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Bye bye, hello Typography.Guru

Dear readers of my blog, I have started to phase out All articles which I considered worth saving were moved over to my new site Typography.Guru. All other articles are still available here for some months until I shut down the blog completely. Thanks for your interest and all the discussions on this blog. […]

Walbaum—the Man and the Typeface

I put together a video explaining the development of the Walbaum Antiqua typeface and the style of the modern typefaces. Make sure to turn on HD to see the type specimen images in full resolution. Tweet

The Pronunciation of European Typefaces (Extended YouTube version)

Last year I posted a couple of MP3 files with the pronunciation of European typeface namens which are either German, French or Italien. I extended this selection and put it together as a YouTube video with type specimen images for each of the now 37 typefaces. Enjoy! Tweet

Historic “ASCII art” made with a Monotype machine

We all know ASCII art – the creation of computer images with a limited set of Latin letters. But this film from 1939 shows that even Monotype machines where used to create such pictures. Enjoy! Tweet

Capital Sharp S designs. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Two years ago I wrote an article with suggestions on how to design a Capital Sharp S (?). Now that over 400 new type families with support for this new character have been released, I thought it would be a good time to review, how the typedesigners have drawn their Capital Sharp S. At first, […]

Pictures from the Lettergieterij Amsterdam

  The above images are from the 1916 type specimen book “Letterproef der Lettergieterij Amsterdam, vorheen N. Tetterode” Tweet

Legibility Research: Type Design for Children with Low Vision

In the last years, Ann Bessemans from Belgium researched how people, especially children with low vision, read type and how this is affected by the design of typefaces. In this guest article she explains her research and findings, and introduces her typeface Matilda, that was developed as a result of the research.  My PhD research […]

A Tour through the Haas Type Foundry in 1950

The Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland brought us famous typefaces such as Helvetica (originally called Neue Haas Grotesk). Here are some pictures of the type foundry from around 1950.  Enjoy! Tweet

The Pronunciation of European Typefaces

So you’re an expert in typography? But do you pronounce Frutiger’s typeface Univers like the English word “universe”? Then you got it wrong. Here are some popular European typefaces and their proper pronunciation in German, French and Italian. Show More Summary

From Paper to Screen

I regularly check Vimeo for new type-related videos, but it’s rare to find something interesting. Thousands of variations of “movie scenes turned into kinetic typography” and  “yet another letterpress shop documentation”, but all those videos just imitate what others have done before. But here is one I enjoyed. The evolution from print typography to screen typography [...]

Color Emoji in Windows 8.1—The Future of Color Fonts?

Color fonts are by no means a new idea. When Adobe invented PostScript their Type 3 font standard allowed to specify colors within a font and Fontlab’s bitmap-based Photofont technology is also around for years. But the makers of operating systems and apps never really cared about these technologies—until the major success of the Emoji character [...]

Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland for iOS devices

The goal of e-codices—Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland is to provide access to all medieval and selected early modern manuscripts of Switzerland via a virtual library. At the moment, the virtual library contains 981 manuscripts from 42 different libraries. The virtual library will be continuously updated and extended. And now you can also browse this [...]

Typography on Instagram

You are on Instagram and you like typography, calligraphy and lettering? Here are some accounts you might want to follow. (Click on the images to get to the Instagram accounts) Andy Clymer, Type designer from New York   Hand-painted signs made by Best Dressed Signs from Boston.   David Wolske David Wolske runs the wood type [...]

Canapé—a cosy typeface

Canapé by Sebastian Nagel is the latest release at It is based on the idea of letters with a subtly curved and slightly modulated line. Through this, the typefaces has a warm and friendly, almost haptical appearance which brings some kind of cosiness to your communication with type. Canapé Serif with its 4 fonts [...]

Let’s Meet Typomapp 2.0 — The Typography Knowledge Map

A lot of typographic knowledge is available in printed books and online in Wikipedia, web forums and the like. But you can usually just access it using a certain hierarchy based on topic, history or maybe just the alphabetic order of typographic terms. But what if you are interested in typographic information about a certain [...]

The Capital Sharp S in Use

A while ago I announced on Twitter, that it is now 5 years since the Capital Sharp S was added to the Unicode. I was asked, if it has actually been used somewhere in real world situations. A valid question! A new character shouldn’t just be made to look good in type specimen brochures. So [...]

Skyfall—Urban Calligraphy by Simon Silaidis

Simon Silaidis applied his life’s love of calligraphy in the rural, urban and suburban surroundings of Asia and Europe. You will spot his work in abandoned places, in the streets and in his studio using ink and bamboo pens. His style is a mix of Western, Asian and Arabian calligraphy and his vision of a [...]

From signs to minds—Can cartographic signs be superior to regular direction signs?

In a scientific study, Michaela Skiles from Middlebury, Vermont has tested, if simplified maps on signs could not only get people to their destination, but also help them to construct a better mental map, which would improve the understanding of the surrounding and help with orientation and navigation in the future. In this guest article, [...]

“The Geometry of Type”, 100 typefaces explained by typographer Stephen Coles

If you enter the field of typography today, you are very likely overwhelmed by the diversity of the available typeface. You can choose from over 20.000 type families at MyFonts alone. How should one ever get to understand the differences in style and quality and learn how to chose the right typefaces for a certain [...]

Introducing the pictogram font Wayfinding Sans Symbols

Ever since I publicly announced my signage typeface Wayfinding Sans Pro, people kept asking me about pictograms for this type family. So finally, here they are. A full-fledged symbol font family in 4 styles, over 400 symbols and a little bit of clever “OpenType magic” to access and combine the pictograms as easy as possible. [...]

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