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A simple DIY way to turn your digital camera into a pinhole camera

World Pinhole Day is coming up on April 29th. So, if you’ve been thinking about taking part, and want to do it digitally, but aren’t sure how then this one’s for you. Brought to us by Matt Coakley at Blue Mantle Films, this video walks us through the process from start to finish. Show More Summary

Atmosphere and Light – How To Improve Your Outdoor Photography

This past summer I was camping with my family and one of the lakes we visited had a perfect jumping rock. I knew this would be a great photo opportunity, so I brought my camera to snap a few photos of us jumping off of the rock and into the lake. What I ended up […] The post Atmosphere and Light – How To Improve Your Outdoor Photography appeared first on DIY Photography.

Canon invites dealers to secret mirrorless presentation – Full frame on the way?

Well, this is quite interesting. Canon Rumors reports that Canon are sending out “very elaborate” invites to select Canon dealers for a mirrorless camera announcement next month. That in itself isn’t all that interesting. Manufacturers come out with new kit all the time. Show More Summary

5 ways to stay on top of camera gear maintenance and organisation

Keeping my gear organised is often one of my biggest problems. I have 3 bags that regularly come out with me on shoots, and they’re beautifully organised. With little checklists and everything. But the rest of the gear around my house,...Show More Summary

I photographed Times Square New Year’s Eve from a helicopter

You see the crowd cheering, but you don’t hear a single word.  You’re not punched in the chest by every firework explosion that goes off in Central Park.  It’s the calmest chaos I’ve ever experienced in my life… When you’re a nativeShow More Summary

How to overpower the daylight with flash to shoot flowers and macro

Overpowering the sun with flash is typically something we typically associate with photographing people. But it’s a principle that scales down extremely well for photographing things like flowers, bugs and other outdoor macro subjects. Show More Summary

New to Pen Tool? This tutorial will help you master it in under 8 minutes

The Pen Tool allows you to cut out anything in Photoshop, and it’s especially useful with objects that have hard edges. However, many photographers find it difficult to master. Aaron Nace of Phlearn guides you through this great tool in this video tutorial. Show More Summary

Seven common assumptions we make about professional photographers

If you’re trying to make a career as a photographer, you know that the road to success is not straight. There can be many photographers more successful than you, and comparing yourself to them can sometimes make you feel frustrated.Show More Summary

Instagram now tells your followers when you were last online. Here’s how to disable it

Instagram has been testing and rolling out a couple of new features lately. The latest change they’ve made will not make you happy if you don’t like your online status to show. Instagram now allows your followers to see when you’re online and shows them the last time you were active. Show More Summary

Impatient Patience…Keeping The Momentum While Learning the Ropes

You know how you think about things around the edges, trying to formulate the thoughts into some kind of pattern that makes sense and can be challenged and won from various angles? You do? Cool, then I’m not nuts. I do that all the time. Show More Summary

7 things photographers need to know about shooting video

With more photographers taking to video now, it’s good to be armed with a little information about the basics. It seems like there might not be much real difference between photography and videography, especially as we often use the same kit for both. Show More Summary

Watch the evolution of National Geographic covers: 130 years in under 2 minutes

National Geographic magazine has been with us for 130 years. Over this time, the design of the magazine has changed and evolved. To demonstrate this change, NatGeo has published a short video that shows this evolution in less than two minutes. Show More Summary

How I “scanned” old negatives with 0$ budget, a DSLR and stuff I had at home

A few days ago, my boyfriend found some old 35mm negatives. I really wanted to see baby photos of him, so I was wondering: can I “scan” these films with just my DSLR and the stuff I had lying around? I’ve never done it before, neither with a proper scanner nor by improvising. Show More Summary

Photographer called out for fat-shaming after over-editing a couple’s photos and trashing them on Facebook

The extent to which we retouch photos can sometimes end up in a huge misunderstanding. This is exactly what happened to an Ohio-based wedding photographer. She photographed a couple and made them noticeably thinner in Photoshop. This caused the bride to accuse the photographer of fat-shaming. Show More Summary

I created this low-budget set with DIY props for less than $75

I love DIY props and big scenes in photography that are well designed. Not many of us photographers have the place or money to create our own stages so I wanted to challenge myself to make one in our living room with a very low budget. Show More Summary

Apple now lets you choose whether you want to slow down your phone

After Apple admitted they’ve been slowing down old iPhones, it made many users furious. Now the company’s doing what they probably should have done much earlier – they’re making the “power management” feature optional. Apple’s mistake...Show More Summary

Something is coming from DJI – Could be a new Mavic or even a fixed-wing drone

With the tagline “Adventure Unfolds“, DJI’s new video is teasing something coming on January 23rd. Or at least, it’s being announced on January 23rd. But what could it be? There’s been some speculation that it might be a fixed-wing craft, but the leading theory is that it will be a new Mavic. Show More Summary

This guy put a $48 Yongnuo lens on a 6K RED Epic Dragon to see how it stands up

We’ve all seen this lens vs that lens and camera vs phone comparisons before, but I’ve not seen one quite like this before. A $48 Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 lens on a ridiculously expensive 6K RED cinema camera. They say that no matter what camera you’re using, it’s all about the glass. Show More Summary

The box camera is back and it has interchangeable lenses

First introduced by Kodak back in 1888, the box camera is one of the simplest forms of camera out there. Popular until halfway through the 20th century, they started to disappear as 35mm SLRs and rangefinders started to take over. Although...Show More Summary

Four 85mm lenses resolution compared: Sigma, Tamron, Canon and Zeiss

85mm is a commonly used lens, very much loved by portrait photographers. If you’re thinking of buying one, photographer Dustin Abbott is giving quite a detailed comparison in his two new videos. He compares four top 85mm lenses: Canon 85mm f/1.4L IS, Sigma 85mm f/1.4 ART, Tamron 85mm f/1.8 VC and Zeiss Otus 1.4. Show More Summary

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