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Adobe, Amazon, and the Great "Spying" Scandal

Alarmist stories at Gigaom, Arstechnica, and elsewhere have recently villainized Adobe Systems for collecting e-book analytics (in unencrypted form) from readers, surreptitiously. "Adobe is Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their eBook Libraries." a headline from blares. Show More Summary

And Now for a Bit of Perspective

A little perspective can be a good thing, so the next time you feel a need to have your mind blown, just watch this short video and you're sure to come away with a "perspective reset."Some additional perspective: On a clear night, using...Show More Summary

Don't Just Mind the Gap, Trade It

I don't often write about investing tips, but this morning's market action was such a classic example of a money-making situation, I feel obliged to share what I (think I) know.Many investors know about the principle of "trading theShow More Summary

What Young People Don't Know

Young people today don't realize what has happened to the U.S. economy over the past 40 years. Their sense of what's "normal" is shaped by current reality, not the reality their parents grew up in. They don't know how things were; how...Show More Summary

Don't Grinfck Me

You've seen the scenario play itself out a million times before. A client or coworker comes to you for advice; you offer your very best insights. The other person nods, smiles, thanks you, and agrees to put some of your ideas into action. Show More Summary

Google Plus Is Irrelevant

It's interesting to compare the social media sites on Google Trends to see how they're doing. Twitter and Facebook dwarf all the others, so I'm not going to dwell on them (but see discussion further below). What's fascinating is the comparison of Google Plus against Pinterest, LinkedIn, and challenger Wattpad. Show More Summary

Do Dashboards Have to Be Shitty?

Paul Cothenet has written a terrific blog called "The Laws of Shitty Dashboards," which resonated with me and apparently, also, with thousands of other people. How do I know? I checked my Twitter Analytics dashboard. I found that only...Show More Summary

How Automated Comments Work

Anyone who runs a popular blog knows that many Comments are posted by bots. But they often sound surprisingly human. How does that work?The answer is, certain text-generating programs, like Manhood, exist that can be scripted to produce...Show More Summary

A Caution about Killing Apps with Task Manager

I just encountered a situation with Firefox that's distressing and potentially dangerous (but for which I discovered the workaround).I'm a heavy user of Firefox (and Chrome) and often finish the day with Firefox eating 2 gigs of RAM or more. Show More Summary

Are You Up to Speed on Microdata?

Today's post is reblogged (with permission) from Do you have a web site? Do you care about Google search ranking? Do you tag blog posts with keywords? Practice safe SEO?Well, everything you know is about to change. But first a bit of backstory. Show More Summary

How to Get JavaScript to Work in a WordPress Page

Why does it so often happen that the things you thought were going to be easy turn out to be hard, and the things you knew were going to be hard turn out to be easy?Case in point: I wanted to get a bunch of RSS feeds onto a news page at, and did. Show More Summary

Putting a News Stream into a WordPress Site

Over at, I managed to put together a News page in record time using the WordPress plugin HungryFEED. The (free) plugin was worth its weight in gold. And validates (in my mind) the superiority of the WordPress platform as a blogging platform.Most plugins are easy to install or uninstall on WordPress and can be figured out quickly. Show More Summary

Last Responsible Moment

A military officer who was about to retire once reportedly said: "The most important thing I did in my career was to teach young leaders that whenever they saw a threat, their first job was to determine the timebox for their response. Show More Summary

Amazon and Acquia

A fascinating news tidbit surfaced a few days ago at CMS Wire. It seems Amazon has invested in Acquia (the company that provides commercial support for Drupal, the popular open-source content management system), at a time when Acquia...Show More Summary

Complexity Begets Charm

Giamatti and Curch in Sideways. Today's post is reblogged (with permission) from took me ten years to finally get around to watching the quirky 2004 bromance Sideways, starring Paul Giamatti, Thomas Hayden Church, Virginia Madsen, and the ever-piquant Sandra Oh. Show More Summary

When Is It Really Necessary to Hold a Meeting?

Jason Fried explains very nicely, in a 15-minute TED talk (watch it here), why the modern office is a singularly poor place in which to get work done. Bottom line: The modern office is specifically designed to facilitate interruptions. Show More Summary

Hachette vs. Amazon: A Trader's Perspective

Hachette and Amazon are locked in a pricing dispute that's gone on for some time now. It may eventually be resolved, although frankly, it could well go unresolved, too; Hachette doesn't have to cave in to Amazon's demands. Hachette may...Show More Summary

A Workflow Wish List

In my day job, I evaluate content management systems (enterprise-grade systems, not light-duty blogware), and I get to see and touch a lot of so-called workflow systems. This is the part of the system that (for example) routes documents...Show More Summary

Complementing Codons: A Riddle Solved?

For some time now, I've been puzzling over a fairly big riddle, and I think an answer is becoming clear.The riddle is: Why, in so many organisms, do codons turn up at a rate approximately equal to the rate of usage of reverse-complement...Show More Summary

Pearson vs. Spearman: A Tale of Two Correlations

One of the most rudimentary yet most valuable types of statistics you can calculate for two data sets is their correlation value. Two widely used correlation methods are the Pearson method (which is what we normally think of when we think "correlation coefficient"), and the Spearman Rank Coefficient method. Show More Summary

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