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The Wire is The Wire

(PG-13 Language) If Aaron Sorkin has his go to phrases, the writers of The Wire had a simpler quirk: rhetorical tautologies, or redundant statements such as “the game is the game”, “what happens happens” and “once you in it, you in ...

AKG K7XX Headphones

Exclusive to Massdrop, the AKG K7XX is based on the K702 65th Anniversary Edition. They’re open-backed reference headphones with slightly emphasized bass, memory foam earpads and an affordable price. US only.

11,000 Marble Machine

Jelle Bakker built this 33-foot-long wooden contraption, dubbed “Marble Tsunami,” through which thousands of marbles roll their way to their eventual resting place. We can only imagine how loud this thing is in person.

Google Now on Tap

Included in the upcoming version of Android OS, Google Now on Tap lets you use Google Now without leaving the app you’re currently in. It will guess what information you need, or you can get a specific answer via voice command.

Kung Fury: Hacking Tutorial

The guy who enabled Kung Fury’s mission walks us through the finer points of sending objects through time, using the latest in high-tech computer equipment. His main problem? He’s got his 3-1/2? and 5-1/4? floppies mixed up.

Edge of Space Fighter Jet Flight

Fly to up to 14 miles in altitude, and see the Earth’s curvature on MiGFlug’s unique 50-minute tour. You’ll ride in the company’s MiG-29 Fulcrum jet and experience air speeds of up to Mach 2 (~1520mph).

In Praise of Chairs

(PG-13: Language) Every Frame A Painting highlights the importance of production design by examining chairs in movies and TV shows. Chairs can clue us in on the setting, a character’s personality or stature, or the mood of a scene.

7 Minutes (Trailer)

Music video director Jay Martin makes his feature debut with this flick about a group of young Jabbawockeez men who must pull off a heist in order to fulfill their debt to a psycho drug lord. Naturally, things don’t go as planned.


Wander is an MMORPG that doesn’t have any combat at all. Instead, it’s all about chilling out in a primitive fantasy world, which you can explore by turning into different animals. Coming to PC and PS4 on 6/4/15.

Chocolate Tools

These insanely realistic belgian chocolate sculptures look exactly like hand tools, but are completely edible. Just don’t leave them in your toolbox or they might melt. Who are we kidding? You’ll eat them long before you do that.

Red Run: The Abandonded Ski Village

The Sheffield Ski Village once was home to the UK’s largest man-made ski slope. The facility was destroyed by fire in 2012. A group of freeskiers recently returned to the abandoned slope to drum up support for bringing the park back to life.

GoPro 360º Camera Array

Designed for capturing moving 360-degree videos, this specialized GoPro rig uses 16 cameras to send HD videos to Google’s new Jump software, which will let you view its videos on VR headsets. Example video here.

CineFix’s Top 10 Movie Sets

CineFix chose its best movie sets based on a variety of criteria, making for a wonderfully diverse list. You’ll find entire fake cities big and small, virtual realms and even mental ones that existed beyond the set itself.

SensorWake Scent Alarm

SensorWake is an alarm clock that can wake you up within two minutes by diffusing scents. Each scent cartridge can be used 60 times and is 100% recyclable. Scents include espresso, mint and the almighty dollar.

Robo-Cheetah Can Jump

Researchers already figured out how to make a robot that could run like a cheetah. Now scientists at MIT have made their own version that can run untethered and jump over obstacles up to 18-inches-tall. Yes, folks, we’re doomed.

American Ultra (Trailer)

(PG-13 Language) Jesse Eisenberg plays a harmless stoner who turns out to be a super spy with amnesia. Now the government wants to terminate him. Also starring Kristen Stewart, John Leguizamo and Topher Grace. Mirror here.

TMNT The First Turtle Action Figure

Mondo’s radical action figure is based on the first illustration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Available in green and brown with orange or red mask and a black and white variant that looks like a 3D napkin drawing.

The Animal Sound Man

South African performer William Jafta forgoes celebrity impersonations, instead imitating the sounds of numerous animals, including birds, cats, dogs, goats and cows. But can he do a Lyrebird?

Castle Griffinsteed

(PG-13 Language) “A dead end. A choice. One could go left, or one could possibly go ri– oh coins! Coins!” The hilarious gamer Jerma985 plays through a short adventure that he himself made using GameGuru.

300 Rockets at Once

To celebrate his YouTube channel hitting 1 million subs, mad scientist Colin Furze set up a rig on the back of his truck loaded with firework, and ignited them at the same time for an epic pyro show. He probably should have worn his suit.

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