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Spike + Bar Tool

With so many keychain tools on the market, it’s rare that we see one we haven’t encountered before. But the Spike + Bar is unique – offering a super-sharp titanium keychain tool that can be used to pry, poke, open, and gouge with its precision machined tip.

2 Guys, 25 Songs, 1 Beat

Ten Second Songs’ Anthony Vincent is joined by singer Joel “Roomie” Berghult to perform a medley of popular songs, joined together by a single unifying beat. It’s amazing how well they all work despite their original tempos.

Pioneer Z Series Car Speakers

We had a chance to listen to Pioneer’s new Z series car speakers during our visit to their factory, and they sounded truly stellar, with zero distortion, huge dynamic range, and brilliant reproduction that’s on par with some of the best home audio systems we’ve heard.

You Have More Than Five Senses

Sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing. We’ve had it engrained our whole lives that those are THE five human senses, but there are many other things we can detect that don’t tie to an obvious sensory organ. Vox delves into some of our abilities which didn’t make the short list.

DIY Semi-Automatic Paper Gun

Blackfish shows us how to create a really cool toy weapon which fires rolled up paper projectiles. Its rubber band powered revolver mechanism lets it fire up to eight darts without reloading. We assume you could expand on the idea and make one that fires more ammo.

The Trickiest Jigsaw Puzzle

Jean Claude Constantin’s Pento T is an insanely difficult jigsaw puzzle which relies not on its number of pieces, but the lack of imagery, non-traditional edges, and intertwining elements to make it so challenging to solve. It’s currently sold out, but hopefully he’ll make more.

Björk: The Gate

“My healed chest wound transformed into a gate. Where I receive love from, where I give love from.” Recovering from a heartbreak, Björk says that The Gate is a song about transcendent love, and that her upcoming album Utopia is about rediscovering love.

Seiko Baby Tuna SRP641 Watch

Seiko’s SRP aka Baby Tuna watches are “babies” only in the sense that they’re a tier below the SBN Tuna diver’s watch. But it’s still an imposing pro-grade 50mm watch. The SRP641 is on Massdrop for a limited time for just $230, but Amazon is just a few bucks more.

How Flea Plays Bass

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea looks like a War Boy who happens to be a beast on the bass. But as Polyphonic points out, it’s ultimately his ability to harmonize with his bandmates – especially as a crest to John Frusciante’s minimal licks – that makes him special.

Adidas By Kolor Hybrid Track Pants

Streetwear has moved on to cropped dad slacks, and elephant jeans are biding their time. But athleisure endures in the latest drop from Adidas By Kolor. The Hybrid Pants put a tech wear twist to track pants using Adidas’ breathable fabric on its roomy crotch.

A Die Hard Christmas

“John fled from Karl and Hans but alas! He had to run barefoot over sharp, broken glass.” Celebrate a great holiday classic with Doogie Horner and J.J. Harrison’s illustrated version of Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman’s 1988 action flick, done up in a sort of Golden Books style.

LEXON Terrace Speaker/Lantern

LEXON’s cordless lantern serves multiple purposes: a Bluetooth speaker with dual 3-watt drivers, a warm LED ambient light, and a 4000 mAh battery pack which can be used to charge up to two devices. Comes in aluminum, brown, or gold finishes.

Independence Day: A Star Wars Story

Ever since Disney took over Star Wars, we’re getting at least a movie a year from the franchise. But one film that’s not currently on the docket is Pistol Shrimps‘ side story, in which Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum must destroy the Death Star after it blows up the White House.

Street Racers (Short Film)

If you’ve never seen anything simultaneously dreamy and gritty, take nine minutes to watch New York-based Aurélien Heilbronn’s Street Racers, a short film documenting the highly dangerous and illegal motorbiking culture in the Dominican Republic. Beautifully shot.

X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

The X-Bows has most of the features of a modern mechanical keyboard: customizable keycaps, Gateron switches, individual key backlighting, anti-ghosting, etc. Plus, it has an ergonomic key layout that’s designed to be beginner-friendly too.

Dog Catches Water in Slow-Mo

Sometimes, it’s the simplest ideas which are the most entertaining. Take for example, this short clip from slow motion channel Warped Perception, in which he spits a stream of water at his german shepherd April’s mouth, and she tries to catch it.

Economy Class Rebellion Amenity Kit

Who cares if champagne and gâteau are being served in first class? Stay sophisticated in steerage with this luxe Economy Class Rebellion Kit from Jet&Bo. The sleek leather bag includes comfy cashmere socks, a soothing silk eye mask and high end hand cream.

The Best Coin Wallets

Much of what we buy today is with debit cards, but there are times when we still need to use cash. And with cash transactions come coins. Our pals at Everyday Carry have picked some of the best wallets for holding loose change, like the smartly designed Bellroy Coin Fold.

Jackie Chan Jumps over Fences

Jackie Chan’s new movie The Foreigner comes out very soon, and looks like a wild ride. To celebrate its impending release, editor Jim Casey of The Solomon Society compiled a reel of some of Jackie’s finer moments jumping and climbing over various barriers.

Klokers KLOK-08 Watch

Klokers unisex analog wristwatch was inspired by 1960s style, and packs their unique spinning disk mechanism, which aligns the current time with a marker at the top of the face. Features easily interchangeable straps, and options like a pocket watch clip and desk stand.

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