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Trump’s Ignorance Is Radicalizing U.S. Historians

Amy Greenberg didn’t want to weigh in on Donald Trump. Ever since the president’s election, which she found stunning and demoralizing, the Penn State professor and historian of antebellum America has tried to keep her head down. She gives her lectures. Show More Summary

Is Trump Authoritarian or Incompetent? Yes.

When Donald Tump ran for president, and in the weeks after winning the election, his critics justifiably worried about his autocratic tendencies. This man, after all, had egged on his followers to assault protesters, called for his political...Show More Summary

How Can Republicans Still Trust This Man?

The basic dilemma that has prevented House Republicans from passing the American Health Care Act is that their majority, while large, isn’t large enough to span the divide between those on the right who would like to repeal the Affordable...Show More Summary

The Passion of Rei Kawakubo

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was closed on Monday so that it could dress itself up for the Costume Institute Gala later that evening. Disappointed tourists milled around outside like spurned lovers. But members of the press were allowed...Show More Summary

The Rise of “Kinder, Gentler” Climate-Change Deniers

Bret Stephens, the neoconservative columnist recently poached from The Wall Street Journal by The New York Times, made a big show of appearing reasonable in his debut op-ed last week, “ Climate of Complete Certainty. ” His point, heShow More Summary

Grierson & Leitch Episode 66: The Circle

Tom Hanks. Emma Watson. John Boyega. Dave Eggers. Patton Oswalt. Bill Paxton, in his last film. The kid from Boyhood. The guy who directed The End of the Tour and The Spectacular Now. Yes, The Circle is a movie with nearly unparalleled pedigree, based on a well-regarded book by one of America’s most beloved authors. Show More Summary

The Overwhelming Evidence Against the Death Penalty

The continuing controversy surrounding America’s reliance on lethal injection for capital punishment was vividly on display in the four executions Arkansas carried out last week. Two of those executions were marked by serious problems. Show More Summary

Do Republicans Really Want Donald Trump Running Health Care in Their Name?

GOP leaders have reached the cusp of passing a health care bill paradoxically: by making it crueler. To set aside their reservations and line up behind the legislation, conservatives insisted that the American Health Care Act include...Show More Summary

The Liberating Obsessiveness of I Love Dick

There is a scene in the second episode of I Love Dick, the new Amazon original series from Jill Soloway, in which two characters debate the aesthetic appeal of straight lines. Dick (Kevin Bacon), an abstract sculptor who swaggers around in weathered cowboy boots, loves them. Show More Summary

A Former Goldman Sachs Executive Is Running Away With This Year’s Most Important Race for Democrats

He’s a millionaire politician who worked at Goldman Sachs for 23 years, rising to become a senior director of the firm. He’s compared unfavorably to his party’s last governor, another former Goldman executive whose one term was widely considered a failure. Show More Summary

What Should the Indian-American Novel Be?

NO ONE CAN PRONOUNCE MY NAME by Rakesh Satyal Picador, 400 pp., $26.00 Rakesh Satyal has come up with a hell of a title for his second novel: No One Can Pronounce My Name. We’ll come back to that. Satyal published his debut, Blue Boy, in 2009. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Enduring Corruption of the Presidency

President Donald Trump’s critics exulted over an interview he gave Thursday to Reuters, where he expressed surprise at how difficult his job is. “I loved my previous life. I had so many things going,” Trump said. “This is more work than in my previous life. Show More Summary

The Best Photos From Trump’s First 100 Days

Tomorrow is President Donald Trump’s 100th day in the Oval Office, and perhaps no one has captured the problems of his young administration better than the man himself. Yesterday, Trump told Reuters, “ I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. Show More Summary

The Circle: A Complete Fiasco of a Movie

The Circle is a big honking sloppy mess of a movie, one that flops around so aimlessly that it’s baffling so many intelligent people had a hand in making it. It’s directed by James Ponsoldt (who made the excellent The Spectacular Now...Show More Summary

How Video Shaped Our Understanding of the L.A. Riots

Twenty-five years is a full cultural cycle. A baby born in 1992 is now a fully grown adult. The early ‘90s fashion revival has already come and gone. Although many things have not changed, including the default expectation of American...Show More Summary

The Golden Age of the EPA

On New Year’s Day in 1970, President Richard Nixon appeared in San Clemente, California, for the momentous signing of the National Environmental Policy Act—the congressional statute that formally recast the government’s role from conserving the wilderness to protecting the health of the environment and the general public. Show More Summary

American Gods Is a Dark Fairytale of a Country in Crisis

In American Gods, Starz’s gorgeous, ambitious adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 fantasy novel, humans, be they slaves or migrants, bring their individual gods with them when they land in America. The country is populated with hundreds of deities, who will die if they’re starved of belief. Show More Summary

Does Glenn Greenwald Owe Brian Beutler a Coke?

In the summer of last year, we recorded an episode of Primary Concerns with Glenn Greenwald, one of the founding editors of The Intercept, on the question of whether the media’s coverage of the 2016 campaign faithfully conveyed the stakes of the election. Show More Summary

Ivanka’s First 100 Days

How far Ivanka Trump has come! Only seven years ago she was tweeting about the Trump SoHo spa’s newest candle collection. Last year she was tweeting about how to make it work as an unpaid intern and how excited she was for Juicero. Now she is one of the most powerful, unelected people in the entire world. Show More Summary

In 100 Days, Trump Has Done Lasting Damage to the Planet

Most analyses of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office has focused on what he hasn’t accomplished. But when it comes to the environment, he’s been active indeed. He has signed at least eight anti-environmental executive actions. Show More Summary

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