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Send Off Summer Right: 28 Grilled Mains for a Labor Day Cookout

Labor Day is a bittersweet holiday for me—sure, I get as excited about a day off from work as the next person, but it's always a little sad to bid farewell to summer. So, the way I see it, we might as well celebrate the end of the season with one last backyard barbecue. Here are 28 delicious grilled main dishes to start you off.

An End-of-Summer Italian Al Fresco Dinner

Late August is my favorite time of year: just cool enough to eat outside without dripping sweat into your food, but still the season for excellent produce. It's like all those tender stalks of asparagus, juicy tomatoes, and bunches of fresh herbs are just begging you to make a totally killer Italian dinner and eat it in a cool evening breeze. Show More Summary

Lomo al Trapo: The Colombian Technique That Will Change the Way You Grill Beef

Literally translated as "beef tenderloin in a towel," lomo al trapo is made by wrapping a big chunk of beef tenderloin in a thick crust of salt swaddled in a towel, tying it up, and throwing it directly on a fire until it's cooked. It's...Show More Summary

Up Your Black Tea Game Beyond English Breakfast

Great black tea is a lot like the intersection of two beverages Westerners love: quality coffee and good red wine. Stimulating yet lush with hints of ripe fruit, chocolate, nuts, and citrus, mellow and sweet and charged with a tongue-tingling potency, top-notch black tea is more than worth obsessing about.

The Best Way to Make Clarified Butter

Clarified butter is pure butterfat, minus the water and milk proteins found in normal butter, which means it's much less likely to burn and spoil. Here's the easiest method for at-home cooks.

Riding the Slow Boat to the Delaware River's Floating Hot Dog Stand

The Hot Dog Man's fame is mostly limited to a handful of towns around where the Delaware River divides New Jersey from Pennsylvania. But the homely little restaurant does have this going for it: It's the only floating hot dog stand on the Delaware, or, for that matter, just about anywhere.

Get Episodes 3 and 4 of The Food Lab Video Series Today!

Writing articles and taking photos sure is great, but there's nothing like live action to show you how fun, fascinating, and downright delicious the science behind home cooking can be. Today we release the third and fourth episodes of The Food Lab video series, all about boiling water (It's more interesting than you think!) and roasting chicken.

The $7,000 Pizza Oven You Don't Need (But Really Wish You Had)

The Kalamazoo Gourmet pizza oven is a $7,000 freestanding stainless steel machine that promises pizzeria-level results with minimal fuss in your own backyard. A couple of months back, a moving van dropped off the five-foot-tall plywood box containing a testing unit of the pizza oven, and I immediately set it up in my backyard to test it out. Here are my thoughts.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: One Year Later

After Bill Clinton retired as the 42nd President of the United States, he set to paper what is arguably the most candid executive autobiography ever written. He wrote, "A lot of presidential memoirs, they say, are dull and self-serving. Show More Summary

Turn Scallion Greens and Tomato Skins From Trash to Delicious Powdered Treasure

What if I told you there is a great use for cast-off ingredients like scallion greens and tomato skins, and that it's simple, fast, fun, and delicious? A way that will land you with brightly hued powdered seasoning that's great for rimming cocktail glasses and sprinkling on everything from fried chicken to fresh mozzarella?

The 2 Best Ways to Make Simple Fresh Tomato Sauce (Tomato Coulis)

A simple puree made from fresh tomatoes, known as a coulis in French, is incredibly useful in all sorts of preparations. Here are the two best ways to make it: a quick-cooked coulis recipe and a raw one.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Chili Oil?

One of the world's essential hot sauces, chili oil is a cinch to make at home (just heat a neutral-tasting oil and dump over dried chilies) and worth keeping around at all times. But what to do with it all once you have a batch? Our panel of pro chefs chime in with some unexpected uses.

Bulgogi + Scallion Pancakes + Quesadillas = The Ultimate Fusion Snack

Pancake quesadillas sound strange—until you realize that I'm talking about flaky, chewy, Chinese-style scallion pancakes here. Thin, crispy, and super-savory, they're more like the onion-y love child of a croissant and a tortilla than they are the American breakfast food. And when you pack them with marinated bulgogi-style steak and two types of cheese, it makes total sense.

Coconut Milk and Curry Make for Juicy, Flavor-Packed Chicken Kebabs

If kebabs were the cast of a high school coming-of-age movie, chicken would be the showboat. The one that looks great to begin with, but doesn't offer much beyond the facade. But since this is a coming-of-age movie, even the showboat gets a chance at redemption—all it takes is a quick injection of flavor and a little bit of good technique.

The Rise and Fall of Jell-O Salad

Shaped by the rise of home economics, the industrialization of the food system, World War II, and changing expectations about women's labor, few foods can tell us more about US life in the 20th century than the wobbling jewel of domestic achievement: the Jell-O salad.

Grill Your Fish Whole for the Juiciest Fish Tacos

Fish are almost universally better when grilled whole. So why not use whole grilled fish for tacos?

How to Brew Stellar Sour Beer at Home: Meet the Fast-Sour

With this technique, you can make flawless sour beer in weeks, not months.

Why Serious Bakers Have Mother Issues

They came from all over Europe—a village in Poland, a farm in Tuscany, a town in Bordeaux. They were carried across the continent, and trekked from the Old Country to the New World. There were arrests and clashes with the police. But...Show More Summary

What to Eat With Salmon: Tried and True Side Dishes for a Versatile Fish

Fish can be intimidating to shop for, let alone cook and serve to company. That's why salmon's a great choice; here's what to serve it with.

Everything You Can Do With a Jar of Mayo

There's a lot more to do with a jar of mayo than make sandwiches and egg salad.

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