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THE BOTTOM LINE: Don’t worry about a tech bubble — worry about 1 million retail jobs instead

This week: The tech sell-off of last Friday that continued into the beginning of this week left many people wondering if we are looking at the beginning of another tech bubble burst. Henry Blodget looks at the valuations and the broad market versus tech. Show More Summary

Don't expect the market's hottest stocks to cool down any time soon

FANG stocks rule the stock market right now. The influence of the group — consisting of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — can be felt daily, whether that means giving indices additional upward momentum, or exacerbating losses. And...Show More Summary

Whole Foods CEO calls activist investors 'greedy bastards' as shareholders accuse chain of 'hemorrhaging' customers (WFM)

Whole Foods' founder and CEO had harsh words for an activist investor hedge fund that criticized the grocery chain as it struggles to improve its business. CEO John Mackey called activist investor Jana Partners "greedy bastards" in an series of interviews with Texas Monthly. Show More Summary

The Fed boosts its outlook for the US economy

The Federal Open Markets Committee voted to raise its benchmark interest rate after a two-day meeting, as virtually everyone was expecting. It also released its latest Summary of Economic Projections. The Fed now expects real GDP to grow around 2.1% to 2.2% in 2017, compared to its previous outlook of 2.0% to 2.2%. Show More Summary

Hedge funds are loading up on these 17 ETFs

ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, are emerging as extremely popular investments. The funds are designed to track a specific set of stocks, commodity or another group of assets. The idea is that investors can diversify their portfoliosShow More Summary

A digital cryptocurrency is soaring in value after it sponsored Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea

A digital currency for the legal marijuana industry is soaring after it sponsored Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea. Potcoin is a digital cryptocurrency — much like bitcoin — that was specifically developed to remove the need for cash...Show More Summary

TIM COOK: There is a 'major disruption looming' for autonomous driving (AAPL)

Tim Cook just spoke extensively about Apple's work on self-driving cars — for the first time ever. For the Apple CEO, this means he talked for about a minute and a half on the subject, but it was a dense interview with Bloomberg's Emily...Show More Summary

GE's stock is jumping on news CEO Jeff Immelt is retiring (GE)

GE stock is up 4.7% on Monday following the news CEO Jeff Immelt is retiring. John Flannery was announced to succeed Jeff Immelt as chief executive officer of General Electric. Flannery is coming from the position of president of GEShow More Summary

One simple action the Fed refuses to take could make its policies a lot more powerful

There is an easy step officials at the Federal Reserve could take to improve their ability to fight the next recession, but policymakers are deeply reluctant to go there: raising the central bank’s 2% inflation target. Several prominent...Show More Summary

DALIO: The US and UK might be facing a 'downward spiral'

The past 24 hours – with Jim Comey's testimony and the UK's snap election – are a cause for alarm to the founder of the world's largest hedge fund. The US and UK, in effect, are becoming dysfunctional, billionaire Ray Dalio said Friday...Show More Summary

It sounds like the maker of EpiPen is freaking out ahead of a big shareholder meeting

The letters started flying at the beginning of this week. Mylan, the maker of EpiPen, asked to see a report written by Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), a company that provides advice to shareholders ahead of company votes and...Show More Summary

Canada's housing market appears to be 'teetering on the brink of a downturn'

Canada's housing market keeps chugging along, and real estate watchers are becoming increasingly worried. Home sales in the Vancouver metro area rebounded by 22.8% in May, the third-highest for the month on record. Notably, demand has...Show More Summary

BLACKROCK HR HEAD: 'We are hiring more liberal arts majors'

It was once common for top Wall Street firms to hire exclusively from only the most prestigious business schools, but that's far from the case today. And as the digitization of Wall Street continues to transform finance, firms will likely...Show More Summary

China could stop North Korea's nuclear threat in a heartbeat without firing a shot

After a provocative North Korean missile launch in 2003, China completely cut off its supply of oil to North Korea for three days, and in no time the Kim regime caved to international demands and sat down for Six Party Talks on nuclear...Show More Summary

The FDA is getting a lot more aggressive about fighting the opioid crisis (ENDP)

For the first time, the FDA has asked a drug company to remove its opioid painkiller off the market. The FDA requested on Thursday that Endo International take its extended-release opioid painkiller Opana ER (otherwise known as oxymorphone...Show More Summary

'We have no idea what's being proposed': Democratic senator gives impassioned speech on GOP healthcare bill secrecy

Even for someone right in the thick of the action, the details of the Senate's rewrite of the GOP healthcare bill seems like a mystery. Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democratic senator on the Senate Finance Committee, railed against whatShow More Summary

Pandora lands a $480 million investment from Sirius XM, and unloads Ticketfly for $200 million

Sirius XM will invest $480 million in internet-radio pioneer Pandora, the companies said in a joint statement Friday. Pandora will also sell Ticketfly, the ticketing startup it bought for $450 million in 2015, to Eventbrite for $200Show More Summary

BAML: The crazy week of political news is triggering 'monster' moves in markets

Just this week alone, a fired FBI Director testified on whether the US president tried to shut down an investigation, key Middle Eastern countries isolated Qatar, and the UK held an election. The specter of political risk prompted investor...Show More Summary

Wall Street has crashed into a US auto industry that's being run too well (F, GM)

• Wall Street has been rooting for a downturn in the auto market. •The market is still at a high sales level as automakers continue to sell profitable trucks and SUVs. In 2015 and 2016, the US auto market set consecutive sales records. Show More Summary

A battle is brewing on Wall Street over whether scorching-hot tech stocks are too expensive

Are tech stocks overvalued? Depends on who you ask — and what metric you use. On one hand, the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E), the most traditional measure of valuation, remains low relative to both history for the tech sector and the...Show More Summary

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