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A New Name At TNR

I've been admiring Alec MacGillis's work at the Washington Post for years. Now he's joining us, which is a huge coup for TNR and a treat for our readers. Alec is both an excellent reporter and a deeply incisive analyst. Look for his campaign coverage beginning this fall.

You Know Who Else Favored Monetary Expansion?

Nazi monetary policy fan Matthew Yglesias reviews the exploits of Hjalmar Schacht: FDR’s first move was to devalue the dollar relative to gold. Hitler’s parallel move was devised by the very clever Hjalmar Schacht who (as you can read...Show More Summary

Krauthammer Is Making It Too Easy

Charles Krauthammer expresses indignation that President Obama would suggest that Republicans in Congress would rather defeat Obama than compromise: In Obama’s recounting, however, luck is only half the story. His economic recovery was ruined not just by acts of God and (foreign) men, but by Americans who care nothing for their country. Show More Summary

The Perry Panic And the Draft Ryan Movement

The first week of the Rick Perry presidential campaign has put the Republican establishment in a full panic. Perry has defined himself as a full right-wing stereotype, an over-the-top George W. Bush impersonator. Much of the tensionShow More Summary


-- Why Iowa and New Hampshire have undue power. -- Jon Huntsman "believe[s] in evolution and trust[s] scientists on global warming. Call [him] crazy." -- Only 10 percent of people know about CTRL-F. -- Rick Perry isn't necessarily a great campaigner. -- It turns out people don't actually mind spending on public programs.

Today In Crazy

I've already covered Rick Santorum arguing that gay marriage helped cause the economic crisis. Since then Rick Perry, recently having expressed skepticism of climate science, is also expressing skepticism toward evolution. And Tom Coburn...Show More Summary

Did Gay Marriage Cause The Economic Crisis?

Rick Santorum draws the connection: Letting the family break down and in fact encouraging it and inciting more breakdown through this whole redefinition of marriage debate, and not supporting strong nuclear families and not supporting and standing up for the dignity of human life. Show More Summary

A Portrait Of Rick Perry's Mind At Work

Here is Rick Perry, as governor, being presented with the contrast between Texas's abstinence-only sex education program which he supports, and the state's very high teen pregnancy rate. watch him grapple with the question: Perry appears...Show More Summary

Rick Perry And The Return Of Conservative Identity Politics

If Rick Perry wins the Republican nomination, or even the presidency, one of the less significant but more annoying ramifications will be the return of conservative identity politics. The Bush years saw the full flowering of this branch...Show More Summary

The Truman Show

A couple days ago, Norman Ornstein wrote a piece for TNR suggesting that Harry Truman's 1948 campaign offers a historic parallel for President Obama. Truman had seen Republicans sweep to power in the midterm elections two years before,...Show More Summary


-- A good example of why people don't like the Fed. -- And here are several prominent conservatives who have no nice things to say about Ben Bernanke. -- If you're looking for a left-wing way to interpret Texas's admittedly impressive...Show More Summary

Paul Ryan On The Impossibility Of A Grand Bargain

Paul Ryan explains why there won't be a Grand Bargain on the deficit: “I don’t think this committee is going to achieve a full fix to our problems, because Democrats have never wanted to put their health care bill on the table,” Representative Paul D. Show More Summary

The Reality And The Myth Of The Texas Miracle

The initial liberal reaction to Rick Perry's "Texas miracle" has been to dispute that any such miracle has occurred. The instinct here was understandable -- for reasons I'll explain below, Perry's story doesn't make a lot of sense -- but it doesn't seem to be correct. Show More Summary

Forget Education Funding, Rick Perry Lets Texans Wrestle Catfish with their Bare Hands!

The chattering class in D.C. has gotten pretty worked up over Governor Rick Perry's presidential candidacy. And, among other things, they've been asking whether America is ready to install another Texas Governor at the helm. If you needed...Show More Summary

Goldbuggery And Partisanship

Jared Bernstein argues that Rick Perry's violent tight money views reflect a class-based view of inflation: [W]hat’s really behind conservatives view on this issue is that the wealthy get hurt a lot more by inflation than by unemployment,...Show More Summary

Impeachment Watch

What could you impeach Obama over? That's the wrong question. Herman Cain asks, What couldn't you impeach him over? "That’s a great question and it is a great — it would be a great thing to do but because the Senate is controlled byShow More Summary

Zinging Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet's New York Times op-ed arguing that the rich are undertaxed provoked the conservative auto-response to any argument by a rich person that the rich are undertaxed -- they should write a check to the Treasury. Michele Bachmann: I have a suggestion. Show More Summary

The State Of The GOP Race

Ross Douthat asks why I've been mocking both the possibility that Mitt Romney might win the Republican nomination and the conservative attempt to draft alternative candidates into the race: a question for writers like Chait and Larison,...Show More Summary

Rick Perry's Original Thinking

[Guest post by Nathan Pippenger] It’s not the worst thing Rick Perry has said in his young presidential campaign, but I did scratch my head after reading the governor’s recent comments on border security: I mean, we know that there are...Show More Summary


-- Excellent parody of horserace, no policy substance or moral judgement journalism. -- The difference between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry on the Fed. -- From about two weeks ago: former Bush CEA Chair and current Romney adviser defends former Bush CEA chair Ben Bernanke. -- Former Reagan CEA chair praises a weaker dollar. -- An ideological map of the Super Committee.

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