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Deal: 6-Key Swivel Wallet

Keep your keys from jingling with this elegant EDC from Michael Rahban Design. Made from CNC machined anodized aluminum, it can even hang on your fridge thanks to its neodymium magnets. Choose from black, gunmetal, or silver. Save 15% in The Awesomer Shop.

Erlich Bachman’s Old Man Insults

“Roman coinage? Being wheeled into a sunny spot? Lenses in an hour or less?” HBO shares the outtakes of the Silicon Valley scene where T.J. Miller’s insecure douchebag investor character Erlich Bachman meets seasoned CEO Jack Barker...

Kapital Happi Shirts

The happi is a Japanese traditional short coat adorned with bold icons and patterns and usually worn in festivals. Kapital adds a streetwear twist to the happi using cotton fleece with modern prints or upcycled military garments.

And Chill Slides

Another cool drop from The Awesomer Style collection, these red slip-ons are required wear for an evening of Netflix and whatever else. They feature a comfy and cozy massaging footbed, an anti-abrasion adjustable strap, and a sneaker outsole for outdoor wear.

Welcome to a Supercut

Welcome to the party, pal! Burger Fiction presents a compilation of scenes in which characters either welcome the audience or other characters to the scene, providing a quick and easy path to exposition.

Mosevic Solid Denim Eyewear

Mosevic creates its sunglass frames using resin-coated layers of denim, gathered from discarded and damaged jeans. The end result is not only a stunning design, but a great statement on sustainability. Each comes with quality Zeiss polarized lenses.

The Bose Shhhh

A fake product that would totally sell millions if it were real, the Bose Shhhh is the creation of Dad Dudes, who envision a gadget which can magically filter out every noise that you find annoying, from kids to coworkers.

1500 Words

Stanley Franks learns that he has a rare condition, in which he can only utter 1500 more words before he dies. Andrew Chaplin’s darkly comic short film looks at how Stanley chooses to use his remaining words, after wasting most of them reacting to his condition.

Great Rule Breaking Films

(Flashing lights) CineFix shares its picks of movies whose greatness lay in throwing convention out the window. There are movies that acknowledge the audience, movies that don’t have stories, and movies that were made by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Naked Lunch OST 2XLP

Mondo celebrates the 25th anniversary of David Cronenberg’s dark sci-fi drama by making its soundtrack available on vinyl for the very first time. The haunting jazz score was composed by Howard Shore, Ornette Coleman and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The School of Life: Self-Esteem

The School of Life talks about the common factors that influence our sense of self-worth. Whatever the cause, it’s important to realize that we should accept and love ourselves, and that comparing ourselves to others is pointless.

TRNTBL Wireless Turntable

A record player that streams to Sonos and Airplay devices as well as over Bluetooth. It can even turn your Spotify account into a radio channel by streaming music through the service. The catch? It has no wired output options.

Bentley Bentayga vs. Tesla Model X

Motor Trend’s Head 2 Head compares the world’s fastest SUV, the 2017 Bentley Bentayga, with the world’s quickest SUV, the 2016 Tesla Model X. It’s mostly a sane discussion, except for the silly drag race at 3:31.

Base Camp Trailer

A highly customizable trailer for rugged destinations. The Base Camp Trailer is made of steel sheets over a steel tube frame with 15? wheels. Options include a roll out kitchen, storage boxes, a rooftop tent and a heavy duty solar charging system with AC and USB ports.

Morgan (Teaser)

“She is an it. And it has no rights.” Kate Mara plays a “corporate troubleshooter” sent to a remote location to investigate a rapidly evolving genetically engineered being. Also starring Paul Giamatti, and Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) as the titular character.

Maxwell Sofa

Co-designed by Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan, Interior Define’s Maxwell sofa combines a deep seat, a low-profile height and curved shapes to create a modern take on European sofas. Available with a variety of fabric covers.

Framing Houses in Minnesota

“I’ve gotten to see the world while doing this job. Well, not the world, just the eastern suburbs.” A young construction worker talks about the pros and cons of his job in this funny short promo film made for Carpentry Contractors Company.

Matty Matheson’s Fried Chicken

(PG-13: Language) Chef, restaurateur and reformed party guy Matty Matheson shows us his take on deep fried chicken. You’re going to need some pickle brine, buttermilk, spices and one to three days. Oh!

I Am Setsuna (Trailer)

Square Enix borrowed heavily from its hallowed SNES hit Chrono Trigger to make a 90’s JRPG for the modern era. I Am Setsuna is about an enchantress who is sent by her villagers to be sacrificed to a monster. Drops 7/19/16 for Windows and PS4.

The Origins of the Necktie

The earliest known predecessor of the necktie is depicted in Chinese sculptures from 209 BC. But it wasn’t widely used until the 1630s, when Croat soldiers brought cravats to France. The tie as we know it today wouldn’t come about until the 1920s in New York.

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