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Sweetums? Hey, sweetums?

Ian in Ontario was browsing in a used bookshop when he found this copy of one of Roger Hargreaves classic “Mister” books — complete with a gift inscription to the book’s previous owner. Adds Ian: “I can’t imagine why ‘sweetums’ didn’t want it anymore.”     related: Another book inscription that didn’t go too well

Taking the trash out with your junk out

Colette recently caught a glimpse of this note — though not the offender in question — in her U.K. apartment building. related: Be more private with yourself

Yours truly, Benz

Mercedes-Benz owners, as we’ve seen before, don’t often try to disprove their reputation for douchebaggery. But, as Jane in Ithaca reports, nothing stirs up self-righteousness quite like residential on-street parking! related: Your parking job brings one word to mind… extra credit: BMW drivers really are jerks, studies find []

Good subs, bad subs

Short, and if not necessarily sweet, it gets the point across. I think I’d have to give this sign a snarky thumbs up. related: On jamming

Lettuce not praise blameless men

Writes our submitter from the UK: “It seems that student living brings out the best in passive aggressive note-writers.” related: EAT ME!

Ah, the miracle of childbirth!

Isaac prefaces this by saying, “I feel bad for the person who posted this screed. I really do.” But — and isn’t there always a but? — he adds: “The university library here has a HUGE laptop and gadget-theft problem, and there are signs everywhere warning people not to leave their stuff unattended. This guy [...]

Dirty birds

What’s tackier than a pimp cup crusted in rhinestones? How bout a pimp cup crusted in last weekend’s purple drank? (Thanks, CharChar!) related: That’s punny  

For sale: tire swing, never used.

Mothers-in-law. ‘Nuff said. related: Nobody does guilt trips quite like Grandma extra credit:

Trouble is brewing

Writes Patrick in Wisconsin: “A member of our office staff prefers a lighter blend, while the rest of us tech guys prefer a cup of coffee that will actually wake us up.” After the original laminated note spurred this tempest in a coffee pot, Patrick says that Ms. “Three Scoops” upped the ante by bringing [...]

Can’t you go back to parking down by the river?

Writes Jack in Seattle: “A friend of ours is a professional tile setter and general handyman. Sometimes he stays over and parks his work van on our block. We found this note on his windshield one morning after Sunday brunch. It’s so typically ‘Seattle’ it’s hard to be offended.” Meanwhile, Charon noticed that this van-owner [...]

“I power walked so powerfully I got the runs!”

So, this happened. And Dani in Texas…thanks for sharing? related: A nasty twist on “Man Bites Dog” extra credit: Nance Bodean’s Guide to Power Walking [youtube]

Thank heaven for little girls

Writes our submitter, Amy: “In going through my late great-grandmother’s memorabilia trunk, I saw that she apparently kept a ‘thank you’ letter I wrote her when I was eight years old.” (Said Amy’s mother, of the discovery:  ”I clearly did not supervise the writing of this note.”) related: Grandma saves granddaughter the trouble; writes thank [...]

How many cliches can we fit on one piece of paper?

So, which jumble o’ jargon would you rip off the wall first? Exhibit A? or Exhibit B? Coincidentally, both of these notes come to us from Colorado, apparently the least creative state in the union. Go ahead and post those speculative explanations regarding The Centennial State’s staggering dearth of originality in the comments below. Then [...]

Lipstick Kisses and Pizza Breath Dreams

Writes Jean in Minneapolis: “Apparently some cool college girls decided to leave their mark on the wall of this pizza joint, just out of eye shot from the kitchen. The entire hallway is sprinkled with lipstick kisses.” related: Do not kiss on someone else’s kiss

Got it, Ed?

Our submitter spotted this behind a building on a college campus in Maine — a college that apparently does not tolerate outside-the-utility-box thinking among its employees. Poor Ed. If only he worked in a jurisdiction where his style of painting could truly be appreciated, like, say, San Francisco… Or Boston…   Or Salem, Massachusetts… …or dozens [...]

The sugar shelf of death

“There’s a shelf in our office, where, every couple of days someone will contribute some sort of sugary/fatty treat,” writes Laura in Seattle. Luckily, one of her coworkers stepped up to enlighten everyone about the death trap they’ve created.”   related: Cupcakes are a gateway drug!

The First World Problems of a 12-year-old boy

Writes Peter in the UK:  ”My 12-year-old son is angry we won’t let him buy and Xbox One, mostly because he spends too much time online already. On the day this discussion happened, we found this note on the computer. (Clearly he has learned about different government systems from the newspaper, not in school…)” P.S. [...]

I love you…but I love you more when you’re skinny.

Writes Joshua in Salt Lake City: “This past year I’ve been trying to lose weight. It’s been up and down. Apparently my mother knows that.” related: Mom is my favorite passive-aggressive Valentine

When your coworkers are frat boys

Our submitter says that his office in  Phoenix, Arizona has a charming little tradition, namely, “If you’re gone for a few days, your office gets trashed.” (I’m guessing something along these lines.) It looks like this notewriter was hoping for a reprieve, under the circumstances. So, Sean, listen up! related: If there were every a [...]

Crafty like a fox

Apparently the employees of this retail establishment in North Carolina didn’t take it seriously when the ladies from the shop next door asked them to stop blocking their employee entrance with garbage cans. (Perhaps  they didn’t understand what was meant by Don’t make us bedazzle your asses?) One day, our submitter says, one of the [...]

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