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The GOP Debates Have Ignored One of America's Biggest Economic Threats

Republicans are three debates in, and the presidential candidates have yet to field a substantive question on climate change.RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

At The Third Republican Debate, Carly Fiorina Couldn't Save Herself

There was very little doubt that Carly Fiorina would deliver a strong performance at the Republican debate Wednesday night. One hour into the evening, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard was already nimbly fielding questions and offering sharp ripostes. But can she translate her performance at the deb

The Ben Carson Paradox

Earlier this week The New York Times attributed Ben Carson’s rising poll numbers—especially, to Donald Trump’s growing frustration, in Iowa—to his ca

The Republican Debate: CNBC's Bad Night

The big winners of the third Republican debate are surely CNN and FOX, which come out looking much better than CNBC. The journalists on CNBC repeatedly paraded their economic ignorance. To understand the problem with the network’s coverage, it’s worth keeping in mind that CNBC is a business news

This Was the Moment Jeb Bush Lost the Republican Debate

Among the many dramas of Wednesday's third Republican debate, perhaps the most interesting is the battle between Jeb Bush and his one-time protege Marco Rubio. The two men have a history but they are very different political animals: Jeb is a large, lumbering creature, a veritable dinosaur compared

Jeb Bush Went At Marco Rubio, and Proved Why He Ought to Drop Out

Before Wednesday night’s Republican primary debate began, GOP consultant Rick Wilson got wind that someone was going to make a big mistake.Man oh man, the dumb, pre-planned move a certain campaign is about to make in the big debate is campaign-ending stupid.— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson)

Highlights from the Third Republican Debate

The top ten Republican presidential candidates met in Boulder, Colorado, on Wednesday night for their third debate of the campaign season. (Four additional candidates also participated at an earlier undercard debate.) Below are the highlights, and check out the New Republic’s RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

The Passport Bubble

In 2006, as the government of St. Kitts and Nevis was winding down its ailing sugar industry, a slight, wiry Swiss man with thick eyebrows and a brooding manner arrived on the scene. His name was Christian Kalin, and through his company, Henley & Partners,

Hillary Clinton Isn't the Only One Fighting for Paid Leave

Democratic presidential candidates are striving to out-do each other with the most buzz-worthy paid family leave plans. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley are all calling for 12 week

The Plan to Save the World

Right now, we're in a car, hanging on for dear life as we hurtle around a mountain bend. If we don't hit the brakes soon, we're going to lose control, crash through the guardrail, and careen into the abyss. We've been fully warned about the danger ahead, but now here we are, testing our fate.Already

The Brothers Bush

The story of how George and Barbara Bush set out to make their fortune in west Texas has almost passed into American political folklore. It hasn't quite got the quaint charm of a Horatio Alger story; the future president got his first job in an oil firm run by one of his father's Yale classmates (an

Everything You Need to Know About Wednesday's GOP Debate

And we're back! It's time for the third round of the Republican primary debates, hosted by CNBC at the University of Colorado in Boulder on Wednesday, October 28. Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and John Harwood are moderating a debate that promises—RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

How Democrats Lost the Budget War

There are two conclusions to draw from the fact that Republican and Democratic leaders have reached an agreement with the White House to budget for the government, and to extend the nation

How Donald Trump Evolved From a Joke to an Almost Serious Candidate

"Specifically,” Matt Lauer demanded of Donald Trump in a New Hampshire town hall broadcast live on Today on Monday morning, following up on a voter’s question about Trump's mass-deportation plan. “Specific actions. For example, just getting 11 million illegal or undocumented

Luxury Cruises and Super Bowl Rings: Inside the Glam Kickbacks of the Annuities Industry

"Enjoy a sunset from your private balcony, relax in the superbly appointed spa, or walk barefoot along the coast at dawn,” reads the overwrought copy. But this getaway to the Ritz-Carlton in lovely Aruba isn’t intended for ordinary travelers. This is an ad for a sales conference for the insuranc

Justin Trudeau and the Case for Reclaiming "Pretty Boy"

If, as Henry Kissinger famously remarked, “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,” it would seem that the role of Canadian prime minister has recently taken on an unprecedented glo

Ben Carson Is Saying All the Right Things

We are well past the point when anything that happens in the Republican presidential primary can qualify as surprising. A bigoted billionaire has led the race now for more than 100 days. The establishment favorite is crumbling in a heap of awkward moments and RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

The Republicans Still Have No Middle-Class Agenda

The economic concerns of ordinary Americans barely figured into the first two Republican presidential debates. In five hours' time, the GOP candidates uttered the phrase "middle class" only three times—well, four, if you count Jeb Bush's reference to "the great middle." That's likely to change at

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