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Captain Kabob Interviewed on American Bedu

(This post was originally published in October 2009...) M y 16 year old son Adam, whose alter-ego is Captain Kabob, has been interviewed by my friend and fellow blogger Carol, over at American Bedu. Carol's blog is amazing. It is your virtual "Everything You Wanted to Know About Saudi Arabia, But Were Afraid to Ask" informational source. Show More Summary

A Peek Inside a Saudi Wedding

In December I attended a family wedding at the brand new Hotel Galleria by Elaf in Jeddah. The lobby is quite elegant and it's several stories tall. It has a grand European ambience. The exterior of the hotel is spectacular. We arrived after dark though, so I don't have any exterior shots, but you can see some HERE. Show More Summary

Abaya Fashions in Jeddah

It's been a while since I posted about abaya fashions. When I first moved to KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) back in 2007, pretty much all that was available was a black heavier polyester blend with the differences being in the subtle embellishments and a slight variety of styles. Show More Summary

Chess Chump

“In a few days I am going to lose two World Champion titles - one by one. Just because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. Not to play by someone's rules, not to wear abaya, not to be accompanied getting outside, and altogether not to feel myself a secondary creature. Show More Summary

The New Jeddah Waterfront Project

The city of Jeddah runs north and south for many miles along the Red Sea coastline. A large phase of the Jeddah Waterfront project was recently completed and officially opened to the public on November 30th. This phase of the project cost a whopping 800 million Saudi riyals and runs along the coastline for 4.2 kilometers. Show More Summary

Jeddah's Bastah Market

Last night was the opening of the seasonal open air Bastah Market, located in the heart of the business district adjacent to Jeddah's Corniche. It is near the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and the world's largest flagpole. The market set-up reminds me of farmer's markets in the US, but on a much larger scale. Show More Summary

Why Do We Dress Like This?

Likeable. Upbeat. Adorable. Genuine. These are words I would use to describe the refreshing Emerati couple in this video, Khalid Al Ameri and his lovely wife Salama Mohamed. The parents of three young children, the Al Ameris live in Abu Dhabi - and they are living the dream and having lots of fun while they are doing it. Show More Summary


Major news sources are breaking with the news that King Salman of Saudi Arabia has reversed the decades long ban on women driving in the country. I have written many posts complaining about the frustrations of not being allowed to drive...Show More Summary

Saudi Ramadan Scenes

The month of Ramadan is in full swing. It began May 26 and will end June 24 this year. Ramadan is the month of the year when Muslims abstain from food, drink, and impure thoughts during the daylight hours. It is a time of reflection, self-discipline, and devotion, generosity of spirit, and for family and friends to get together. Show More Summary

2017 Yanbu Flower Festival Coming Soon

Last year I attended the annual Yanbu Flowers and Gardens Festival, which is a spectacular display of colorful flowers and plants in the city of Yanbu. This year's festival will be held March 14th through April 7th, 2017. There is no charge for admission. Show More Summary

My Name is Bilal

This post was sent to me by the author's mother, who is a friend of mine here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her son, 25 year-old Bilal Raychouni, wrote this powerful letter to the current US President, in which he expresses himself and his feelings articulately in ways that Americans can understand what it's really like to be a Muslim today in the USA. Show More Summary

Ladies First: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates

I just watched “Ladies First: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates,” a short New York Times video documentary regarding the historic elections in Saudi Arabia last December. The film features three different Saudi women who were not only...Show More Summary

"You're Lucky You Are Cute!"

"You’re lucky you are cute. If you weren't, you wouldn't be sitting here next to me." I can't tell you how many times my husband has said that to me over the years. While I feel like he is mostly joking, deep down I can't help but think that there must be some truth to it. Show More Summary

Flash Mob, Saudi Style

This video was produced by a large supermarket chain in Saudi Arabia called HyperPanda in honor of Saudi National Day which is celebrated on September 23rd. Enjoy!

Waad Academy

Waad Academy just opened its doors this past fall to welcome students. I recently had the chance to tour this impressive state of the art facility located in the Obhur area of the city. This new school offers a brand new concept in education here in Jeddah, focusing on turning out well-rounded individuals by feeding the mind, heart and body. Show More Summary

Saudi Society Will Accept Women Driving

I just wrote a guest post about the women's driving issue for the site called SAUDI WOMEN DRIVING, which offers news and thoughts pertaining to the issue of - you guessed it - Saudi women driving. I was prompted to write this in response...Show More Summary

My Favorite Photo from 2015

I was asked to choose my favorite photo from 2015 and write a blog post about it by a fantastic printing company called Social Print Studio. I am participating in this photo project they are sponsoring - and their favorite post will get a free print of their photo. Show More Summary

Pesticide Deaths in KSA: "It's Allah's Will..."

One day when we left our apartment shortly after to moving to Saudi Arabia, we were engulfed by a thick misty smoke-like fog. I suddenly couldn't breathe. I quickly covered my mouth and nose with my scarf. My husband was furious as he knew all too well what it was. Show More Summary

Yanbu Flower Festival 2016

The 10th Annual Yanbu Flowers and Gardens Festival is in full swing and is scheduled to end next weekend, unless it is extended as it has been in years past. The entrance reminds me of Universal Studios or Epcot Center, with a big globe of flowers with "Flower Festival" written around it. Show More Summary


Metaphorically speaking, if any group of people in the world epitomizes the West African proverb "Speak softly and carry a big stick," which was popularized by Teddy Roosevelt, it is the women of the GCC countries.If you have any doubt...Show More Summary

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