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Let’s Talk About All That Lesbian Sex in ‘The Handmaiden’

In the first episode of Mad Men’s third season (it’s the season when Mad Men starts to get freaky) Bert Cooper (Robert Morse), the patriarch of the series’ central advertising firm, shows off a newly acquired 19th-century Japanese woodcut in his office. The print depicts a giant octopus performing oral sex on a naked woman, […]

‘Arrival’ is the Election-Week Shot of Hope We All Need

“I used to think this was the beginning of your story.” The emotional notes sounded after those words, in the opening sequence of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, aren’t an aberration – he returns to them, devastatingly, in the closing passages – but nor are they expected. The Sicario director has always been an innovative stylist, and […]

Watch: Amantha Has a Hot Date at Thrifty Town in This Exclusive Clip from Tonight’s Episode of ‘Rectify’

Here’s something nice at the end of a day of self-imposed darkness: An exclusive clip from tonight’s episode of Rectify, which the folks over at SundanceTV were kind enough to offer us a couple days ago, and which we’re going to post as promised. In the clip, Amantha (Abigail Spencer) and her former high school classmate, Billy […]

For Today: Silence, Reflection and Grief

Today, we have nothing to say. Nothing about film, nothing about books, nothing about television, nothing about pop culture. Last night, we witnessed a disaster of a magnitude that our generations — Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials, whatever — have never had to deal with. Our first black President will be handing over the White House to […]

Eddie Redmayne Elaborates On His Bad, Roundabout Audition for ‘The Force Awakens’ Villain Kylo Ren

In advance of the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Uproxx writer Mike Ryan did an interview with Eddie Redmayne (who plays the film’s “bumbling, Chaplin-esque” lead, Newt Scamander) about the film, which, in a separate piece, he claims will be going up on the site in full soon. But said separate piece is […]

‘The Walking Dead’s’ David Albert and Robert Kirkman Are Remaking ‘An American Werewolf in London’

Deadline reports that the next cult-horror-comedy-you-didn’t-know-you-needed-another-version-of-and-probably-following-finding-out-that-you’ll-indeed-be-getting-another-still-won’t-really-want-but-will-still-see-to-satisfy-a-morbid-curiousity-about-the-regurgitating-of-something-comfortably-familiar...Show More Summary

Seminal: How Lindsay Lohan’s Brave Performance in Her “Rumors” Music Video Foreshadowed Her Philanthropic Accent

At Flavorwire, we often pay attention to the new, but we make sure to do so not at the expense of what’s come before it. In “Seminal,” a bi-weekly column, we examine earlier, under-acknowledged exemplars of dramatic and conceptual mastery from revered performers’ careers — moments that should be described as, dare I say, seminal. This […]

How It Feels to Watch the American Political Election as a Non-American

The US presidential election is perhaps unique amongst the world’s elections in that its effects are felt far, far beyond the borders of the country whose leadership it will elect. America’s cultural and political domination of the globe means that the result of today’s election will have a material impact upon the lives of millions […]

NBA Star Lance Stephenson’s Treatment Echoes America’s Lack of Protection for Injured Workers

We don’t write about sports a great deal here on Flavorwire, but consider this: you’re an employee who has hurt yourself in the process of carrying our your work. Instead of offering you treatment, your employer just cuts you loose. You’re left with no income, no compensation for your injury, and facing the prospect of […]

The Best and Worst Lessons We Learned from the 2016 Election

To get a sense of how long this campaign has gone on, consider this: in between the first candidates announcing they were running, and today, I began thinking about having a baby, got pregnant, gave birth, went on maternity leave, came back to work, and now have a seven-month-old son who sits up and eats real […]

Chance the Rapper Held a “Parade to the Polls” Following His Concert Last Night

Last night, following a free concert in his hometown, Chicago, in support of Hillary Clinton, Chance the Rapper enacted something people have been fretting over for quite a while: getting millennials to vote. As CNN reports, the concert took place in Grant Park, and right when it was over, Chance led attendees to the closest […]

Samantha Bee Goes to Russia to See What the Mediascape Under Trump Might Look Like

Aaaand last night it was Samantha Bee’s turn to say farewell to pre-2016-election coverage, as late night hosts have been doing one by one. One of Bee’s segments on Full Frontal last night took time to remind those watching — one day before voting (though it’s quite doubtful many watching Samantha Bee would have been on the […]

Bruce Springsteen Plays Acoustic Set for Hillary, Says Trump’s Going Down

“This is a man whose vision is limited to little beyond himself,” said Bruce Springsteen of Donald Trump while playing to a massive rally in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. Despite being the Boss, the Boss wasn’t even the headliner, but opened for the Obamas and both Clintons in a powerful show of force on behalf […]

‘Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’ Will Bring Us All Together

Last night, as millions of Americans tucked their children into bed and prayed for the swift arrival of Wednesday, November 9, a small miracle occurred on VH1. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg came together to make fried chicken. For America. Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party premiered on Monday with a special hour-long episode in […]

The 6 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Sausage Party,’ ‘Morris from America’

One big summer comedy and another, much smaller one frontline our home media guide this week, with plenty of juicy alternatives as well: a tech movie about matters of the heart, a nutty horror/comedy, a classic Western, and a Criterion box set of six martial arts classics. ON VOD Operator: There’s a scene about midway […]

The Creators of ‘Westworld’ Discuss Last Night’s Chilling, Radiohead-Enhanced Maeve Scene

Maeve (played by Thandie Newton) is the best character on Westworld (at least, until some of the other Hosts catch up in sentience, cunning, twisted humor, perseverance, and Britishness). As of last night, and really throughout the season, she’s been the true force that’s propelled the series in its “real world” sections — which are, frankly, a lot […]

Lorde Pens Emotional Message About Turning 20 — and Her Upcoming Album

Lorde incited awe and envy among those of us who look back on our teenage writing and realize that not even the best producers around could morph it into a song that wasn’t direly embarrassing, let alone make it into a strikingly thoughtful meditation on the nature of adolescence. She made Pure Heroine when she was just 16 years old, and […]

‘The Shining’

Depending on the level of your Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick/The Shining/opera fandom, you may have already known about an adaptation of the novel that dared exist beyond the beloved film and premiered — in opera form! — at the Minnesota Opera back in May 2016. (It was composed by Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Moravec, and Mark Campbell did the […]

Everything Isn’t Terrible: People Are Seeing ‘Loving’ and ‘Moonlight’

Reporting the box office can be a grim bit of business these days, as the hard numbers pertaining to what people actually want to see so often confirm the giant-tentpoles-only model of the majors – witness, for example, the $84.9 million domestic opening weekend for Doctor Strange (it’s fine). But this week’s art-house numbers are […]

In the Final Pre-2016 Election ‘Last Week Tonight,’ John Oliver Sums Up Why This Election Has Been So Awful

Last night was the final pre-2016 election episode of Last Week Tonight. And thankfully, tonight/a very long tomorrow are the last pre-2016 election episodes of our lives. Yes, after almost a year of total national immersion in the bitter,...Show More Summary

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