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Keeping the Art of Knot Tying Alive

4 minutes agoLifestyle / Travel : Atlas Obscura

As new technologies revolutionize and streamline our lives, more and more traditional crafts are falling by the wayside or becoming the domain of hobbyists. Among those that were once ubiquitous, but are becoming more obscure is theShow More Summary

Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs Fight Plaque in Lowell, Massachusetts

32 minutes agoLifestyle / Travel : Atlas Obscura

A plaque that has been shared thousands of times online commemorates a drunken fight between Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, all over the Oxford comma. Only problem is... the story isn't true. The plaque recounts a fight in 1968...Show More Summary

Found: The Location of London’s Oldest Mosque

32 minutes agoLifestyle / Travel : Atlas Obscura

In London, the first ever mosque built explicitly as a house of worship was the Fazl Mosque in Southfields, which opened in 1926. But decades before, an immigrant from South Africa opened the city’s first-ever mosque, a makeshift space...Show More Summary

Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is known worldwide for its wealth of jazz history, and the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge on the north side of the Windy City is the the cream of the crop. Located in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, the Green Mill Lounge is home to...Show More Summary

Found: A Secret Gas Pump Hidden by a Mexican Altar

The Virgin of Guadalupe is sometimes called the “Patron Saint of Mexico,” and devotional altars to the holy woman can be found all across the country. But now she might also be referred to as the “Patron Saint of Illegal Gas,” afterShow More Summary

Washington Aqueduct Chemical Tower in Washington, D.C.

One million residents of Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia get their drinking water from the Dalecarlia Reservoir, a remarkable 150-year-old system that works entirely on gravity power. Overlooking the reservoir is a beautiful old...Show More Summary

A Newly Identified, Tightly Packed Solar System Harbors the Best-Ever Possibility For Alien Life

This afternoon, an international team of scientists announced the discovery of not one, not two, but seven roughly Earth-sized exoplanets closely orbiting a dwarf star called Trappist-1. The discovery of this pocket-sized solar system...Show More Summary

When the NSA Feared Psychics Could Make Cities Lost in Time and Space

A version of this story originally appeared on A classified government document opens with “an odd sequence of events relating to parapsychology has occurred within the last month” and concluded with an alarming question about psychics nuking cities so that they became lost in time and space. Show More Summary

Touring a Deserted, Dystopian Mall in Pennsylvania

When the Century III mall in the south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania opened in 1979, it was the third-largest enclosed shopping center on Earth. With three stories and over 200 stores, it was the place to shop, hang, eat, and make mischief involving the indoor fountain. Not anymore. Show More Summary

Romagne 14-18 in Romagne-Sous-Montfaucon, France

Thousand of men left their homes behind to fight in the Great War. But the daily life of the soldiers was about more than fighting. Much time was passed behind the front line as well, in encampments and occupied villages. The uniqueShow More Summary

Winged Figures of the Republic in Boulder City, Nevada

Two soaring figures flank a 142-foot flagpole at the Hoover Dam Visitors Center, aged to the gunmetal patina that clings to bronze after years in the elements. The figures are ripped with muscles, raising their arms to extended wings...Show More Summary

Ronnie's Sex Shop in Barrydale, South Africa

Ronnie’s Sex Shop, located in the rural bush of South Africa, is known as the “oddest pub in South Africa,” and not without reason. Complete with odd decor, a ceiling covered in clothing, and a strange name born out of a prank, the bar...Show More Summary

Help This Computer Program Draw the World's Freakiest Felines

Okay total creepy uncanny valley time but #breadcat #edges2cats — Ivy Tsai (@ivymyt) February 21, 2017 For years, computers have provided humans with an endless supply of depictions of cats—cat pictures, cat gifs, cat videos, cat memes. Show More Summary

Busted for Driving With a Ferret Around Your Neck

Last week, police in Edmonton set aside 24 hours to conduct a crackdown—dubbed the "Big Ticket Event"—on dangerous driving. Their efforts resulted in 2,442 citations for traffic violations, all recorded between last Wednesday and Thursday. The...Show More Summary

Seeds From Syria Are Returning to the Svalbard Vault

In 2008, when the Norwegian Government and the Global Crop Diversity Trust teamed up to open the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, they thought they were planning far ahead. The vault—essentially a massive safe deposit box for the world'sShow More Summary

Longyearbyen in Longyearbyen, Norway

On the Svalbard Islands of northern Norway there lies the town of Longyearbyen, the northernmost town in the world with a significant population size (there are a few research bases further north). The former coal mining town is nowShow More Summary

Listen to the Call to Prayer in Countries Around the World

If you were standing by the Lion’s Gate, in the Old City walls of Jerusalem, you might hear this call to prayer: If you were standing in New Delhi, more than 3,000 miles away, you might hear this one, the same idea shaped by its location: These...Show More Summary

Found: Strange Graffiti on 4 of Washington’s Most Famous Monuments

Over President’s Day weekend, a crowd gathered at the National Mall in D.C., and around 11 p.m. one of those people was defacing national monuments. Park police discovered strange graffiti first at the Lincoln Memorial, where there were two messages found, and later at the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, the D.C. Show More Summary

Tom's Restaurant in New York, New York

Seinfeld fans who want to re-create their favorite scenes in Monk’s Café need only travel to Manhattan’s Upper West Side to find the perfect place. It won’t look familiar on the inside, but the blue and red neon wrapping the corner will...Show More Summary

The Starting Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey in East Liverpool

On September 30, 1785, Thomas Hutchins, the first and only Geographer of the United States, set out to divide the country’s western lands into neat, square parcels. The project Hutchins and his team were embarking on was technicallyShow More Summary

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