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A Plate of Spaghetti

“A trip to the 21st century. Prague, maybe, or London, some big city where he can wander around being a bored tourist, snapping his gum, picking his nose in cathedrals, snapback on crooked and hopping from foot to foot, looking for a basketball court.” Thats what it would look like if Achilles (and other sad […] The post A Plate of Spaghetti appeared first on The Millions.

Books Helping People Help People

Recommended Reading: On Street Lit and how the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless is using literature in an attempt to help Austin’s homeless population. The post Books Helping People Help People appeared first on The Millions.

Discarded Hashtags

“Don’t die on the toilet; / it’s really the worst way to go.” Do yourself a favor and go check out this selection of new poems by Elizabeth Scanlon at Electric Literature. The post Discarded Hashtags appeared first on The Millions.

E-Romance Me

There are millions of pieces out there about how dating is the worst. This one from Alexandra Schwartz at The New Yorker which questions whether dating in the 21st century is even worth the effort is, if nothing else, worth the effort it takes to read. The post E-Romance Me appeared first on The Millions.

Justifying Our Existence: The Antioch Review and the Transgender ‘Debate’

If you really believe that transgender people fail at their genders and you make it a business to say so publicly, you should know that your words resonate far off the page. If your supposed concern for transgender people masks plain...Show More Summary

To Grit or Not To Grit?

Recommended Reading: On whether or not “grit” is the true key to workplace (and lifetime) success. Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, says yes. The post To Grit or Not To Grit? appeared first on The Millions.

Building the Labyrinth

“When gender’s not there, it sort of leaves room for us to focus on these other differences—and most of them end up being insignificant, too.” An interview with Emma Ramadan, translator of Anne Garréta’s Sphinx, on writing, translating, and understanding genderless characters. The post Building the Labyrinth appeared first on The Millions.

No Getting Without Giving

If Claudia Rankine writes it, it’s safe to say I’d recommend it. Here she is in a long, lovely essay on Adrienne Rich and her poetic transformations. The post No Getting Without Giving appeared first on The Millions.

Indispensable Squares

“Nobody there but dirty old men who spit tobacco juice and try to look up your skirt.” The city square is one of the biggest architectural differences between the United States and Europe. Over at The Daily Beast, George Packer takes a look at plazas/piazzas and makes a case for why America needs more. The post Indispensable Squares appeared first on The Millions.

Going On Eleven

A new story by Hilary Mantel is always a cause for celebration. Good news: there’s one up now at the London Review of Books called “Kinsella In His Hole.” Huzzah! The post Going On Eleven appeared first on The Millions.

Do Yourself A Favor

“I remembered Def Leppard for their one-armed drummer arrested for spousal abuse. Meanwhile Prince played, like, twenty different instruments while having sex in the backseat of taxicabs, ducking the Antichrist, and shouting for gun control. Show More Summary

Not Another Trauma Memoir

What I didn’t want was for my book to become a trauma narrative or a healing narrative that would be touted as merely a testament to love. It’s not meant to be only an uplifting and inspirational piece of literature. I’m tired of the type of memoir that just shows you its scars and wants […] The post Not Another Trauma Memoir appeared first on The Millions.

Tarzan Have Metrics

“Tarzan know, Tarzan know: ‘Mood? Me want to write like Warren Buffett. Mood — that for house DJ or Al Green.'” Here is Tarzan’s Guide to Elliptical Style For Effective Business Writing from the good people over at McSweeney’s. The post Tarzan Have Metrics appeared first on The Millions.

Pathological Point-Making

Recommended Reading: Vinson Cunningham at The New Yorker on what makes an essay “American.” The post Pathological Point-Making appeared first on The Millions.

Then I Go To Bed

Want to know how the other side is living? Here’s a detailed look at how hotel consultant and noted historian Stanley Turkel spends his Sundays. The post Then I Go To Bed appeared first on The Millions.

A Shared Vernacular

Year in Reading alum David L. Ulin writes about how books forged a bond between him and his father. “Books are, have always been, a shared vernacular between us.” The post A Shared Vernacular appeared first on The Millions.

The Handmaid’s Tale on TV

The Handmaid’s Tale is making its series debut on Hulu with Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) starring as Offred. Get ready for Gilead. The post The Handmaid’s Tale on TV appeared first on The Millions.

Dear Rick…

Rick Moody offers life advice to a reader about whether or not they should end an affair. Pair with our interview with the author. The post Dear Rick… appeared first on The Millions.

Storytelling Addict

“Storytelling, she added, is a central part of Native American life, and, inevitably an obsessive part of hers. ‘It’s probably the most selfish thing I do,’ she said. ‘Truly. I don’t do it for anyone else. I do it because I have the addict’s need to get lost in the story.’” Louise Erdrich discusses her new […] The post Storytelling Addict appeared first on The Millions.

Confessions of a Reluctant Startalian

You may have just pulled a long-haul all-nighter from Sheboygan, but here you are, speaking Startalian and, through your casual mastery of the lingo, acquiring a fine-tasting drug, in a vaguely opium-den setting, that’s also perfectly legal. The post Confessions of a Reluctant Startalian appeared first on The Millions.

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