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5 Bedrooms That Look Upscale Despite Their Modest Size

Just because a space is small and modest doesn’t mean you can pack it in style. With small spaces it’s actually best to be very intentional with your design to not only maximize the space at hand, but determine where your eye falls in the room. Instead of focusing on the size, give the eye […]

4 Lofts That Whisk You Away to a Fabulous Life

Lofts are known for their tall ceilings, wide open spaces, and industrial details. But loft designs vary from the ultra modern to the eclectic, and the people who live in them transform these similar architectural spaces into designs that reflect their lives. So take a tour through these 4 lofts and get a peek inside […]

Unique Bedroom Showcase: Which One Are You?

Expressive bedrooms are always fun to admire. Each one is a world of its own, shaped by the tastes and preferences of the occupant. Privacy ensures that decorators can feel free to go all-out to embrace the bedroom inspiration they find appealing. This post looks at a handful of creative bedrooms that explore exciting themes, […]

4 Homes That Celebrate Modern Minimalism

Modern minimalism is loosely defined by paired down design elements, clean lines, and open spaces. But that doesn’t mean each space has to be black and white, infact we’ve gathered four very different spaces that celebrate modern minimalism with their own unique twist. From white open spaces to pops of color and eclectic art, these […]

50 Stunning Kitchen Pendant Lights You Can Buy Right Now

Kitchen lighting requires the careful consideration of two purposes. Ideally, it should illuminate the work surfaces where you conduct most of your preparation, and it should provide welcoming ambiance during dinner or evening hours. Pendants fill a special role in the kitchen, in addition to the two requirements mentioned previously – kitchen pendants are the […]

Product Of The Week: Minimalist Plate Set From Metaphys

This minimalist plate set from Japanese firm Metaphys bags our Product Of The Week Award for its sheer simplicity and beauty in design. Called Fueille, the set looks at beautiful forms found in nature for inspiration and looks to break away from the monotony of mass produced circular flatware. You can get it for $188 […]

An Approachable Take On Luxury Apartment Design

Combining modern minimalist style, luxurious themes, and a hint of urban industrial influence, this handsome apartment could serve as a stunning showcase of today’s most loved interior design trends. This flexible interior is the work of Iqosa who used materials ranging from humble to opulent resulting in a delicate balance that seems simple on the […]

Two Inspiring Luxury Homes: One Ornate, One Refined

Luxury doesn’t have a single meaning – a luxurious interior could be ornate and extravagant, or subdued and subtle. Details like material quality and design seem to make more of a difference than brand name alone, a factor that allows designers to create something worth admiring on any budget at all. This photo tour explores […]

Fortress Turned Family Home Gets Major Makeover

An 18th century Polish fort is breathing new life thanks to its new inhabitants and a stellar architect. What was once old and decrepit is now fresh, sleek, and modern thanks to innovative design. The dark masculine theme of the space plays on the stronghold this property once was — although with a family of […]

A Modern California Home That Plays With Light & Showcases Spectacular Views

We’ve all imagined living the high life in the Hollywood hills — rolling up in a big car to a big house with a big pool. Well, this property tucked alongside LA will have you living out your biggest fantasies. With an infinity pool, fresh modern design that plays with light, and stunning design features, […]

Painters Studio Turned Modern Loft

What was once the home of a famous Hungarian painter is now a chic loft in downtown Budapest. The contemporary space plays on the familiar elements of a loft with exposed beams, brick walls, and large factory-like windows while still adding elements of surprise. Whether it’s color, texture, or stunning lighting, this loft comes alive […]

Product Of The Week: Feet Hammock For Your Desk

Nothing like putting your legs up after a tiring day of work. But what if you were actually able to do this while you work? Well, it seems that idea was too good to pass up because here is just that in real life – The Desk Feet Hammock. The rope is adjustable from 20 […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark: 4 Lovely Homes With Strong Grey Accents

Homes with dark color palettes invite a sense of mystery, confidence, and adventure. Even within a lighter overall theme, dark accents add a punch of contrast to draw the eye and enhance the effect of the lighter tones. The four homes in this post demonstrate both tactics quite nicely. If you’ve been looking to avoid […]

2 Well-Rounded Home Designs Under 600 Square Feet (Includes Layout)

Smaller apartments don’t have much room for decoration, so designers often look for functional objects that can lend their beauty to the living space. The two homes featured here fit all the necessities in their small floor plans and manage to incorporate plenty of decorative details at the same time. These compact apartments focus on […]

4 Small Apartments Showcase The Flexibility Of Compact Design

Limitations can be a catalyst for creativity and innovation. These small apartments demonstrate a range of styles – one minimalist, one industrial, one artistic, and the other playful yet utilitarian. Some of these compact interior designs show another way to implement a “safe” design for restricted spaces while others challenge all of the preconceived rules. […]

Designer Transforms Space With Indoor Plants

RULES Architects have combined the ultra modern with the organic by incorporating plants in creative ways throughout the spaces. You’ll see how these are no ordinary potted plants: vines creep up walls, and pop up out of built in storage to perfectly counteract the modern finishes and amenities of these spaces. The architects note that […]

Two Homes That Emphasize Storage And Display

For those who collect, display areas might be the most important part of a home design. The two homes highlighted in this post belong to collectors of books and decorative treasures, necessitating a large amount of space for storage without compromising on style. The first home actually substitutes shelving in place of interior walls – […]

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Terrarium

Terrariums are cute little gardens maintained inside glass containers. Think of them as aquariums but with no poor fishes(and therefore no water) trapped inside! They can really liven up indoor spaces and are super easy to maintain. As opposed to normal terrarium vases you can purchase off Amazon, this set we picked as our Product […]

3 Chic Modern & Eclectic Spaces

White washed brick, wood-tones, the perfect mix of funky and chic –these spaces boast all of that and more! While each is eclectic, they play upon this feeling with their own sense of variety and by mixing and matching colors, patterns, and layers. But this effortless look actually takes some careful calculations like taking into […]

Wood Interior Inspiration: 3 Homes With Generous Natural Details

Beyond construction, wood walls and ceilings have a long and colorful history in home decor. Wood panels began as a way to insulate and hide flaws before grand boiserie began to decorate the finest castles and mansions, eventually refined to the elegance of the Rococo style and the gentle touch of the Victorian era. And […]

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