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Yoplait Bravely Tells Moms To Give Kids Sugar Because It Tastes Good

Trying to reverse its declining market share, Yoplait’s new campaign skips competing on health to focus on taste instead. The ad brings to life all the things moms are often criticized for – like breastfeeding in public or having kids later in life – and invites moms to “Do What Tastes Right” and forget about

The Surprising Brand That Won Big At Cannes

The most famous portraits in history are all painted from the torso up. That was the interesting insight from Ogilvy that led to this campaign for shoe polish brand Kiwi which recently won big at the Cannes festival. By commissioning artists to draw the bottom half of famous paintings like the Mona Lisa – this

The Swiss Town That Banned Travelers Posting Photos On Social Media

How do you get attention for a sleepy little Swiss ski resort town that few people have ever heard of? Ban photos and promise to fine tourists for sharing them online. That’s the genius strategy behind this move from the town of Bergün, but the explanation of why is even better. “We don’t want to

Brazilian Publisher Offers On-Demand Clever Captions For Your Selfies

Sometimes it is hard to pick the perfect caption for your selfie, but Brazilian publisher Leya has a solution to help … and introduce you to some of their newest authors in the process. The brand launched a chatbot that will ask you about your photo and then suggest a quote from one of their

Facebook Helps Make Politicians Care About You

It is a sad reality of politics just how often politicians seem to cater to the loudest of their constituents. Making noise may not be the only way for normal people to create clout anymore, thanks to Facebook’s announcement that it will allow users to easily tag their local and state politicians in a post.

Apple Imagines Destroying The World At WWDC 

During its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this past week described by one media outlet as a “parody of itself,” Apple launched a video intended to show developers how much the world needs them and the apps they build. The video, unfortunately, ended up illustrating just how much havoc Apple could wreak if it chose to

Google Launches Beautiful Tool To Teach Kids Online Safety

If you are a parent, one of the things that probably keeps you up at night is how to monitor your kids activity online and keep them safe from scams, cyberbullying or worse. This newly launched tool from Google looks to be a wonderful resource both for parents and also educators to teach kids everything

The Brave and Slightly Scary Future Of Retail Surge Pricing

What if every retailer could implement surge pricing for products on their physical shelves or online stores based on who you are, what you like and the other data they have collected (or purchased) about you? It is a new world where every interaction you have as a brand could be tailored not only from

Why Jack Welch Might Be Overrated

While the business community loves to offer Jack Welch legendary status, this article shares that measuring his successor Jeff Immelt against that legacy may not be entirely fair. The analysis is a powerful reminder that success or failure can come from the circumstances that leader inherits as much as from what a leader does. It

Best Buy Launches Try-Before-You-Buy Service To Fight Back Against Competitors

With the number of new gadgets constantly coming out, it can be paralyzing to have to sort through all the reviews, unboxings and online analysis. Best Buy has a bold solution: to let consumers try gadgets before they buy them. Clearly consumers need help figuring out the best product for them … and if this

Chatbots That Negotiate To Save You Money

What if a chatbot could learn the logic of customer service interactions and help you do everything from fight a parking ticket to negotiate a discount on your mobile phone bill? It turns out chatbots are excellent at this type of negotiation because of how formulaic most customer service scripts are. If a bot can

Love IKEA? Now Your House Can Smell Like It

What do cinnamon buns, lingonberries and assemble-yourself-bookcases smell like? IKEA … and soon you can bring that smell home in a fragrance developed by independent Swedish fragrance creator Byredo. The idea is an interesting exploration of how broadly a brand experience could go. Given the power of smell to evoke memory, something like this could

An Inside Look At the Bullshit Of Hollywood Wellness

In a world that seems filled with bullshit, it is a voyeuristic thrill to see those all too rare moments when it all comes tumbling down. The article linked below from New York Post is one of those moments, as writer Maureen Callahan goes behind the scenes at the GOOP Health and Wellness Summit hosted

Why America Needs Feminists (And Sweden Doesn’t)

This week a short but powerful piece from former model Paulina Porizkova casts a powerful light on the role of women in different cultures and her own struggles with being a woman first in the Czech Republic, then in Sweden and finally in her adopted home of America. Touching on sexuality, power, and politics –

The Future of Books, Publishing and Libraries

This week the entire US-based publishing industry is descending upon New York for a three day celebration of books known as the BookExpo. I’m here on behalf of my publishing company Ideapress, and so this week’s insights will focus on books. Below you will read about the bold new way that libraries are reinventing themselves

IKEA’s Secret Insights, Google Explains Syria And The “Avolatte”

What is the most hipster-centric product you could imagine?  The answer is just one of the six interesting stories curated for you in this week’s newsletter. Along with the ironically true tale of the invention of the “Avolatte,” you’ll read about new efforts to become more relevant and innovative from the USPS, a promising new

15 Non-Cliché Books To Give As Useful 2017 Graduation Gifts

A short list of 15 great books to give as a useful and practical 2017 graduation gift for him or graduation gift for her.

Always Eat Left Handed: An Irreverent Career Advice Book For Graduating Seniors, Career Optimizers And Millennials

This entertainingly irreverent book from Wall Street Journal bestselling author and occasional Georgetown University professor Rohit Bhargava filled is with brutally honest secrets of success no one has ever dared to tell you.

Slow Checkouts, Shoplifter Facial Tracking and an Espresso-Making Phone Case

As I sat bombarded with the same stories over and over this week, I found myself longing for something different. I feel that way a lot. So this week, my curated stories deliver on just one promise: they are genuinely fascinating ideas for products and services. From a slow checkout line designed to offer a

How Convenience Is Transforming Dating, Fast Food, Fashion And More

This week I kept seeing the recurring theme of convenience. Whether it was a story about how cell phones can be used for monitoring disease carrying mosquitos to a new Amazon Echo Virtual Stylist that will judge your new outfit. There is a new portable scanner that will test the pesticides in your fruit and

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