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And You Thought George W. Bush Was Scary...

Donald Trump gets strangely giddy after terrorist attacks. More than once, they’ve been occasions for him to engage in self-praise, since he believes such events vindicate his dark view of the world. He also sees them as an opportunity to sell himself as the only savior in a time of crisis. Show More Summary

Prophet and Loss

Does Karl Marx still matter? It’s a question most readers of a new biography of Marx would ask—even if they are already steeped in the contentious scholarship about (or the perpetual ideological skirmishes within) the radical left. What...Show More Summary

The Foolish Errand of Time Travel

Ours is the best of all possible worlds, according to Gottfried Leibniz at least, who reasoned that an omnipotent, omniscient God, having surveyed these possibilities, and being inherently good, can only have chosen the best one available to us. But still, it’s not perfect. Show More Summary

Trump’s Racist Birther Gaslighting Strategy Has Taken Over the GOP

At some point before this past Friday, it dawned on Donald Trump and his aides that they couldn’t avoid a rendezvous with his birther destiny before voters go to the polls in November, and that his first debate with Hillary Clinton—what promises to be one of the most watched events in television history—was likely to be the place for it. Show More Summary

The Science of Going Viral

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO? WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO? If you’ve ever heard the Baha Men’s 2000 hit “Who Let the Dogs Out,” you probably have also experienced its somewhat-annoying-but-very-catchy hook being stuck in your head for several hours. Show More Summary

Blair Witch: Into the Woods, This Time With Drones

You might not believe me, but the original The Blair Witch Project, when it came out in 1999, was one of the scariest movies I had ever seen. The found footage, the fake website, and the anonymity of the actors, meant that millions of audience members mistook it for a documentary. Show More Summary

A New York State of High

In the age of infinite takes, pop culture—particularly television—has become a useful vehicle for sorting through society’s political woes. Partly this seems like a form of moral seriousness, a way of expressing how entertainment has something important to say about how we, or their show runners, see the world and ourselves. Show More Summary

How Democrats Can Overcome Their Self-Defeating Cynicism

You know what’s missing from the 2016 presidential election? Issues. You may have heard of them, the things that politicians are elected to turn into legislative form and enact, in between welcoming sports teams to the White House and pardoning the turkey at Thanksgiving. Show More Summary

It’s Not Too Late for the Media to Fix Its Election Coverage

In defending their recent coverage of this year’s presidential race, reporters and representatives of major media organizations have frequently suggested—in various ways, implicitly, and explicitly—that their liberal critics are motivated by crude partisanship rather than any neutral or high-minded concerns. Show More Summary

Divide and Conquer

Donald Trump is an entertainer. He is also a racist. These two facts are usually viewed as reflecting distinct and isolated facets of Trump’s personality. But we need to see them as intertwined. It’s the only way to make sense of the traveling racial-incitement show that is Trump’s campaign— and of how it’s taken him so far. Show More Summary

The New Hillarycare

During her historic run for the presidency, Hillary Clinton has made much of her record of fighting for women and children. As First Lady, she played a pivotal role in passing the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides medical care to eight million kids. Show More Summary

Trump’s Childcare Plan Isn’t Great. Neither Is Clinton’s.

Donald Trump made headlines this week when he became the first Republican presidential nominee ever to put forward plans to ensure paid maternity leave and tackle the high cost of childcare. But he was, of course, late to the party—Hillary...Show More Summary

Rob Portman and the Return of the Split-Ticket Voter

In early September, James Carville—the political strategist who helped engineer Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign—explained to Vanity Fair just how much national politics has changed in the past three decades. “In 1992, theShow More Summary

Inside The Protests That Changed Miss America

At this year’s Miss America pageant, the first openly lesbian contestant, Erin O’Flaherty, will compete for the crown in Atlantic City. Flaherty’s participation will represent yet another step toward a more inclusive and diverse pageant. Show More Summary

Why Donald Trump Can’t Stop Praising Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump has long shown admiration and respect for Vladimir Putin, saying that the authoritarian Russian president is “ doing a great job” in “rebuilding Russia,” and “ I think I’d get along very well with Vladimir Putin.” AfterShow More Summary

Conservatives Say Hillary Clinton Can’t Plead Ignorance—but Corporate Criminals Can

I’ve spent nearly all of my life, it feels like, being disinterested in Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information and use of a private email server. (It’s fun, you should try it!) I’m in the camp that believes government information...Show More Summary

What Narcos Still Gets Wrong About the War on Drugs

One time in Medellin, I got my hair cut by a woman who swore that Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord, was still alive. She had spotted him a few years back, reading a newspaper in his childhood stomping grounds of Envigado. Show More Summary

Girl From the North Country

It’s not easy to become a woman anywhere. The years-long passage between what, if you’re lucky, is the bold and relatively invulnerable era of girlhood, and (again, if you’re lucky) the self-possession and confidence of adulthood, is fraught. Show More Summary

Primary Concerns Episode 27: The Clinton Rules and Clinton’s Rules

The past several days have been faith-shaking for liberals, who believe Donald Trump poses a profound risk to our civic institutions. Elections generally ramp up around Labor Day, and in that very moment election coverage turned and settled into an alarming new groove. Show More Summary

How Star Trek Almost Failed to Launch

Fifty years ago – on Sept. 8, 1966 – TV viewers were transfixed by the appearance on screen of a green-hued, pointy-eared alien called Spock. But beneath the makeup, actor Leonard Nimoy fretted that this would be the end of his promising career. Show More Summary

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