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Bellroy x MAAP Phone Pocket

Accessory maker Bellroy teamed up with MAAP to create the perfect wallet for cyclists. Available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it’s wrapped in all-condition leather, has a waterproof zipper, two interior pockets for cards, coins, and keys, and a microfiber lining.

Binging with Babish: Taco Town

To celebrate his millionth YouTube subscriber, Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish decided to give a tour of his kitchen, then replicated an SNL fan favorite, the 15-layer Taco Town taco we were first introduced to back in 2005. The cook starts at 5:21. Guacamolito sauce ftw!

Pay What You Want: Mac App Bundle

Load up your Mac with this library of excellent, award-winning apps for productivity, utility, creativity, and fun with this epic “pay what you want” bundle in The Awesomer Shop. Get 13 apps for sure, and beat the average price to unlock all 15.

Z E1 Micro Four-Thirds Camera

A compact interchangeable lens camera with 4K support. Works with a variety of Micro Four-Thirds lenses from Lumix, Sigma, Olympus, and Leica. It supports both automatic and manual focus, and is small enough to be mounted on a drone gimbal. Sample video content here.

London’s Killer Smog

Back in 1952, London, England was engulfed in a think blanket of smog that was so nasty that it caused the city to come to a halt, and actually ended up killing an estimated 12,000 people. SciShow looks back at this tragic result of industrial development without controls.

The Disaster Artist (Teaser)

(PG-13: Language) James Franco stars and directs in this well–received comedy. It’s about Tommy Wiseau and his film The Room, a movie so bad that it broke the scale and has become a cult classic. Based on the eponymous memoir co-authored by The Room actor Greg Sestero.

3Moods Transformable Couch

Unamo Design’s 3Moods has detachable components and magnetic straps that allow it to transform into various pieces of furniture. You can turn one or both halves into a couch, a lounge chair, a table with two chairs, and more.

The Dock

While hanging out at a surf spot in Bali, Indonesia, Stab Magazine and a group of Volcom surfers decided to tow a 100ft. plastic dock to the sea. We don’t know if it made their day easier, but it seemed to make surfing more fun. And dangerous.

Project Scout Handheld Gaming PC

Chase Cobb’s prototype handheld PC only has a Core i3 6300 U with Intel HD 520 integrated graphics (the same CPU in these laptops), but it’s good enough to play many modern games such as Overwatch and Rocket League, and handles Xbox One streaming really well.

Mondo Contra Soundtrack LP

A double-sided record that contains both the NES/Famicom and the arcade versions of Contra’s soundtrack. The yellow/orange/red vinyl is exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con, while the blue/red vinyl will be available on Mondo’s online store on 7/19/17.An

Raiders of the Lost Darth

Fabrice Mathieu mashed up the opening sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark with footage from Star Wars universe, making the daring archaeologist take on evil Jar-Jars, and all manner of nasties to recover the C-3PO idol. The trash compactor creature was a nice touch.

adidas x WM Pullover Jacket

Forest fire. Part of adidas‘ 2017 fall/winter collab with White Mountaineering, this oversized jacket puts a futuristic military spin on winter gear. It has angled front pockets, reflective logos and stylized three-stripes on the shoulders and cuffs. Also available in black.

How Littlefinger Plays

“If they don’t know who you are or what you want, they can’t know what you plan to do next.” Charisma on Command points out a few of the tricks that Littlefinger uses to slowly work his way to the Iron Throne. Or so he says.

Deal: NetSpot Wi-Fi Optimizer

NetSpot’s application can show you signal strength by area for wi-fi networks using a heat map. This helps you identify the strongest signals, dead spots, and the closest access points. Save 72% off the MSRP in The Awesomer Shop.

Kingdom Hearts III (Gameplay 2)

Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck enter the world of Toy Story and team up with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and company in our latest look at Kingdom Hearts 3. The gameplay trailer also reveals that the game will be released in 2018.

Eclectic Method: Workout Mix

Hear me now and believe me later. Eclectic Method is here to PUMP YOU UP. Fitness fanatics will want to add this remix track to their workout tunes playlists. It’s got a good beat to exercise too, and is comprised of sounds from workout scenes in movies.

Waxahatchee: Out in the Storm

“I move delicately, I slowly choose my words, and when my presence is felt, I’ll fly away just like a bird.” The latest album from Katie Crutchfield and her band drops the lo-fi, but it’s still indie rock through and through – quick, specific, and sincere.

The Adventures of Nunchuck Larry

The eponymous hero in Portal A’s intentionally D-grade VHS short film must avenge the death of his best friend, who was murdered by an evil fascist android. The nunchuck vs. machine gun scene was awesome, though it could have played out much longer.

Insane Card Throwing Tricks

Magician and card thrower Rick Smith Jr. teamed up with the guys from Dude Perfect to show off his incredible ability to use the edge of a playing card like the edge of a knife, and do it with an incredible degree of accuracy. That banana trick made us cover our crotches.

New Balance 574 Sport

Following its limited edition variants, the mid-cut bootie revamp of the 574 is now available as a wide release. The vanilla 574 Sport doesn’t have swappable patches, but its modern silhouette and comfy Fresh Foam midsole are what really matter.

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