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Alessandro Novelli created this animation about a source of light born into the world with the endless possibilities, and how expectation forces it to conform, gradually losing what made it unique – a metaphor for certain aspects of our lives that many of us can relate to.

Mini Drafting Table Kit

Artist Thomas Houha makes laser-cut wood and mat board models of objects ranging from spaceships to bridges. One of our faves is this 4? x 5? model of a relic of traditional design – a wooden drafting table complete with a teensy T-square and other drafting tools.

Free Fallin’ Metal

Leo Moracchioli pays tribute to the late, great Tom Petty with a fantastic cover version of his 1989 classic Free Fallin‘. It starts out as a smooth take on the original, then gets bathed in Leo’s crispy, crunchy metal coating.

OnePlus 5T

The upgraded version of the OnePlus 5 has a larger AMOLED display – 6? vs. the 5’s 5.5? – a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, an unnervingly fast facial recognition lock, and a second camera geared for low light photography. Drops 11/21/17.

Anime Crimes Division Ep. 1

“Post your fan theories to Tumblr! Here we do real police work.” RocketJump and Crunchyroll’s Anime Crimes Division is a comedy whodunit series made by and for anime fans. In the first episode, the detectives investigate a brewing war between subbers and dubbers.

Toppling 500,000 Dominoes

Sinners Domino Entertainment is back with another record-setting setup – an insanely complex series of scenes toppled from half a million individual dominoes. It took 22 domino experts two weeks to put the show together – and less than 9 minutes to knock it all down.

Oliver Sweeney Secret Shoe

The Secret Shoe is a made-to-order derby with a deerskin upper. But it gets its name from the compartments beneath each insole, which hide 3 gizmos of your choice. Pick from 6 out of 12 devices, including a phone, a camera, a GPS tracker and a Swiss Army knife.

Deal: BauBax Travel Sweatshirt

Raise your level of travel comfort with this sweatshirt-on-steroids that has many useful built-in features including gloves, a neck pillow, an iPad pocket, a zipper stylus, and much more. Take an extra 10% with code BAUBAX10 from  The Awesomer Shop.

PuckOpener Bottle Opener

Buffalo Bottle Craft scoops out the middle of real hockey pucks, and replaces them with a sturdy bottle opener. Each one has a magnetic catch for caps, and makes a great gift for any hockey fan. Available in blank, team logo, and custom designs.

ATLAS Does a Backflip

In this brief footage from Boston Dynamics‘ laboratory, we see just how agile their ATLAS humanoid robot has become. The biped can not only walk, carry objects, and stand itself up like a human, but can now jump between pedestals and even do backflips.

DropStream for Mac

An idiotproof way to stream videos and music from a Mac to a variety of TVs, media players and speakers. Just drag and drop files, select a destination and start playing. It works with the Apple TV and Google Chromecast, as well as devices that support AirPlay and Google Cast.

Klokers KLOK-08 Watch

Klokers presents a sweet new unisex timepiece that tells time using a pair of turning discs which rotate around a stationary indicator dial. It comes in three different color schemes, and offers a slick, interchangeable strap and accessory system. Check it out on Kickstarter.

Loop Marble Run

Fashion brand COS teamed up with the awesomely-named Snarkitecture to build an epic marble track in Seoul, Korea, consisting of over 1300 feet of suspended track, on which white glass marbles roll. The ride culminates with each marble ending up in a massive pile.

Crate of the Week: Beard Wrangler

Keep facial hair in check with Man Crates‘ wooden gift box packed with three great products from Renegade – beard shampoo bar, beard balm, and beard oil; along with a boar bristle beard brush, and a hand towel.

Do Machines Make Art?

The Art Assignment argues that whether it be something as primitive as bones or as advanced as a neural network, there’s always a human touch at the root of all machines used to make art. We like to think of it from the other end: art is unfinished until a human mind ponders it.

When Al’s Body Finally Goes

The coversongs subreddit dug up this rare gem from a few years back – “Weird Al” Yankovic performing a cover version of The Postal Service’s morbid 2003 ballad, We Will Become Silhouettes, played in his trademark thrash-polka style.

DEWALT Lighted Tool Backpack

A versatile place to keep and transport hand tools, the DEWALT DGL523 has 57 pockets for storing everything from drivers to wrenches to tape measures, plus an adjustable LED lamp which can light up the backpack or task area when working in the dark.

Vinci 2.0 Smart Headphones

It may look like a pair of earphones, but the Vinci 2.0 is so much more. It’s powered by Amazon’s Alexa, has its own storage, and supports 3G connectivity. So it can make calls and messages, search for answers and connect to music streaming services on its own.


Individual insects have limited skills, but when they form a colony, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Kurzgesagt explores the phenomenon known as “emergence” – which sounds like a great name for a flick where billions of ants rise up to take over the world.

Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds

Bose’s upcoming Sleepbuds can play only the 10 relaxing sounds that are loaded in the buds themselves, and can mask out other sounds. A mobile app will let you pick the sound, adjust the volume and set an alarm. They will come with soft eartips and a charging case.

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