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You Can’t See This

ASAPScience shows us how human vision is highly imperfect, with a demonstration of our blind spots, and the frequent assumptions and shortcuts our brains take which result in misperceptions and optical illusions.

Spider-Man Slip Mat

Mondo has a treat for your friendly neighborhood DJs and vinyl collectors. This officially licensed turntable accessory has two sides, both taken from Spidey’s 1966 costume by John Romita Sr.

Fun with Tesla Coils

Destin of SmarterEveryDay wanted to learn about Tesla coils. Imagine his delight when he found out that Cameron Prince, one of the world’s biggest Nikola Tesla fans, was his neighbor. Cameron showed Destin his 9ft Tesla coil and a sick Fallout-ready Tesla coil gun.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9

Bang & Olufsen’s take on the over-ear noise-cancelling headphone. The H9 is made of aluminum and leather with lambskin leather over its memory foam ear pads. It lasts up to 14h per charge and has a touch-sensitive surface for playback control.

Learning to Throw a Boomerang

Self-teaching YouTuber Mike Boyd discovers the wonders of one of the simplest but most fascinating toys: the boomerang. He successfully caught it after a little over 2 hours. Then he kept going and actually became decent at it.


Director Vitaliy Shushko and a team of talented 3D modelers, compositors, and animators created this stunning short film set in a dystopian future. It favors style and action over plot, but that doesn’t make this futuristic and mysterious anime any less fantastic.

Cup Levitation & Train Rescue Debunked

CaptainDisillusion is getting so good at debunking, he’s now tackling two lies in a single short video. The cup levitation trick is easier to do, but at least you know it’s a trick. The train track near miss video on the other hand leverages realism for views.

Amazing Elderly Accomplishments

Did you know that the oldest person to complete the Ironman triathlon was an 82-year-old nun? Or that a woman got her master’s degree when she was 98? How about a teacher who’s literally a hundred years old? All that and more in Mental Floss’ List Show.

Persona 5 (Gameplay)

Atlus USA blesses us with an extensive 2-hour gameplay preview of Persona 5‘s English PS4 version. Get a comprehensive look at the game’s take on Tokyo, its classroom, battle, and Persona mechanics and much more. This game is pure style. Skip to 6:38.

Can’t Stop The ’80s

Happy Cat Disco put together this awesome mashup track which combines some of the 1980’s most memorable tunes with Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling. The result is truly the ultimate ’80s dance track.

Elijah Craig Small Batch

If there’s one bourbon we must always have stocked in our bar, it’s this one. A wonderfully smooth, perfectly balanced, and daily drinkable whiskey from select barrels of 8-to-12 year aged spirits. Its new bottle better reflects how special the spirit inside truly is.

iXoost Esavox Bluetooth Speaker

iXoost’s officially-licensed 800W 6.1 Bluetooth speaker uses Lamborghini exhaust pipes. It has a Lambo-style carbon fiber cabinet and power button, a passive shock absorber, a 15? subwoofer, two 8? woofers, two 6.5? midrange drivers and two 1? tweeters.

9 Things About Rocky

CineFix reminds us that the first Rocky movie came out 40 years ago. In honor of the film, they dug up a handful of trivia about it, including the fact that Rocky’s stair dance is actually being played in reverse. Adrian! Aaaadriaaa...

The Belko Experiment (Trailer)

(PG-13: Language, Gore) James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Super) wrote and produced this thriller which has a pretty insane premise – employees are locked down in their office and instructed that they must kill three co-workers, or the company will kill six others.

The Evolution of Movie Stunts

With the help of a massive treadmill, some set pieces and a bunch of projectors, stuntman Damien Walters and his pals recreated a bunch of classic movie stunts in a room that reminds us of one of Star Trek TNG’s holodecks.

All I Want for Christmas is The Black Parade

You’d never think that Mariah Carey would blend so seamlessly with My Chemical Romance but oneboerdjeu’s holiday mashup proves that sometimes the whole is better than the sum of its parts.


While not as manly looking as Bear Paws, the ShredMachine looks like a much neater way to shred meats without burning your hands. Simply place meat on the base, turn the handles a few times, and you’re done. It’s perfect for pulled pork sammies, chicken salads, and more.

Stripes x The Walking Dead

What if the Winnebago on The Walking Dead were replaced with the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle from Stripes? We’re guessing surviving the zombie apocalypse would be so much easier if your primary means of transportation were fully-armored and fired rockets.

Deal: Mini Flip Cup Set

Here’s a fun way to take one of America’s favorite party games anywhere – with a miniature version of Flip Cup. The wooden board has rubber feet to keep it from slipping, has 8 flippers, and comes with 20 reusable red party cups.

Cadillac DPi-V.R Prototype Racer

Cadillac returns to prototype endurance racing in spectacular fashion, with a 600 hp V8 track beast inspired by the CTS-V. It rocks sleek aerodynamics, the requisite racing gear, and weighs just 2,050 pounds. Debuts at the Rolex 24 race in Daytona on January 28-29, 2017.

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