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Elvis' Long, Failed Quest to Meet J. Edgar Hoover, His Hero

When the King met Nixon. (Photo: Ollie Atkins/Public Domain) A version of this story originally appeared on While the meeting between Nixon and the King is the stuff of legend, hidden within Elvis' FBI file is a lesser known but equally bizarre epilogue. Show More Summary

The New Orleans Train Garden in New Orleans, Louisiana

When it comes to evocations of the past, model railroads are hard to beat. Few North American cities, meanwhile, can boast histories as rich, as complex and as downright engaging as that of New Orleans. It’s only fitting, then, thatShow More Summary

Scientists Grow 2-Week-Old Human Embryo Outside of Womb For First Time

(Photo: Umberto Salvagnin/CC BY 2.0) For the first time, scientists have grown a human embryo for two weeks outside of a mother's womb, they said Wednesday. Among the things they learned? That cells in human embryos have enviable organizational...Show More Summary

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park in Ely, Nevada

Near Ely, Nevada, six stone charcoal ovens dominate the desert landscape and give this historic site its peculiar name. The Egan Mountain Range is just a mile or two to the west, but down here in the basin it’s the thirty-foot “beehives”...Show More Summary

The Wahweap Hoodoos in Utah

In the dry lands of Southern Utah, three hours north of the Grand Canyon's South Rim, lies a rarely used 9.2 mile out-and-back trail. The trail usage may be low, but those who take the 5 hour hike will be rewarded with one of the strangest...Show More Summary

The House of Mugs in Collettsville, North Carolina

The House of Mugs (a/k/a, the Collettsville Cup House) is a true labor of love created one nail and mug at a time. At the very end of an unpaved country road stands a cozy home, completely covered in coffee mugs. The owners, Avery and Doris Sisk, created their quirky attraction almost by accident. Show More Summary

Gandini's Circus in Edmond, Oklahoma

In the midst of the subdivisions of Edmond, Oklahoma -- up the street from the Sonic Drive-In and the local vape shop -- sits an unassuming bit of woods that conceals the decaying evidence of the circus that once called this place home. Show More Summary

Rök Rune Stone in Ödeshög V, Sweden

What was once building material in a church wall in the Swedish countryside is today a unique piece of history, telling stories of battles, kings and heroes long gone. Yet for centuries, passersby were unaware that this monolith contained...Show More Summary

Mount Tanigawa in Tsuchitaru, Yuzawa, Japan

At 6,487 feet, Mount Tanigawa is not the highest peak in Japan—but it is the most deadly. Thick with foliage in the fall, heavy with snow in the winter, and at the nexus of two weather systems, it is easy to disappear into the beauty of Mount Tanigawa, both figuratively and literally. Show More Summary

Entire City Evacuated as Massive Wildfire Destroys Canada's Fort McMurray

'It's gone. It's all gone': Wildfire empties Fort McMurray as flames enter city | | #ymm — Fort McMurray Today (@FortMacToday) May 4, 2016 Around 270 miles north of Edmonton, in the Canadian province of Alberta, is Fort McMurray, a boomtown that serves as the center of the country's oil production. Show More Summary

For Sale: The Second Largest Diamond Ever Found

Discover the 1109-ct Lesedi la Rona, the largest rough diamond discovered in 100 years — Sotheby's (@Sothebys) May 4, 2016 Attention gem collectors and heist planners: the second largest diamond ever found, the Lesedi La Rona, is set to go on auction at Sotheby’s London in June. Show More Summary

Canadian Scientists Are Speaking Out After 9 Years of Censorship

Canada's Minister for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, center, who announced a change to the rules for scientists in November. (Photo: Michael Ignatieff/CC BY-ND 2.0) For nine years, federal scientists in Canada couldn't talk to the press. Show More Summary

Man Sues Former Employers for Boring Him

Frederic Desnard, a Parisian, is suing his former employer because his job was too boring. He wants $415k in damages — NBS Television (@nbstv) May 4, 2016 Yawning a bunch at work these days? Finding your mouse magnetically attracted to the little Solitaire icon? You may have some legal recourse. Show More Summary

Watch This Tiny Town Get Sucked Into a Tornado Vortex

Torrents of wind whip around buildings and streets as a tornado vortex consumes a tiny town. Good thing the town in this video is just a model test bed for engineers and researchers at Iowa State University. Back in 2004, a team ledShow More Summary

Chammünster Ossuary in Cham, Germany

In the year 1830, cemetery workers in Cham, Germany unearthed a chamber housing thousands of skeletal remains thought to be from the 13th century. Some of the 5000 skulls discovered can still be viewed in the small ossuary behind the...Show More Summary

Found: A Surprise David Bowie Left for Fans on His Last Album

The cover of Blackstar. (Photo: Joseph.bleh/CC BY-SA 4.0) The cover of David Bowie’s last album, Blackstar, has a simple design: a five-point star cut into the album cover, black on black. But as fans recently discovered, there’s a secret element to the design. Show More Summary

How One Photographer Finally Convinced a President to Give Him Full Access

President Johnson meets with candidate Nixon. (Photo: Yoichi Okamoto/Public domain) It might be said that official White House photography began with a very unofficial photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt. As the story goes, Roosevelt was out riding her horse when she was spotted by Abbie Rowe, who was then working for the public roads bureau. Show More Summary

How to be Cool (According to a Video Game Magazine From 1982)

Meet Art Cater, the coolest dude of the arcades of 1982. (All images: Video Games Player Magazine/Fair Use) Today when people think of arcades they probably imagine expensive niche locations like a Dave & Busters, but back in 1982, arcades...Show More Summary

Photos of the World at Twilight, When Everything is a Hushed Grey

Monument Valley, Arizona, USA. (All Photos: © Tom Jacobi) There is a technique in art known as grisaille, in which an artist will create a work entirely from shades of grey. Sometimes it is used simply because it’s cheaper; sometimes...Show More Summary

The Hidden History of Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language

Deaf children signing the Star-Spangled Banner in Cinncinati, c. 1918. (Photo: Library of Congress/ LC-DIG-npcc-33373) In 1979 in the town of Chilmark, on Martha’s Vineyard, Joan Poole Nash sat across from her great-grandmother Emily Howland Poole, surrounded by a team of linguists and a video camera. Show More Summary

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