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Lessons From Japan’s Richest Man, Chilean Startup Culture and a 3D Printer With Artificial Intelligence

It was an international sort of week these past few days as the stories which most captured my attention came from far outside the US. From the fascinating leadership lessons of Uniqlo’s Japanese CEO, to a very cool pavilion in Korea that celebrates the historic birthplace of print (which didn’t make my list of stories

Yoga Backlash, IMAX Announces VR Centers & How To Get Verified On Twitter

The past week featured no escape from the 24/7 US election commentary and it’s clearly going to get worse over the next several weeks, but the weekly ritual of curating stories for this email gave me a much-needed escape from all that hype, and yielded some great stories about a powerful new documentary about educating

The Future Of Storytelling, Emirates Brilliant Strategy and the Smell Of Apple | Non-Obvious Insights #34

Greeting from New York and the Future of Storytelling Conference! This week I’m at one of my favorite events of the year learning about the future of VR, interpretative dance and lots more at this wonderful gathering of creative people and innovators. If you happen to be in NY this week, check out their upcoming

Hermès Branded Film, Firefox’s Secret Browser & How Doritos Might Save America | Non-Obvious Insights #33

Inspired by the Presidential Debate, the first story in this week’s newsletter features an amazingly smart “Rock The Vote” campaign from Doritos that could have wide ranging consequences. Also this week I feature an amazing branded film about silk from Hermes, how you can test Firefox’s most innovative new plans for creating the browser of the

How Netflix Predicts Watching Habits, Awful Magazine Covers & The World’s Spiciest Tortilla Chip | Non-Obvious Insights #32

This week the Internet went crazy talking about how Brangelina split. Despite how important that “news” might be – it’s clearly not the kind of “non-obvious” story I have to share today. Instead, this week’s underappreciated marketing stories feature YouTube’s desperate plan to fix their longtime problem with comments, a glimpse into what Netflix might do

Strange Korean Video Trends, How Fabergé Sells Luxury and Ikea’s Unexpected Ecommerce Experiment | Non-Obvious Insights #31

I am deep in the midst of writing the next edition of Non-Obvious and identifying new trends for 2017. The research has been leading me down some interesting paths as I curate this weekly email for you. You’ll see some of those emerge this week, in stories that take you inside the strange Korean social

Apple’s Slow Decline, Cancer Innovations and Immersive Storytelling From Ted Baker | Non-Obvious Insights #30

As news coverage this week approached frenzied levels in an attempt to report on insignificance in the form of “news” from the US presidential election and Apple’s press event – there were many other stories that were easy to overlook.  My choices for the most non-obvious stories this week range from two different stories about

B2B Screenwriters, Instagram Travel Guides And The Most Annoying Sound You Can Never Unhear | Non-Obvious Insights #29

Content featured big this week as new initiatives from GoPro and IBM both received a lot of coverage and discussion. Brands moving into content is nothing new, but the depth and importance of these forays into content are clearly getting bigger and bolder. In other news, the “Millennial Whoop” was sadly unavoidable as a consequence

Skinterface Tattoos, Future Shopping Malls & Nintendo’s First Restaurant | Non-Obvious Insights #28

The future has been on display for the past few weeks, as new experiences, trials and initiatives from all kinds of brands and startups look to push us forward. As a result, my choices for the best stories to share with you this week take a varied look at these visions of the future, applied

The $25,000 Olympic Bike And Google’s Stunning New Documentary | Non-Obvious Insights #27

I am traveling and living in Rio for the next two weeks and curating this newsletter for you from Brazil to share a combination of my favorite under appreciated stories of the week as well as a small second dose of Olympics marketing stories. Next week I’ll be traveling and taking a week off from

Everything You Should Know About Rio 2016 Olympic Marketing (And Other Non-Obvious Insights) | Issue #26

To help you get ready for the games, this week’s insights will feature some of the most interesting, controversial and important marketing stories from the lead up to Rio 2016, as well as a link to a my own curated YouTube playlist of marketing from all kinds of brands from around the world.  I hope it

Political Conventions And The Worst Men On The Internet

Legendary ad man David Ogilvy once said that “political advertising ought to be stopped. It’s the only really dishonest kind of advertising that’s left.” I wonder what he would say about the frenzied circus shows of the Democratic and Republican political conventions that have been televised globally these past two weeks. My lead story this

The Purpose Hotel, Dyson’s New Robot Vacuum And Target’s Big Bet On Kids | Issue #24

The big news of Unilever purchasing subscription site Dollar Shave Club for $1B this week probably dominated your newsfeed this week, and one that I had two separate journalists contact me about for comment. Subscription commerce is back in the spotlight for this week, but the more interesting stories this week for me included an

5 Stories That Explain Pokemon Go And Other Non-Obvious Insights

Based on the dominating news this past week about Pokemon Go, it was tempting to devote this entire newsletter to the subject – but that felt a bit lazy … so instead all five of my top stories on Pokemon Go are aggregated together into one and the rest of this week’s under appreciated stories

The Scary Future Of Media Consumption And Other Non-Obvious Insights | Issue #22

Curating this article to find stories worth sharing with you every week has helped me hone my ability to read (and ignore) stories quickly. As each of us feels more bombarded with demands on our attention – the dangerous truth is that we spend less and less time appreciating the meaning of anything. That’s why this

Intel Creates Drone Fireworks, Unilever Bans Sexist Ads and How To Spin Getting Fired | Non-Obvious Insights #21

Fear dominated the headlines this week as “Brexit” cast a scary spotlight on everything from the future of globalization to the belief gap between the young and old. Thankfully, amidst all the doomsday predictions, there were also plenty of stories of hope – from Unilever’s moves to ban sexism in their advertising to the story

The Hot New Startup That Lets You Sell Your Own Data (And Other Non-Obvious Insights) | Issue #20

This week has been all about soccer in my house thanks to the simultaneous scheduling of the Euro Cup and Copa America, so the first story in this week’s email is a wearable tech idea for soccer fans that offers more a more immersive experience. Other stories this week spotlight how AI is being trained

How To Pause The Internet (And Other Non-Obvious Insights) | Issue #19

There was plenty of big business news this week, from Disney’s long awaited opening of its signature theme park in Shanghai to Microsoft’s unexpected acquisition of LinkedIn. Chances are you have seen plenty of news about both – so true to the theme for this weekly email I won’t be spending much time on either.

4 Brilliant Exposés, The World’s Ugliest Color And Other Non-Obvious Insights | Issue #18

This week I was intrigued by a combination of fascinating new research and refreshingly honest exposés. The ANA published a controversial report on media rebates and I read insightful in depth articles about everything from how the NYT and WSJ best seller lists really work to the true difference between Uber and Lyft. Along with these

What Whole Foods New Brand Says About You (And Other Non-Obvious Insights) | Issue #17

In my quest for interesting ideas to share with you this week, I found several stories that really got me thinking. Dos Equis’ new search for a campaign spokesperson to replace Jonathan Goldsmith, the “Most Interesting Man In the World,” reminded me of just how beautiful and rare it was for brand to have a

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