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Democrats Should Lie Like Donald Trump

Newt Gingrich, one of president-elect Donald Trump’s closest political allies, said on Thursday that Trump will “spend a lot of time controlling the border. He may not spend very much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it, but it was...Show More Summary

Don’t Blame Hillary Clinton

It is one thing to lose an election to the most talented politician of his generation, a man with such a gift for rhetoric, and such a compelling life story, that people were predicting he would be the first African-American president of the United States back when he was a mere state senator in Illinois. Show More Summary

Donald Trump and the Evil of Banality

The depth of potential horrors in Donald Trump’s presidency is nearly bottomless. He thinks he knows more than experts when he knows next to nothing of relevance to policymaking and governance. He thinks it’s none of the public’s business whom he’s indebted to, or whether his policies (or merely his status as a U.S. Show More Summary

Can Senate Democrats Stop Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump is sworn into office in January, he will find himself in a similar position to that of President Barack Obama in his first term. With Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress, Obama pushed through a series of reforms—Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank Act, the Recovery Act, and more—that changed the political landscape. Show More Summary

Queens of the Stone Age

It’s a hard world for women who want to see realistic representations of themselves in American media, but it’s even tougher for women who like to get high. Movies about women and weed have long depicted female characters not as merry...Show More Summary

Grierson & Leitch Episode 42: Doctor Strange, Hacksaw Ridge, Snatch

Hey, America, get excited, it’s another Marvel movie! Our critics dig into the fourteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Doctor Strange, and then we to figure out just how much Mel Gibson understands basic story structure with Hacksaw Ridge. Show More Summary

The Truth About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is on the cusp of history, likely to be elected Tuesday as America’s first female president. That’s a momentous achievement for a woman who’s already peerless in our public life. Yet the bigger story of this ElectionShow More Summary

You’re Probably Not Voting for Governor Today. That’s Bad News for Democrats.

This election cycle has seen ample prognostication about Donald Trump’s impact on down-ballot races. Will Democrats reclaim the Senate—and if so, by how many seats? Some even wondered, albeit briefly, whether Democrats could win control of the lower chamber, where House Republicans hold a massive 247-188 majority. Show More Summary

The 2016 Race Will Never End

In 2013, the Republican National Committee produced a now-famous autopsy of the 2012 election. In the report, party officials recognized that if Republicans wanted to win national elections, they would have to push policies and politicians that would attract non-white voters. Show More Summary

Shame on Us, the American Media

Early this year, when it became clear that Donald Trump would become the GOP presidential nominee, but before we knew how Republicans would respond to being overtaken by a racist authoritarian, I argued at length that while Trump was...Show More Summary

America Is No Stranger to Election Violence

The 2016 American presidential campaign has renewed concerns about the specter of violence in American electoral politics. The campaign has been marked by tense – and occasionally violent – altercations between supporters and critics of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Lasting Damage to Our Communities

Donald Trump’s conquest of the Republican Party has placed the civic health of the country under enormous strain in many obvious ways. Hate crimes against Muslims have soared over the past year; Trump protesters have been attacked viciously...Show More Summary

Loving: Ordinary People in Extraordinary Circumstances

History isn’t only shaped by extraordinary individuals—sometimes, it’s made by people trying to mind their own business. Loving, writer-director Jeff Nichols’s film about the couple behind Loving vs. Virginia —the 1967 Supreme CourtShow More Summary

The Halloween Election

It was my wife’s idea that I should dress up as Donald Trump for Halloween. She’d be Hillary Clinton and, though I am a Clinton supporter, my wife had the optimistic idea that together we’d portray political comity on the cusp of this most polarizing presidential election. Show More Summary

There Is Still Time to Stop the Injustice at Standing Rock

On Thursday morning, in south-central North Dakota, I climbed the edge of a small hill to get a better view of the action down below, where several hundred clergy from around the country had joined a hardy group of Native Americans to oppose the Dakota Access pipeline. Show More Summary

Larry Wilmore Wants to Talk About the Election

It has been three months since Comedy Central’s untimely cancellation of Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show, and it’s hard not to feel robbed. A half-hour panel show that launched in January 2015, The Nightly Show was, alongside the weekly...Show More Summary

3 Awkward Holiday Moments

Share this: This article was created by TNR Studio for Casper. Casper believes in creating products and experiences to help you dream your way to a better life, a life well slept. The New Republic’s editorial team has no involvementShow More Summary

What If the Polls Aren’t Wrong?

We’re in the final days of a crazy-making, year-and-a-half-long presidential campaign, so naturally some political writers are questioning our collective sanity. Thursday and Friday saw several national media outlets consider the prospect...Show More Summary

Doctor Strange: Marvel’s Surrealist Movement

Doctor Strange is about as weird as any Marvel movie is going to get these days, which is not particularly weird. Even to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—and this certainly includes me —the Marvel movies are taking on an undeniable similarity in construction. Show More Summary

The Media Never Raised the Bar for Donald Trump

At the end of most elections, the political press corps tends to focus on what campaigns call their candidates’ “closing arguments.” The use of courtroom jargon is fitting, because the point of the “closing argument” is to offer the people who decide the election a last-best summation of the case. Show More Summary

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