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A step up for economy class seating

A Cambridge, Massachusetts independent designer has come up with some interesting alternative designs for inflight economy seating. The key concept: making use of the empty space that’s currently headroom. Emil Jacob’s website offers a range of patent-pending design options, from double-decker business class to tiered economy class designs. Show More Summary

Air New Zealand reveals new lie-flat design for economy class

Air New Zealand is launching new seats in its long haul economy class, with a section of the plane fitted with “Skycouch” seats designed to create a three-seat wide airborne equivalent of a foldout couch. It’s an effort to create the first lie-flat bed in coach, a worthy goal if ever there was one. Show More Summary

Huh?? FAA rule bans storing anything in seatback pockets

A couple weeks ago, Joe Sharkey posted a tale on his blog of a flight attendant requiring passengers to keep their personal belongings out of the seatback pockets. He thought it was an overzealous airline employee. He was wrong. TheShow More Summary

What a shock: Your e-passport isn’t secure after all

Backtracking from earlier claims that e-passports are “totally secure,” the U.S. State Department is now urging travelers to keep their RFID-chip enabled passports in “radio-opaque sleeves” to protect owners from having their information skimmed by unauthorized readers within a 30-foot range. Show More Summary

Baggage wrapping: Brilliant or stupid?

It hasn’t yet taken off in the US, but checked-luggage wrapping stations are cropping up in airports around the world. For a fee, an attendant will encase your suitcase in plastic wrap. A few small incisions to restore access to the handles and wheels, and off you go. I’m admittedly a skeptic, though I jealously … Continue reading "Baggage wrapping: Brilliant or stupid?"

Rail website charges double if you search in English

Last week, I was trying to book tickets for travel between Barcelona and Madrid on the relatively-new AVE high-speed rail line. I soon realized that the price quoted on the website of RENFE, Spain’s national railway, depended on the language in which you chose to conduct your searches. Show More Summary

Disaggregating fare aggregators 2009: Which airfare comparison sites are the best?

Nearly three years ago, this site reviewed the then-burgeoning field of airfare aggregators, also known as metasearch sites. These sites let you compare the fares available across multiple airlines and across multiple booking sites, to help you find the lowest fare. Show More Summary

“You have chunks in your beer”: Amazing customer letter to Midwest Airlines

Midwest Airlines recently went from having “Signature Service,” with wider seats on its Boeing 717s, to stuffing “normal” coach seats onto the back half the plane and charging $50 extra for the right to sit in the wider seats. The same wider seats that used to be the norm. Show More Summary

2008 Travies nominations: best single-author travel blog

BEST SINGLE-AUTHOR TRAVEL BLOG This award celebrates the best travel blog written by an individual blogger. Again, the topic is open, as long as there is only one regular poster. You may nominate UP TO THREE BLOGS by leaving a comment in this post. Show More Summary

Downgrade made official: United eliminates free meals on most transatlantic flights

The major airlines’ race downhill has shifted into overdrive. United, once an airline that tried to make the customer experience better, is making hypotheticals real. They’re charging for meals on flights to Europe, raising prices for stuff sold on board, and reducing the service offered in some domestic premium classes. Show More Summary

Snowglobes are banned… for your safety

It didn’t make it into Gadling’s top ten list of items not to attempt to carry through a TSA checkpoint, but Matt Daimler, founder of the invaluable, sent in this photo he snapped at LaGuardia Airport security: That’s right, don’t bring a snowglobe in your carry-on this holiday season. Show More Summary

Airline seat advice showdown 2009: SeatGuru vs SeatExpert

Not all airline seats are created equal. For those who understand this simple but important point, SeatGuru has been an invaluable resource for years. Rarely do I choose a seat without consulting the Seatguru charts first. But now, the competing site SeatExpert has gotten a makeover. Show More Summary

George Lucas (hearts) airports

These posters are fantastic. They’re pitching the Star Wars weekends at Disney/MGM in Orlando, taking place this month, but for whatever reason, the Star Wars characters are moving through airports, instead of cavorting in the Magic Kingdom. Show More Summary

Nominations now open for the 2007 Travvies

WELCOME TO THE 2007 TRAVVIES As announced last week, we’re kicking off the very first Travvies — the travel blog awards.   Why do this? There are a number of great blogs out there devoted to travel. When I tell people that I write a travel blog, people often immediately follow up with, “You mean, you … Continue reading "Nominations now open for the 2007 Travvies"

2007 Travvies nominations: best informative/practical travel blog

BEST INFORMATIVE/PRACTICAL TRAVEL BLOG This award goes to a travel blog that provides news, commentary, advice, or general insight into the workings of travel. Informative, and useful: You learn from such a blog. Unlike a destination blog, this category is more practically minded. Show More Summary

2007 Travvies nominations: best destination blog

BEST DESTINATION BLOG This award celebrates the best travel blog focusing on particular destinations — cities, countries, wherever. Quality writing and/or photography about that location that make you want to book a flight (or train, or ship) as soon as you can. Show More Summary

Update: Pie apparently a threat to security after all

Take everything I said a few days ago about TSA agents having a sense of humor and happily allowing pie-wielding passengers to pass through security, and throw it in the trash like so many 4-ounce bottles of shampoo. Sigh. From the always...Show More Summary

The mysterious popularity of ginger ales on airlines

A recent article on identifies a trend in American aviation catering: The surprisingly high demand for ginger ale on America’s planes. Why ginger ale, and not Coke, 7UP, or Bloody Mary mix? The most popular theory among flight attendants is that it relieves nausea. Show More Summary

2008 Travvies nominations: best travel blog

BEST TRAVEL BLOG This is the big one, the grand prize. As the overall winner, this award will go to a blog whose travel-related writings have been consistently interesting, entertaining, useful, well-written, or otherwise worth spending time reading. Show More Summary

2007 Travvies nominations: best travel blog

BEST TRAVEL BLOG This is the big one, the grand prize. As the overall winner, this award will go to a blog whose travel-related writings have been consistently interesting, entertaining, useful, well-written, or otherwise worth spending time reading. Show More Summary

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