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What Should We Do About Big Data Leaks?

I have a great fondness for government data, and the government has a great fondness for making more of it. Federal elections financial data, for example, with every contribution identified, connected to a name and address. Or the results of the census. Show More Summary

Grierson & Leitch Episode 11: Everybody Wants Some, Shotgun Stories, and Shattered Glass

Going solo, Tim Grierson reviews Richard Linklater’s fun and hilarious take on the 1980s, Everybody Wants Some, a true hangout movie with surprisingly poignant moments. Also on the podcast, t he guys finally weigh in on one of the year’s better regarded films, Zootopia, and give a mini-review of Don Cheadle in Miles Ahead. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders Has Momentum. Does It Matter?

Three weeks ago, on the final “Super Tuesday” of 2016, it looked like Bernie Sanders was cooked. That night, the Vermont senator lost all five contests, each of them in a key, delegate-rich state. Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead, which was already daunting, began to look insurmountable. Show More Summary

When You’re a Trumpkin, You’re a Trumpkin All the Way

Ted Cruz couldn’t have had a better primary night than he did in Wisconsin on Tuesday, when he won a decisive double-digit victory over Donald Trump. Some pundits are already proclaiming this as the pivot of the election, the moment Trump starts a long slide. Show More Summary

Australia’s Other “Flying Doctors”: The Spirits of Aboriginal Bush Healers

The stifling outback heat of the early evening feels just ripe for trouble. It’s Friday night and still over 35°C in the town of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is market night, and the pubs and streets are full of people. Show More Summary

The Guns That Won

Though a New Yorker by birth, I lived for many years in Boulder, Colorado, a city known for its mountain views, superior body mass indices and affluent stoner chic. Hidden from prying eyes at the end of a dirt road outside of town is a lesser-known attraction: an illegal shooting range. Show More Summary

The Many Trials of a Nazi War Criminal

In April 1961, an Israeli court in Jerusalem assembled to determine the responsibility of Adolf Eichmann, a former senior Nazi official, for the transportation of European Jews to concentration camps and death camps in the Third Reich, among other crimes. Show More Summary

The Panama Paper Leaks Are a Chance to Fix a Broken Financial System

In every crisis there lies an opportunity. And that applies even to a crisis as large and potentially scandalous as that revealed by the so-called Panama Papers. Over the coming days and weeks the financial behavior of many rich, powerful and influential individuals will come under the microscope. Show More Summary

Adrienne Rich’s Feminist Awakening

It began with her fear of stairs. One day in November 1969, Adrienne Rich, a poet known to other poets but not yet to he wider world, paused at the top of the steps in her sister’s house in Boston, overwhelmed by a sense of peril, until...Show More Summary

Is Bernie Sanders’s Nuclear Phaseout Plan a Hippie Pipe Dream or Smart Policy?

You’ve probably heard that Bernie Sanders has the most impressive climate agenda of any major-party presidential candidate in history. His proposals may be politically unrealistic, but they are bold. If Sanders were president and heShow More Summary

Why Are There So Many Writers in Myanmar’s New Government?

On March 15, when Myanmar’s fresh-faced parliament voted in a man named Htin Kyaw as the country’s new president, confusion ensued. Journalists had speculated on the choice for weeks. It was clear that it would not be Aung San Suu Kyi,...Show More Summary

Historic District

The present leaks across the past like motor oil over water, acrid rainbow on reflected sky, on backlit silhouette of you against the reconstructed ancient dignitary’s mansion. Go in. A paper lantern fits on the electric bulb. The threshold...Show More Summary

Will Big Money Republicans Break the Democratic Wave?

As I pointed out earlier in the week, there are a lot of reasons to question whether Democrats can ride a Donald Trump nomination to a wave election and retake the U.S. House of Representatives in November. While Democrats relish heShow More Summary

The Ugly Cynicism of Obama’s Declassification Diplomacy

“I don’t want to go through the list of every activity of the United States in Latin America over the last 100 years,” said President Barack Obama. This was his way of responding to a question from La Nación’s Martín Dinatale, who asked...Show More Summary

Can Food Be Medicine?

“What if you could cure all your health problems and lose 10 pounds in just 7 days? That’s an amazing claim, hard to believe for sure, but I have seen this miracle so many times in my practice that even I am starting to believe it!”Show More Summary

Why Democrats Must Embrace A Universal Child Allowance

Last week, at his keynote speech at South by Southwest, President Barack Obama brought up a subject hat doesn’t often enter the realm of public policy: diapers. Diapers are prohibitively expensive for the poorest families with young children, which cost them, on average, 14 percent of their annual income. Show More Summary

How Trumpism Went Global

As tensions over Donald Trump’s political ascendency boil over into violence, many are wondering how a narcissistic, authoritarian-leaning demagogue has secured the inside track to becoming a major party’s nominee for president of the United States. Show More Summary

Who Is the Hillary Voter?

We have heard much talk his cycle about the mood of our national electorate. People are angry. They are sick and tired of establishment politicians, and are gravitating toward outsiders, revolutionaries, people who are going to “turn this country around.” They are flocking to the polls in huge numbers to make their anger heard. Show More Summary

Why the Poor Get Trapped in Depressed Areas

In modern America, it’s expensive o be poor. If you have a car, it’s old and habitually breaks down. Often, here aren’t banking services in your area and you must live with high-cost alternatives. And in white working-class towns decimated by years of outsourcing, the jobs available don’t provide the kind of wages to break the cycle of poverty. Show More Summary

Primary Concerns Episode 6: Super Twosday, Supreme Wednesday

Super Tuesday Numero Dos on March 15 proved to be one of the most consequential nights of the 2016 primary season. On this episode, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post ’s The Plum Line blog joins our host Brian Beutler to discuss the...Show More Summary

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