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Albert Clock

Designer Axel Schindlbeck’s desk and wall timepiece is designed to help improve your math skills. Rather than tell time in simple hours and minutes, it displays equations you must solve instead. Offers four different difficulty levels as your skills improve.

Venom’s Trick Pool Shots

We’ve seen pool champion Florian “Venom” Kohler work his magic in miniature, now watch as he literally takes aim at the hyperactive Dude Perfect dudes, then turns in a epic round of trick shots bouncing balls from table to table, across the room, and always hitting his target.

Chop Suey Served in 20 Styles

For his latest video, Ten Second Songs‘ Anthony Vincent performs System of a Down’s Chop Suey! in the style of 20 dramatically different performers, from Michael Jackson to the Bee Gees to the Wu-Tang Clan. The Faith No More bit cracked us up.

Showers Pass Atlas Jacket

The perfect jacket for cyclists, it’s made from a reflective material embellished with a map design inspired by some of the world’s greatest cycling cities. The MapREflect fabric can be seen from nearly 650 feet away in a headlight beam, and is waterproof yet breathable.

Projection-Mapped Cake

UK pastry chefs Angie Scott Cakes created what would normally be a basic box-tier cake, but its plain white surfaces quickly come to life through the wonders of projection mapping tech. The only thing better would be if you could actually play Pac-Man and Angry Birds on it.

Netflix Ebru Art

This ancient Turkish art form involves dripping dots of ink into a water-filled basin, then laying in a sheet of paper. Garip Ay’s approach lets the dark water speak for itself. He was recently commissioned to create a series of images for The Crown, Stranger Things, and Narcos.

Deal: Stress Blocks

While your mother might have chastised you for fidgeting, the reality is that it’s good for your brain. This plaything offers up six unique exercises to keep your thumbs twiddling, burning off excess energy, and improving focus. Save 37% in The Awesomer Shop.

Doctor Who: Orchestral Cover

Pisces Rising presents a larger-than-life rendition of the iconic theme song from Doctor Who, with the Junges Vokalensemble Hannover adding lyricized vocals to the tune, based on “a mix of Sanskrit, faux Latin and various Doctor Who planets/references.”

Scravis Creepy Mugs

Ceramicist Jo Scravis creates amazing clay mugs featuring gross, disfigured, and downright disturbing characters from our world and beyond. Each one of a kind work of art is wheel-thrown, then hand-sculpted and painted with food-safe glazes.

Porsche 911 Plays DOOM

Vexal shows off a ridiculous mod he performed on his Porsche which he claims allows him not only to play the classic FPS DOOM on its screen, but to control the game using the car’s steering wheel, horn, gear shifter, and accelerator. Sure, it’s fake, but it’s still hilarious.

Candy Candy Candy

Some of us here at Awesomer HQ have a sweet tooth, so we decided to round up a few candies which you can buy in giant bags – from 2 to 15 pounds. Whether you like PEZ, Atomic Fireballs, Swedish Fish, Lemonheads, Runts, or even Gummi Bears, they can all be supersized.

Rubber Band Refrigerator

Applied Science shows off a thermodynamic property of rubber bands – that they change in temperature as they stretch and contract, then takes advantage of this to create a refrigerator. It’s not very effective, but still a cool idea. That Shaper CNC router is awesome too.

Ramen Notes

Back in the day, we lived off of instant noodles. After all, they’re dirt cheap, fill you up, and they actually taste pretty good. Now that we’re “adults,” we prefer fresh-made ramen, but we still dig this fun sticky note pad which looks like a brick of the dorm room mealtime favorite.

Embarrassing Songs in Public

Every single one of us has at least a couple of “guilty pleasure” tunes in our song library. In this prank video from MarkBTelevision, he decided to leave the headphone jack unplugged on his iPhone and let the public listen in. Remember when iPhones had headphone jacks?

Less Than Human

The Animation Workshop’s darkly comic short film is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the zombies have been cured of their flesh-eating madness, and now segregated from the population. Should these former man-eaters be allowed to roam among us once again?

Carl Sagan: The Earth Is Round

While Kyrie Irving might believe the Earth is flat, most rational humans are willing to go along with the scientific evidence that’s right in front of us. In this classic clip from Carl Sagan, he shows off some very basic observations which prove this place is an orb and not a sheet.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Trlr 2)

A new look at Guy Ritchie’s potentially bombastic take on the legend of King Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) and his life after he pulls the fabled sword from the stone and must reclaim the throne from the evil Vortigern (Jude Law), who stole his father’s crown.

Transformers Trypticon T-Rex

Hasbro’s ginormous Titan Decepticon measures 20? tall and can transform between a dinomech, a spaceship, and an entire city. When in dino mode, you can feed it smaller action figures, and they land in its stomach. Drops this fall for $150.

Rick and Morty Season 3 Sneak Peek

Adult Swim Australia posted a video they claim is an “Exclusive! Season 3 Opening Scene,” from Rick and Morty, but it becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly, that they’re messing with us.

Best One-Piece Multi-Tools

Looking for a versatile tool that won’t take up lots of space? Look no further than Everyday Carry’s round-up of 10 great metal multi-tools which are flat enough to fit on keychains, in your pocket, or even in a wallet.

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