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Civilization VI

The long-running 4X game bows to the times and cribs a handful of features from competitors such as Endless Legend. In Civ 6, cities sprawl, workers are easier to use, and there’s a (divisive) new look that aims to make everything easily identifiable. Drops 10/21/16.

The Evolution of Pixar

Burger Fiction’s latest compilation looks at how far CG animation has come from its early days, but also how Pixar’s core values of heartfelt stories and relatable characters have been there since the very beginning. 1988’s Knick Knack is still one of our all-time faves.

Gravity Rush 2

The underappreciated action RPG makes the leap to the PS4 for its sequel (sorry PS Vita owners). Gravity Rush 2 gives Kat new gravity powers, significantly larger maps and three times as many missions as the first game.

Halo, Džozefina!

Vuk Spasojevi? aka oOtoke’s video starts out slow for the first 30 seconds, but quickly turns into something amazing. We won’t spoil the fun for you, but it took him over 3 years of effort to get it right. The track is Halo, Džozefina (Hello Josephine) by ?or?e Marjanovi?.

Deal: SLIM Aluminum Wallet

This ultra compact wallet will keep up to six payment cards tidy and organized in your pocket, while also blocking out dangerous RFID scanners from stealing your personal data. Made from durable CNC-machined aluminum. Save 13% in The Awesomer Shop.

Ford GT Le Mans VR Lap

Celebrating 50 years since their GT40’s Le Mans victories, Ford Performance just took 1st, 3rd and 4th finishes in the LM GTE Pro class at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans with their new GT. To celebrate, let’s ride along for a 360º lap of the famed circuit.

Bullies, Pasta & Time

(PG-13: Language) “My favorite drug of all time is Nyquil.” Stand-up comic Lyle Drescher is fresh out of high school. He has a lot of opinions about the life he just left behind, such as the oxymoronic existence of private school bullies, spaghetti as a gateway drug and more.

California on Fire (Fire Chasers)

An absolutely stunning and heartwrenching time-lapse short from Jeff Frost that previews a feature documentary by director Julien Pinder and a photo book about the epidemic of forest fires in California, and the brave men and women who risk life and limb to fight them.

2016 Roccat Sova Keyboard

Roccat’s couch-friendly keyboard is now available for pre-order. The Sova features large and replaceable wrist rests, underside cushion and mouse pad. It’s available as a membrane or a mechanical keyboard. Pre-order it now to get a free Kova mouse.

Dunkey Recaps E3 2016

(PG-13: Language) Videogamedunkey is here to present Battlefield 1. But first, let’s have a look at other games, awkward presentations and candid moments from E3. It’s like this industry doesn’t know that it’s already cool and is trying so hard to convince us that it is.

Scorsese: The Mirrors

(PG-13 Language) Editor Ali Shirazi explores director Martin Scorsese’s effective use of mirrors in his films to provide an intimate look at the inner thoughts, demons, and motivations of his characters. The music is Howard Shore’s The Chase from the Hugo soundtrack.

Fender Mod Shop

Fender now has an online customizing shop. Start with a Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass or Jazz Bass body then mix and match pickups, fingerboards, body colors, pickguards and more to suit your needs and taste.

Famous Homes with Amazing Features

Mental Floss gives us a quick tour of the cribs of the powerful, rich and famous and the unique amenities therein, such as the Playboy Mansion’s redwood forest, the Winchester House’s secret passages and William Hearst’s telephone-filled estate.

Obvious Plant’s Father’s Day Sale

Father’s Day is almost here, but what if your dad sucks? Signage prankster Obvious Plant has your back. Or not. He mailed his neighbors flyers advertising a store that sells fathers. Gregbert and Pete are on our shopping list.

Olli Self-driving Bus

Automotive innovators Local Motors latest creation is an autonomous 12-passenger electric bus that’s designed to offer door-to-door rides, smartphone-based ride hailing and payment, and remote monitoring from a control center. Initial prototypes start road tests in DC soon.

Baseball Anime vs. Real Life

Japanese cartoons love to make virtually any activity – cooking, goofing off in class, drawing – enthralling by presenting characters with supernatural talents or skills. But once in a while, life catches up.

Building a Cruise Ship

4K time-lapse footage of the construction of AIDA Cruises new flagship AIDAprima as it was built at the Koyagi Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Nagasaki, Japan. It’s mindblowing to see such an awesome and massive vessel emerge from the bare drydock.

The Secret World of Foley

Bouncing between surreal and genuine, Daniel Jewel’s wordless short film is about a Foley crew recreating the sounds of an entire film, from waves breaking on the beach to a freshly caught fish twitching on a fisherman’s hand.

Film Budgeting 101

RocketJump producer Ashim Ahuja talks about the basic process and mindset of budgeting for a film. It’s easy to look at it as a buzzkill, but with enough research and resourcefulness you can make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Besides, constraints fuel creativity.

Meridian Phase Jacket

Mission Workshop’s all-conditions jacket. The Meridian: Phase is mostly made of Polartec NeoShell, a waterproof yet breathable and fabric. It also has a large vent at the back with double mesh, and stretch woven side panels for more ventilation.

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