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Memo to Pope Francis: Capitalism is the Solution, not the Problem

I mean if he is serious about reducing poverty. Stephanie Slade in a very good Reason article: He has been called the "slum pope" and "a pope for the poor." And indeed, it's true that Pope Francis, leader to 1.3...

Galen Strawson on Zombies and Whether 'Physical' is a Natural Kind Term

1. What is a zombie? You will have gathered that a zombie is a creature of philosophical fiction conjured up to render graphic a philosophical issue and to throw certain questions in the philosophy of mind into relief. A zombie...

Does Matter Think?

If matter (wholly material beings) could think, then matter would not be matter as currently understood. Can abstracta think? Sets count as abstracta. Can a set think? Could the set of primes contemplate itself and think the thought, I am...

Galen Strawson Versus Nicholas Humphrey on Consciousness

(This is a repost from February 2013 slightly emended, except for an addendum added today. Reposts are the reruns of the blogosphere. You don't watch a Twilight Zone or Seinfeld episode just once do you?)..................... A couple of days...

The Fact-Free Flamboyance of Francis

George Will takes the present Pope to task. Francis is as foolish as Obama. Both are much exercised over 'climate change' but not so much when it comes to the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and the destruction...

Other People

We need those distorting mirrors called other people to achieve self-knowledge. For a distorting mirror, while it distorts, also mirrors.

Why Write?

Why Do I Write? I write to know my own mind, to actualize my own mind, and to attract a few like-minded and contrary-minded people. The like-minded lend support, and the contrary-minded – assuming that their criticisms are rationally based...

Liberals and Standards

Heather MacDonald reports: Monday’s violence [at the West Indian American Day Parade] also should provide advance warning that the New York City Council’s plan to decriminalize such quality-of-life laws as public drinking and public urination is a recipe for disaster....

Eyes in the Mirror

The eyes you see in the mirror when you look at yourself are not seeing eyes but seen eyes. Strange but true: your seeing eyes are and must remain invisible.

A Tautology at John 19:22?

"What I have written, I have written." (Pilate) Another example of a tautological formulation the meaning of which is non-tautological: What is written I will not change. Sentence meaning and speaker's meaning come apart. I explore this phenomenon in detail...

Use and Abuse

Abuse is no argument against right use.


Honor them for what is or was honorable in them. As for the rest, forgive and forget, or at least forgive. Honor the honorable; forgive the rest.

Mass Incarceration?

Leftist lies here demolished. To understand the Left you must never forget that truth is not a leftist value. Living proof: Obama and Hillary. Leftists, like Islamists, feel justified in engaging in any form of mendacity so long as it...

Is the Christian the True Philosopher?

Steven Nemes makes two main points in his Christian Life as Philosophy. The first I agree with entirely: Jesus Christ is not a philosopher. The philosopher is a mere lover of wisdom. His love is desirous and needy; it is...

On Indoctrination

Is indoctrination ever a good thing? Presumably, to indoctrinate is to teach one doctrine as if it is true, as opposed to presenting a variety of different doctrines on the same topic without endorsing any one of them. In general,.....

The Prescience of Obama bin Laden

We need to face reality as gloomy and 'doomy' as it is. Richard Fernandez, Prediction from the Grave (HT: Bill Keezer): Very few would have predicted on September 11, 2001 that the headlines 14 years later would feature an American....

"Black Lives Matter"

Victor Davis Hanson argues that this is just another of a series of silly slogans fated to perish of its own inanity and be forgotten. He gives it a year.

The Neo-Com Left's Nihilist Agenda

The following reproduced verbatim from Tully Borland's weblog. In the absence of a practical alternative to the capitalist system, the [Marxist] revolutionary project is a nihilism--the will to destroy existing societies without an idea of what to do next. The...

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