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The MelloShip

We can think of few more relaxing ways to spend a day than floating on a quiet lake, or in a lazy hammock. The MelloShip combines both of these “activities” into one. Lie back, relax, and steer the solar-powered vessel via remote control. Holds two hammocks, so bring a friend!

Perspective Drawing Hack

A brilliantly simple way to create two-point perspective drawings by fixing a piece of elastic string to the two edges of your image, then pulling it up and down with a paper clip. It doesn’t provide a hard straight-edge, but it’s still a cool hack.

P100D vs. Huracan 1/4 Mile Race

DragTimes presents a quarter-mile drag race between two cars coming from opposite ends and meeting in the middle. In the red corner, we have a comfortable and mild-mannered entry level supercar. In the blue corner is a family sedan, albeit the world’s quickest one.

1000 Record Covers

Music archivist and former record-publicity executive Michael Ochs amassed a substantial private collection of albums and has generously shared his favorites with us in this book. It’s a sentimental look at great art and a slice of history all rolled into one petite package.

The Amazing Domino Race

Last time we checked in with domino dominator Lily Hevesh, she had created the most amazing spiral setup we’ve ever seen. While this setup isn’t nearly as spectacular, it’s still fun to try and figure out which domino route will be fastest. Place your bets!

Whoop & Holler Whisky

Orphan Barrel’s exquisitely smooth 84-proof whisky has spent 28 years aging in oak, building a complex and layered character which reminds us of autumn, with a big, woody body, notes of candy corn, pepper, clove, and zesty citrus pe...

The Science Behind Railguns

Mehdi Sadaghdar tries to make a railgun on a much smaller scale. He ends up making a music video, discovering Donald Trump’s origin story and of course hurting himself in the process. Learn more on his blog.

Playing the Metallophon

Weapons expert Vitaly Kryuchin heads up the Russian Federation of Practical Shooting. While on the firing range, he came up with this very special musical instrument called the Metallophon, which is played with bullets and extraordinary aim.

Muck Boots Arctic Excursion Mid

With winter around the corner, you’ll want to grab a pair of Muck Boots‘ waterproof, fleece-lined boots to keep your feet warm and dry. We particularly love the new black and red Buffalo Plaid pattern which is due this December, just in time for the nastiest part of the season.

Cicret Bracelet Debunked

CaptainDisillusion tears apart the dubious claims and the aggressive begging of the people behind the Cicret Bracelet, a tiny, yet improbable accessory that supposedly projects your mobile device’s display as an interactive projection on your wrist.

Forza Horizon 3

A driving game for nearly everyone. Forza Horizon 3 is packed with 350 cars, a variety of landscapes inspired by Australian geography, and a ton of game modes including a co-op campaign. The road is just a suggestion, and racing is just one of your options.

Deal: MBA Bootcamp Bundle

Thinking of going back to school to earn an advanced business degree? Before you commit, test the waters with this series of seven online courses which prepare you for your the best business schools. An Awesomer Shop Pay What You Want special.

My Car Plays Light Jazz

Roberto from stuffwhatidone discovered an oddly pleasant noise that his 2002 Audi makes whenever he opens its glove box. Of course, the Internet couldn’t leave that alone, and now it’s a complete song, courtesy of musician Duncan de Heusden.

Cache Belt

Wazoo Survival Gear’s smartly designed belt can pack a complete survival and utility kit in its band. It works as a money belt, and is available loaded with cords, zip ties, safety pins, bandages, trail markers, a compass, bottle opener, and much more.

Noodle Physics Simulation

We’re not quite sure why we find this CGI simulation of noodles being tossed about so satisfying, but we do. Somebody needs to turn this into a video game where the objective is to transfer all the noodles from the bowl to the glass using only that fork. We’d buy that.


What men must know, a boy must learn. A young warrior remembers his training as he comes face to face with a mythical beast. RedGate Films’ adaptation of Penny Arcade’s eponymous miniseries doesn’t do its source material justice, but it’s still fun to watch.

Alex Crane Bo Pants

Casual pants with “all the perks of sweatpants and all the class of jeans.” They’re made from either wool or lightly washed denim, have a drawstring waistband and a great relaxed fit. Available in sand, light blue, gray, maroon and green.

What if Everyone Lived in One City?

RealLifeLore performs a stressful thought experiment: what if all 7.4 billion humans moved together into one city? He doesn’t go into the economics or engineering of such a feat. Instead, he looks at the smallest area that we can realistically occupy.

The New Apple AirBag

Conan mocks the iPhone 7 and AirPods by imagining what it would be like if Apple tried its hands at making a paper bag. But bags are already thin, light and free of headphone jacks, you say. Fear not, Apple will find a way to be innovative and courageous.

Jakku: First Wave

“The armor. I just wanted to wear the armor.” Moments before taking part in the Battle of Jakku, three stormtroopers try to shake off their nervousness by telling each other what made them join the Imperial Army. A heartbreaking short by Benjamin Eck.

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