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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Measure Food By Its Ingredients?

“AI Gastronomy” predicts a future where we can map ingredients or infer recipes by using AI to recognize and measure ingredients.

The NuturePod Offers A Scary Prediction Of Future Parenting

Sometimes art is the best way to shine a lens on how our culture may be changing for better or worse...

Writer Of Str@nge% Password Guidelines Finally Admits He Was Wrong

If you ever wanted someone to blame for having to change your password every 90 days – last week the world found out who that person is.

How Brands and Small Town America Are Cashing In On The Eclipse

As the highly anticipated solar eclipse approaches, there are plenty of towns and brands finding creative ways to cash in. 

How To Separate Macro Trends From Micro Trends

The team at WGSN produces some great trend insights primarily in for the fashion sector and recently launched their “Anatomy of a Trend” white paper which is worth a download.

What If Smart Home Devices Sold What They Know About You?

What if your smart robot vacuum cleaner created a shareable map of your home in the process of cleaning it?

Diamonds Are Still Forever. Especially If They Are Lab Grown

One of the side effects of social awareness among millennials is how many young brides are coming to embrace lab grown diamonds.

IKEA Creates 72 Regional Versions Of Its Iconic Catalog … Here’s Why

From zooming in on kitchen photos (because Chinese kitchens are smaller than American ones) to changing the food that appears on tables to match regional palates, the catalog...

How To Break Up With Your Bank Over Ethical Differences

In a perfect example of Passive Loyalty (a 2017 trend from Non-Obvious), this article on discusses how to break up with your bank.

Your Next Camera Will Retouch Your Pictures While You Take Them

Google and MIT built an algorithm that can automatically retouch a photo WHILE you take it.

Chinese Mall Installs “Husband Pods” For Bored Spouses

The bored husband at a shopping mall is one of the most common stereotypes of suburbia and now a Chinese gaming company has a solution that is rapidly going viral.

The Future of Elevators Could Go Sideways

What if elevators went sideways? They might soon thanks to a new system invented and being tested by German elevator producer ThyssenKrupp.

New Survey Finds Recent MBA Grads Don’t Want To Work On Wall Street

A new survey shows that jobs outside of Wall Street are increasingly being preferred by MBA graduates as just 19% of respondents selected Wall Street as their top employment choice.

6 Shifts In How Data Is Transforming Healthcare

The new PSFK Future of Health report is out and a central theme is that data is driving personalization of diagnosis, treatment and overall clinical intelligence.

Have An Accent? It Might Help You Get Your Next Job

AI voice-assistants have long had difficulty understanding foreign accents, but now Amazon may be taking steps to address this frequent issue.

Trend Watch – The Rise Of Media Escapism

Is it ever ok to take a break from your outrage and the 24-hour news cycle? We all should hope so.

MIT Shares Theory On Why Some Neighborhoods Evolve

Why do some neighborhoods evolve and gentrify while others don’t? This fascinating story is about a joint research program between MIT and Harvard to identify what causes urban change. Tested with five American cities, this system quantifies the physical improvement or deterioration of neighborhoods. The early results are already surprising: “Contrary to popular belief, raw

Fully Automated Toothbrush Helps Lazy People Be Lazier

If you are one of those people who thinks that brushing your teeth properly takes too long, this new product will help. A startup called Amabrush has launched a toothbrush that will clean all your teeth in 10 seconds. It looks like a futuristic gag used to keep criminals quiet, but watching how this works

Louis Vuitton Creates New Luxury Watch To Connect World Travelers

The intersection of luxury products and personalization will continue to bring interesting new ideas and this new watch from Louis Vuitton called the Tambour Horizon is a perfect example. The watch “is built to be a companion to the traveler. A feature within the watch allows users to view recommendations in big cities from Louis

Famous iPhone Hacker Creates Tool To Let You Hack Your Car

The more technology gets baked into things that we once enjoyed in simpler formats,the more people will choose to “Strategically Downgrade.” Many farmers, for example, have turned to new ways of hacking the software on their tractors themselves. Now there is a new tool, from the same hacker that famously hacked the iPhone when he

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