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Trade Deals Are Giving Corporations the Power to Intimidate Tiny Countries

Alejandro Guevara hasn’t slept. There was a death in La Maraña, and Guevara, the vice president of the community environmental association, spent the night at the wake. Still, he doesn’t skip a beat as he describes recent violence in his small Salvadoran village, running dates and names, his ow

Paid Leave Is Going to Matter in 2016, Thanks to John Oliver and Hillary Clinton

John Oliver’s Mother’s Day segment this Sunday opened with a glimpse into what businesses are willing to take in the name of motherhood (namely: your money, on this shamelessly Hallmarkian holiday) versus what they’re willing to give: paid maternity leave.Oliver pointed out that the United Sta

Obama Is Right: Elizabeth Warren Is "a Politician Like Everybody Else"

On Friday, President Barack Obama sat down with Yahoo’s Matt Bai to promote the RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Mike Huckabee Is Prepared to Blow Up Republicans' Big Ruse

By the time the sixth or seventh candidate enters a Republican presidential primary, it’s usually tough to identify a unique quality that distinguishes him from those who came before. Most of the predictable niches—the Establishment candidate, the Religious Right candidate, the Conservative Abso

A Message for the British Labour Party: Don't Ally With Separatists.

In the wake of Thursday’s British election, the Labour Party was trounced by the Conservatives in England and nearly extinguished in Scotland by a mass defection of voters to the Scottish National Party (SNP). The Quebec separatist party, the Block Quebecois (BQ), saw this as good news, sending

The Risks of Siding With French Secularism

In the past few weeks, the American literary elite have divided into two camps over the PEN America Center’s decision to give its Freedom of Expression Courage Award to Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical weekly whose staff was massacred by Muslim extremists in January. The battle feature

Welfare Is the Best Weapon Against Nepotism

With another round of Bush versus Clinton looming (and everyone putting aside time to call their moms this Sunday), nepotism is enjoying something of a renaissance in certain corners of America. Yesterday, Kevin D. Williamson of National Review Online RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Could Republicans Pass an Energy Bill That (Modestly) Acts on Climate Change?

Senate Energy and Natural Resources chairwoman Lisa Murkowski hopes that for the first time since 2007, Congress will pass a broad energy package this year. And maybe, the Alaska Republican suggested to reporters on Thursday, the GOP package will even take modest action on climate change.“So m

The Aesthetic Failure of 'Charlie Hebdo'

Over the last few weeks, the U.S. literary community has had an intense, divisive debate about a magazine that, until this year, almost no one in the English-speaking world had ever heard of, let alone read. The shouting match started after the PEN American Center decided to give the RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

British Politics Could Get Very Nasty

A few weeks ago Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was reported as declaring in private to a French diplomat that she wanted David Cameron and the Tories to win the RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

India’s War on Environmental Activists

Within a month, Greenpeace could close its India office of 300 staffers, because Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration has frozen its assets. The situa

Is Something Wrong with the Economy?

Is something wrong with the economy? Just a few months after economists predicted that 2015 would be a banner year for the economy, the data are telling the opposite story.The latest evidence of an economic slowdown came on Friday when the Labor Department RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Pamela Geller Is Not "Morally Responsible" for the Terrorist Attack in Texas

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, is a nasty-hearted Islamophobe. But should she be blamed for the RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

What Is David Brooks's Purpose?

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

New York Times columnist David Brooks has a question for you: "What Is Your Purpose?" That's the title of his latest missive on public morality—and he, predictably, is worried about its weakness


Police Unions Aren't the Problem

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

When eye-witness footage of a police officer shooting Walter Scott in the back made national news last month, the people of North Charleston, South Carolina, didn’t riot, and everybody who f


Andrew Cuomo Might Unilaterally Raise the Minimum Wage of Fast Food Workers

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he might use unilateral powers to raise the wages of fast food workers. In New York, the governor has the power to impanel a “Wage Board” that investigates whether wages in a specific industry are adequate to cover health and living expenses and


The Best Thing Hillary Could Do for Her Campaign? Ditch Bill.

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

The day that Hillary conceded the 2008 primaries, I rode the train back from Washington to New York with another political journalist. We wondered, then, about the possibility that Clinton might someday run for president again. At that moment, with tempers in the Democratic Party still blazing, it s


Ed Miliband Is So Weird, He Just Might Win Britain's Election

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

There are many big issues at stake in Britain’s general election on Thursday. Will Britain leave the European Union? Will it eliminate its fleet of nuclear submarines? Will the NHS, Britain’s prized healthcare system, face further budget cuts? But one question looms above them all:Is Ed Miliband


Would the Financial Crisis Have Happened If Women Ran Wall Street?

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

At the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday, Institute for New Economic Thinking hosted a conference on the health of the financial system in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The event brought together some of the


How a Socialist Party Just Took Over the Texas of Canada

3 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

On Tuesday night, the near-unthinkable happened here in Canada when the New Democratic Party (NDP) stormed to a commanding majority in Alberta's provincial elections. To explain this in American terms: Imagine that Texas just overwhelmingly elected a legislature dominated by a left-wing party that o

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