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Before History: Human Origins

Kurzgesagt lists the major breakthroughs that have taken humans to this point. Ultimately, it’s a reminder that we all benefit when we communicate, cooperate, and preserve and share knowledge, not when we deceive, enslave or censor each other.

Boston Dynamics SpotMini

The folks behind robots like BigDog and AlphaDog are back with a smaller dog. SpotMini is designed for use around the home, and can not only act as a family pet, but can do chores, like doing the dishes and bringing you a beer. We only wonder if he poops batteries.

The Mill Blackbird

Creating commercials for new cars can be challenging because the cars aren’t always yet in production. The Mill’s amazing contraption acts a stand-in for virtually any car, simulating its length, width, wheels, and driving dynamics. CG artists can then wrap it in any virtual body.

Deal: G-BOOM Wireless Boombox

Looking for a portable speaker that can crank out a big boom? Look no further than the G-BOOM. This award-winning Bluetooth boombox packs a punch, delivering loud sound and booming bass for up to 6 hours on a charge. Save 20% in The Awesomer Shop.

Adidas Tubular Invader Strap Suede

This dope variant of Adidas’ new casual basketball high tops might as well be called Yeezy Boost 650s, what with its suede on suede cement-colored upper and huge midfoot strap. It’s also available in triple blue.

DIY Iceman Blaster

Colin Furze adds to his DIY X-Men gizmos this portable liquid nitrogen pack. Along with a palm-mounted nozzle, it allows him to chill and freeze objects on the go. If there’s anyone who can will make Bobby Drake’s ice slides, it’s this guy.

BioLite PizzaDome

The PizzaDome is a three-piece oven attachment for BioLite’s BaseCamp stove. It consists of a lid with a built-in thermometer, a foodsafe ceramic hot plate and a base. It heats up in 10-15min and can bake pizza in 5-10min.

Soccer Commentator Goes Nuts

Soccer minnows amongst the giants of Europe, Iceland advanced to the second round of the 2016 UEFA Euro tourney with a last minute goal in a tightly contested match. Former Icelandic player-turned-commentator Guðmundur Benediktsson went nuts while calling the game.

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera

The Tiny1 is a compact camera designed to take pictures and videos of the night sky. It has a backside illuminated 4MP CMOS sensor, a removable IR-cut filter and proprietary noise reduction. It can also be used as a normal point-and-shoot and has optional lens adapters.

What Independence Day Did Right

Independence Day is a mediocre film at best. But Lessons from the Screenplay points out that its script did get a number of things right. It kept the bad guys mysterious for a long time, and made an effort to endear the heroes to the audience before harming them. Sound familiar?

Portishead: SOS

British alternative band Portishead applies their trademark haunting sounds to Abba’s 1975 pop classic SOS in a cover version dedicated to slain British parliament member Jo Cox. We always thought the original’s upbeat sounds belied the song’s dark lyrics.

The Girl with All the Gifts (Trailer)

Set in a future where zombies have overrun the Earth, The Girl with All the Gifts is about a young second generation zombie – she retains her hunger for human flesh but is otherwise normal. Based on a novel by Lucifer creator Mike Carey.

For Honor (Trailer/Gameplay)

Our latest look at Ubisoft’s promising MOBA meets Dynasty Warriors meets Chivalry reveals the game’s single player campaign, backstory and the Raider, one of the character classes from the Viking faction. Gameplay demo starts at 5:4...

Zungle Panther Audio Sunglass

The Panther has a pair of bone conduction speakers that send sound to your inner ear through your skull for a discreet and safe listening experience. It connects via Bluetooth and lasts up to 4h per charge. It also has five different frames and replaceable lenses.

Field Notes Byline Notebook

A limited edition 70-page reporter’s notebook. The Byline is thinner than its competitors to make it easier to hold with one hand, has a cover for its wire binding so it won’t get caught on fabric or small items, and has a pocket on its back cover for small pieces of paper.

Titanfall 2 (Gameplay)

The fast-paced and mech-infused shooter returns with more distinct weapons and Titans, as well as new game modes and tools such as a grappling hook. Developer Respawn also promises that all of Titanfall 2‘s functional DLC – e.g. maps and game modes – will be free.

Every JRPG Ever

College Humor pokes fun at the silly stories, mindnumbingly cheesy dialogue most of us skip over, and ridiculous missions and minigames found in Japanese role-playing games. Despite all of this, we still enjoy playing them.

Brik Tiles

Turn any room into a LEGO playground with these peel-and-stick wall tiles. Each 10? x 10? Brik Tile holds numerous LEGO bricks, and are easily removed thanks to a durable, yet temporary adhesive backing. Buy multiples to create wall-size murals.

Star Wars Battlefront Custom Helmets

Last year, PlayStation held a giveaway for custom-made life-size replicas of the magmatrooper and rebel commando helmets. Super Gamer Builds documented the helmets’ production and presentation to the lucky winner. Skip to 6:19 for the reveal.

Keeping Up with the Joneses (Trailer)

A suburban couple’s life is turned upside down when they start nosing around their suspiciously perfect neighbors. Four sexy actors – Gal Gadot, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis – star in this comedy from Superbad director Greg Mottola.

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