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The Conservative 'Resistance' is Futile

David Gelernter is tops. Excerpt: I’d love for him [Trump] to be a more eloquent, elegant speaker. But if I had to choose between deeds and delivery, it wouldn’t be hard. Many conservative intellectuals insist that Mr. Trump’s wrong policies...

Build the Wall

In this PragerU video, Charles Krauthammer presents a workable and humane solution to the problem of illegal immigration. About five and one half minutes long.

Wonder and Nonentity

George MacDonald: An Anthology, ed. C. S. Lewis, Macmillan 1960, #169: We must not wonder things away into nonentity. An occupational hazard of a certain sort of philosopher. My haiku commentary on MacDonald's epigram: Beginning in wonder Wisdom runs the...


George MacDonald: An Anthology, ed. C. S. Lewis, Macmillan 1960, p. 41, #57: A man is in bondage to whatever he cannot part with that is less than himself.

Moral Progress

It is a sign of moral progress when, considering one's peccadilloes, one begins to wonder about the appropriateness of the diminutive suffix.

Disagreement in Philosophy: Notes on Ji?í Fuchs

That philosophers disagree is a fact about which there is little disagreement, even among philosophers. But what this widespread and deep disagreement signifies is a topic of major disagreement. One issue is whether or not the fact of disagreement supplies...

On the Logical Independence of Person and Proposition

If the Father of Lies speaks a truth per accidens, it is still a truth. And if the Father of Lights speaks a falsehood per impossibile, it is still a falsehood.

Back to Blog: Plugged In and Posting

August is upon us and this philosophical gyrovagus settles down once again in his cyber-scriptorium for further adventures at the limits of intelligibility.

2017 'Big Unplug' Begins Today

I'll be offline and incommunicado for the month of July. The plan is for normal operations to resume on or about 1 August. I ask my valued correspondents to refrain from sending me any links to events of the day...

Andrew Klavan on Fake News

A PragerU video, about five and a half minutes long. Here are links to my Klavan posts.

Harry Binswanger on Why Language Matters

I am not a Libertarian or an Objectivist. But I do agree with much of what Harry Binswanger says here. (HT: C. Cathcart) I've been harping on similar themes for years. I'll pull some quotations.... since words...

Walter E. Williams on Secession

I do not advocate secession. But in these trying times all options must be explored. Professor Williams' Were Confederate Generals Traitors? (HT: Bill Keezer) concludes: Confederate generals were fighting for independence from the Union just as George Washington and other...

Physicalist Christology? Notes on Merricks

"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.... (John 1:14) Physicalism is popular among philosophers these days. So it is no surprise that Christian philosophers are drawn to it as well, including those who...

John Pepple is Burned Out

I’m burned out and will take a break from blogging. Don’t expect to hear much from me before September. Basically, I’m up against total irrationality, and I think it’s worthless to engage in rational argument. Agreed, liberals and leftists are...

Don't Harbor the Negative

When negative thoughts drift into port, note them, but don't let them drop anchor. Let them drift out again.

Names on Grave Stones

The names on grave stones are proper names for a time, while the memories of survivors provide reference-fixing context. But with the passing of the survivors the names revert to commonality. After a while the dead may as well lie.....


The Catholic Church is in sad shape. Have you heard a good sermon lately? I could do better off the top of my head, and I am a very poor public speaker. Here are some notes for a sermon I...

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