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Leftovers Are the Best Part: 20 Recipes for the Day After Thanksgiving

I'm of the belief that Thanksgiving leftovers are almost better than the dinner itself: The stress of preparation is over, everyone's sufficiently relaxed to not be overly concerned with formalities, and you're free to revel together in the gluttony of plateless, napkin-less, post-feast feasting. Show More Summary

Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past: Our Highest Highs and Lowest Lows

For a holiday with a relatively fixed menu and, in most homes, an unrivaled predictability, Thanksgiving still manages to surprise us year after year. Whether it's a burnt turkey, one parent's dramatic antics, or an unforeseen tragedy, we've seen our share of Thanksgivings go horribly awry. Show More Summary

This Week on Special Sauce: Rich Torrisi Talks Curiosity, Craftsmanship, and Carl Sagan

Over the years, I've had many far-ranging, one-on-one philosophical conversations with Rich Torrisi (of Parm, Carbone, and ZZ's Clam Bar fame), so I'm thrilled to be sharing our latest chat with all of you on this episode of Special Sauce. The result is a revealing, intimate look into the mind of an insanely talented man.

14 Warming Thanksgiving Soups That Just Might Steal the Spotlight

We love a good, nourishing soup on most other frosty late fall/early winter days—one that infuses the whole kitchen with its smells and just begs you to cozy up next to the stove—so there's no clear reason why Thanksgiving would be any different. Here are 14 satisfying first courses that threaten to outshine the turkey.

The Best Domestic Wines of the Year

Some of today's best American winemakers are focusing on grapes you may have never heard of.

Skip the Pie: 15 Awesome Alternative Desserts for Thanksgiving

It's a rare Thanksgiving dinner that doesn't end in pie, and we've got lots and lots of pie recipes that reflect that tradition. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons to consider supplying a dessert that's not pie, too—here are 15 awesome alternatives, from light and crisp biscotti to refreshing sorbet.

Want the Best Thanksgiving Stuffing? Consider the Oyster

Oysters in your stuffing? Heck yeah! There's a rhyme, reason, and even history to this delicious madness. Here's what you need to know, and how to cook it right, whether for a cornbread- or wheat bread–based recipe.

22 Cocktail Recipes for a Thirsty Thanksgiving

When Turkey Day arrives, you're gonna want a drink. Preferably something perfectly autumnal, stirred with dark spirits, perhaps spiced with cinnamon and clove or woodsy rosemary. What you probably don't want is to spend your Thanksgiving behind the bar. So we've gathered 22 of our favorite fall-celebration sips, many of which can be prepped partially or entirely ahead of time.

Cooking With John

I come from an Italian-American family with a curiosity about cooking that's practically hardwired into our DNA. In my 20s, I honed my cooking skills by hosting dinner parties in a West Village apartment that I shared with three roommates. And after getting married eight years ago, my favorite thing in the world was cooking dinner with my husband, John.

The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich, Hearty Ragù Bolognese in Record Time

I haven't actually kept track of what the trigger is that leads me to make ragù Bolognese year after year, like clockwork. Good thing I love the stuff. This year, in the midst of some epic pressure cooker testing (stay tuned for theShow More Summary

14 Thanksgiving Tipples That Won't Make You Tipsy

Even if your family's philosophy is that you can't drink all day on Thanksgiving if you don't start in the morning, it's a good idea to have one or two well-crafted booze-free drinks on hand, for both abstainers and drinkers who want to pace themselves. Show More Summary

Meet the Grown-Up Sweet Potato Casserole (That Your Inner Child Will Still Love)

The problem with most marshmallow-topped sweet potato casseroles is that they're far too sweet, with candied sweet potatoes layered high with sugary melted marshmallows. This version corrects that by adding savory notes to the sweet potatoes, like peppery grated ginger, nutty brown butter, woodsy herbs, and just a touch of tangy dairy. Show More Summary

12 Stuffing and Dressing Recipes to Make Thanksgiving's Best Dish Even Better

Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, whether it's in the bird or out, it might be the part of the Thanksgiving feast we look forward to the most. People don't tend to eat stuffing except on the big end-of-year holidays, and if you're only going to eat a dish once a year, you ought to make it good. Here are 12 of our best stuffing recipes to help with that.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Coffee?

While many of us consider a strongly brewed cup of coffee the water of life, there's more to those beans than our daily jolt. Our fresh new panel of chefs weighs in on how to get the most of those nutty, bitter, and intensely aromatic grounds, from glazes for carrots to glazes for ice cream bars.

This Week on Special Sauce: Gail Simmons' Journey From Personal Assistant to Top Chef Judge

When I first met her more than a decade ago, Gail Simmons was no television personality: She was the not-at-all-lowly assistant to Jeffrey Steingarten, the feared and revered Vogue food critic. (And she had to survive a ridiculouslyShow More Summary

Ounces and Grams: Why Mass Is Not the Best Way to List Ingredients

In my book and on this site, we use a mix of volume and mass units in recipes. This can upset certain science-minded folk: Units of mass are inherently more precise than units of volume, so we ought to use the system of measurement that...Show More Summary

8 (Not-Too-Sweet) Sweet Potato Recipes for Thanksgiving

Sweet potatoes are already sweet—so much is obvious from the name—so why is it that so many Thanksgiving recipes for them are packed with sugar and covered with marshmallow toppings? A well-thought-out dish featuring well-cooked sweet potatoes actually needs very little, if any, additional sugar to be satisfying. Show More Summary

Of Hustlers, Hot Dogs, and Hand Grenades: An Ode to Bourbon Street

On the radio dial that is the human ear, Bourbon Street has a sound all its own. It's a sound you can sense from just about anywhere in the French Quarter. Even if you're blocks away, the air seems to vibrate with its low, steady hum of neon lights. Show More Summary

Pork Tenderloin With Bourbon-Soaked Figs Is As Quick As It Is Classy

Most roasts take a bit of extra time and attention. Chops, on the other hand, cook up quickly and easily. But there's one exception to the rule: pork tenderloin. It's the one roast that sounds fancy, tastes fancy, but cooks up in just about the same amount of time it takes to cook a couple of chicken breasts. Here's one of my favorite ways to do it.

19 Delicious Thanksgiving Pie Recipes (You'll Wish You Had an Extra Stomach)

Forget all this nonsense about not having room for dessert after a big Thanksgiving dinner. Does anyone ever really not have enough room for pie—the really good, homemade stuff, that is? With our foolproof pie dough recipe, step-by-step photo guides, and these 19 delicious pie recipes, you don't have to labor for hours to turn out a pie that no one can resist.

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