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How Democrats Must Fight the Confirmation of Jeff Sessions

In a little over a month’s time confirmation hearings will begin to confirm Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Republican senator from Alabama, as the nation’s 84th attorney general. Last week reports surfaced that members of President-elect...Show More Summary

Trump Is Already Implementing an Autocratic Foreign Policy

The government of China doesn’t know what to make of Donald Trump, which is exactly what the president – elect prefers. Last week, he broke a decades-long diplomatic understanding with the country when he spoke by phone with the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. Show More Summary

We’re Living in the Joan Rivers Age of Comedy

I read an interview with Chris Rock a few years ago right after Joan Rivers died. “The compliment you give of a comedian,” he said, is: “Who wants to follow them onstage? Nobody wanted to follow Joan Rivers, ever.” Even in her 80s, Rivers was...Show More Summary

Can the Constitution Survive Donald Trump?

Khizr Khan, the father of the fallen U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, took to the stage of the Democratic National Convention in July and looked into the camera to address the Republican nominee Donald Trump directly. “Have you even read the United States Constitution?” Khan asked while holding up a little blue book as the crowd cheered. Show More Summary

Sorry, Conservatives, Trump’s Illiberalism Is on You.

Republicans won the presidency on November 8 because Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in states with more than 270 electoral votes between them; but Trump will be president instead of anyone else first and foremost because Republicans nominated him, despite widespread awareness within the party of his aberrance and unfitness for the office. Show More Summary

Forever Trump: How the GOP Capitulated to a Monster

Two facts stand out about Donald Trump’s remarkable ascension to the presidency. First, no presidential candidate—not even Barry Goldwater or George McGovern—faced so much internal opposition from his own party, with many major figures saying Trump was manifestly unfit for office. Show More Summary

How the Trolley Problem Explains 2016

Imagine that you’re a rude teen hanging near some trolley tracks, kicking around rocks, when you look up and notice that five people are tied to the tracks. A trolley suddenly appears, careening towards them. You can save the five people...Show More Summary

Trump’s Political Lesson: Humiliate, or Be Humiliated

Humiliation is a part of every political campaign. It may even come to define a candidate—who can dish it, and who can take it. Once upon a time we reveled in John Kerry’s elitism ( he windsurfs !), Mitt Romney’s patrician habits (he’s got a fancy horse !), and Al Gore’s coldness (he makes out with his wife in public!). Show More Summary

Democrats, Don’t Repeat Obama’s Biggest Mistake

Before last month, the lowest point of Barack Obama’s presidency was in mid-2011, when Republicans used the threat of defaulting on the national debt to extract policy ransoms from him and Democrats in Congress. This is not an inflammatory, biased description of what Republicans did. Show More Summary

How the Media Is Abetting Trump’s “Mission Accomplished” Transition

Because his running mate is still the governor of Indiana, and can use political power there to scare up economic favors for Indiana-based firms threatening to move production to other countries, Donald Trump is spending his pre-presidency on a public relations tour of the state, bragging about the jobs he’s saving. Show More Summary

Obamacare Wasn’t a Radical Change. But Trumpcare Certainly Will Be.

During the battle over Obamacare, conservatives breathlessly accused liberals of executing a radical transformation of the country’s health care system. In reality, Obamacare left insurance for the vast majority of the country untouched, while expanding access for people who had been too sick or too poor to afford insurance before. Show More Summary

Can Democrats Save Public Schools from Trump and DeVos?

Anyone who cares about public education in America should be horrified by President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Betsy DeVos to be education secretary. The billionaire Republican donor and heir to the Amway fortune is also one of the nation’s most influential advocates for the “school reform” movement that brought us George W. Show More Summary

Democrats Need To Pick A Leader. Now.

As president-elect, Donald Trump has quickly proven to be every bit the nightmare his opponents feared. He’s continuing to tweet absurd lies (such as his claim that he won the popular vote), and now he’s tapping extremists for high positions,...Show More Summary

The Year That Culture Disappeared

Politics is entertainment. It is drama and spectacle and performance. This has long been known, from the Lincoln-Douglas debates on down. We refer to campaign messages as “narratives,” and to the people involved as a “cast of characters.” We divide politicians into heroes and villains, heels and faces. Show More Summary

Towards a Working-Class Environmentalism

The 2016 election was cataclysmic for environmentalists. Despite the record global warmth of 2015 and early 2016, environmental issues played almost no role in the election (no question about climate change was asked in the three presidential debates). Show More Summary

Jackie: Death Becomes Her

The story of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in the days immediately following the assassination of her husband is one that has not been lacking for dramatic interpretation. Jackie has been played, in turn, by Jacyln Smith in a 1981 made-for-TV...Show More Summary

The Alternative to Obamacare Is Obamacare

If history didn’t have a way of repeating itself, the tawdry battle of King vs. Burwell would by now be an obscure footnote. Instead, that defunct legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act is looking more like a template for the future than an ugly but ultimately meaningless sideshow. Show More Summary

Jamie Raskin Has a Fierce, Funny Message for Dispirited Democrats

On Wednesday, House Democrats doubled down on the same old, same old, voting for Nancy Pelosi and a leadership team with an average age of 76—a group that, for all its virtues, doesn’t exactly offer a fresh message to inspire the left. Show More Summary

Anne Carson’s Splintered Brilliance

Cassandra (Twelve Characters from Shakespeare), etched and published by John Hamilton Mortimer, 1776. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Mrs. Olga Sichel and Max Philippson, 1962 I love Anne Carson’s work dearly though I suspect I am too stupid for it. Show More Summary

“There’s No Check on Trump Except Reality”: A Q&A With Wayne Barrett

Lost amid the post-election clatter about what the media missed is an appreciation of the hardworking journalists who had Trump nailed when most of us were still in swaddling. Wayne Barrett, the longtime investigative reporter for the Village Voice, is one who only now is receiving his just due at the national level. Show More Summary

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