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Proof That No One is Wise

Correct a wise man and he will (sincerely) thank you.

Saul Alinksy Lives in Ferguson

A lIttle collateral reading to help along the wonderful 'conversation about race' we've been having.

John Lennon 34 Years Later

John Lennon was gunned down this night in 1980 by Mark David Chapman. I remember that night well: a student of mine called me in the middle of it to report the slaying. Lennon was my least favorite Beatle due...

Physicist George Ellis on Physicist and Pseudo-Philosopher Lawrence Krauss

From Scientific American, 22 July 2014 (HT: Karl White), emphasis added: Horgan: Lawrence Krauss, in A Universe from Nothing, claims that physics has basically solved the mystery of why there is something rather than nothing. Do you agree? Ellis: Certainly...

Where in Logical Space is God?

Milos the Serbian sends us to this sampling of correspondence by and to David Lewis assembled by his widow, Stephanie Lewis.

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Cat Songs

Harry Chapin, Cat's in the Cradle. A great song with an important message by a songwriter (1942-1981) who died too young. Bob Dylan, Cat's in the Well Bent Fabric, Alley Cat Tokens, The Lion Sleeps Tonight Rooftop Singers, Tom Cat.....

All Sins of the Spirit

All sins are of the spirit even those that are of the flesh.

Dubious Compensation

In compensation for hearing loss nature gives the old man bigger ears.

Imagine No 'Imagine'

Imagine no 'Imagine' It's easy if you try No more lefty lyrics Above us more than sky. You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And Lennon's song'll go...

No Truth, No Justice!

Rioters, looters, and their enablers on the Left love to chant, "No justice, no peace!" In one sense of these words, I completely agree. There can be no durable and genuine peace without justice. But there can be no administration.....

Are There Possible Worlds in which the Human Nature of Christ Exists Unassumed?

This entry continues the conversation with Tim Pawl about Chalcedonian Christology. I set forth the following antilogism: 3. The individual human nature of the Logos is a substance. 4. Every substance is metaphysically capable of independent existence. 5. The individual...

The Deep Meaning of Ferguson: The End of the Rule of Law

Ferguson is of course just one instance. But it is emblematic. As usual, Victor Davis Hanson gets it right: In the Ferguson disaster, the law was the greatest casualty. Civilization cannot long work if youths strong-arm shop owners and take...

Sick of Political Acrimony, Reader Goes on 'News Fast'

This from reader K. W. with my comments in blue: I am taking a break from all news and social media. I will be keeping up with your blog, however, as your most recent treatment on the Incarnation is intriguing....

On Relevance in Education

From the mail bag: I have taught high school and college-aged kids for many years, and am very often lobbed the relevance question. The logical coherence of the concept of God. Theories of space and time. Classic questions in epistemology...

Reason with Liberals?

One cannot reason with those who are permanently in a state of self-colonoscopy.

What Did You Do With Your Life, God?

Thanksgiving evening, the post-prandial conversation was very good. Christian Marty K. raised the question of what one would say were one to meet God after death and God asked, "What did you do with your life?" Atheist Peter L. shot...

Do You Think Your Views Will Ever Change?

The question was put to atheist A. C. Grayling. His response: No, my views will not change; I am confident in the rationalist tradition which has evaluated the metaphysical and ethical claims of non-naturalistic theories, and definitively shown them to...

'Spengler' on the Criminal Rights Movement

David P. Goldman talks sense about Ferguson and the liberal-left threat to civil society and the rule of law: The argument of what now might be termed a “criminals’ rights movement” is that the police should not have the right...

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