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Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart

A masterpiece of the aphorist's art. Attributed to Jean Massieu (1772-1846)

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Ships and Trains and Boats and Planes

Doors, Crystal Ship Clancy Bros., When the Ship Comes In. Peter, Paul, and Mary also do a fine job with the great Dylan anthem. Brewer and Shipley, One Toke Over the Line. What you'll be when the shit comes in....

Rightly Considered

From the comments to Censor This you will gain an insight into the tactics of the totalitarian Left.

The Discursive Framework, Logic, and Whether the Via Negativa is the Path to Nowhere

The Historian of Logic comments: It seems to me that what you call the ‘Discursive Framework’ is what I and others call ‘logic’, and that it reflects a Kantian view of logic that prevailed before Russell and Frege, namely that...

"I Swear, If You Existed, I'd Divorce You."

If the recipient of this insult had been a philosophy professor instead of a mere history professor, he might have responded as follows. "Darling, by the Existence Symmetry of Relations, if a relation R holds, then either all of its...

The 'Liberal' Speaks

If it ain't totalitarian, then it ain't government!

Thinker, Thought, Sentence

If the thought is to the sentence as soul to body, then thinker is to thought as God to soul.

George Orwell on the Renegade 'Liberal'

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Here is the great Orwell from 1945 in The Freedom of the Press: One of the peculiar phenomena of our time is the renegade Liberal. Over and above the familiar...

The Academic Curtain

Thomas Sowell on the sad state of our elite universities. Excerpt: There is no barbed wire around our campuses, nor armed guards keeping unwelcome ideas out. So there is no "iron curtain." But there is a curtain, and it has...

Thinking and Speaking about the Absolute: Three Views

Univocity. There is an absolute reality. We can speak of it literally and sometimes truly using predicates of ordinary language that retain in their metaphysical use the very same sense they have in their mundane use. For example, we can...

On the Left: No Wisdom, No Common Sense

What follows, from Victor Davis Hanson, is the correct view on illegal immigration. But you will never get a destructive, hate-America leftist to accept it: Illegal Immigration. No country can exist without borders. Hillary and Obama have all but destroyed...

On 'Nativism'

Publius Decius Mus: For the record, I cop to being a “nativist.” I prefer policies that explicitly favor the existing American citizenry, the people born here, i.e., the natives. I’m somewhat impressed that Pethokoukis and his ilk have managed to...

Is the Real a Tricycle? Plantinga versus Hick, Round One

In his Warranted Christian Belief (Oxford UP, 2000), Alvin Plantinga mounts a critique of John Hick's Kantianism in the philosophy of religion. In this entry I will begin an evaluation of Plantinga's critique. I will focus on just two and...

Richard Swinburne's Paper Now Online

Here is the paper by the distinguished philosopher of religion that was found 'hurtful' by the crybullies at the recent Midwest meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers. Related articles The Swinburne Dust Up at the Society for Christian Philosophers

Obama: 'There's no Religious Rationale' for Jihad Terror

Refutation here. I am put in mind of something similar Obama said a couple of years ago. He said, "ISIL is not Islamic." What's the reasoning behind Obama's statement? Perhaps this: 1. All religions are good. 2. Islam is a...

The West is the Best

In every sense. Well, maybe not in every sense: I live on the far eastern edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area with those glorious mountains right outside my window. The western end of the Valle del Sol is flat and...

The Collapse of the Universities

Further documentation: Christina van Dyke Owes Richard Swinburne her Resignation Should Christina van Dyke Resign?

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Coffee

October 1st is International Coffee Day. Herewith, some tunes in celebration. Not that I'm drinking coffee now: it's a morning and afternoon drink. I am presently partaking of a potent libation consisting of equal parts of Tequila and Campari with...

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