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Steve Bannon Used to Believe in Science. Now He’s America’s Top Climate Villain.

As climate scientists go, Wally Broecker is famous. The 85-year-old geochemist and Columbia University professor not only coined the term “global warming,” but was one of the first researchers to accurately predict how much the Earth’s temperature would change because of fossil fuel burning. Show More Summary

Making Sense of the Hot Mess on Capitol Hill

The turmoil and dysfunction in President Trump’s administration have persisted despite the White House’s (and the commentariat’s) fond hope that his first address to Congress would set the wind at his back. Ironically, this has taken the political spotlight away from the White House and moved it to Capitol Hill. Show More Summary

Is the March for Science Bad for Scientists?

Jerry Coyne knows a good protest when he sees one. Once a rambunctious leftist, the esteemed evolutionary biologist recalls traveling regularly to Washington to march for civil rights. He remembers when state police chased him off his own college campus for protesting the Vietnam War. Show More Summary

American Carnage, Part II

President Donald Trump won plaudits for his joint address to Congress on Tuesday night, which was far more presidential—that is, less petty and vindictive—than any of his performances to date. “Trump eased up on his deeply dark rhetoric...Show More Summary

Trump’s Speech to Congress Was Oblivious to Reality

In September 2009, after a month that nearly saw legislative support for his domestic agenda collapse, President Barack Obama convened a joint session of Congress to focus the minds of wavering Democrats on the task at hand: reforming the nation’s health care system. Show More Summary

Logan: A Bit of the Old Ultraviolence

When the box office receipts for Deadpool—a cheerfully blood-splattered and snarky comic book romp that turned out to be a surprisingly massive hit—came in, Logan was precisely the kind of movie I was worried about. Deadpool had countless...Show More Summary

Republicans’ Final Heinous Push for Obamacare Repeal

Over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency, House Republicans voted so many times to partially or entirely repeal the Affordable Care Act that watchers lost count at around 60. But it seems the GOP didn’t truly believe it could win...Show More Summary

The Anti-Protest Backlash

If there’s one thing that has emboldened anti-Trump activists in the early days of the new administration, it’s the fact that their protests are working. The day after the inauguration, four million women and men took to the streets of Washington and a host of other cities in what proved to be the largest demonstration in U.S. Show More Summary

All the President’s Phantoms

President Donald Trump has an impressive track record as a conspiracy theorist. He claimed, without evidence, that “millions” of people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. He offered dark speculations about the deaths of Vince Foster and Antonin Scalia. Show More Summary

The Failure of Pro-Trump Intellectualism

President Donald Trump doesn’t care much for reading, but he does like magazines—when his face is on the cover. He’s boasted (falsely) about having “the all-time record in the history of Time magazine” for most appearances on the front cover. Show More Summary

Grierson & Leitch Episode 57: Oscars Recap

So... those Oscars sure were something! We recap the 2017 Oscars, including the crazy-pants, WHAT? moment in which La La Land was briefly and erroneously awarded the Best Picture Oscar before it was rightly given to Moonlight. For all...Show More Summary

Establishment Democrats Just Won a Needless Proxy War

On Saturday, Tom Perez was voted the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Perez, who has never held or run for elected office, served as labor secretary in the Obama administration. He was urged to run for after establishmentShow More Summary

“We Are So Hated”: What It’s Like to Be a Ted Cruz Fan (and NeverTrumper) at CPAC

Margaret and Fiona Moodie have been coming to the Conservative Political Action Conference for a decade. It’s a family thing. Blonde and slender, this mother-daughter pair from Bowie, Maryland, is active in local Republican politics and once even ran for office together. Show More Summary

Will the Trump Era Finally Kill Paul Ryan’s Wonkish Cred?

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, has long had a reputation as the Serious Republican. He is an alleged policy wonk who, whether you agree with his politics or not, is knowledgeable and committed to generating innovative policy proposals. Show More Summary

Trump’s Big Agenda

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump famously portrayed himself as a populist. His campaign ads took aim at sinister elites governing the United States, and his ability to target the frustrations and fears of Rust Belt communities helped propel him into the presidency. Show More Summary

Inside the Scientists’ Quiet Resistance to Trump

Between her family and her day job, Rebecca Lave had a busy enough life before Donald Trump came along. But any remaining free time vanished after his election last year. Lave, an associate geography professor at the University of Indiana, still begins the day by making breakfast for her 11-year-old daughter and sending her off to school. Show More Summary

Don’t Compare the Trump Resistance to the Tea Party

There’s a strong temptation in politics to compare mass protests in support of Obamacare to the tea party protests of 2009, which nearly derailed health care reform before it passed. Jesse Ferguson thinks the comparison is flawed. Jesse worked on Capitol Hill during the law’s creation and for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Show More Summary

The Republican Congress Is Courting a Major Crisis

This was supposed to be the week that liberals determined the fate of Obamacare. The President’s Day congressional recess left members of Congress vulnerable in their districts to protests and confrontations, reminiscent in some ways of the Tea Party town halls of 2009 that nearly smothered the Affordable Care Act in its crib. Show More Summary

A Cure For Wellness Is the Horror Movie We Deserve

Sigmund Freud hated bicycles. He also hated motorcycles, which is more intuitive since they are noisy and dangerous. But what is there to hate about bicycles? I thought a lot about Freud and the mysteries of the human subconscious while watching A Cure for Wellness, the new horror movie from director Gore Verbinski. Show More Summary

How Political Reporters Enable Trump—and Hurt Themselves

Last Sunday, on President Donald Trump’s third consecutive weekend visit to his private country club in Florida, the White House told reporters traveling with him that, among other activities, he’d played “a couple of holes” of golf....Show More Summary

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