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The Stomach-Turning Truth Behind Hormel’s “Natural” Pork

Last Friday, Ben Sasse, the junior senator from Nebraska, returned to his family home in Fremont after a bruising Congressional session. “Wife met me at door shouting: ‘@HormelFoods has a new No-Nitrates Bacon!!’” he tweeted. “I’m sad I’ve never made her this happy.” It was a typically savvy bit of positioning from Sasse. Show More Summary

Primary Concerns Episode 19: The Codependent Futures of the Supreme Court and the GOP

This week, the Supreme Court handed the abortion-rights movement an unalloyed victory. The 5-3 decision in the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt voids a Texas law that would have made it all but impossible for Texans to terminate pregnancies in their home state. Show More Summary

Why Barack Obama, Mr. Clean, Is the Perfect Surrogate for Hillary Clinton

In trying to smear Hillary Clinton earlier this month, Newt Gingrich inadvertently revealed the hidden strength of her most powerful surrogate. On Hannity, Gingrich declared, “Hillary is Obama plus corruption.” Although this was certainly not his intention, Gingrich’s formulation pointed to something that is undeniably true: Obama is the Mr. Show More Summary

How Other Languages Can Reveal the Secrets to Happiness

The limits of our language are said to define the boundaries of our world. This is because in our everyday lives, we can only really register and make sense of what we can name. We are restricted by the words we know, which shape what we can and cannot experience. Show More Summary

The Reluctant Memoirist

It was in Miami, last December, while sitting on a panel at an international book fair, that I tried to piece together the chain of events that had brought me to a place I knew I did not belong. I considered the writers sitting next to me, three women who had written memoirs from places close to their hearts—stories of loss, family, selfhood. Show More Summary

Requiem for a Border Wall

The nearly 2,000-mile border between the United States and Mexico is as unpredictable as the relationship between the two countries it divides. High walls in the desert funnel would-be migrants to Border Patrol outposts, while militarized barriers splice border towns in two. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Holy Wars on Clinton and Islam

Donald Trump is the most profane major-party candidate ever to run for president, but his short-term political salvation still lies with the religious right. Even after winning enough delegates in the primaries to become the presumptive...Show More Summary

UnREAL: The Drama of Meaningless Work

There are no heroines in UnREAL. There’s only Rachel (Shiri Appleby), the morally roughed up, psychologically exhausted producer of Everlasting, a Bachelor-type television show on which women line up in crappy satin evening gowns to win the hand of a suitor. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Can Pick Any Veep She Pleases

Elizabeth Warren’s emergence as Hillary Clinton’s most effective surrogate has apparently unnerved Democratic donors on Wall Street, who are threatening to withhold campaign cash if Clinton selects Warren as her running mate. “If Clinton...Show More Summary

Popular Mechanics

Near the very end of Luchino Visconti’s 1960 film Rocco and His Brothers, the factory siren of an Alfa Romeo plant on the outskirts of Milan sounds, indicating that it’s time for Ciro—one of Rocco’s brothers—to return to work. Ciro is...Show More Summary

Why Republicans Should Resist the Urge to Dump Trump

With Donald Trump’s presidential bid in disarray after his abrupt, panicky firing of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Monday morning, the idea of a Republican convention coup, already gaining traction in recent weeks, will only grow more popular. Show More Summary

Why Paul Ryan Can’t Quit Donald Trump

The fact that House Speaker Paul Ryan will not rescind his support for a candidate he has called “racist” clashes badly with the image of Ryan the press has helped create. When Chuck Todd interviewed Ryan on Sunday’s Meet the Press, he sounded exasperated and puzzled in equal measure. Show More Summary

What Bernie Sanders Has Already Done for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders, who was born in 1941 before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the official American entry into World War II, is the oldest presidential candidate (still) in a race dominated by senior citizens, yet he’s made his mark as the youth candidate. Show More Summary

The Courage of Being Queer

I met my first boyfriend when we were 13, playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement of my local comics shop. We were from the same small town in Maine but went to different schools. He always played a paladin character—the holy soldier—and I played a druid, usually half elf—biracial, like me—and usually a woman. Show More Summary

Can Half a Good House Become a Home?

From the cable car threading its way up the mountains surrounding the Colombian city of Medell í n, one can see the towers rising behind the peaks. The telltale signs of social housing—the monotony of he high-rises, the plain concrete...Show More Summary

Why Are So Many of Us Over-Sensitive?

At the age of six, Jack Craven started telling his mother he wanted to die. “God made a mistake when he made me,” he would say. “Why can’t I just die?” His mother, Lori Craven, says she didn’t even know that kids his age could think such things: “Can you imagine your child saying that?” Jack, now 12, has sensory processing disorder (SPD). Show More Summary

The Split

Throughout most of the 2016 presidential primaries, the media focused on the noisy and reactionary rift among Republicans. Until the battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders turned acrimonious in the home stretch, far less attention was paid to the equally momentous divisions within the Democratic Party. Show More Summary

When Forgetting is the Proper Response to Terrorism

Before the day was out, even before the media flipped from covering the massacre at Pulse, a gay club in Orlando, to covering the impact it would have on the presidential campaign, you began to see two competing American impulses jostle for position over the murders. Show More Summary

Against ‘Survival Feminism’

I must have been five or six when it happened the first time. As I peered from the back window of my mother’s hatchback, my gaze met that of a man whose motorbike had pulled up beside it. He looked directly at me before licking his lips and sticking his tongue in and out. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Has Lost the Plot

Ever since he became the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, Donald Trump has shrugged off the complexities of appealing to a general-election constituency as irrelevant to a man possessed of political invincibility. When...Show More Summary

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