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Jock block

Michael in Las Vegas went to pick up his mail today and spotted this cocky little note: related: Your ultra charmin’ neighbor

Prison? Or the prison or hurt feelings? You decide.

Sarah in Philadelphia calls this note, from a much-beloved bookstall at the Reading Terminal Market, “the single most adorable and passive aggressive note I have ever read in my life.” Meanwhile, as Jenna shows us with this sign from an Albuquerque Antiques Mall, the “adorable” approach doesn’t work for everyone. related: May you get a [...]

Curious sign is curious

Any Portlanders know the story behind this sign? Our submitter, Sarah, is wondering, and now I am, too. related: raw chicken + orgasms = ?

Microwave Business: A Story of Teamwork

Writes our submitter in Washington, DC: “In my time at my job, the only real evacuations we’ve had are for the Virginia Earthquake, and, now, a microwave popcorn incident. While another floor was responsible, multiple members of my department took this as an opportunity to make statements about the frequent state of our very own [...]

A wife of noble character…does all the dishes?

Writes Julia, a student at an evangelical university in Indiana: “In our graduate student offices, there are more crusty dishes and microbial communities to be found than in the labs next door. After four weeks of mugs, oatmeal bowls and lunch containers had built up, one lad took the most effective course of action and [...]

You may work here, but you’re not my mother.

Pam works at an accounting firm in St. Louis, where, around tax time, it’s not unusual for people to pack all three meals. How did you think Joan’s vigilante food-safety policing went over? related: A bitter butter battle

The nicest possible way

Really? This is the nicest possible phrasing you could come up with? I mean, this guy even said please. (Thanks to Ben in Dallas and Allie in Orlando for submitting.)   related: Ice Box-ing

No, not the stink eye!

Writes our submitter in Leeds: “I enjoy the fact that a second piece of paper had to be added to express the full rage of this (presumably wet-footed) person.” related: Lift or Loo?

Pity the fool

Writes our submitter in Santa Rosa, CA: “Our office is full of people who like to take the last of the coffee and not take the time to brew a new pot. And not just on April Fool’s Day.” related: Coffee pot flowchart

Sweetums? Hey, sweetums?

Ian in Ontario was browsing in a used bookshop when he found this copy of one of Roger Hargreaves classic “Mister” books — complete with a gift inscription to the book’s previous owner. Adds Ian: “I can’t imagine why ‘sweetums’ didn’t want it anymore.”     related: Another book inscription that didn’t go too well

Taking the trash out with your junk out

Colette recently caught a glimpse of this note — though not the offender in question — in her U.K. apartment building. related: Be more private with yourself

Yours truly, Benz

Mercedes-Benz owners, as we’ve seen before, don’t often try to disprove their reputation for douchebaggery. But, as Jane in Ithaca reports, nothing stirs up self-righteousness quite like residential on-street parking! related: Your parking job brings one word to mind… extra credit: BMW drivers really are jerks, studies find []

Good subs, bad subs

Short, and if not necessarily sweet, it gets the point across. I think I’d have to give this sign a snarky thumbs up. related: On jamming

Lettuce not praise blameless men

Writes our submitter from the UK: “It seems that student living brings out the best in passive aggressive note-writers.” related: EAT ME!

Ah, the miracle of childbirth!

Isaac prefaces this by saying, “I feel bad for the person who posted this screed. I really do.” But — and isn’t there always a but? — he adds: “The university library here has a HUGE laptop and gadget-theft problem, and there are signs everywhere warning people not to leave their stuff unattended. This guy [...]

Dirty birds

What’s tackier than a pimp cup crusted in rhinestones? How bout a pimp cup crusted in last weekend’s purple drank? (Thanks, CharChar!) related: That’s punny  

For sale: tire swing, never used.

Mothers-in-law. ‘Nuff said. related: Nobody does guilt trips quite like Grandma extra credit:

Trouble is brewing

Writes Patrick in Wisconsin: “A member of our office staff prefers a lighter blend, while the rest of us tech guys prefer a cup of coffee that will actually wake us up.” After the original laminated note spurred this tempest in a coffee pot, Patrick says that Ms. “Three Scoops” upped the ante by bringing [...]

Can’t you go back to parking down by the river?

Writes Jack in Seattle: “A friend of ours is a professional tile setter and general handyman. Sometimes he stays over and parks his work van on our block. We found this note on his windshield one morning after Sunday brunch. It’s so typically ‘Seattle’ it’s hard to be offended.” Meanwhile, Charon noticed that this van-owner [...]

“I power walked so powerfully I got the runs!”

So, this happened. And Dani in Texas…thanks for sharing? related: A nasty twist on “Man Bites Dog” extra credit: Nance Bodean’s Guide to Power Walking [youtube]

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