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Montemor-o-Novo Castle in Montemor-o-Novo , Portugal

Dating back to the 13th century the ruins of the Montemor-o-Novo Castle in Portugal remain a haunting ruin that can be explored by any traveller curious enough to pass through the still-standing gates. In its day, the castle in Montemor-o-Novo was an impressive citadel perched on a hill. Show More Summary

The Day the Civil War Stopped in Saint Francisville, Louisiana

Every summer, Saint Francisville remembers an unusual moment in its history. Against the backdrop of violent national conflict, it was a moment marked---improbably---by ceasefire, rather than bloodshed. At the center of this strangeShow More Summary

Lake Havasu's London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

The classic children's rhyme, "London Bridge is Falling Down," was once all too true. After standing for over a century over the river Thames, the London Bridge that now stands in Lake Havasu, Arizona had begun to sink into the water before it was purchased by the American city. Show More Summary

The Troll Church in Aalborg, Denmark

Created some time between 3500-2800 BCE, Troldkirken, or Troll Church is a crude chamber made of titanic boulders which, according to the legend were placed by an angry troll. The Troldkirken is known as the largest of the area's neolithic long barrows with a capstone that is believed to weigh over 15,000 pounds. Show More Summary

The Singing Trees in Aalborg, Denmark

In the Danish city of Aalborg there is a park visitors can go and listen to ZZ Top, Backstreet Boys, and dozens of other artists in the midst of a grove planted by them Since 1987, a number of artists have left their mark on Aalborg's Park of Music, otherwise known as the Kildeparken. Show More Summary

The Singing Oak in New Orleans, Louisiana

The expansive branches of the Singing Oak, or Chime Tree, provide shade and coordinated melodies from the beautiful wind chimes hung from the giant oak by local artist Jim Hart. The Singing Oak is perched in the heart of City Park, just down the road from the New Orleans Museum of Art. Show More Summary

Lindholm Høje in Nørresundby, Denmark

At first glance, Denmark's Lindholm Høje seems to simply be a green field covered in an array of small boulders, but the deliberate formations that emerge to those who look closely, reveal a viking graveyard just beneath the surface....Show More Summary

Aérotrain d'Orléans Test Track in Chevilly, France

Designed by engineer Jean Bertin, the Aérotrain was a hovertrain developed in France from 1965 to 1977. Similar to a magnetic levitation train, the train was designed to glide above the tracks, but instead of using magnetic resistance, the Aérotrain would float on a cushion of air. Show More Summary

Frontón Beti-Jai in Madrid, Spain

Boxed in by buildings on all sides, the ruins of Madrid's Frontón Beti-Jai sports complex is a hidden relic right in the heart of a bustling modern city. Originally built in 1894, the arena was one of many in the city, all built to answer the demand of a populace who were crazed about sports. Show More Summary

First Lady Dolls at the Uintah County Library in Vernal, Utah

Taking up three glass display cases in Utah's Uintah County Library and Western Heritage Museum are resplendent dolls carved to look like almost every American First Lady. The doll collection was established in 1976 by a local group of women to celebrate the country's bicentennial. Show More Summary

The Rapid City Presidents in Rapid City, South Dakota

It usually takes a special occasion to stand in the company of a President of the United States, let alone several. Rapid City makes it a bit easier. Over the course of several blocks in downtown Rapid City, visitors will find a life-sized bronze statue of every President in the history of the United States (with Obama coming soon). Show More Summary

Grave of Joseph Palmer in Leominster, Massachusetts

Despite the conception that the past was a hairy wonderland of bearded outdoorsmen, bushy facial hair was long considered the mark of lunatics or worse, heretics. Today there is a Massachusetts gravestone that still remembers one man's heroic fight against the forces of anti-hirsute vigilantes and a whole town's persecution against his epic mane. Show More Summary

Superlambanana in Liverpool, England

Liverpool's Superlambanana is a bright yellow joke statue that began life as a public art statement but took on a life of its own as the city embraced the work, turning the hybrid creature into a movement all on its own. The artworkShow More Summary

Maputo Natural History Museum in Maputo, Mozambique

Maputo, Mozambique's Natural History Museum is housed inside a beautiful old building with nicely kept gardens. The collection includes many artifacts you would expect to find in a natural history museum, including descriptions of animal...Show More Summary

Znojmo Catacombs in Znojmo, Czech Republic

Beneath the historic homes of Znojmo, Croatia is a system of defensive catacombs built by the townspeople to protect themselves from invaders, using almost cartoonish strategies. Calling the maze beneath Znojmo "catacombs" is a bit of...Show More Summary

Brooklyn Army Terminal Building B in Brooklyn , New York

While many of the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal has been given over to smaller manufacturing concerns, the concrete cathedral known as Building B, remains a haunting historical wonder. Originally conceived to be a military installation...Show More Summary

In't Aepjen in Amsterdam, Holland

After Amsterdam was destroyed by fire in 1452, the old city was rebuilt using brick. Of all the old wooden buildings that had made up the historic city, only two survived. One of these premises was an inn, located on the corner of the old Zeedijk (sea dike), near the infamous red light district. Show More Summary

Sengaku-Ji in Tokyo, Japan

The tale of the 47 Ronin (or 47 Loyal Retainers) as they are still known in Japan, is one of the most iconic tales in the country's history, and their bodies are buried in tightly packed rows at the Sengaku-Ji temple. The story of the...Show More Summary

The Big Bubble in Houston, Texas

It's rare that you find an inviting BRB (Big Red Button) just sitting out in the world, with no warning signs, and no indication as to its purpose. Yet hidden in a shallow niche on Houston's Preston Street Bridge is just such an enigma. Show More Summary

The Katy? Massacre Memorial in Jersey City, New Jersey

The redeveloped stretch of the Hudson River Walkway through Jersey City, offers spectacular views of the West Side of Manhattan. The business district around Exchange Place in particular is a popular vantage point. But amidst the modern gleaming buildings, bars, and park benches lining the waterfront is a truly disturbing memorial. Show More Summary

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