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Most Anticipated, Too: The Great Second-Half 2016 Nonfiction Book Preview

Break out the beach umbrellas and the sun block. It’s shaping up to be a very hot summer (and fall!) for new nonfiction. The post Most Anticipated, Too: The Great Second-Half 2016 Nonfiction Book Preview appeared first on The Millio...

Better To Let It Be

“Notes: Finally, a Pokémon that gets it: the living epitome of the unbearable ennui that characterizes life in the modern age. Despite having the mass of a cement truck, the Snorlax has the calm bearing of a yogi. Its rhythmic snoring chimes the steadfast paternoster of enlightened meditation. Show More Summary

An Illusion To Think So

“We always try to create the worst opinion of everything there is in the United States, as a response to what they have always done with us. The only difference is that we do not write falsehoods about the United States. I told you that we emphasize the worst things, that we omit things that could be viewed […] The post An Illusion To Think So appeared first on The Millions.

I Have a Mortgage

“Over three decades of almost constant composing and recording, he would amass over sixty LPs, running the gamut from early records with his band the Mothers of Invention that helped to create the milieu we think of as the Sixties, to...Show More Summary

At Home in Potatoland: On Joan Didion, Nostalgia, and Walt Disney

I won’t speak ill of nostalgia: mine or anyone else’s. I won’t condemn those who spend their hard-earned money and fast-vanishing time on hallucinations, convincing or otherwise. The post At Home in Potatoland: On Joan Didion, Nostalgia, and Walt Disney appeared first on The Millions.

Voice to the Voiceless

“Even though journalism is a good profession, for me it was very constraining. It focuses on the surface, banalities, events, and I wanted to spend a longer time talking to people in depth, and to ask them about truly important things,...Show More Summary

A Not-So Moveable Feast

Have you visited the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris? Were you aware that bookstore you visited is not actually that same legendary Shakespeare and Company? Erin Zaleski at The Daily Beast takes a look at the history of this literary institution of the Lost Generation. The post A Not-So Moveable Feast appeared first on The Millions.

Tuesday New Release Day: Williams; Tan; Bennett; Winter; Pollock; Watson; Cannon; Karlsson

Out this week: Ninety-Nine Stories of God by Joy Williams; Sarong Party Girls by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan; Pond by Claire Louise-Bennett; Break in Case of Emergency by Jessica Winter; The Heavenly Table by Donald Ray Pollock; Miss Jane by Brad Watson; The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon; and The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson. Show More Summary

Malcolm X and the Model Minority

Until then, racism had meant slavery and water fountains. I now saw modern corollaries to Malcolm’s arguments everywhere: the cartoonish mascot of my elementary school Cherokee Lane, the maddening inferiority I felt around white kids...Show More Summary

World of Redundant Forms

Recommended Reading: Over at Electric Literature, Lori Huth writes about Jeanette Winterson and contemporary war metaphor: “I wanted to feel powerful emotions commensurate with the horror of the story behind the images. I wanted to feel bewildered, and to lament, but instead I felt numb.” The post World of Redundant Forms appeared first on The Millions.

Bring On The Rejection

Steel your nerve, readers! Kim Liao at The Literary Hub thinks that everyone should shoot for at least 100 rejections per year. At least some of the satisfaction, she argues, lies in knowing that “in the towering waves of slush, be it high tide or low tide, my own modest submission is out there, like […] The post Bring On The Rejection appeared first on The Millions.

Very Lovely and Intense

“I hadn’t gone back in time, but in a sense Rome had come forward, by insidious and sly degrees, under new names, hidden by the flak talk and phony obscurations, at last into our world again.” Whatever you say, Philip. Was Philip K. Dick a mystic or was he just a madman? The post Very Lovely and Intense appeared first on The Millions.

Sleeping Beauty

I’m about to go through a very awkward stage that will in fact not be a stage but my way of life from here on in and I’m going to need your daughter by my side to hold my hair when I’m drunk and sick and embarrassed over some boy. The post Sleeping Beauty appeared first on The Millions.

When Five Years Pass

“New houses get built, and new songs are sung … and I am the same, in the same trembling state.” Things are not going very well at the newly built Federico García Lorca center in Granada, Spain. Patience is wearing thin as members of...Show More Summary

Your Lowest Depths of Misery?

“In 1865, Karl Marx confessed that he considered his chief characteristic ‘singleness of purpose,’ and that his favorite occupation was ‘bookworming.’ Five years later, Oscar Wilde wrote in an album called ‘Mental Photographs, an Album...Show More Summary

‘Infinite Jest’ in the Age of Addiction

In the new century, our nationwide desire to be tuned out, euphoric, and entertained seems to go beyond both medium and function. The post ‘Infinite Jest’ in the Age of Addiction appeared first on The Millions.

Overhearing the Wisdom

Recommended Listening: Poet Rachel Zucker speaks with John Murillo about duende and the ethics of writing poetry. The post Overhearing the Wisdom appeared first on The Millions.

Writing a New Canon

Over at VICE, Karan Mahajan, Tanwi Nandini Islam, and Jenny Zhang talked about the new generation of Asian American writers. “There isn’t really a canon, which means if you are Asian American and writing, you’re automatically adding to it. Show More Summary

The Lines Between Us

“Think of landscape. Think of how elements come to be attached to one another, how it’s impossible to separate the road from the field, the field from the tree, the tree from the water, the water from the sky. We cannot attribute natural features to the lines we design just as we cannot attribute natural […] The post The Lines Between Us appeared first on The Millions.

So Tired Today

Recommended Reading: Year in Reading alumna Roxane Gay on the importance and exhaustion of continually bearing witness. The post So Tired Today appeared first on The Millions.

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