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How to Practice Mindfulness in UX

When we find ourselves creatively depleted, or worse, doubting our competence and the value of our work, no one wins. This is where practicing mindfulness can come in handy, and creative director Yegor Tsynkevich can help.

A Usable Guide to Cognitive Dimensions

The 14 cognitive dimensions were created more than 20 years ago and have a special focus in programming languages, but are incredibly relevant to design today. In this article, Fabio Muniz introduces UX practitioners to each dimension and its applicability to the design process.

Replacing Dogs as Man’s Best Friend

Interfaces that are more natural and human-like are likely to be easier for new users to adopt since we may lean toward treating them just like humans. In this article, Nicholas Bowman and Jaime Banks offer a discussion of what it means to be “social” with an interface.

The Secret to Pain-Free Content Collaboration

In a collaborative process, it’s not just working together that is important. The documentation itself needs to be collaborative. In this article, content strategist Carrie Hane explains how a single piece of documentation can save teams time, money, and pain.

The Problem with UX Education

“How do you go from leaving university with almost nothing in your portfolio and no years of commercial experience and pick up a job that requires three years of experience?” How indeed. It seems like nary a week goes by these days where I’m not meeting an aspiring UX designer for coffee and chats. What’s […]

Practical Content Strategy in Action

Content strategy is the epitome of easier said than done. Translating the idea of content strategy into meaningful action and results is a struggle, which is why Joseph Phillips has identified a methodical process for devising, carrying out and measuring content strategy projects.

One Persona to Rule Them All

Great personas can lead to inspiration, innovation, and a focus on customers. But there are bad personas too! In this article, Jennifer Leigh Brown outlines why one static persona shouldn’t be used for every project, and explains the benefits of updating or creating new personas when appropriate.

40 Hours to Prototype

When her team was given one week to design and test a new product, Monika Adarsh's and her team was shocked. Still, they followed the 5 phase design sprint pioneered by Google Ventures, and made it work, and now she shows us how.

Actual, Factual (Affordable) User Testing

Testing with real users can take many forms. This week, UX Booth columnist Jess Hutton reviews 6 types of user testing, and how each provides its own value.

The New Rules of Form Design

We've all heard that when it comes to form user experience, shorter is better. But this guideline fails to account for other factors such as which fields are used, how they’re designed, and how engaging the form experience is. That's why Mike Madaio is here to show us the new rules of form design.

Searchers and Browsers: the Personality Types of UX

When it comes to navigating a website by browsing (menus) or searching (search bar), it turns out that the two strategies are not created equal. Staff Writer Tucker FitzGerald explains why not.

Three Exercises to Teach Your Team Empathy

Empathy may feel like a buzzword these days, but its power is real. Like any skill, empathy requires some practice. This week, writer Jennifer Winter teaches us 3 exercises to teach empathy to teams.

How to Create an Effective Customer Experience Survey

Surveys allows us to gather a lot of information about users’ requirements and expectations. This week, psychologist and UX specialist Alina Prelicz-Zawadzka leads us through the steps for creating a survey that invites detailed feedback.

Content Strategy for Website Redesigns: A Case Study on

There is very little practical information available about content strategy in general, and even less about content strategy for a website redesign. So when content strategist Kristina Bjoran began working on a redesign for the Peace Corps, her team created its own process.

How to Establish a Content-First Design Process: Content Strategy Tools for Everyone

By thinking differently about collaboration and workflow, content strategy makes everyone’s job easier. Author Carrie Hane Dennison explores practical content-first thinking in part 1 of a 3 part series.

Designing With Human Centered Usability Standards

Understanding usability standards is only half the battle; we also need to apply those standards to our designs. In this second part of a two-part series, Danny and Patricia Franzreb walk through their user-centered approach to designing with usability standards in mind.

Developing a Crisis Communication Strategy

We live in a world of 24/7 media coverage. Traditional media, bloggers, and social media influencers all scrutinize every PR move. Most days, marketers try desperately to catch their attention, and the rest of the organization needs to be prepared to handle that attention when a crisis hits. Show More Summary

Careers in UX: How different organizations approach user experience design

UX and product designers/researchers ply their trade in a wide range of settings. Laith Ulaby, head of user experience and design research at Shyp, a logistics startup based in San Francisco, takes a look at the pros and cons of some of the most common UX organizations.

How to Check Out the Competition

Nearly every business across every industry is looking over its shoulder or peeking in next door to see what the competition is up to. As a UX designer, understanding how to do a basic competitive analysis can further our designs, and our business acumen. UX designer Sarah Khan shows us how.

Effective Collaboration: How to Design Work Sessions that Work

UX leads or teams who want to create something new or do something better shouldn’t just spend more time designing solutions—but instead designing the collaboration needed to get there. This week, Jennifer Leigh Brown tells us how to design a meeting that works.

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