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Perry Makes Bachmann Obsolete

I was bullish on Michelle Bachmann's chances to make a splash in the race, and possibly even win, back when she was considered a Herman Cain-esque oddball candidate, because there's a large Republican constituency for a candidate frothing with rage against President Obama. Show More Summary

How To Decry The Victim Card While Simultaneously Playing It

Last week, Rick Perry described the national debt as a "big black cloud that hangs over America." MSNBC host Ed Schultz bizarrely characterized this as a racist metaphor for President Obama. Jon Stewart lampooned Schultz (who subsequently...Show More Summary

Bill Kristol Measures The Drapes

The Weekly Standard's editorial moves beyond its familiar ritual of predicting victory and begins simply assuming it as settled fact: In 2013, we’ll need action on the order of 1933 or 1981. Hoover, Carter, and Obama will go down in the history books as failed one-term presidents. Show More Summary

Rick Perry, Science, Left And Right

National Review's Kevin Williamson argues that nobody should care what Rick Perry or any other elected official thinks about science: Why would anybody ask a politician about his views on a scientific question? Nobody ever asks what Sarah Palin thinks about dark matter, or what John Boehner thinks about quantum entanglement. Show More Summary

Rick Perry Fights Redistribution

Greg Sargent wants to know more about Rick Perry's hatred for the 16th Amendment, which allows the federal income tax: In [his book], Perry declares that the 16th Amendment represents “the great milestone on the road to serfdom” because...Show More Summary


Joe Biden and a Mongolian wrestler. Ryan Gosling breaks up a fight. All the different theories for what’s wrong with the economy. “Leading from behind” to victory. Everything's coming up Milhouse for Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Should We Fear Even Successful Military Interventions?

Reason editor Matt Welch warns of a "success curse" in foreign policy: Today's Team Blue dethroning of a tinpot dictator lowers the bar for tomorrow's Team Red assault on Iran, which of course will be confirmation that when it comesShow More Summary

The World Hates The Weekly Standard

A few months ago, the Weekly Standard devoted a cover to portraying President Obama as a weak-kneed appeasenik. Unfortunately, the cover came out just as Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden. So, a few months later, it seemed...Show More Summary

Rick Perry's Kinda-Sorta Texas Miracle: The Consensus Forms

Last week I argued that Texas really has had a pretty impressive economic performance under Rick Perry, but there's just no evidence that his story of why that happened is true: Perry's right-wing policy cocktail closely resembles conservative governance in other Republican-run states. Show More Summary

The GOP Isn't Bluffing On Taxes

Steve Benen thinks Republicans want to extend the payroll tax cut, but plan to hold it hostage to tax cuts for the rich: If I had to guess, I’d say Republicans probably support an extension of the payroll tax cut, but just aren’t willing to say so. Show More Summary

The Cult Of The Presidency In Action

Gene Healy has written about what he calls "The Cult of the Presidency," and I've written about his concept as well. It is a pervasive mentality that views the president as a kind of national father, responsible for everything that goes well or ill. Show More Summary

Eric Cantor's Chutzpah

Eric Cantor's op-ed laying out the Republican agenda is filled with the kind of distortions you'd expect, but this passage deserves special commendation. After decrying a National Labor Relations Board Ruling, he continues: Such behavior,...Show More Summary

Obama's New Message Takes Shape

A week ago, the New York Times reported that the Obama administration was divided over its strategy between advisers who wanted to emphasize accomplishments and those who wanted to emphasize pragmatic accomplishments and those who wanted to confront Congressional Republicans: Mr. Show More Summary

Conservatives, Nostalgia, and Racism

[Guest post by Isaac Chotiner] Reihan Salam, in a column today: One thing that is undeniably true is that American conservatives are overwhelmingly white in a country that is increasingly less so. As the number of Latinos and Asian-Americans...Show More Summary


-- How gross is the water from the air conditioner? -- If you need another WSJ editorial critique, here you go. -- The case for interracial athlete comparisons. -- What should a jobs agenda look like? -- Stimulus fact and fiction from ProPublica. -- “This paper examines the effects of deficits spending and work-creation on the Nazi recovery. Show More Summary

Rick Perry's Desire To Tax The Poor

Laura Bassett makes a great point here: During his presidential campaign announcement speech last week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry lamented the "injustice" that nearly half of all Americans -- the poorest half -- "don't even pay any income...Show More Summary

In Which I Try To Restrain My Nasty Impulses, With Limited Success

I have a bit of a weakness for insulting people's intelligence. I recognize this and try to restrain myself. When I read Stephen Moore's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today, I thought that I would give restraint a try. There's simply no way to honestly analyze this piece without commenting on the author's intelligence. Show More Summary

The Meta-Commission Will Save Us

Okay, so the bipartisan commission led by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson failed to come up with a mutually acceptable deficit reduction plan. This lead to the creation of the Gang of Six to give it another try, which also failed, because House Republicans won't accept any increase in revenue. Show More Summary

A New Name At TNR

I've been admiring Alec MacGillis's work at the Washington Post for years. Now he's joining us, which is a huge coup for TNR and a treat for our readers. Alec is both an excellent reporter and a deeply incisive analyst. Look for his campaign coverage beginning this fall.

You Know Who Else Favored Monetary Expansion?

Nazi monetary policy fan Matthew Yglesias reviews the exploits of Hjalmar Schacht: FDR’s first move was to devalue the dollar relative to gold. Hitler’s parallel move was devised by the very clever Hjalmar Schacht who (as you can read...Show More Summary

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