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Cota Forever Battery

The Cota Forever Battery is a proof-of-concept AA battery that receives power over long distances, similar to how connected devices use Wi-Fi. It relays its location to a transmitter, which then sends back up to 1W of power 100 times a second.

NERF Rival Minigun Mod

Captain Xavier shows off one of the coolest NERF builds we’ve ever seen – a Rival minigun that can fire up to 20 rounds per sec, and up to 2000 rounds from a backpack ammo supply. Even if it didn’t work, we’d be intimidated by its looks. Firing demo starts at 18 minutes.

Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones

Sennheiser claims that its new flagship closed back headphones come close to achieving the naturally wide soundstage of open back headphones. Concave Gorilla Glass ear cup covers and sound chambers minimize resonance to create a transparent sound.

How VTOL Airplanes Work

Airplanes that can lift off vertically, then fly horizontally are quite fascinating, doing away with the need for long and tactically-vulnerable runways. Real Engineering takes a look at the history of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft and how they work.

Deal: IllumiBowl Emoji Projector

Light your way to the toilet with emoji. The projector’s motion activation allows you to keep the regular lights off and directs you to the bowl with a target, flower, fish, or appropriate poop emoji. Install easily on any toilet. Grab a 2-pack in The Awesomer Shop.

Mario & Peach Super Professional Figures

The latest masterpiece from guerilla toy maker Fools Paradise. Super Professional sees Mario and Peach play Jean Reno and Natalie Portman as they recreate one of the memorable shots from Luc Besson’s 1994 classic Léon: The Professio...

Building a Log Cabin Solo

My Self Reliance is an avid outdoorsman and loves doing what he calls “real life Minecraft.” Watch him spend around six months splitting wood and building a cabin all by his lonesome and using only hand tools. We’re both envious and tired after watching his time-lapse.

Segway Loomo Personal Robot

It’s not quite an Autobot, but the Segway Loomo is a combination of the company’s self-balancing scooter and a modular robot. It can carry up to 200 lb. but can also work autonomously for security, cargo, and more. It will come in home and business variants.

10 Obsolete Letters

Austin McConnell talks about 10 letters that have been cut out of the English alphabet. Learn about the somewhat familiar æ, the ampersand – which apparently was a letter – and a bombshell: the “ye” in “ye olde…” is actually pronounced “the.”

Razer HyperFlux Mouse System

Like Logitech’s PowerPlay mousepad, the Razer Mamba HyperFlux mouse and Firefly HyperFlux mat use magnetic fields to charge the mouse while it’s on the mat. But the Mamba uses a capacitor instead of a battery for less weight. Plus, there are RGB LEDs around its border.

Dunkey: Best Games of 2017

(PG-13: Language) 2017 hit us with instant classic video games from all genres and from indies and AAA companies alike. Videogamedunkey looks back at undoubtedly one of the best years ever in video games and picks his top 10 games of 2017.

Beirut (Trailer)

Jon Hamm stars as a U.S. diplomat in 1982 who gets caught between a rock and a hard place. He’s tasked to negotiate the release of his colleague from the terrorist group that killed his wife, in exchange for the release of a deadly terrorist leader. Premieres 4/13/18.

How to Read Poker Tells

Poker champ Liv Boeree explains a few of the tricks she uses to spot clues in other players’ demeanor to figure out if they’re bluffing. Of course, really good players can fake tells, but there’s still useful advice for spotting liars, especially looking places other than their faces.

The SNES Re-imagined

Rose Colored Gaming is taking the internals from SNES systems with damaged housings and placing them inside a custom laser-cut transparent acrylic case. They also coated some of the internal components with new colors. Available soon in limited quantities.

Vegas Is for Sports Fans

Sure, you can go to Las Vegas to get your clubbing and gamble on, but how about satisfying your other passions? MGM Resorts invited us on an extraordinary trip to show us what pro sports means to their town, and needless to say, we were amazed.

Unshredding Money

Think you’re good at solving jigsaw puzzles? Check this out. In this time-lapse clip, artist Martin John Callanan painstakingly reconstructs a misprinted British Five Pound note that was shredded into thousands of tiny bits, piecing it back together using a pair of tweezers.

Dark Souls Remastered (Teaser)

Praise the freakin’ sun. The game that made the Souls genre famous is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. Dark Souls Remastered runs at up to 1080p resolution at 60fps, supports up to 6 players online, has dedicated servers and more. Drops 5/25/18.

Making a Forbidden Dagger

Not every knife has to have a single continuous edge, does it? Watch as blademaker Miller Knives cuts out and sculpts a truly unusual knife with a crazy staggered edge. It looks like something out of a video game or a comic book, and also like it would be really deadly.

Razer Project Linda Laptop Concept

Razer’s Project Linda is a laptop dock for the Razer Phone. It has a 13.3? 2560×1440 touchscreen, 200GB of storage, a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and a headphone jack. It charges the phone, while the mobile device can act as a second screen or a touchpad.

Honda 3E-D18 Robotic Workhorse

Honda’s concept autonomous ATV is designed to work like a robotic pack mule, carrying loads to work sites, and also performing tasks like plowing snow, tilling soil, or harvesting crops with attachment modules. It’s rugged, has a 4-wheel drivetrain, and runs on electric power.

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