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Ted Cruz Is Right: The Supreme Court Needs Term Limits

The intense focus on the Supreme Court and its end-of-term decisions is an occasion for considering the need for Supreme Court reform – and Senator Ted Cruz has energetically taken up the issue. In reaction to the court’s high-profile liberal decisions upholding Obamacare subsidies and declaring

This 22-Year-Old Really, Really, Really Wants Donald Trump to Be Our Next President

Donald Trump is loud, rude, insincere; he’s already had three fake runs for president, he’s selling himself as a business genius but has declared bankruptcy four times, his three marriages have been tabloid fodder, he once RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

The KKK Understands Exactly What the Confederate Flag Symbolizes: White Power

The controversy over the Confederate flag keeps threatening to devolve into a seminar in semiotics. What does the flag really symbolize—racism or “Southern heritage?” Should we be fighting over symbols or is that a diversion from real issues, like actual, institutional racism? “Quit looking

Why You Couldn’t Care Less About the Greek Crisis

Greece’s euro crisis is back in the headlines. After missing the payment deadline on its $1.8 billion debt on Tuesday, the struggling European nation is scheduled to vote in a referendum on Sunday on whether it will accept further austerity or default on its debt—a choice widely billed as a refe

The Confederate Flag Is Still Flying Today Because of the KKK

On July 18, on the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse, a Ku Klux Klan group plans to hold a rally in support of the Confederate flag. It’s a reaction to the 

Don't Reward the Greedy Vulture Funds Who Recklessly Invested in Puerto Rico

Everyone to whom Puerto Rico currently owes money knowingly gambled on the probability that, one day, the island’s leaders would simply announce—as Governor Alejandro García Padilla did last week—that their debts are “RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Anthony Kennedy's Same-Sex Marriage Opinion Was a Logical Disaster

As the most senior Supreme Court justice inclined to support marriage equality, Anthony Kennedy enjoyed the right of first refusal to author the Court’s opinion in Obergefell v. H

Sierra Leone's Rich and Powerful Are Breaking the Ebola Burial Rules

On a barren hillside outside Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, Alieu Mansaray put on a brave face as strangers in full plastic bodysuits lowered his father's body into the grave. His 71-year-old father had died of a stroke. Everyone knew that. But in a country where the highly contagious Ebola virus

The Supreme Court Isn't Afraid to Mess With Texas

In the span of a few days, Texans’ worst fears of federal overreach came true. No other state in the nation felt as much of an impact from Supreme Court decisions this season.The most far-reaching decision of the term—SCOTUS’ ruling that same-sex marriage is protected by the 14th Amendment—h

Child Models Deserve Worker Protections, Too

When I was 16 years old, I was brought to Mexico, given drugs, and was coerced into being photographed topless. I had been hired to model for a successful tanning product company called California Tan. I was a teenager alone in a foreign country. I arrived with the rest of the photoshoot team the d

The Other Winner in the Supreme Court's Wild Week: Big Business

It's tempting to see the Supreme Court's decisions last week to uphold Obamacare and legalize gay marriage as wildly divergent from its decision on Monday to strike down

Liberals, Don't Get Complacent about the Supreme Court

John Roberts closed his opinion in King v. Burwell on a note that has liberals hailing the end of the right wing’s judicial assault on the Affordable Care Act. The ruling was crafted to settle the question of the law’s valuable insurance subsidies once and for all, and contain

Donald Trump Stole Chris Christie’s Brand

Chris Christie, the Republican Party's latest presidential candidate, is selling himself as the big bold brand who’s not afraid to say what he really thinks. But how can the New Jersey governor run on this real-talk-from-a-loud-jerk platform when Donald Trump has already been performing a wonderf

The Supreme Court Just Approved a Lethal Injection Drug that No One Understands

The conservative justices of the Supreme Court were no more gracious in victory today than they were in defeat last week. They prevailed in Glossip v. Gross, a case about the legality of a drug called midazolam that some states use in lethal injections, but they still assaulted th

The Housing Recovery Has Skipped Poor and Minority Neighborhoods

On October 11, 2009, when Isaac Dieudonne was two years old, his family moved into a new home in Miramar, Florida. As they began to unpack, young Isaac bounded out the front door in search of fun. The parents found him several minutes later, RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Capital Punishment Is Hard to Abolish. Pennsylvania’s Death Penalty Battle Shows Why.

The Republican-dominated Pennsylvania House recently voted in favor of a resolution condemning the death penalty moratorium enacted by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf in February, shortly after his hi

Antonin Scalia Compared a Lifesaving EPA Regulation to a Ferrari

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia compared the Environmental Protection Agency's rulemaking to buying a Ferrari without looking at the price tag, and even claimed that a regulation that restricts mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants could hurt human health and the environment

The Supreme Court Just Gave Democrats a Fighting Chance to Win Back the House

Thanks to gerrymandering, the “emerging Democratic majority"—RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Justice Samuel Alito: Death Is Often Painful, So Why Shouldn't Lethal Injection Be?

last monthUS Politics / Liberal : The New Republic

Opponents of capital punishment have long hoped that export restrictions on standard lethal injection drugs would either cause courts to find lethal injections unconstitutional

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