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FOUND: More Marsupials That Sex Themselves to Death

A Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus (Photo: University of Queensland) The antechinus, the tiny Australian marsupial that looks like a cute-enough cross of a rat and a mole (if moles could hop), has a very strange sex life. In the summer,...Show More Summary

Islands of the Undesirables: Randall's Island and Wards Island

An aerial view of Randall's and Wards Islands seen towards the bottom right. (Photo: Doc Searls/Flickr) Follow my blog with Bloglovin Scattered around the five boroughs are a set of islands—Roosevelt Island, North Brother Island, Randall’s...Show More Summary

Technology You Didn't Know Still Existed: The Telegram

The envelope for a Western Union Telegraph, c. 1861 (Photo: Library of Congress) Today, where disposable instant messaging, emails, texts and tweets are all around us, it is a pleasant surprise to find out that the grandfather of quick...Show More Summary

Why Are These Cars Wearing Tutus? Ask The Male Ballerinas

The Volvo Ballet, 2015 (Photo: Courtesy of Kendra Lin) It's summer in America, and in towns small and large, parades of firetrucks, baton-tossing marching bands, and distinguished old automobiles move haltingly down Main Streets. InShow More Summary

Not-So-Loved Locks: 6 Love Lock Sites That Caused Both Controversy and Cuddling

Dustin+Andi 4EVA (Photo: Dustin Gaffke on Flickr) The idea of a "love lock" is that you and your beloved clamp a padlock on a permanent structure (usually a bridge), and throw away the key so that your love can be as eternal as that lock. Show More Summary

Why Thousands of New Animal Species Are Still Discovered Each Year

The spider 'Cebrennus rechenbergi' cartwheeling down a sand dune in Morocco (Photo: Ingo Rechenberg/ WikiCommons CC BY-SA 3.0) Every spring, the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry releases a list of the top ten new animal...Show More Summary

Islands of The Undesirables: Roosevelt Island

Aerial view of Roosevelt Island (Photo: Philip Capper/WikiCommons CC BY 2.0) In 1883, Emma Lazarus wrote “The New Colossus,” a poem that would eventually be engraved on a plaque on the Statue of Liberty. In her famous lines, LibertyShow More Summary

Extra Mile: The Accidental Tribe of Highpointers

The peak of Mauna Kea, Hawaii (Photo: apasciuto/Flickr) Britton Hill is a blip on the side of Florida’s County Road 285, a small highway near the state’s border with Alabama. The site is modestly appointed with a granite, tombstone-like marker and two park benches. Show More Summary

Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee

"Advertising without posters is like fishing without worms." — The Hatch Brothers One of the oldest letterpress print shops in America got its start when the Hatch brothers founded Nashville’s Hatch Show Print in 1879. Originally known...Show More Summary

Here's What Happens When You Bring $30,000 of Video Gear to an Abandoned Asylum

Inside the psychiatric center (Photo: Courtesy of Project Senium) It was Thursday afternoon, on the second to last day they had planned for the shoot, and most of the crew was out sick. But Joe Trimble and Nicolas Levasseur had beenShow More Summary

#ObscuraDay Rolling Round-Up

Obscura Day 2015 arrived! We've been working diligently at Atlas Obscura for months, compiling unique and wondrous locations around the world and dreaming up unusual events in a widespread call for our readers to unite on a single, glorious day in an international celebration of curiosity and discovery. Show More Summary

Chisinau Jewish Cemetery in Chi?in?u, Moldova

In the outskirts of Moldova's capital Chisinau, is a massive Jewish cemetery that lies in ruins. A little known fact, even for Moldovans living in Chisinau, is that a large Jewish cemetery can be found in the city. In the end of theShow More Summary

FOUND: A Gun Linked to 7 Murders Was Sitting in a British Museum

This is an example of a VZ58 rifle, which Irish paramilitaries were supplied with. (Photo: Wikimedia) In February 1992, Protestant paramilitaries killed 5 people in a betting shop in Belfast. The VZ58 rifle later connected to those murders was also linked to two killings in 1988. Show More Summary

FOUND: Ritual Gold Bongs from 2,400 Years Ago

The Scythians were really into gold, both for jewelry and ritual opium consumption (Photo: ?.???????/Wikimedia) In southern Russia, archaeologists have dug up a small pile of gold objects used by the Scythians—including gold vesselsShow More Summary

Sillustani in Puno, Peru

Rising up around the shore of Peru's Lake Titicaca, the archeological site known as Sillustani are the fascinating ruins of what may have once been a cylindrical necropolis. Created by the pre-Incan Culla civilization that thrived in...Show More Summary

Museum of Art Fakes in Vienna, Austria

Sitting across from the famous work of architectural art, Hundertwasserhaus, one of the most original works in the world, is a small museum that take a look at the other side of the art world where forgers, fakers, and charlatans thrive. Show More Summary

Houtong Cat Village in Houtong, Taiwan

At one point, the Taiwanese village of Houtong was one of the largest providers of coal in the country, but as the population declined and the town threatened to disappear, it was saved from the brink by an influx of lovable felines....Show More Summary

St. Agnes Church and School in Detroit, Michigan

A once-thriving Catholic church with its own girl’s high school now lies abandoned and slowly falling into picturesque ruins. By the time St. Agnes was built, there were only a handful of houses in the area. Detroit had, however, grown...Show More Summary

Nuttallburg in Fayetteville, West Virginia

First established in 1870, the Nuttalberg Coal Mining Complex and its attendant ghost town have been abandoned since the early 20th century, but determined hikers can still visit the remains of the operation which are sitting in a lush West Virginia river gorge. Show More Summary

Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection in Bloomington, Indiana

Jerry Slocum's lifelong fascination with the history of puzzles led to a conundrum of its own, namely, where do you keep tens of thousands of antique mind-benders? The answer lay in the creation of the Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection located at Indiana University's Lilly Library. Show More Summary

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