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World’s Fastest Racing Drone

We knew that drones could go fast, but not this fast. Here’s some grainy first-person footage from flyer Patrick Gaborik’s incredibly fast miniquadcopter, which has been tracked at speeds up to 145 mph. The noise the motors make sound like it’s going to rip itself apart.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Trailer 3)

Peter shows off his fancy Stark Industries suit, beats up the Avengers, stares at his phone, and eats a churro in the latest trailer for Spidey’s big return. We’re just hoping that Marvel hasn’t decided that one-liners are more important than plot and character development.

Sculpting Margarine

We can’t believe it’s not butter! Unlike the guys at your state fair, chef Devwrat Anand Jategaonkar and his team used margarine as their clay. Their record-breaking sculpture of the Trimurti of Elephanta weighed over 3300 lb and measured more than 8 feet wide by 6 feet high.

Logan Honest Trailer

(Spoilers) Screen Junkies reminds us that not every superhero needs to be bombastic, consequence-free, CGI eye-candy, and instead a solid story, compelling characters, and a little gravitas properly applied can produce a great film, superheroes or not. And Deadpool agrees.

Deal: Nanodots

Looking for a way to pass the time that doesn’t involve a fidget spinner? Grab some of these strong neodymium orbs which let you build all kinds of structures through the power of magnetism. Each pack comes with 216 magnets. (Not for sale to kids for safety reasons.)

LEGO Porsche Crash Test

One of the cooler LEGO Technic kits out there is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It’s simply stunning. But that didn’t stop the guys from c’t Magazine from taking theirs and smashing it into a wall, with the help of the German automotive safety group ADAC and their crash test facility.

Maru Turns 10

It’s been a while since we posted a cat video around here, but we had to take a moment out of our busy day to celebrate an auspicious occasion – the 10th birthday of one of the Internet’s favorite cats – the curious, adorable, rotund, and box-loving Scottish Fold Maru.

History’s Deadliest Colors

Over the years, people have used colorful pigments which promised health benefits, beauty, or artistic merit, but ended up being killers. J. V. Maranto explores some of the nastiest colors in this TED-Ed short. Yes, people used to cover themselves with lead paint.

Melty Metal Minifigs

DaveHax shows us how to use silicone LEGO molds to create replicas of minifigs and other bricks using gallium, a very soft metal which is solid at room temperature, but turns back to liquid at about 30ºC (86ºF). He needs to mold a T-1000 figure from Terminator 2.

DIY Self-Balancing Robot

If you’ve ever found how Segways and so-called “hoverboards” stay upright, check out Joop Brokking’s video tutorial, which shows you how to build your own R/C 2-wheeled robot, controlled via Arduino for about $80 total. Full schematics, build details, and code here.


(PG-13: Language) The rumored collaboration between T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne actually happened. We don’t know when exactly Teddy and Tunechi recorded this mixtape, but it certainly sounds like a late 2000’s throwback. Nothing more, nothing less.

Image File Formats Explained

Techquickie offers a great overview of the pros and cons of some of the most popular image file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, SVG and raw. It’s a fairly basic introduction, but useful for understanding which format to use for what purpose.

Itten Ambivalent Shirts

Itten’s dope baseball shirt gives you layering and length in one elegant design. It has an apron with two front pockets that you can leave up front for layering or place on your back to add length at the rear, thanks to a pair of straps.

Making Wonder Woman’s Shield

Man at Arms: Reforged hammer, chisel, cast, and chisel some more (actually a lot more) to make an absolutely exquisite replica of Wonder Woman’s shield from Batman v Superman. We actually like it more than Cap’s shield now.

Bacon and Eggs Pool Floats

Who says food doesn’t belong in the swimming pool? Float your cares away with some delicious high protein grub on these amusing bacon and egg pool rafts from Kangaroo. A 90? strip of bacon and a 63? serving of fried eggs should more than satisfy any hunger.

Eclectic Method: Kung Fu Remix

Your Kung Fu is not good enough! Step up your Arrow Fists and Double Dragons with Eclectic Method’s latest track, diced and sliced from a collection of classic and not-so-classic martial arts fight sequences.

Genesis I Polypatch

2BTruman demonstrates his custom-built synth, which looks like something off of a starship’s bridge. The system is powered by a Mac Mini, Ableton Live and Analog Lab, but the custom interfaces make it truly one of a kind. You’ve gotta check out the epic power-on sequence.

New Microsoft Surface Pro

What could have been the Surface Pro 5 does away with the numbers. The new model has a more versatile hinge, up to 2.5x faster CPU, quieter cooling, and up to 13.5 hours of battery life. It’s compatible with the Surface Dial and the new Surface Pen is much more capable.

The Imperial Accordion March

Ukraine accordion duo Vasyl Kravchuk and Viktor Kravchuk turn in a truly impressive cover of John Williams’ Imperial March from the Star Wars saga. We can imagine Darth Vader making a grand entrance to this music, while an army of stormtroopers dance the polka.

MKC Wallet

IPPINKA’s smartly-designed slimline wallet not only holds cash and cards, but can hold keys and other flat accessories, like a bottle opener or a USB flash drive. Available in black or brown leather, with or without a flap.

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