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What is it about mothers-in-law and towels?

And was it one of the “special” towels? (The kind that keep you in indentured servitude for seven years before you’re allowed to marry?) P.S. I’d like to dedicate this post to my brother Danny and his fiancée, Meg, who are getting married this weekend in Minneapolis! related: Those were the special towels!

In other words: Blame Boehner

So, this is what you’ll see if you visit right now. Sigh. related: Governor of California to State Senate: “Get Stuffed.” extra credit: John Boehner’s Shutdown []

The stall-sanitizing shimmy

Leah spotted this note in the changing area at Colman Pool in Seattle, a city she describes as “the epicenter of passive-aggressive communication.” Adds Leah: “I like the image of the kid’s shimmying out under the stall door as being a nifty method of floor cleaning. It’s both disgusting and passive-aggressive in the extreme!” related: [...]

You know what, kid? Maybe you need to start packing your own lunch.

Christina in Marietta, Georgia says her 7-year-old daughter pointedly handed her this note when she picked up after school. “For the record,” Christina says, “The bread was fresh, just multigrain instead of whole wheat. The cheese was simply a different brand of Swiss cheese. Both were bought the day before.” Meanwhile, Steph in St. Paul, [...]

Roaches can’t read

Well, he has a point. …but then again, what good passive-aggresive note pays attention to silly things like “reason” or “logic”? related: An academic epidemic

Drag Queen Problems

Spotted backstage at a resort in St. Petersburg, Florida — drama!  Or, as RuPaul put it: related: Stripper Problems

The story of STUPID CAT

Before you cry “FAKE!” — I would have filed this away in the “too-good-to-be-true,” pile, had not Deniz in Ontario stepped forward to admit that he is the mad man behind this posters. Explains Deniz: “I made this flyer because I had had enough of this STUPID CAT wrecking my flowers and window screen, but in [...]

Hotheads & potheads

Move it along, stoners… And while you’re at it… (Thanks to Cindy in Spokane and Anonymous in Queens submitting!) related: Yo, hemphead!

Is that a chicken wing in your pocket, or…

Those must be some darn big pockets you’ve got there, Elwood. (Thanks to Jessi in Illinois for submitting!) related: A Roadside Intervention extra credit: “Men accused of stealing $65,000 in chicken wings” []

The Big Brother’s Guide to Little Sisters

When she was growing up, Jennifer in New York says she always wanted a big brother. “Now that I have three children of my own,” she writes, “I thought I could live vicariously through my daughter, the middle child.” However, finding this “to-do list” on top of her eldest son’s homework has made her consider [...]

A high-concept take-down of Chicago-style politics

Earlier this week, on her usual walk to work across the UChicago campus, Lauren noticed a board topped by a cement block covering an open manhole. Then other day, however, she walked past the same spot to find this ingenious work of civic protest/prankery. Adds Lauren: “I’m most impressed by the obvious work involved in [...]

Anti-social networking

Just a reminder, folks: updating your newsfeed = not actually the same thing as genuine social interaction. related: Because you’re not really knocked up until Facebook says so extra credit: Facebook is bad and makes you feel bad []

Gee, I’m glad my car could ease your conscience

Courtney’s friend Tom found this note — from our newest contender for douchecanoe of the year) — on the windshield of his Toyota FJ Cruiser. related: Yeah, I dinged your car, but you kinda deserved it

Ever wondered what it would be like sharing an office with William Carlos Williams?

Just replace “plums” with “lemons” and it’s quite an apt response, really. (Spotted by Sarah in New York City.) related: Yes, we wash our lemons! extra credit: This Is Just to Say

Dear toilet fairies: You totally suck at poetry.

Katie says this was propped up in the ladies room at a senior citizen apartment building in Florida. Adds Katie: “I don’t care that they think the floor is dirtier, I’m not touching the floor either!” related: Hover & Flow(chart)

What a catch!

Our submitter in Portland, Oregon saw this sign while out for her morning run. Strangely, she took a pass on the hot date. related: The saga of Tony Q69

No need to be a Blick about it

Holly in Minnesota noticed this insert in her box of Blick pastels, adding, “I think that last sentence (?) safely takes the tone over the line from gently defensive to quite douche-y.” (Of course, if she were a real artist…) Then there’s these (non-pastel-colored) cupcake liners, with their message of, as Victoria in Brooklyn put [...]

A thoughtcrime in the making

Joe spotted this note posted on a thermostat inside an abandoned factory-turned-shopping center in Keene, New Hampshire. Writes Joe, “I have to confess that I looked at it, got near it, and for the love of monkeys, I can’t stop thinking about it. I didn’t touch it though.” (No matter, Joe: Big Brother knows the [...]

Housesitting Dos & Don’ts

Writes Mark in the U.K.: “My friend went over to his sister’s place to house sit for a week and when he arrived he was greeted with this. The ‘help yourself to our empty cupboards’ bit is a joy in itself, but having to be told not to try on her housemate’s lingerie is a [...]

Nobody does guilt trips quite like Grandma

“My dear, sweet grandmother is a treasure in my life,” writes Jessi in Dallas. To her horror, however, she realized — upon receiving this anonymous postcard from ‘a friend,’ — that she had forgotten to wish her grandmother a happy birthday this year. Already feeling pretty guilty, says Jessi: “I immediately called her and received [...]

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