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Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine in Hong Kong

Lots of people like Hello Kitty, but it takes a special kind of devotion to open an entire dim sum restaurant devoted to the cute icon. But for those who have just been dying to bite into a dumpling shaped like her face, Hong Kong has...Show More Summary

The Alluring Art Deco Parkway That Winds Through Connecticut

A soothing drive down Connecticut's Merritt Parkway. (Photo: Doug Kerr/ flickr) If there were an EGOT for highways, Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway would surely be one. It is listed as a National Scenic Byway by the Federal Highway Commission, which could be considered the Pulitzer Prize for public roads. Show More Summary

Ax-Man Surplus in St. Paul, Minnesota

Located in the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota, Ax-Man manages to share a block with a vape shop, a dive bar/music venue, and a purveyor of sex toys yet comes out on top with providing the assortment's most guaranteed-unforgettable...Show More Summary

Rosenbaum House in Florence, Alabama

In 1960, architecture critic Peter Blake wrote that “[Frank Lloyd] Wright built four structures of a beauty unexcelled in America before or since.” One of them was the single-family Rosenbaum House in Florence, Alabama. The only Wright building in Alabama, the house was built for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum in 1940. Show More Summary

Tiny Star Wars Chocolates, I Am Your Father

Don't listen to Yoda! You can indeed try each of these desserts. (Image: Faith & Flower/Instagram) Star Wars fans: you can't watch The Force Awakens until December, and you can't go to Star Wars Land until... sometime later than that. Show More Summary

Exploring A Decade-Old, Abandoned Fantasy Game

This may be the end of the digital world of Minions of Mirth. (All screenshots by Eric Grundhauser) In our continuing exploration of the hidden and unknown corners of digital spaces, we have delved into a number of high-profile game worlds that still see regular visits from devoted fans. Show More Summary

FOUND: The Color of Pluto's Sky

Pluto is surrounded by a haze of blue. The New Horizons space probe has sent back color photos of the dwarf planet on the edge of our solar system, and Pluto is ringed by blue—courtesy of a cloud of soot-like particles. These particles aren't the same type that make the skies over Earth look blue to our eyes. Show More Summary

Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia, Georgia

The view of most small, rural institutions is that they will be either utilitarian at best, and dilapidated at worst, But in Georgia, out of the way buildings seem to simply be opportunities to create strange and often beautiful pieces...Show More Summary

Why All the Cool New Dinosaurs Are From Asia And South America

How we imagined prehistory in the mid-1800s (Image: Henry de la Beche/Wikimedia) When paleontologists look for a place to find dinosaur bones, they’re searching out spots with a few particular qualities. The rocks need to be the right age, and they need to be sedimentary rock. Show More Summary

The Hardscrabble Side of New England, in Previously Unseen Photos from the 1970s

When Jesse Pollock, founder of Unpiano Books, published a collection of his father Arthur Pollock's pictures in 2011, he was merely scraping the surface of the elder Pollock's oeuvre. Arthur spent many years traveling around New England as a news photographer, and now works as a photo editor at the Boston Herald. Show More Summary

Fiction's Newest Frontier: Literary Geocaching

The "outside-in" two-volume hardcover edition of The Pickle Index, where images from the two volumes can be combined. (Photo: Eli Horowitz) Ever heard of geocaching, or GPS treasure-hunting ? Now think literary geocaching: stories that can only be opened in specific locations that you have to find. Show More Summary

Just Like Feminist, Fishwife Was Supposed to Be an Insult

A harpy in Ulisse Aldrovandi's Monstrorum Historia, Bologna, 1642. (Photo: Public Domain/WikiCommons) In the classic 1950 film All About Eve, venerable actress Margo Channing (played by Bette Davis) sails onto the set of her latest production, where her plotting assistant, Eve, has just procured the role of her understudy. Show More Summary

The Burns Archive in New York, New York

Dr. Stanley Burns lives in a museum of his own making. The walls of the ophthalmologist's brownstone home are covered in incredible photographs depicting anatomical oddities, medical procedures, historic events, social movements. There...Show More Summary

The French Resistance Memorials of Cadenet in Cadenet, France

Throughout the South of France, many small war memorials are to be found in seemingly random locations. Whilst most towns and villages will feature a large monument honoring dead soldiers from both World Wars, they are often placed in the center of town. Show More Summary

Parc Monceau in Paris, France

When France's royal family wants an absurdist Anglo-Chinese garden filled with an architectural pastiche from around the globe, who dares say no? Parc Monceau was built in 1778 at the request of King Louis XVI's cousin – the Duke ofShow More Summary

The Past And Future Of Magnetic Poetry, The Populist Product That Began With A Sneeze

Magnetic poetry tiles, just begging to be recombined. (Photo: Steve Johnson/Flickr) Dave Kapell, the inventor of Magnetic Poetry, never meant to be a businessman. He was thrust into what became his life's work by one well-timed sneeze. In the late 1990s, you couldn't hunt for a snack in an American home without coming across a magnetic poem or two. Show More Summary

Fairbanks House in Dedham, Massachusetts

The Fairbanks House has stood in Dedham, Massachusetts since its construction somewhere between 1637 and 1641. This makes it not only the oldest house in New England, but the oldest surviving wood-frame house in all of North America. The...Show More Summary

The Doomed Effort to Make Videos Go Vinyl

Movies on vinyl: a thing that actually happened. (Photo: Justin Hall on Flickr) In an alternate universe, movie buffs have Citizen Kane on vinyl. In that alternate universe, unlike in our own, Capacitance Electronic Discs (CEDs) survived...Show More Summary

Pizza Rat's 2-Day Journey from Viral Video to Sexy Halloween Costume

Spot the difference. (Photos: Courtesy Matt Little; Courtesy Yandy). “I feel like this is the year of the meme costume,” says Chad Horstman, CEO of Yandy. He should know; of the costumes on a recent BuzzFeed list of “21 ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes That Should Never Have Been Made,” Yandy is actually responsible for 11 of them. Show More Summary

Froggyland in Split, Croatia

What would it look like if frogs were carpenters? What about if they went to school, played tennis, or ran a circus? You can find out at the strange, delightful Froggyland museum in Croatia. The collection of anthropomorphic amphibians at Froggyland consists of 507 stuffed frogs arranged in 21 cases. Show More Summary

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