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Marketers in Spaaaaaaace…| Google Pushes New Mobile Formats | Panda Hitting Narrow Set of Sites

B2B: Programmatic video firm Virool is promoting itself by promising to send a marketer into space when the Virgin Galactic service gets going. That is proving to be a popular notion among marketers, and perhaps even more so among those subject to their marketing, as there is no explicit mention in the materials about a return [...]

Facebook Opens Roof, Lets lightning Strike Atlas, and It Lives | Google Rejiggers Rankings with Another Panda | Agency Deals Prolific, Opaque

Ad Tech: Facebook, as expected, is relaunching its recently acquired Atlas. Search: Google confirmed that, indeed, a new Panda update is rolling out, vanquishing thin content sites. Robot Invasion: Deals between agencies and publishers...Show More Summary

Instagram Turfed in China | Talent Agency/PR Firm Mutant to Eat Content Marketing | Publishers Fear Being Outed on Atlas | Study: Searchers Evolve

China: Instagram's popularity with protesters - largely due to blocked access to other, more obvious social media vehicles - appears to be its demise in China, as its recent blocking seems to have cemented into a long-term status. Robot Invasion: Facebook's relaunching of the Atlas network is facing publisher concerns that their participation in the network may be [...]

Google May Turn Adsense into Paid Content Vehicle for Publishers | Marketers Like Paying Less | Facebook Providing Insight to the Moneyed Clients

Publishing: Google is making its Adsense system into an opportunity for publishers to allow their readers to pay them (and Google) for not displaying ads. Essentially, an outsourced paid content system. The small scale testbed is in testing right now, and Google isn't committing to release it generally. Robot Invasion: Marketers are eschewing the pre-bought media structure of [...]

Facebook on the Newfront Outs | GroupM/Conde Deal Signifies Flight to Quality, Conflicts Amnesty | Apple Capitulates, Does Deal to Make iAds More Useful

Video: Facebook is being left out of the "newfronts," a copycat sellers' market akin to televisions "upfronts, where buyers can secure guaranteed supply contracts of video (and get wined and dined and lavished with celebrity attention). The IAB, the masterminds behind the newfronts, is trying to burnish the image of online video publishing by emphasizing original [...]

Google Scrooge: I'll Take Those Ecommerce Links, Thank You | eBay Dumping Google Mobile Ads for Bing's | Mozilla: Ad Targeting Is Spammy (Unless We're Doing It)

Search: Google appears to be reaching its hand once again into the traffic cookie jar, testing search results where brand searches are pushed toward its own Google Shopping service rather than its advertisers. Ebay often lists search ads below its listings in hopes of making some additional revenue, and used to exclusively employ Google ads, but now [...]

YouTube Video Revs to Exceed $Billion, Dwarfing Many TV Sellers | Facebook Discerns Types of Annoying Ads | Twitter Raises Dept to Acquire Stuff

Video: YouTube's revenue will come in at more than $1 billion for video ads this year, marking a very significant shift in the balance between television video spend and online video spend. Television spending, including all of its various forms, such as spot, syndication and network buys, is generally thought to be around $75 billion. YouTube taking [...]

Apple Tech Sets Sights on Retail | Google Paywall Policies Ignored | Mobile Adwords to Slash Ad Copy

Privacy: AdAge attempted to speculate what the new Apple Pay transaction service might mean for marketers, but the analyst forgot the bit where Apple isn't going to be getting access to transaction information, but rather is merely validating the identity of the individual. Apple's iBeacon technology, on the other hand, released some time ago, may provide [...]

New Open Programmatic API Touted | Time: Robot CPMs Better | Forrester: Digital to Trump TV in 2 Years

Publishing: Several major publishers got together to create a common programmatic direct set of standards, and now the IAB is putting its stamp on the effort. The system appears to emphasize inventory commitments, allowing for publishers to have a more predictable sales flow. The effort comes just as industry mavens call for a more open and [...]

Google to Test Non-Annoying Version of YouTube | Sites Discriminate on Pricing Based on Platform | Child Privacy Cookiepocalypse Suit Wends its Way

Video: Google plans to offer a paid video service shorn of their unusually annoying ads may support additional content creation. Online and paid content firms have found that it isn't that high a bar to produce better series than those found on broadcast television, although it is quite expensive. Ecommerce: Ecommerce sites are discriminating prices based on [...]

