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Barack Obama Wanted You to Watch the Debate. Hillary Clinton Didn't.

Democrats didn't take the night off when Republicans took the debate stage for the first time in the 2016 presidential campaign. Some were almost gleeful in their anticipation of a circus. But President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton didn't agree on one basic approach. Each sent conflicting messag

Highlights From the First Republican Debate Night

The top ten Republican presidential candidates met in Cleveland, Ohio's Quicken Loans Arena for the party's first primary debate on Thursday night. Any worries that frontrunner Donald Trump would play it safe were immediately dispelled: The debate may as well have been called "The Donald Trump Show

Lindsey Graham: I Wouldn't Disagree With Hillary Clinton on Science of Climate Change

Only two candidates, Senator Lindsey Graham and George Pataki, in the second-tier Republican presidential debate on Thursday have accepted that climate change is real and man-made. That doesn't neecssarily mean they support policies to mitigate the problem, and Graham even managed to use a question

Live Blog: The First Republican Debate of 2016

The staff of the New Republic, led by senior editors Elspeth Reeve and Jeet Heer, is live-blogging the two Republican primary debates hosted by Fox News on Thursday nigh

The Right Message, the Wrong Messenger

Jeb Bush, in his less infamous flub this week, said that racism “still does exist…a quieter, but insidious form of it.” American racism is only quiet if you have your hands over your ears. He’s rig

It Won't Matter Who "Won" Tonight's Republican Debate

The first Republican primary debate of the 2008 cycle took place on a spring night the year prior, at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. The stage was crowded, as tonight's will be, with ten candidates. The moderators RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

How Republicans Treat Cleveland in Tonight's Debate Will Speak Volumes

Cleveland, where Fox News will host Thursday's Republican primary debate, is a city used to being ignored until someone finds it useful. Too often, this is as the punch line of a stale joke about our river that caught fire, our temperamental weather, or our long list of sports heartbreaks.

Donald Trump Is a Modern Spiro Agnew

I like speaking before senior citizen groups about my research on the American culture war. Seniors almost all recognize the PowerPoint image of the late Spiro Agnew, former vice president and “attack man” for President Richard Nixon.It was Nixon who made a point of appealing to the “great sil

Tonight’s Republican Debate Is the Party’s Worst Nightmare

Well before Republicans officially lost the 2012 election, leaders of the party, along with Mitt Romney’s campaign strategists and countless conservative opinion-makers, understood just how damaging the presidential nominating process had been for them. The gravest damage came from an unconstraine

"In the End ... No One Really Cared"

On January 7, as the Missouri legislature reconvened for the first time following Michael Brown’s death, activists from Ferguson flooded Jefferson City to demand criminal justice reform. They held a “die-in” inside the capitol rotunda and unfurled banners inside the Senate chamber as the annua

The Republican Candidates Are Not Clones

The ten Republican candidates who made Fox News’ cut-off for Thursday's first primetime presidential debate (sorry, Rick Perry) agree on policy more than they differ. Still, each h

Gender Bias Plagues Academia, Especially in STEM

Cornell Professor Sara Pritchard recently made the argument in The Conversation that female professors should receive bonus points on their student evaluations bec

Donald Trump Is a Serious Candidate

Heading into the Republican primary debates, Donald Trump finds himself in the anomalous position as the frontrunner who still isn’t taken seriously as a candidate. Despite the fact that all recent polling shows Trump well ahead of the pack, many leading outlets refuse to treat the billionaire rea

Arguing Against Evil

President Barack Obama’s proposed nuclear deal with Iran has prompted concerns from conservatives who say its government can’t be trusted to adhere to the negotiated terms. But leftist hawk Paul Berman had a different reaction. He RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Attacking Obama's Climate Plan Won't Save America's Dying Coal Industry

For years, Republicans have attacked President Barack Obama for waging a war on coal. In fact, for much of the Environmental Protection Agency’s existence, they’ve offered doomsday p

"I Am Cait" Divides Audiences Along Political Lines

On July 26, Caitlyn Jenner premiered her new reality show I Am Cait, reigniting the internet debate on the validity of the transgender identity. Which side of the debate one falls on correlates highly with one’s political position.Liberal

How to Make Millennial Dads Less Gender-Traditional

Would more generous paternity leave policies help millennial men live out their gender-egalitarian ideals? Quite possibly, according to a recent RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

The Last Defining Court Battle of Obama's Presidency

President Barack Obama will unveil his most ambitious climate change plan to date on Monday, setting off perhaps the last defining legal battle of his administration. As with Obamacare, his plan is opposed by most Republicans and likely to be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court. Will Chief

The Campaign Against Planned Parenthood Is Causing a Headache for Republicans

For two weeks now, an anti-abortion advocacy group has been disclosing footage of Planned Parenthood officials breezily discussing the medical and bureaucratic processes by which th

The Jihadist of Copenhagen

At approximately 3:30 p.m. on February 14, Omar El-Hussein cut down a back street in Østerbro, a quiet neighborhood near the center of Copenhagen. Dressed in a bulky black parka, the 22-year-old strode purposefully toward to the Krudttønden cultural center. As he approached, he withdrew an M95 ass

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