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Kuza Nama

Listen again. One evening at the close, Of Ramazan, ere the better moon arose In that old Potter's Shop I stood alone With the clay Population round in Rows. And, strange to tell, among that Earthen Lot Some could articulate, while others...Show More Summary

The Unequivocable Truth

I I am just a potter. No more. Most certainly no less. For sixteen months I have struggled to keep my family safe, to keep the true path. My choice to be a potter was never about "success"; it is, and always has been, far too hard a journey for the feint of heart. Show More Summary


Deep and crisp and even...the snow has made it's way right up to the front wall of the house, despite the wide eaves, and it crunches beneath my feet as I open the storm shutters. The sun rising in the south east is like a thumb smudge of yellow ochre on the slate grey sky, and a dust of fine snow flakes wafts on the breeze. Show More Summary

The hour glass

It is quiet in the gallery tonight. The wall clocks measure their rhythm and chime as they see fit, but Tokyo, the city that never sleeps, slumbers in Nihombashi tonight. My futon is stretched upon the tea room floor, as generationsShow More Summary

Through the Looking Glass

I can feel the scritch and scratch of pencil on paper vibrating through the long wooden table as it sit, my own pencil poised motionless, staring into space. Sora sits to my right with her biology homework spread before her on the kitchen table, while Canaan studies his english grammar at the end of the table facing me. Show More Summary

Mashiko Mingei

The sun rises golden over the horizon as I open the shutters at 6:00am this morning. Today is the vernal equinox and the seasons have finally begun to turn here in Minakami. Fukinoto are pushing their green buds out of the leaf mulch below the mulberry trees and the peaches and plums are threatening to blossom. Show More Summary

The Ides of March

The frost carves geometric landscapes in the surface of the puddles in our driveway as we slide once more under the edge of the eternal sunrise. There is such beauty in the world, from the minute to the magnificent. We are blessed with a fresh new start everyday, an opportunity to write a new chapter in our lives. Show More Summary

The Traditional Japan Craft Exhibition - Eaun Craig / ??????????? - ????????

Dear Friends and Family, Happy new year! I wish you have a wonderful year. I'd like to invite you to the Traditional Japanese Craft Exhibition in Nagoya, Aichi-ken the details of which are attached below! This is debut in Nagoya.  I will exhibit my works and also demonstrate my wheel technique. Show More Summary

A Long Journey

The air is cool as I rise into the dark morning. At 4 am the children still sleep soundly, albeit sideways in their respective futon, and the sound of their breathing is countered by the calls of cicadas and crickets from beyond the screen door. Show More Summary

Make or Break

There is a golden ring around the moon tonight, the thin whisps of cloud washing eastwards on the skirt tails of Typhoon number 8, while the full moon moves inexorable westward across the southern sky. Mika and the children have all gone inside now. Show More Summary

Out of the fire

I remove the bricks from the kiln door two at a time, the fire clay that sealed the gaps on the outside flaking off and scattering on the kiln shed floor. Stacking the bricks according to size beside the chimney so that they will be in the right order for the next firing, layer by layer, the space at the top of the kiln begins to open. Show More Summary

A New Stage

The air is fresh and moist as I dip water from the well in the early morning light. The verdant landscape is vivid, washed clean by overnight rain. At my feet the stones surrounding the well glisten damply and the delicate moss which covers them is bright and full of life. Show More Summary

To every thing there is a season

And a time to every purpose...June was called "Minazuki" (???) in the old Japanese calendar, the "month without water", not because it did not rain, but because it never stopped. It is the month of "tsuyu" (??), the wet season, and during...Show More Summary

A Visit to Oz in May

THE LIFE OF CLAY: The lessons of 25 years in Japan A Demonstration and Talk by Euan Craig Thursday 29 May 2014; 10am – 1pm Ceramics Department @ National Art School Forbes St, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW 2010 Euan Craig has spent a lifetime as a potter and the last 25 years in Japan as part of the Hamada Mingei tradition. Show More Summary

The Heart of Mingei

My breath steams as I light the fire in the studio this morning. Icicles hang in a crystal fringe along the eaves as I brave the predawn cold and go outside to open the storm shutters on the house. Snow has made the world a study inShow More Summary

20 years...

The charcoal brazier glows red in the shadows of the gallery. The air is fragrant with charcoal and grilled chicken; this evening I dined at home. Some fresh bread from the Mitsukoshi bakery, an avocado, half price because it was perfectly ripe, a sachet of tartare sauce. Show More Summary

Proposition on MINGEI

It is quiet in the Ebiya galley this morning, just the sound of time pouring steadily out of the wall clocks one tick at a time. It has been a very hectic few months, and I am taking these hours before the gallery opens to catch up with myself. Show More Summary


I'd like to inform you of my 20th Anniversary Exhibition at EBIYA BIJUTSUTEN in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. ???20??????? ????????????????????????? Euan Craig, Ceramics Exhibition ??? ??????? 201 3.11.23( ?)?12.1(? ) AM11?00?PM7?00???????? ???????EBIYA?BIJUTUTEN...Show More Summary

Kuza Nama

Listen again. One evening at the close, Of Ramazan, ere the better moon arose In that old Potters Shop I stood alone With the clay Population round in Rows. And, strange to tell, among that Earthen Lot Some could articulate, while others...Show More Summary

My Grandfather's Axe

The sun is a pale smudge in the overcast sky, like a dusty light globe beyond a shoji screen. Mist shrouds the mountains, sometimes turning to light rain, occasionally to a torrent. It is Tsuyu (??), the rainy season, called the "Plum Rains" because this is the season when the plum trees bear their fruit. Show More Summary

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