certain items that are worth holding onto. Don't just toss things for the sake of making space; really think about what's worth keeping down the road. You'll save money, and you won't get that awful feeling of regret when you end up needing it. See the 12 items you should never throw away. Related: 11 Things You Need to Throw Away

Harry Potter Fans, This Melbourne Pub Is a Dream Come True - Complete With Polyjuice Potion

Time to hop on our brooms and fly to Australia, because this Melbourne pub is getting a Harry Potter makeover. Yep, the bar Good Things will be called The Firewhisky Inn on Feb. 17. It will serve some Harry Potter favorites including Firewhisky and Polyjuice Potion. Show More Summary

10 Mind-Boggling Facts That You Probably Don't Know

There is so much we don't know, and a recent Reddit thread featuring the most mind-boggling facts just reminded us. Users contributed little-known facts about everything from outer space to crocodiles, and we chose 10 of the most surprising ones. Show More Summary

This Rainbow Crystal Geode Is So Magical You'll Want to Ogle at It All Day

If you're having a long day and you need to stop and look at something beautiful, this will totally make everything better. This sparkly, rainbow crystal is so mesmerizing we could literally press play over and over. The YouTube video...Show More Summary

Removing These 31 Things From Your Life Will Make You Happier and More Successful?

It's time to come clean. If you want to become a happier person, you don't need to add things to your life - you need to get rid of them. It's time to remove these worries or problems so that you can move in the right direction. Take this list to heart and look forward to a flourishing life. Related: One a Day: Throw These 116 Things Away The 1 Thing Happy People Do Every Day 

This Island Is a Hidden Gem In-the-Know People Are Flocking to For Vacation - Find Out Why

Out in the Indian Ocean sits Mauritius, the island that you need to know about. Travel bloggers are flocking to this gorgeous place with crystal-blue waters, sandy beaches, and incredible hotels. It should be on your radar for a vacation. Show More Summary

This Luxury Train Ride Through Southeast Asia Is the Epic Adventure of a Lifetime

If you want to experience Southeast Asia in a unique way, the Eastern & Oriental Express is how to do it. The luxury train makes its way through Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. The trip takes three to four days, depending on where you climb aboard. Show More Summary

12 Destination Museums Worth Planning Your Next Trip Around

Frequent travelers - and anyone who visited foreign cities with their parents as a kid - know: it just wouldn't be a vacation without a trip to local museums. With the emergence of mainstream street artists, design-focused hospitality...Show More Summary

Museums Are Showing Off Their Creepiest Items on Twitter - and We're Terrified

Museums are showing off their scariest items with the hashtag #Museum101 on Twitter, and some of the items will send chills down your spine. From scary dolls to animal specimens, many artifacts give museum workers the heebie-jeebies....Show More Summary

Make Mornings Suck Less With These 9 Tips

Mornings suck. They're awful and I hate them more than anything else. But that's also because I wake up three snoozes later and have to rush through my routine to get myself out the door in time. I noticed that mornings when I did take my time helped me have a better day after. Show More Summary

Disneyland-Lovers, the Park Has 5 New Magical Beauty and the Beast-Themed Attractions

If you can't get enough of Beauty and the Beast, Disneyland is about to take your excitement to a new level. The theme park has just revealed five new, limited-time experiences in Fantasyland so you can fall even deeper in love with the fairy tale. Show More Summary

This DIY Glitter Rainbow Slime Is So Satisfying to Play With

This might sound totally weird, but playing with slime is actually very soothing. Make your own glittery rainbow goo with YouTube user Dave Hax's awesome tutorial. It only takes a few ingredients to create - watch the video above for...Show More Summary

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