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Fold-out Stationery Box

Kikkerland’s puzzle-like wooden cube unfolds to reveal a set of four desktop organizers, including a place for pens and pencils, business cards, scissors and rulers, and a spot for a note pad or sticky notes.

Torsken Kommer II

You don’t have to speak a lick of Norwegian to enjoy this video from Norway’s central bank to celebrate new currency which bears the image of one of the nation’s most important natural resources – the cod. The spot was inspired by a classic 1980 video by the same guys.

MRF Credit Card Multitool

One of the more useful credit card tools we’ve seen. MRF Multitools‘ sturdy stainless steel card packs 31 tools, including hex and Shimano wrenches, a screwdriver, rulers, protractor, a knife, wire cutter, scraper, a solar time clock, bottle and can openers among other things.

Terminator 2 in GTA V

We can’t imagine how much time it took, but Mikhail Kramer replicated all of the major scenes from T2 using Grand Theft Auto V and a number of custom models. It’s been condensed to just an hour, but it’s still incredible. If nothing else, watch the canal chase sequence.

2017 Shelby F-150 Super Snake

Shelby’s latest truck starts out as a Ford F-150, but is made oh-so-special with the addition of a 5.0-liter supercharged V8, packing 750 horsepower, plus sporty ground effects, 22? chrome wheels, and of course, racing stripes, because they make everything faster.

Steve Urkel: Bad to the Bone

Remix masters Melodysheep dig into their 1990s time capsule to give us our once-every-20-years recommended dosage of Family Matters’ bespectacled, suspendered, catchphrase-slinging ladies’ man.

DJI Spark Drone

An easy-to-use personal photography drone from the masters of photography drones. The spark can take off from your hand, and follow you, and can be commanded with gestures. Its got a gimbal-stabilized 1080p camera, GPS tracking, and has cinematic flight-path presets.

DIY Budget Fidget Spinners

We’ve seen several impressive DIY fidget spinners, but if you just want a simple and cheap version check out this 1-minute guide by 5-Minute Crafts. They require only common materials like ball bearings, hot glue and modeling clay.

Game of Thrones Season 7 (Trailer)

Cersei hates everyone, Dany’s 747-size dragons make Tyrion look even smaller, Arya freezes her butt off, Robb and Ser Davos deal with real problems, and all hell breaks loose in the epic trailer for the penultimate season of HBO’s fantasy juggernaut.

Makin’ Moves

Director Kouhei Nakama created an awesome dance video without any actual dancers. Instead of humans, he played around with CGI animation to twist, turn, slice, dice, and contort choreography out of his virtual dance troupe. The track is Hella by Broke for Free.

Coke Habit

For those of you who haven’t been there, Coke is a very powerful drug. No no no, not that coke, the other one – with the caffeine. Enjoy this cautionary tale in the four minutes of ardent animation and fluid (and true) storytelling from Dress Code.

Nickelodeon ’90s Plushes

Relive some of the greatest cartoons of your youth with these officially-licensed 6? plush toys from Nickelodeon, featuring characters from Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Ren and Stimpy, Aaahh! Real Monsters, and Rocko’s Modern Life. We want the entire collection.

King Edison Ghost Pendant Lamp

A truly unique way to hang a chandelier from your ceiling – Young & Battaglia’s pendant lamp features a miniature brass chandelier that hangs inside of a handblown black glass shade. Each teensy candle features an LED lamp at its tip. Measures appx. 8.25? h x 6? dia.

Why Buggy Games Exist

It’s easy to feel cheated and angry when we pay for a broken game. But as Extra Credits points out, games are similar to any product or service. While it doesn’t excuse game companies, there are many reasons for flaws that don’t involve laziness or incompetence.

Zippo Skull Lighters

Check out this extensive collection of classic Zippo lighters, each embellished with a cool skull design. Whether you’re into a bold graphical look, or an weighty engraved style, there’s something for everyone who loves their skulls and flames.

Matchstick Car Burndown

Oh the humanity! After spending an inordinate amount of time assembling this model of a F1 race car out of matchsticks, builder The Q burns it to the ground in seconds. It’s at once deliciously satisfying and totally wrong.

World’s Fastest Racing Drone

We knew that drones could go fast, but not this fast. Here’s some grainy first-person footage from flyer Patrick Gaborik’s incredibly fast miniquadcopter, which has been tracked at speeds up to 145 mph. The noise the motors make sound like it’s going to rip itself apart.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Trailer 3)

Peter shows off his fancy Stark Industries suit, beats up the Avengers, stares at his phone, and eats a churro in the latest trailer for Spidey’s big return. We’re just hoping that Marvel hasn’t decided that one-liners are more important than plot and character development.

Sculpting Margarine

We can’t believe it’s not butter! Unlike the guys at your state fair, chef Devwrat Anand Jategaonkar and his team used margarine as their clay. Their record-breaking sculpture of the Trimurti of Elephanta weighed over 3300 lb and measured more than 8 feet wide by 6 feet high.

Logan Honest Trailer

(Spoilers) Screen Junkies reminds us that not every superhero needs to be bombastic, consequence-free, CGI eye-candy, and instead a solid story, compelling characters, and a little gravitas properly applied can produce a great film, superheroes or not. And Deadpool agrees.

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