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Descartes Meets Meinong: Might I be a Nonexistent Individual?

Lukas Novak thinks I am being politically, or rather philosophically, 'correct' in rejecting Meinongianism. And a relier on 'intuitions' to boot. I plead innocent to the first charge. As for the second, I rather doubt one can do philosophy at...

Harry Binswanger's Conversion

It's an old story. An adolescent adrift reads or hears Ayn Rand and suddenly has something to live for. (Via Objectiblog)

Why Some Think that Terrorism is No Big Deal

Bryan Caplan quotes "the brilliant Nathan Smith" who advances "A familiar truism well-expressed:" If we're still driving cars despite thousands of automobile accident deaths per year, we don't really set the value of human life so high that attacks in...

Political Correctness Can Get You Raped

Here. Which is more important, to protect women from rape or to be a p.c.-whipped multi-culti?

Reflections on Wise and Suicidal Immigration

An outstanding essay by Victor Davis Hanson, except that he fails to address the question of Muslim immigration and the question of a moratorium on it. A failure of nerve? A desire to remain comfortably respectable in his ivory tower?...

More Scientistic Bullshit

Yet another exercise in silly scientism. Shut up already with this stuff. I've refuted this genre of crap too many times before. Here is a sample: Bull Meets Shovel: Could Consciousness be a Conjuring Trick? Related articles On the Scientism...

What Kind of Religion is Islam?

Our old friend Jeff Hodges recommends this outstanding Commentary article by Alain Besançon. Extracts: Within this scheme, where to locate Islam? For Christians and Jews alike, the difficulty—and the embarrassment—lie in the indisputable fact that Islam believes in one God,...

Trinities Podcast 121: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? Part II

Master podcaster Dr. Dale Tuggy and I continue our discussion. He's got a great voice for this medium, doesn't he? Me, I'm too sotto voce.

God and Mind: Indiscernibility Arguments

Are the Christian and Muslim Gods the same? Why not settle this in short order with a nice, crisp, Indiscernibility argument? To wit, a. If x = y, then x, y share all intrinsic properties. (A version of the Indiscernibility...

Do Aquinas and Spinoza Refer to the Same God?

I put the following question to Francis Beckwith via e-mail: Thomas Aquinas and Spinoza both hold that there is exactly one God. Would you say that when they use Deus they succeed in referring to one and the same God,...

Do Christians and Muslims Believe in the Same God? Francis Beckwith and the Kalam Cosmological Argument

Francis Beckwith mentions the Kalam Cosmological Argument in his latest The Catholic Thing article (7 January 2106): 1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause. 2. The universe began to exist. 3. Therefore, the universe has a cause of its...

Pedantry and Precision

The philosopher's precision is pedantry to the plebeians. (Am I obsessively alliterative to the detriment of good style?) Related articles Robert Paul Wolff on Netanyahu Why has the Left 'Gone Ballistic' over Hobby Lobby?

Central Planning

You say you're for it? Would you still be for it if I could show you that it is virtually certain that you will end up among the centrally planned and not among the central planners?

Death by a Thousand Cuts

"Popular exams in UK to be rescheduled to avoid Ramadan." The UK commits cultural suicide. Not all at once, but little by little, bit by bit, concession by concession. A culture is doomed when it no longer has the will...

And when they came for the magicians . . .

... you said, "I'm not a magician." ISIS militants behead two magicians. And Obama the feckless fiddles while the world burns. In other news, 1000 Muslim youths went on a New Year's Eve rape rampage in Cologne against...

Edward Feser on Christians, Muslims, and the Reference of 'God'

So far, Ed Feser's is perhaps the best of the Internet discussions of this hot-button question, a question recently re-ignited by the Wheaton dust-up, to mix some metaphors. Herewith, some notes on Feser's long entry. I am not nearly as...

A Searle-y Objection to the Causal Theory of Names

I have been arguing that whether 'God' and equivalents as used by Jews, Christians, and Muslims refer to the same being depends on one's philosophy of language. In particular, I suggested that only on a causal theory of names could....

Trinities Podcast 120: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? Part I

Master podcaster Dale Tuggy presents the question and then he and I discuss the 'public square' and 'technical' aspects of the question. You can also hear it on YouTube. Part II in a week or so.

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