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Daft Punk Talkbox Cover

Musician Lorenz Rhode turns in a spot-on cover version of the talkbox modulated vocals from Daft Punk’s 2001 classic Harder Better Faster Stronger. It would be cool to see him recording the other parts of the track too.

LG V10

The LG V10 has a gimmicky ticker screen above its 5.7? 1440p IPS screen, but the rest of the phone looks solid: it has the G4’s 16MP rear camera, a scratch-resistant back cover, a 32-bit DAC and the magic words: a removable battery and a microSD slot.

World’s Greatest Drag Race 5

Motor Trend’s drag race tradition is back, this time pitting a whole new batch of supercars and sporty daily drivers against one another in an epic shootout for 1/4-mile supremacy. Our money’s on the Corvette Z06, but you’ll need to watch to find out the winner.

Seaplane Spin Landing

While performing a stunt, a seaplane was coming in for a touch-and-go landing on a lake, when it hit an unidentified object in the water, forcing the plane to spin out as it touched down. Fortunately, nobody was injured, but the plane required some repairs.

Fallout 4: Charisma

What could charm possibly do for you in a post-nuclear world? Turns out, a lot. In Fallout 4, having a high Charisma stat will make it easier for you to barter, befriend wild creatures, coerce others and more.

GoPro x The Martian

Tom Hanks had Wilson, Matt Damon has GoPros. The Martian‘s director Ridley Scott used GoPro cameras both as a plot device and to actually shoot footage for the film. Also pause the video at 0:40 and look at the shot’s top right corner. Illuminati confirmed.


A small box that mimics weather conditions. Tempescope can visualize cloudy, rainy and sunny weather as well as lightning storms using water, air and LEDs. It can mimic local or foreign weather, but you can also manually set it to one of the four conditions.

26 Fun Facts About Money

Mental Floss fills us in on a bunch of trivia we never knew about our cash, from the earliest forms of currency, to the least valuable bills, to what money stays the cleanest, and where to find an ATM in Antarctica.

Kids React to Durian

“It is totally the mixture of a cantaloupe and a fart.” The Fine Brothers React Channel subject kids to one of their most bizarre and unpleasant experiments yet, asking them to stomach the intense odor of a durian fruit, and then taste the supposedly delicious insides.

The Hero’s Journey Animated

This animated short summarizes Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey using scenes from movies that fit the structure of the narrative template. Iskander Krayenbosch directed and animated this as his graudation project at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Long Build-ups & Disappointing Drops

Making fun of dance music’s overused build-up and drop structure is nothing new, but Louis Burgess put a postmodern spin to his joke. Sure enough, fellow YouTubers have expounded on his thesis statement.

Colbert and Hanks: Big Questions

The Late Show has a new segment where host Stephen Colbert and his guest talk about the mysteries of life on the fly. Watch Stephen and Tom Hanks talk about time machines, deepest fears and more. So we’re not the only one who thinks we might be particles inside a giant.

Eating at Trendy Restaurants

(PG-13: Language) CollegeHumor roasts the expensive restaurants that don’t bother to explain their convoluted menus, and the people who go there despite knowing what’s in store for them just so they can feel fancy for a night.

TiVo Bolt

The new TiVo Bolt is a 4K-ready DVR and streaming media player with two big time-saving features. Its SkipMode can skip entire commercial breaks on some shows, while QuickMode speeds up videos by 30% but without the high-pitched voice side effect.

Battles: La Di Da Di

Bring out the sticks, pots and pans, it’s time to do Battles. If you buy only one album this year let it be this one. We all miss Tyondai Braxton but holy crap, La Di Da Di is one math rock bomb after another.

Call of Champions for iOS

A great entry-level MOBA. Call of Champions is a 3-on-3 MOBA where each match lasts a maximum of just five minutes. It also has substitute A.I. for players who drop out so your time isn’t wasted. Destroy more towers or the enemy base to win. Coming to Android soon.

Nike: Last

Nike does a brilliant job capturing what it’s like bringing up the rear in a foot race, and the feeling of personal accomplishment that results by pushing yourself to the end, even if you’re not among the fastest.

2016 Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is finally in production. The base model 90D has a total output of 518hp, while the P90D has 752hp at its disposal. It has a top speed of 155mph and rockets from 0 to 60mph in 3.2s with an optional upgrade.

Slip ‘N Slide Football

The guys from Dude Perfect attempt to perform a variety of football drills while running on tarps covered with slippery baby oil, and catching balls with their hands slathered in Vaseline. We’re impressed that anyone scored a single point.

High-Speed Marble Train

JelleKnikkers built this fun take on the model railroad, replacing the train cars with about 30 1/2-inch steel marbles. The track is about 200 feet long, and constructed from LEGO components. The glow-in-the-dark marbles at the end are pretty neat too.

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