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So You Want to Do an E-mail Blast

If you read the marketing blogs, they all say (and I agree) that your single best marketing tool, if you had to choose just one tool out of everything available to you, is your e-mail list.You are building an e-mail list, right? To promote...Show More Summary

Can You Treat Depression with Tryptophan?

You can buy 5-hydroxytryptophan over the counter for "mood" amelioration, but beware of serotonin syndrome. When mainline antidepressants don't work (as they often don't) people sometimes turn to nutritional supplements. The most obvious one to turn to, in the case of depression, is tryptophan, because it's a precursor of serotonin. Show More Summary

How to Scrape the Twitter Notifications Timeline

A while back, I promised I would share the fugly hack I'm using to scrape Twitter profile pics (as live links) to use at the bottom of each blog post. (Scroll to the bottom to see what I mean.) The code ain't pretty, but it works. And...Show More Summary

Market Update for 26 Feb

I follow stocks closely, but I rarely blog about the market, since whenever I do, people stay away in droves (or so it seems). This short update is for the few who care as much as I do about making money in the market. (I have to care. Show More Summary

Hacking Your Depression

Over the years, at various times, I've been diagnosed bipolar I, bipolar II, and have been seen for Major Depressive Episode. I've tried Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Pristiq, Serzone, Wellbutrin, Remeron, and lots of other antidepressants,...Show More Summary

Fun with Zipf Forensics

As a student of all things weird and wonderful, I have this horrible habit of stopping what I'm doing, in the middle of the work day, to investigate this or that oddball idea (making a Detour to Codeville), and then five minutes later,...Show More Summary

How to Manage Your Twitter Account

Today's post may read like an ad for, but I can assure you, I get no kickbacks of any kind from I just happen to like their app, and I like it well enough to recommend it; in fact, I'm willing to go so far as to say, if you're serious about Twitter and you're not using You're crazy. Show More Summary

Do We Really Need to Teach Kids to Code?

Once again, President Obama (who is presumably not a coder) is advocating that every child learn how to code, saying: “We’ve got to have our kids in math and science, and it can’t just be a handful of kids. It’s got to be everybody. Everybody’s got to learn how to code early.” The problem is, it's the right message for the wrong reasons. Show More Summary

Does Headline Testing Work?

The marketing blogs all say that if you want more blog traffic, you have to know how to write a good headline. But the blogs that say that are also the ones that typically have lame headlines like "Increase Your Traffic with This One Freaky Tip!" or "Are You Making These Blogging Mistakes?", etc., ad nauseam. Show More Summary

Our Sugar Addiction Problem

In an interview at Vox, Robert Lustig makes the case for treating sugar like a controlled substance, similar to alcohol and tobacco. The case is very easy to make, of course. Sugar is, for many people, every bit as addictive as other abused substances; people self-medicate with it for many of the same reasons they use alcohol or tobacco, in fact. Show More Summary

Oil and the Price of Corn Flakes

Lately, I've blogged a lot about mental health (and the two books I've done on that topic), but today I'm going to switch gears. For optimum mental health, I've learned I need to have hobbies or interests. One of those interests is getting my 401K (which is technically now an IRA) to grow in the midst of a turbulent market. Show More Summary

Anatomy of a Viral Post

On Valentine's Day (14 Feb), I posted something here that arguably "went viral," although in truth, 22,743 views can hardly be considered viral (real virality would be, say, 100K page views). Let's put it this way: There was an element of virality involved. Show More Summary

An Apple Car?

The rumor mill is buzzing. Apple's working on a car.Sure, why not? Apple needs a lucrative product (not a trinket; not a watch) to take its revenues to the next level. They could hand-build cars (a la Ferrari) and sell them for a million apiece. Show More Summary

Google Layoffs Haven

The views expressed here are entirely my own, not those of my employer.

Scraping Avatars from the Twitter Timeline

Today's post is not very sexy (unless you're kinkier than I thought), but I promised a few days ago I'd share the fugly JavaScript code I hacked together to screen-scrape avatar-links from the Twitter native (browser) app in Notifications...Show More Summary

Of Two Minds

You'll forgive me if I'm out of breath. I feel like I just ran the literary equivalent of a marathon.Since September, I've written a 120,000-word memoir (and a second book, a 40,000-word mental health how-to book) and shepherded theShow More Summary

Get Some Structure in Your Life

I need to vent but I need to make it productive. And I will try hard to do so.I need to vent because my wife (who is "going through a lot right now," meaning: trying to recover from schizophrenia) is sleeping odd hours and just got me up at 3:00 in the morning. Show More Summary

Why Google Is the New Yahoo

There've been a number of what one might call "peak Google" articles lately, most conspicuously the New York Times piece yesterday. Not the first such article and not the last. A few days ago, I blogged about the death of blogging and...Show More Summary

Random Acts of Kindness (AOKs)

I'm an altruist, but for totally selfish reasons.I do things for others—because it benefits me.I have a how-to book coming out in a couple of days (Hack Your Depression), as well as a mental-health memoir (Of Two Minds); and in the first...Show More Summary

Yes, Blogging Is Dead. Next Question?

Yesterday I blogged about this blog, in my 800th post, and today I want to take a temporary detour (I'll get back to more serious fare soon) to add to the chatter about blogs in general by addressing the oft-asked question: Is blogging...Show More Summary

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