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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Senators to introduce measure opposing Saudi arms sale. John Hudson reports on …

Johnson’s Blown Opportunity

Johnson had a chance to show that he had better foreign policy judgment and understanding than Clinton and Trump, and he blew it.

The Benefits of Restraint

In addition to the money saved through restraint, the U.S. would also avoid frittering away the lives and health of soldiers in numerous unnecessary and open-ended wars.

Trump’s Bloated Military Budget

Trump is now fully on board with the usual Republican hawkish fixations.

The Lingering Costs of Clinton’s Libyan War

Since Clinton was one of the main advocates for intervention in Libya, she is responsible for at least part of the deterioration in relations with Moscow that followed.

Clinton and the Imperial Presidency

We can reasonably sure that she would test and then go beyond the outer limits of what is legally permissible for a president to do.

The Deranged Belief That Obama Is ‘Allergic’ to Using Force

The sick and widespread belief that Obama isn't eager enough to use force overseas is symptomatic of our over-militarized foreign policy.

The Perils and Limits of ‘No-Fly Zones’

The creation of "no-fly zones" in the past has always been followed by an expansion of the mission.

Partitioning Syria Would Be Folly

Splitting up the country along some arbitrarily-drawn lines would be something outside governments try to impose on the people living there over their objections.

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The calamity in Yemen. Peter Oborne and Nawal al-Maghafi report on the …

The Latest Attack on the Nuclear Deal Is Untrue (As Usual)

This is just the latest in a long string of false charges that should be dismissed as such.

The ‘Council of Historical Advisers’ Is a Terrible Idea

Few things are less productive or potentially more misleading than to have historians go on an analogy hunt to influence a contemporary policy decision.

The Starvation of Yemen

The famine being created in Yemen is entirely man-made, and the coalition and its Western backers bear the greatest responsibility for it.

Trump’s Mexican Sojourn

Trump's visit has gained him nothing, and it has probably done considerable harm to his host.

Clinton’s American Legion Speech

Clinton understands "American exceptionalism" in a particularly warped way that justifies interfering all over the globe.

The Dangerous Pursuit of Primacy

Our leaders assume that our government has the right and even the responsibility to interfere in foreign conflicts and to police civil wars on the other side of the world.

Clinton and ‘American Exceptionalism’

Clinton's speech gives us one more indication that her foreign policy will be meddlesome and overbearing.

Our Warped Debates About War

Most of our politicians have never seen a war that they thought was unnecessary.

The Interventionist’s Lament

Interventionists regret the decision not to kill people in another country that posed no threat to the U.S. or any of our allies.

60 Members of Congress Call for Delay of Saudi Arms Sale

These members of Congress are bringing much-needed attention to the Obama administration's irresponsible and indefensible enabling of reckless client states.

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