Agencies' Free Pass on Media Conflicts Perhaps Ending | Nielsen: This Internet Stuff is Important | The Only Good Mobile Search Ad is a Top Search Ad

Agencies: After a few years of agencies getting a pass on alternate media buying models, with agencies earning margins due to ownership of the tech stack, or sometimes even the media itself, their clients are now getting concerned that - heaven forfend - there might be conflicts of interest causing them to get raw deals. Analytics: A somber [...]

HuffPo Content Slingers to Inhabit LBCo | Germany Dislikes Tracking, Sarcastic Humor, Audience Measurement | >1,000 URL Takedowns Per City in Google's Forced Euro Expurgation

Native Ads: Leo Burnett is getting the Huffington Post to help it create content that it will run on that site and its parent AOL network. The creative floors of 35 West Wacker might not take kindly to Huffington's comments on the deal; "The idea that one agency is doing the creative is obsolete." (Thud.) Privacy: German privacy [...]

RIP Pagerank | Ancient Client Kraft Shakes Up Equally Old Agency | Facebook's 'Mobile Adsense' Rolling Out

Search: The PageRank toolbar, once ubiquitous the browsers of online media professionals to determine what Google was currently thinking about certain sites, is probably dead for real this time. It's death has been announced a few times before over the past two years, but Google is - again - projecting its demise. Really. Agencies: Kraft has long been [...]

Ad Fraud Redux | Authorship Dead a While, But Funeral Finally Happening | Apple Tidies up Health Data Policy Prior to New Product Launches

Ad Fraud: AdExchanger continues its fascinating series of interviews of ad fraud detection company executives, this time talking to DoubleVerify's Matt McLaughlin, who does a good job of not revealing too much about the workings of the firm's technology, but does note that the move to programmatic is pushing advertisers to bring media buying, and even [...]

Yahoo Gulps Ad Fraud Firm | $60MM to AppNexus | Google's Quiet Algo Change Still Unacknowledged

Biz Buzz: AppNexus received a $60 million investment, putting its funding to date around $200 million, this despite a general market wariness regarding ad technology. Yahoo made another acquisition

US: Demo Targeting Smells Suspicious | Germany: Google Should Out its Algorithm | Social Ain't Free

Privacy: The FTC, rummaging around for more trouble it can make for online marketers, is starting to look at how data companies are serving up demographic groups and clusters, with an eye - presumably - for finding problems with racial biases or other discriminatory uses. The FTC has traditionally been the agency to enforce "redlining" behaviors [...]

Youth Turn Away (Slowly) from TV | Most Online Video Brand Ads Through Robot Buying | IAB Threatens to Define Fraud Terms, Express Indignation

Video: Young people are indeed viewing much less television than their elders, and that's intensifying. Online video branding campaigns are seeing 60 percent of sales go through robot buying channels. Fraud: The IAB is tilting at the fraud windmill with its favorite weapon: a committee that will set up a bunch of definitions.

Sprint Shops for Shops | About Bows 'Native' Ads | 3 Out of 4 Buyers Don't Grok Robot Buying

Agencies: Sprint, once the third largest marketer in any category on the internet, is throwing its account up for review again. Earlier a JWT stalwart, the firm has been with Leo Burnett, with pieces parceled off to Figliulo & Partners in the past couple of years. The companies brand back in the mid-90s was completely reliant [...]

Publisher Eyeball Arbitrage Less Shady, but Less Profitable Nowadays | Display Still Rocks Results | Secure Sites Not Seeing Google Love

Publishing: Many publishers pay for traffic making them part publisher and part traffic arbitrage play, as they then attempt to sell the media to advertisers at a profit. With the reduction in CPM rates obtainable by publishers, the arbitrage margin has become quite thin; and with the unpredictability of Facebook, unreliable. Analytics: For all the derogation of display [...]

Video Exchange: Humans Just Create Overhead; Publishers: Robots Devastate Pricing | Robotic Mobile Up Lots | MB Snatches Remaining Competitor Insight Express

Robot Invasion: TubeMogul's better-than-expected results show a keen management desire to eliminate humans in the buying chain to create efficiencies. On the other hand, publishers are coming to the conclusion that throwing their video...Show More Summary

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