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Sunday Fun: Correlation or Causation?

By xkcd. Originally posted in 2009. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Sat Stat: Staggering Graph Reveals the Cooptation of Economic Recoveries by the Rich

The graph below represents the share of the income growth that went to the richest 10% of Americans in ten different economic recoveries.  The chart comes from economist Pavlina Tcherneva. It’s quite clear from the far right blue and red columns that the top 10% have captured 100% of the income gains in the most […]

Happy Birthday, Gloria Anzaldua!

We are happy to honor Gloria Anzaldúa.  Anzaldúa was a lesbian Chicana feminist of European and American Indian descent, born in Texas to parents of Mexican lineage.  This collection of identities informed her social theory and she is credited with articulating the importance of intersectionality, or the way in which multiple identities in a single individual inflect […]

Hunters and Their Kills: Destroying or Taming Nature?

Flashback Friday. Flipping through Safari magazine, something that struck me as odd.  Because the magazine is aimed, primarily, at selling hunting safaris, the vast majority of the pictures were people posing with their kills. What I noticed was that, in nearly 100 percent of the pictures, the animals were posed so as to look alive: resting […]

Happy Birthday, bell hooks!

Gloria Jean Watkins (1952 – ) adopted her pen name, bell hooks, from her maternal great-grandmother Bell Blair Hooks. Her writing examines a broad range of topics, but one theme is the attention she draws to the interconnectivity of capitalism, race, and gender. Throughout her prolific career, she has repeatedly exposed the way these dimensions […]

Seeing Sexual Orientation: “How Do You Know?” vs. “How Can’t You Have Known?”

In 2009, Benoit Denizet-Lewis wrote in the New York Times that youth were coming out as gay, bisexual, and lesbian at increasingly early ages. Coming out in middle school, though, often prompted parents to ask the classic question: “But how do you know you’re gay?” The equally classic response to this question is, “Well, how do you know you’re […]

Why Don’t Religious People Know More About Religion?

Economist Robin Hanson has an “it isn’t about” list. It begins: Food isn’t about Nutrition Clothes aren’t about Comfort Also on the list is: Church isn’t about God Maybe church isn’t about religious ideas either. I was reminded of this recently when I followed a link to a Pew quiz on religious knowledge. It’s a […]

The Manliest Shoes You’ve Ever Seen (1971)

When you hear the phrase Hush Puppies, think of basset hounds, and see these shoes, do you think “rugged, masculine, virile”? Because that’s what the copy says. In fact, this ad argues that wearing these shoes might make a women’s rights advocate call you a male chauvinist pig because they’re that masculine. If this isn’t evidence of […]

Separating Marriage from Childrearing: The Mosuo

In the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China lives a small ethnic group called the Mosuo. Among the Mosuo, romantic and family life are separated into different spheres by design. Children are usually raised in the home of their maternal grandmother with the help of their mother. She may maintain a long-term, monogamous romantic relationship […]

Sunday Fun: Student Suffers Alienation from paper on Alienation

Found at Nerdy Jokes. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Saturday Stat: NFL Players May Be More Law Abiding Than Other Men

Ray Rice’s violent assault of Janay Palmer has placed a spotlight on the criminal records of professional football players more generally. It is tempting to presume that men who spend their lives perfecting the use of violence are more violent in their day-to-day lives, but we don’t have to speculate. We have some data. USA Today maintains a […]

Who Cleans Up City Fun?

Flashback Friday. This series of pictures is from a San Francisco Chronicle article about flash mobs, or “an international fad, partly anarchistic, partly absurdist, in which a mob of participants suddenly materializes at a public place, engages in odd behavior [like pillow or shaving cream fights] and then disperses.” This last picture is of Martin […]

Why Don’t More Women Commit Fraud?

Women in the U.S. have made some monumental gains at work.  We’re now at least half the labor force and more women today are middle- and upper- managers in corporate America.  Even so, I wasn’t surprised to discover that women have not (yet) made similar inroads into high-level corporate crime. Rather, it’s “business as usual” when […]

For-Profit Colleges and the Conditions that Feed Them

One of the better things about social media is that if you manage to curate social feeds with just the right balance of entertaining spirits and brilliant intellects, it delivers unto you amazing content you would have otherwise missed. I woke up one of these days — Sunday? Monday? I’m dissertating — to find dozens […]

Racial Disparity in Imprisonment Inspire Whites to be “Tough on Crime”

“Advocates might want to try different language (or a different approach) in their campaign to reform the criminal justice system,” writes Jamelle Bouie for Slate. She drew her conclusion after summarizing a new pair of studies, by psychologists...Show More Summary

Fashion as a Inescapable Institution

One of the more difficult sociological concepts to explain is the social institution.  When sociologists talk about institutions they don’t mean hospitals or churches or any of the concrete organizations that easily come to mind, they mean something much bigger and more difficult to pin down.  They  mean institutionalized ways of doing things or, as I’ve defined […]

Sunday Fun: Social Theorists on a Tree Falling in the Forest…

By Stacy, who blogs at Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Saturday Stat: The Average Prisoner is Visited Only Twice

Prisoners who can maintain ties to people on the outside tend to do better — both while they’re incarcerated and after they’re released. A new Crime and Delinquency article by Joshua Cochran, Daniel Mears, and William Bales, however, shows relatively low rates of visitation. The study was based on a cohort of prisoners admitted into and released […]

How Do We Decipher Sex in Daily Life?

Flashback Friday. In Michael Kimmel’s sociology of gender textbook, The Gendered Society, he offers us the following two pictures and asks us to decide, based on our gut-level reactions, whether the two individuals pictured are male or female: If you are like most people, you find, perhaps to your own bewilderment, that the first individual […]

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