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Why XPRIZE Is Asking Writers to Take Us Through a Wormhole to 2037

In a world of accelerating change, educating the public about the implications of technological advancements is extremely important. We can continue to write informative articles and speculate about the kind of future that lies ahead. Or instead, we can take readers on an immersive journey by using science fiction to paint vivid images of the […]

Future of Everything With Jason Silva

Introducing our new web series, Future of Everything with Jason Silva. In this video, he discusses how futurists and entrepreneurs Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil created Singularity University to communicate the implications of exponential technological progress. Show More Summary

New Film ‘Food Evolution’ Takes on One of the Most Polarizing Scientific Topics

One Tuesday morning, as his family bustled around the house getting ready for the day, Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s phone lit up with a text message from his neighbor. “Can I borrow some organic milk?” she asked. Kennedy replied, “You can borrow some milk, but I don’t have organic.” “I’m good,” his neighbor said. She then […]

This Is What Liberated the Power of the Internet, and Why It Matters

The earliest internet was built by the military, designed to help scientists around the nation gain access to those rare room-sized computers located at MIT, Stanford, and a few key institutions. Use of the early ARPAnet was slow, cumbersome, and awkward—that is, until Marc Andreessen created Mosaic, the first widely-accessible internet browser. When Mosaic launched […]

We Worked Out What It Would Take to Wipe Out All Life on a Planet—and It’s Good News for Alien Hunters

The first exoplanet was spotted in 1988. Since then more than 3,000 planets have been found outside our solar system, and it’s thought that around 20% of Sun-like stars have an Earth-like planet in their habitable zones. We don’t yet know if any of these host life—and we don’t know how life begins. But even […]

A Living Hard Drive: This GIF Was Stored in the DNA of Bacteria

DNA is a hugely promising medium for storing data. Consider that a cell nucleus can hold the instructions for an organism as complex as a human. So far efforts to store non-genetic data in DNA have been carried out in test tubes, but now scientists have encoded a GIF into the genome of living bacteria. […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through July 15)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DeepMind’s AI Is Teaching Itself Parkour, and the Results Are Adorable James Vincent | The Verge “The research explores how reinforcement learning (or RL) can be used to teach a computer to navigate unfamiliar and complex environments. It’s the sort of fundamental AI research that we’re now testing in virtual worlds, but that […]

Ray Kurzweil: A Strategy for Keeping the World Safe From AI

Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, thinker, and futurist famous for forecasting the pace of technology and predicting the world of tomorrow. In this video, Kurzweil discusses AI ethics and risk. Films and books have long described a rogue superintelligent AI bent on our destruction, he says. But it won’t be a pop culture future. Even […]

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Europe’s Huge New Vertical Farm

The Eindhoven High Tech Campus, a 90-minute train ride south of Amsterdam, consists of two rows of nondescript mid-rise office buildings on either side of a wide, tree-lined road. In typical Dutch fashion, there’s more parking for bikes than cars, and the campus is flanked by stretches of neatly-maintained green fields and canals. The place […]

Welcome to a More Discoverable Singularity Hub

This week we’ve rolled out our first major round of improvements to Singularity Hub since our ground-up redesign last December. If we did it right, you’ll find that discovering the technological goodies you come here for is much easier, and so too are other Singularity University offerings you might be interested in. The first and most […]

Why Every Leader Needs a Healthy Obsession With Technology

This article is part of a series exploring the skills leaders must learn to make the most of rapid change in an increasingly disruptive world. The first article in the series, “How the Most Successful Leaders Will Thrive in an Exponential World,” broadly outlines four critical leadership skills—futurist, technologist, innovator, and humanitarian—and how they work […]

Should Self-Driving Cars Make Ethical Decisions Like We Do?

An enduring problem with self-driving cars has been how to program them to make ethical decisions in unavoidable crashes. A new study has found it’s actually surprisingly easy to model how humans make them, opening a potential avenue to solving the conundrum. Ethicists have tussled with the so-called “trolley problem” for decades. If a runaway […]

This Mini Wind Turbine Can Power Your Home in a Gentle Breeze

The first time you see a Nemoi wind turbine, you may not realize it’s a turbine at all. A white and silver metallic structure about the size of a garden shrub, Nemoi has three vertical blades that spin carousel-like around a central axis. The spinning is constant, but completely silent, and it doesn’t look fast […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through July 8)

DIGITAL MEDIA Make Hollywood-Quality Animations at Low-Budget Prices With This Motion Capture Suit Sarah Buhr | TechCrunch “You might be familiar with the industry-standard green man MoCap suit many Hollywood studios use to capture the movement of objects or people for movies and games. Rokoko’s new Smartsuit Pro produces the same quality animations but sells […]

Ray Kurzweil: What Is the Future of Capitalism?

Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, thinker, and futurist famous for forecasting the pace of technology and predicting the world of tomorrow. In this video, Kurzweil suggests there is more consensus about what kind of economic system we all want than it seems. People disagree on the details, he says, but across the political spectrum most […]

Machine Reasoning Gets a Boost With This Simple New Algorithm

There’s a classic scene in almost every police procedural: a weathered detective stands staring at a collection of photos pinned to a wall. Thin, red yarn traces the connections between the different players. Something’s clearly missing. In a sudden flash of inspiration, the final link snaps into the detective’s mind. He dashes off, frantically yelling […]

What These Lifelike Androids Can Teach Us About Being Human

For Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, one of the most interesting things about androids is the changing questions they pose us, their creators, as they evolve. Does it, for example, do something to the concept of being human if a human-made creation starts telling you about what kind of boys ‘she’ likes? If you want to know […]

7 Critical Skills For the Jobs of the Future

We live in a world of accelerating change. New industries are constantly being born and old ones are becoming obsolete. A report by the World Economic Forum reveals that almost 65 percent of the jobs elementary school students will be doing in the future do not even exist yet. Both the workforce and our knowledge […]

Understanding the Real Innovation Behind the iPhone

When the iPhone emerged in 2007, it came with all the promise and pomp of a major Steve Jobs announcement, highlighting its user interface and slick design as key selling points. We know now that the iPhone transformed the mobile phone business, the internet economy and, in many ways, society as a whole. But technically […]

Forget Flying Cars, the Future Is Driving Drones

Flying car concepts have been around nearly as long as their earthbound cousins, but no one has yet made them a commercial success. MIT engineers think we’ve been coming at the problem from the wrong direction; rather than putting wings on cars, we should be helping drones to drive. The team from the university’s Computer […]

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