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Progress and the Optimum Balance of Victory and Defeat

There is a whole social science to the optimal balance of victory and defeat in social movements and social change. Consider two political cartoons by Mike Luckovich. This from June 21: And this one from June 25: Did he really just demand the removal of the Confederate flag and then mock people who would celebrate its removal? Is that […]

“American Parties” in Other Countries

Using pictures with the tag #americanparty on Instagram, Buzzfeed put together a non-scientific collection of what “American Parties” thrown in other countries look like. it’s an interesting window into how they view us. Themes include red cups, popcorn, marshmallows, and sports jerseys. Happy 4th of July weekend everyone. Visit the original post for the whole set of […]

Celebrating the Great Battle of 4th of July

If Mexicans celebrated the 4th like Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo: From Flama. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

OK Cupid Data on Sex, Desirability, and Age

Flashback Friday. The guys at OK Cupid recently looked at how age preferences disadvantage older women on the site.  First, the post’s author, Christian Rudder, points out, the distribution of singles is pretty matched by sex at most ages: But that doesn’t necessarily mean that women and men of the same age are reaching out to […]

Nearly Half of Black and Latina Scientists Mistaken for Janitors or Assistants

A new survey of 557 female scientists found widespread experiences of discrimination and alienation in the workforce that varied in interesting ways by race. While all types of women reported experiencing these forms of discrimination in large numbers — and 100% of a sub-sample of 60 interviewed for the study reported at least one — the race differences […]

Why Do People Hate the Word “Moist”?

Hey, they did a study. Psychologist Paul Thibodeau and three colleagues decided that it was time to take a closer look at the word “moist,” writing: The word “moist” … has been the subject of a Facebook page (called “I HATE the word MOIST”) with over 3,000 followers and was rated as the least liked word in the […]

This Month in SocImages (June 2015)

SocImages News: Phew. What a month. Thanks to The Conversation for asking me to expand a post I wrote about the sexism and xenophobia behind Dylann Roof’s murders. Their version was picked up by the Washington Post, where it was re-posted, attracting over 500 comments. June’s roller coaster of events inspired two new SocImages Collections on the fight for […]

Why Don’t Jury Pools Bond Anymore? Character vs. Structure

I was on jury duty this week, and the greatest challenge for me was the “David Brooks temptation” to use the experience to expound on the differences in generations and the great changes in culture and character that technology and history have brought. I did my first tour of duty in the 1970s. Back then you […]

Oh Yeah, Don’t Forget the Guns

Ouch. In case you were feeling too good about the demotion of the Confederate flag, here’s one from cartoonist Jonathan Schmock: Visit Schmock’s website here. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Where is Gay Marriage Legal in the U.S.?

On June 26th, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage violate the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. This is your image of the week: Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

A SocImages Collection: Same-Sex Marriage

Legal status of same-sex marriage in the U.S.: 2015: Supreme Court rules ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional 2013: A great year for marriage equality 2012: Map of the state legality of same-sex marriage in the U.S. The social psychology of same-sex marriage: Why are people changing their minds on same-sex marriage? The contact hypothesis: Does knowing a gay […]

Race and the Criminalization of Opium, Marijuana, and More

Flashback Friday. My great-grandma would put a few drops of turpentine on a sugar cube as a cure-all for any type of cough or respiratory ailment. Nobody in the family ever had any obvious negative effects from it as far as I know. And once when I had a sinus infection my grandma suggested that […]

Pluralistic Ignorance and Retreat from the Confederate Flag

The governors of Virginia and South Carolina have now taken stands against the Confederate battle flag. So have honchos at WalMart, Sears, Target, and NASCAR. NASCAR! How could this cascade of reversals have happened so rapidly? Did these important people wake up one morning this week and say to themselves, “Gee, I never realized that […]

What To Do With A City’s Racist Past?

In the aftermath of Dylann Roof’s racist murder, some cities in the South are reconsidering their relationship to the Confederate Flag. Should it fly? Be in a museum? Burn? The discussion raises larger questions of how to move forward from ugly histories without simultaneously whitewashing a city’s past. And, as well, how do we know when something is […]

Millennials are No Less Racist than Generation X

One of the important conversations that has began in the wake of Dylann Roof’s racist murder in South Carolina has to do with racism among members of the Millennial generation. We’ve placed a lot of faith in this generation to pull us out of our racist path, but Roof’s actions may help remind us that racism will […]

If Einstein Had Been a Social Scientist

By Wiley Miller. H/t to Larry Stern. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Energy Drinks And Violent Masculinity

Flashback Friday. Toban B. sent in some photographs and a discussion of how energy drinks are gendered. Energy drinks are already gendered to begin with in a couple of different ways at least: (1) they are marketed as hydration for athletes and sports is a masculine arena and (2) women aren’t usually encouraged to consume […]

I am a White Woman. No More Murder in My Name.

Many important things will be said in the next few weeks about the murder of nine people holding a prayer meeting at a predominantly African American church yesterday. Assuming that Dylann Roof is the murderer and that he made the proclamation being quoted in the media, I want to say: “I am a white woman. […]

A SocImages Collection: White Men and Violence

Overviews of white, male violence White masculinity and guns: A lethal equation? (White) men and the glorification of violence (on the Sociology of Gender Pinterest board) On white men’s anger and sense of persecution America’s angriest...Show More Summary

Same-Sex Couples More Likely to Divide than Share Household Chores

A new study from the Families and Work Institute compared household divisions of labor in 225 other-sex couples and same-sex couples in which both partners worked. The researchers found that same-sex couples are more likely than different-sex couples to share responsibility for chores. Show More Summary

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