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Why Won't Rand Paul and Chris Christie Take a Position on Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law?

Nearly a week since Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), igniting a nationwide debate about whether the controversial law invites discrimination based on sexual orientation, most potential Republican presidential candidates have taken the opportunity to b

Is Ted Cruz Writing the Script to His Own Obamacare Horror Story?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is officially a presidential candidate, and his wife has taken unpaid leave from Goldman Sachs to help him run his campaign, which means her employer-sponsored family health plan will sit in abeyance and the Cruzes will enroll in insurance, like most members of Congress, throu

A Republican Governor Is Leading the Country's Most Successful Prison Reform

During his second inaugural address this past January, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal shared the story of Sean Walker. After serving 12 years of a life sentence for murder, Walker was paroled in 2005

Congress is Losing Top Environmentalists, But Democrats Have a Deep Bench to Take Over

The 2016 election is just getting started but environmentalists already are counting losses, as longtime allies announce they won't seek reelection. That includes Harry Reid, who last week said he will retire in 2016 after 30 years in the Senate. A flood of statements from environmental groups mark

Jay Z's Streaming Music Service Makes No Economic Sense

Jay Z thinks he has found a solution to a problem that's vexed artists lately: How to make money off their songs. On Monday, the music tycoon unveiled a new streamin

Obama to the World: I Can Cut Pollution Without Congress

The Obama Administration has just made it official: The U.S. hopes to cut greenhouse gas pollution by 26-28 percent by 2025. The White House submitted its plan to t

Why Feminists Aren't Obligated to Support Right-Wing Women

Angry cries of “where are the feminists?” resound every time a powerful woman offends women on the left. Never is this veiled accusation of hypocrisy more triumphantly leveled than during election seasons, when pundits on the right luxuriate in an imaginary gotcha by pointing o

Harry Reid Is a Brawler, But He's No Lyndon Johnson.

The late, great British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once advised that if you’re going through hell, “keep going.”In many ways, this has been the guiding principle of retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s long and oftentimes tempestuous political career.Ever since arriving in Cong

The Real Consequences of Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law

When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed legislation last February to protect religious individuals and business owners who deny services to gays and lesbians, she lost favor with many Christian conservatives. But as the public backlash grows against Indiana, whose governor, Mike Pence, just signed a

The Minimum Wage Worker Fired for Talking to the Media Shows How Poorly America Treats Low-Income Workers

On February 17, Washington Post reporter Chico Harlan published an article on what happens to communities after a small minimum wage hike. Harlan focus

"Religious Freedom" Laws Don't Legalize LGBT Discrimination. That's Already Legal in Most of America.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence—his entire state, really—has been hammered in the national press since last week's passage of a "religious freedom" bill. This New York Times headline says it all: "RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Most Countries are Blowing a Major Climate Deadline, But They Won't Stall a Deal This Year

In December, 196 countries signed an agreement in Lima, Peru promising to pledge what they can to cut greenhouse gas pollution. For many, it was the first time they've ever made that promise. To keep these countries on track, the climate change conference agreed that as many nations as possible woul

Republicans Are Attacking Climate Change Science by Comparing It to Religion

Republicans struggle to find a convincing reason not to take action on climate change, so they tend to recycle excuses. In the 2014 election, one line in particular caught on—the two top Republ

The Internet Outrage Machine Is Finally Ready for Hillary

In four tweets on Wednesday afternoon, New York Times reporter Amy Chozick revealed the existence of the HRC Super Volunteers, which promised in an email to journalists to call out sexism in press coverage of Clinton’s likely presidential campaign. Inexcusable sexist words RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

John Kasich's Passion for the Poor Is Rankling Conservative Christians

Ohio’s governor John Kasich certainly won't be president, nor even receive the Republican party’s nomination in 2016. But if Kasich does throw his hat into the increasingly packed Republican primary ring (as some sources RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Elizabeth Warren Should Not Replace Harry Reid

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s announcement Friday that he will not seek reelection has led to wild speculation about who will replace the long-time Democratic leader. The smart money, right now, is on New York Senator Chuck Schumer, especially because Reid RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Millennials Can Make Up Their Minds Only About Sex Ed

Don't get too smug, millennials. Sure you might be more diverse, more open-minded, and more empathetic than your predecessors. But that doesn't mean you're some paragon of virtue and harmony. If anything, you're pessimistic and still significantly divided on race and religion.Those are the findings

Love In the Time of Putin

Natasha and Lyudmila aren’t different than any two other women in love; they fight, they break up, they make up. They struggle. “This is our struggle as people in love, or people who remember love, or people waiting for love’s return,” reads the introduction to documentary photographer Misha

Bowe Bergdahl Wasn't a "Coward"

When the story of Bowe Bergdahl became big news last year, a crass friend of mine told me it was “gold—cowardly yellow gold.” I'd just written a book that argues that cowardice is an important and overlooked idea, and here was a ballet-dancing fugitive who had slipped away from his unit in Afg

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