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Zenit is launching a full-frame digital mirrorless camera in 2018

After more than ten years, Russian camera manufacturer Zenit is back in business. They have announced a comeback in 2018, with a new full frame mirrorless digital camera. The brand started producing 35mm film cameras in 1952, and in the 1960s and 1970s, they were exported to 74 countries. Show More Summary

GodoxPhoto mobile app offers flash control for your DSLRs & Mirrorless cameras

Well, this is a pretty cool and interesting development from the Godox camp. There’s a new firmware out for each of the five Godox X1T triggers. Five, because there’s one each for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji and Olympus/Panasonic. Releasing...Show More Summary

Here’s where you can watch today’s Eclipse live over the Internet right now

If you’ve been on the Internet at any point in the last few weeks, you’ve probably heard of this eclipse that’s about to happen. It seems there’s a lot of feeds going up and down today as demand to view it online increases. I’ve been keeping an eye on a few of them myself. Show More Summary

This artist creates unique pinhole cameras made of clay

I’ve seen some stylish and unusual pinhole cameras over the years. But today, I stumbled upon the most unusual and gorgeous series of pinhole cameras so far. Steve Irvine is an artist passionate about photography and pottery. He has brought his two passions together, and he’s making pinhole cameras out of clay. Show More Summary

This handy device turns almost any camera into a webcam

Game capture hardware maker Elgato has created Cam Link, a tiny and handy device that lets you turn any camera you have into a webcam. Although it’s aimed mainly at gamers who want to stream and record their gaming sessions, you can use it for other purposes as well. Show More Summary

Here are ten predictions about the future of photography

Photography has changed immensely over the years, and in the 21st century, the change seems to be faster than ever before. The team behind COOPH has created an interesting video where they suggest ten predictions about the future of photography. Show More Summary

Instagram turns to AI to fight the online comment trolls

No matter what the platform, the Internet is plagued with a common problem. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or a regular old fashioned forum on the web, trolls are everywhere. They have nothing better to do than try to mess up the day of other people. Show More Summary

20+ gorgeous backlit rainy photos and a tutorial on how to take them

When it’s pouring rain, taking outdoor portraits is not the first thing most of us would do. But Japan-based photographer Ilko Alexandroff uses the rain to his advantage. He takes amazing backlit portraits in the rain, and they make it worth getting wet. Show More Summary

The new Atlanta Falcons stadium has an aperture roof

Football club Atlanta Falcons has a brand new stadium. The designers say it was inspired by Roman Pantheon, but as photographers, we found something else more interesting. The stadium’s retractable roof is inspired by camera aperture, and it opens and closes just like the aperture does. Show More Summary

Field Test: Loupedeck photo editing console

So I’m going to start this Field Test back to front and for one reason only, the LoupeDeck system blew my socks off and if you’re a wedding photographer.. in fact, if you’re into any genre of photography, the Loupedeck is a game changer. Show More Summary

How to make and use a Hartmann Mask for quick and easy focusing

The Hartmann mask and Scheiner Disk are simple devices for making focusing a lens easier. They require that you target is a point of light, such as a star or distant planet, therefore are no good for day-to-day use. A Scheiner Disk is...Show More Summary

Add style to your natural light photographs

This week we will be looking at adding style to your natural light photographs. Recently I have shot against my usual style, which is off camera flash. The reason for this being I want to challenge myself to shoot in different circumstances and to gain more experience when not using flash. Show More Summary

How to melt your camera sensor sooting the eclipse

You know how a tiny, toy magnifying glass can burn little pieces of paper? Well, the camera lens is a not a small, toy, magnifying glass by no means, it is a powerful well-polished tool of optics and using it in the wrong way – say to photograph the sun during an eclipse – can […] The post How to melt your camera sensor sooting the eclipse appeared first on DIY Photography.

Use welding glass as a 10 stops ND filter

Neutral density filter reduces the amount of light going into the lens, so you can take long exposures even when the light is bright. Long exposures blur anything moving, like water, clouds, or people. This can be very useful for making...Show More Summary

How are you going to celebrate World Photography Day?

For all photographers, August 19 is known as World Photography Day. Well, this calls for a celebration, right? On behalf of myself and DIYP team, I wish you a fantastic day and good light! And now, I’m curious to know – how are you gonna...Show More Summary

This 12 minute short film was all shot with a single static camera

A One Shot Film, is a movie shot in one long take, by a single camera. Or, it’s cut in such a way as to give the impression that it was. There have only been twenty movies ever shot in a single long take. And another seven that have been edited to look as if […] The post This 12 minute short film was all shot with a single static camera appeared first on DIY Photography.

This $11,000 lens is exactly why you don’t check camera gear when flying

It should be pretty common knowledge by now that you don’t check your delicate camera gear when flying. Ok, sometimes, you might no choice, especially if you fly Delta. But if the ability is there to carry it in your hand luggage, then do it. Show More Summary

French president sues photographer for secretly photographing him on a vacation

Unlike some previous French presidents, Emmanuel Macron demanded privacy while on vacation. However, this didn’t prevent a paparazzi photographer to stalk him around Marseillee. He even entered the president’s private property to take...Show More Summary

If you don’t want to risk losing your data you need a good backup workflow

There’s one simple fact about hard drives. They’re going to die. It’s not a question of if, but when. And when it does happen, because it will, there’s two things you can do. The first is that you could panic, research data recovery services and spend a small fortune trying to get the data back. Show More Summary

Baby dolphin dies because tourists posed with it for selfies

How far people would go for a selfie probably shouldn’t surprise me anymore. However, they seem to constantly push the boundaries. Earlier this month, a baby dolphin was stranded on a busy beach in Spain. Curious tourists passed the poor animal around to take photos with it, instead of contacting the authorities. Show More Summary

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