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Trump and Republican Foreign Policy

The same people that have treated gut instinct and ideological conformity as the only things that really matter in foreign policy are now deservedly stuck with a loudmouth nationalist.

McCain’s Panicked Alarmism

McCain and Graham can make outlandish statements about how horrible the state of the world is, and yet they are rarely called out for their shameless fear-mongering.

Rubio the Inflexible Hawk

When it comes to foreign policy, Rubio has no flexibility at all.

Clinton’s Reckless and Flawed Syria Policy

Clinton's plan suffers from many of the same flaws as Bush's.

Yemen and the War on ISIS

The U.S. ought to stop supporting the Saudis and their allies in Yemen.

Bush’s Syria Policy Is Still Foolish and Costly

If being the "world's leader" amounts to much the same thing as being the "world's policeman" in practice, it makes no difference if a hawkish politician rejects one name in favor of another.

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

There is no Obama doctrine. Leon Hadar reviews Colin Dueck’s The Obama …

Rubio’s Extremely Dangerous Plan for the War on ISIS

Rubio would risk a shooting war with Russia by trying to defeat ISIS and Assad at the same time.

The Indefensible War on Yemen Continues

None of the countries involved in battering and starving Yemen has been made more secure, and Yemen has been wrecked.

Rubio, the Hard-liners’ Factional Candidate

Rubio has gone out of his way to give hard-liners everything they could want on foreign policy.

Article 5 and the Illegal War on ISIS

Invoking Article 5 isn't going to solve the problem of the war's illegality under U.S. law.

Carson and the GOP’s Foreign Policy Ignorance Problem

Almost all of the Republican candidates are woefully unprepared and lacking in foreign policy experience.

Kasich’s Odd Idea for a New Propaganda Agency

Kasich's promotion of "Judeo-Christian Western values" is likely to land with a thud with the target audiences that he wants to reach.

More U.S. Weapons for the Saudis’ War on Yemen

The bombing campaign will continue to claim more civilian lives, and the U.S. will be partly responsible for that.

Cruz, Obama, and American “Leadership”

Hawkish critics have consistently misrepresented what Obama says and does to portray him and his foreign policy as almost the opposite of what they are.

Jeb Bush Shouldn’t Talk About Quagmires (or Foreign Policy)

Bush wants to get us much deeper into the Syrian conflict now and keep us there for a very long time.

2016 and the “Deep” Republican Bench

Michael Brendan Dougherty outlines the GOP’s “nightmare scenario” in which Trump and …

Civilian Deaths and Double Standards

There is something troubling about the tendency to focus only on the civilian deaths of some attacks while neglecting civilian deaths in other conflicts.

The Pitfalls of France’s War on ISIS

Hollande's declaration against ISIS sets a goal that he must know his government can't achieve at an acceptable cost.

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