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Blog Post Archive Coupon Codes for October 2014 is a popular online accommodation booking website founded in 1996 Latest Coupon Codes for October 2014 How to redeem a coupon code on is designed in a way that helps customers browse their favorite offers and find rooms that will meet their needs. You will find it easy to browse through […] Discount Codes for October 2014 is a leading website for booking hotel accommodation Originally launched in 1991 and has developed, since then, a number of 85 sites in 34 different languages. It currently lists around 325,000 hotels from all over the world. The website is a leader as it allows you to book a hotel in over 19,000 locations […]

Best Hotels In Las Vegas

Going to Vegas? Pick the Best Hotel For You Ask any Sin City enthusiast, and they’ll tell you straight up: to have the best time in Las Vegas, you gotta stay on the strip. But, if you’re willing to venture away from the action, you’re bound to run into a treasure or two. And for […]

Which Americans have passports, and which Americans don’t?

30% of Americans have passports. But where do those Americans live? New Jersey takes the prize for the highest percentage of passports issued: 68.36%. At the low end: Mississippi, with just 19.86%. Via C.G.P. Grey, see the graphic below: For the “yes, but…” file: This dataset actually reflects addresses for issuance, not ownership of US [...]

Double up? Citibank’s American AAdvantage Visa comes with a connected Amex

The Citibank envelope that was in the mailbox when I returned home today contained two new American Airlines AAdvantage linked cards. But, in a first for me, I received both a replacement Visa and a new American Express. Huh? When I signed up for the card, it was just a Visa. How did I now [...]

Liquid scanner update: Maybe next year?

Some optimism for you on a Friday afternoon: Researchers at the University of California at Davis seem to have come up with a liquid scanner that can tell explosives from hand creams or beverages. Good news, but it’s not ready for implementation yet, as the video below details. I particularly enjoy the two beverages that [...]

Do we really need smartphone apps for individual hotels?

Perhaps it was inevitable: Smartphones now control about 35% of the US market, and in response to that growth, hotels are creating dedicated apps for their guests. But I’m not referring to apps by broad-based chains, like a Starwood or a Hilton app. No, individual hotels are contracting with programmers to create single-property apps. I [...]

Another thing to worry about?: Rental car recalls

Is your car rental company taking care of manufacturer recalls in a timely manner? Odds are, they’re not. For many recalls, it’s not a huge deal. But every now and then, something horrible happens — such as a PT Cruiser which caught fire, leading its occupants to lose control and crash. After five years of [...]

Upgraded: Stopovers in Istanbul, with free tours courtesy of Turkish Airlines

Sure, some airlines let you work in a free stopover. But Turkish Airlines goes one step further and offers up a free city tour on a stopover as short as six hours. Maybe getting into a shuttle bus and tooling around Istanbul after seven hours on an Airbus isn’t your cup of tea, but if [...]

Now THIS is a boarding pass

Do-it-yourself boarding passes — either printed on your own computer or on your phone — are par for the course these days. I can’t remember the last time I used a kiosk, much less a check-in staff member…) But there are self-printed boarding passes, and then there are BOARDING PASSES. A traveler by the name [...]

Upgrades and Downgrades: Carry-on liquids, free AA miles, ballpark elites, and airline fee video!

Downgraded: Prospects for carrying on liquids in the European Union While the European Union’s European Commission is aiming to allow you to carry on liquids again — as we reported back in October — airports and airlines are actually fighting the EC and lobbying to keep the nearly five-year liquid restrictions in carry-on luggage: In [...]

Classed-up air service to Vegas, but can it succeed?

Every few years, an airline comes up with the bright idea to ship high rollers to Vegas on classed-up scheduled service. “They’re big spenders! They’ll want to fly on limited-service commercial airlines, rather than on private jets!” Every time it’s offered up, it fails. (MGM Grand Air, anyone?) And yet, like a zombie, this idea [...]

Economy Plus seating: United to keep it, Continental to adopt it

Exhale, United frequent fliers. Your Economy Plus isn’t going anywhere. Rejoice, Continental frequent fliers. You’re getting Economy Plus! After United merged with Continental a few months ago, and Continental’s management effectively took the helm, travelers had every right to fear that the extra legroom in the Economy Plus section might go the way of Continental [...]

Upgrades and Downgrades: Moscow hotels, Tokyo flights, $5 rental cars, and hot cheese

Downgraded: Moscow For the sixth year in a row, Moscow has the most expensive hotel rates in the world for business travelers. The average Moscow rate fell 12 percent to 13,250 rubles ($452). Fell. Upgraded: Flights from NYC to Tokyo American Airlines is launching flights from New York JFK to Tokyo Haneda Airport. Haneda, which [...]

Great news for infrequent travelers: Delta SkyMiles no longer expire

This is big news: In an era of increasing fees, nickel-and-diming, and shifting frequent flier mile award charts, Delta is going the opposite direction. Retroactive to January 1, 2011, Delta SkyMiles no longer expire. Until now, you needed to engage in some sort of activity every 24 months — either by earning or redeeming miles [...]

A Valentine’s Day public service announcement: Get your shots before you travel

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and the 5th anniversary of this blog, yay!) than to get some travel vaccines?… I started my morning with another needle in the arm, finishing the cycle of what I hope is the last vaccine I could realistically need for many years. It feels like I’ve had them [...]

Sell your miles, but at what price?

For years, selling miles for cash has been a gray area — legal, but a violation of the terms of the frequent flyer programs. But now, the company that lets you switch miles from one program to another, for a fee, has partnered with Paypal, which effectively converts miles to cash. Since airlines have [...]

Hell freezes over: In which I actually get an Orbitz Price Assurance refund

In 2008, when Orbitz first introduced their Price Assurance program — their policy that provides refunds when another Orbitz customer buys the exact same ticket as you — I was skeptical. As I wrote then: Orbitz will automatically send you a check IF AND ONLY IF another Orbitz customer purchases the same ticket you booked, [...]

Delta starts offering more legroom in international economy, for a price

Delta is launching a small premium seating section in the economy cabin on longhaul international flights: Dubbed “Economy Comfort,” the new section of the plane will feature the same physical seats as the rest of economy, but with “up to” four inches of more legroom and 50% increased recline. The service comes with a promise [...]

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I hope

Don’t call it a comeback. Been here for years, as they say. Apologies for the extended blog hiatus. January was rough: Health issues knocked me out, and it’s taken far longer than expected to regain my footing. But thankfully January is over, and U:TB is back. Well, almost: Starting next week, we’re back to business, [...]

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