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Why Do the French Have a Reputation for Debauchery?

Snog, pash, knutschen: there are terms in many different cultures for what we in English call “French kissing”, or kissing with tongues. But why do we associate this kind of intimate kissing with the French? Indeed, why do the French...Show More Summary

Trump’s “Law and Order” Speech Was Full of Lies. It Just Might Work.

“I am the law and order candidate,” Donald Trump declared halfway through his Republican National Convention acceptance speech on Thursday night. He had used that familiar phrase three times already. This might seem like an odd rhetorical decision. Show More Summary

Four Days in Cleveland

Day Four: This is the End On the final day of the convention, a group of more than a hundred protestors gathered on the Hope Memorial Bridge, an art-deco truss bridge that stretches for nearly a mile over the Cuyahoga Rover. The road has been closed as a parade route, and the protestors marched back and forth across the wide, empty asphalt. Show More Summary

Why the Bush Family Should Endorse Hillary Clinton

Imagine you’re the scion of a family that is part of the twentieth-century American elite. You were born into wealth and privilege, but raised to personify modesty, rectitude, and noblesse oblige. You were a war hero. You graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Yale in only two and a half years. Show More Summary

Mr. Robot: Rebel Without a Cause

There are many things to like about Mr. Robot, the most ephemeral and yet memorable of them being the opening credits. The title card appears somewhat suddenly, overlaid on the action, the scene behind it usually carefully chosen for effect. Show More Summary

GMOs Could Save Your Life—They Might Have Already

The shadow of the Zika virus hangs over the Rio Olympic Games, with visitors and even high-profile athletes citing worries about Zika as a reason to stay away (even if the risk is probably quite low). The public’s concerns are a striking example of the need to rapidly combat emerging infectious diseases. Show More Summary

Give Bernie’s Distraught Supporters a Break

Cecile Perez’s head was spinning. A 25-year-old Bernie Sanders delegate from Idaho, she had just walked out of the Democratic National Convention to join a protest on the streets of Philadelphia that had been going on in one form or another all week: the dissidents unwilling, for the moment, to accept their candidate’s defeat. Show More Summary

Big Brother Is Wooing You

Tuesday was advertised as “Make America Work Again” night in Cleveland. But you heard virtually nothing from any speaker on the economy, except that Barack Obama ruined it, and that Hillary Clinton will make it worse. Not from 492 nd...Show More Summary

Democrats Lay Claim to Ronald Reagan’s Shining City

On Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, a couple hundred Bernie Sanders supporters staged a walkout after their candidate lost the roll-call vote for the presidential nomination. Instead of allowing the delegates’ seats o...Show More Summary

Bill Clinton Has Redrawn Our Portrait of Hillary

Bill Clinton is fond of telling a story about his commitment, at times halting, to playing the part of political spouse to Hillary Clinton, as she’s made the climb from senator from New York to Secretary of State, and now to the Democrats’ presidential nominee. Show More Summary

Who Sells These Crude, Misogynistic Trump T-Shirts? Men Like “D.C. Dave.”

Donald Trump’s rallies are rock concerts for right-wingers, and every concert needs its merch table. The Republican National Convention in Cleveland, just a walk from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is no different—only this stop on Trump’s tour features far more tables, and the wares are even more offensive and crude than usual. Show More Summary

The Democrats Just Showed Republicans How It’s Done

The Democratic National Convention gaveled into session Monday engulfed in a toxic fog of bad news and worse media incentives that threatened to stagger what was meant to be a well-planned and festive event. Donald Trump’s real, sizable...Show More Summary

Can Bernie Sanders Convince His Followers to Stop Being “Ridiculous”?

Bernie Sanders’s fans stepped on his big line. According to prepared remarks of his speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, Sanders was supposed to say, “ By these measures, any objective observer will conclude that—based on her ideas and her leadership—Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States. Show More Summary

Stranger Things: A Dose of Goonies-Inflected Nostalgia

The children of the 1980s were the last before a lot of things changed. We were the last generation not to have cell phones, not to have video games, not to have parents who worried if we strayed from the yard. We were also the first...Show More Summary

No, the DNC Didn’t Rig the Primary in Favor of Hillary

There is mounting evidence that the internal Democratic National Committee emails dumped by WikiLeaks last week were stolen by hackers tied to the Russian security services. The private cyber-security firm hired by the DNC concludedShow More Summary

Where The Night Of Went Wrong

John Turturro has the sort of eyes that look better when there are dark, deep circles beneath them. He employs these to great hangdog effect throughout The Night Of, the new HBO miniseries that aired its third episode of eight last night. Show More Summary

Mr. Trump, You’re No Richard Nixon

I never thought I would say this, but: poor Richard Nixon. Last week, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, raised eyebrows when he promised last night’s acceptance speech would be based on Nixon’s in 1968: no “happy talk”...Show More Summary

Don’t Think Twice: Say Yes to Distress

There’s an inherent good-heartedness at the center of improv comedy that is either genuine and important or overly precious and twee, depending on your perspective. In a world where everyone is constantly screaming “no,” the centralShow More Summary

Why Does Using a Period in a Text Message Make You Sound Insincere or Angry?

When it comes to texting, the period, full stop, point – whatever you call it – has been getting a lot of attention. People have begun noticing slight changes to the way our smallest punctuation mark is deployed, from declarations that it’s going out of style to claims that it’s becoming angry. Show More Summary

When Cuteness Comes of Age

On April 14, 2016, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu, toppling buildings and sending residents rushing into the streets. Hundreds of aftershocks – one an even stronger 7.0 quake – continued for days, killing 49 people, injuring 1,500 and forcing tens of thousands from their homes. Show More Summary

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