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Azio Retro Classic Keyboard

An elegant mechanical keyboard with rounded keys, a zinc alloy frame, real leather surface, pillar-style adjustable feet, and full backlighting. Choose from black/chrome, white/copper, or black/copper designs. If you can’t wait, they have a less expensive model already available.

Prodrone Dual Robot Arm Drone

This variant of Prodrone’s PD6B-AW payload drone is equipped with a pair of 5-axis robot arms. The arms can carry up to 22lb., and are nimble enough to cut, join, flick or turn various objects. The drone itself flies up to 37mph for up to 30min. per charge.

Casio Edifice EQB501XDB-1A

Combining the style of a sportsman’s watch with modern tech, the solar-powered Edifice EQB501 connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and auto-syncs the precise time and the desired time zone. Features dual time zone dials, alarm, stopwatch, and phone finder functions.

What’s in a Darren Aronofsky Film?

(PG-13, Flashing lights) Director Darren Aronofsky has an incredibly consistent filmography. It’s not only in terms of his movies’ quality, but also in the themes that he chooses to tackle and visualize: ambition, fantasies, and the gap between parents and children.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Concept

Born from Formula 1 hybrid tech, the Project ONE makes over 1000 hp, with a top speed of 217 mph. Its electrically-assisted 1.6L V6 turbo engine spins up to 11,000 rpm, sending power to the rear, while two 120 kW motors drive the front axle. Goes 0-to-112 mph in less than 6s.

Master of Small Talk

(PG-13: Language) Casual videogame critic penguinz0 takes a break from playing games to regale us with an amusing tale about a simple question he once asked a date, which sent the girl off the rails in the most spectacular of ways.

Hingle McCringleberry on ESPN

After years of penalizing players for showboating after a score, the NFL has finally let up on its strict endzone celebration rules. ESPN sat down with a player who knows the drill all too well to get his opinion, and to announce his un-retirement.

Piloting a Giant Mech

Korea’s Hankook Mirae corporation is developing a real world take on the movie and video game staple – the manned mech suit. Autoblog’s Translogic managed to score a hands-on demo of their Method v2 robot. It doesn’t move fast, but it sure is impressive.

All The Small Things, Literally

Continuing his series of overly literal musical interpretations, Davie504 played a surprisingly entertaining cover of Blink 182’s 1999 pop hit All the Small Things, entirely on instruments that are way too small for him.

Deal: Hank Backpack

Looking for a cleanly-styled backpack? Look no further than the Hank – a sleek, lightweight pack perfect for everyday wear. It’s got 2 large zipper compartments, and an organizer compartment up front, and a padded laptop sleeve. Available in grey or navy blue fabric.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S.9 (Trailer)

(PG-13: Language) Larry David is back, and despite the long absence, he’s just as much as a self-absorbed a-hole as ever. Though we admit we’ve wanted to do that thing with the perfume sample lady on at least one occasion. The new season hits HBO starting 10/1/17.

Jared Leto Is a Nice Guy

(PG-13: Language) For all of the grief that Jared Leto got for playing the Joker, and the stories of his over-the-top method acting, he seems like a charming and down to earth guy in British GQ’s video, in which he discusses his role in Blade Runner: 2049, and shows off his shaggy look.

Manker Elfin Titanium Folding Knife

We love the size and design of Manker’s petite frame-lock knife. Each one is hand-assembled from TC4 titanium with a razor-sharp 1.5? SV35N stainless steel blade. It’s small enough to carry on a pendant or a keychain. Cutlery Lover has a great review video here.

Gyroscopic Grill

We’re not sure that spinning around your food on multiple axes like this helps it cook any faster or more efficiently, but you’ve got to hand it to whoever built this crazy grill has a creative mind and masterful build skills. Video via Weber Foods.

Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book

Most of us use our Swiss Army knives for emergencies and impromptu needs. But Chris Lubkemann’s book is packed with fun ways you can use your knife to start a new hobby – whittling wood. It’s packed with easy to make projects, from desktop sculptures to utensils.

Nipple-stabilized Video

It’s the video clip absolutely nobody was asking for. On a sunny July day, Jake Alewel decided to ski with his shirt off, then used video post-production software to stabilize the image using his right nipple as its center point. The result is equal parts hilarious and disturbing.

Jason Isbell: Tiny Desk Concert

“In my sleep, I build machines. Nobody wants to hear about my dreams.” Singer-songwriter Jason Isbell and his band The 400 Unit dropped by NPR and turned in a relaxed, yet soul-stirring set of three songs about life and love from their wonderful album The Nashville Sound.

Bleeding Hand Candle

Creepy Candles‘ signature product is a realistic and life-sized hand-shaped candle. As it burns, the blood red wax inside melts and reveals a metal skeleton hand.  Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about smelling burnt flesh, because the candle has a pleasant scent.

State of Emergency Motherfker!

(PG-13: Language) Mehdi just wants to know if his buddy got lucky. If only Samy would stop blabbing and get to the point. Then the day’s beatdown from the cops would be so mundane. We sincerely hope Sébastien Petretti’s comedy short film remains a hyperbole.

Geeky Neon Lights

Gamer and geeky merch website Fanfit offers a selection of unique, handmade neon lights that will look perfect on your desk, bookshelf, or media center. Our faves are the Xbox controller, Pokeball, and Triforce designs.

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