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Owl Art and Craft Museum in Seoul, South Korea

Officially the "Owl Art and Craft Museum," this museum houses exclusively owl-related paraphernalia – and lots of it. Founder Bae Myeonghui began his owl-art-object collection at age 15. Gradually, with help from his friends and family,...Show More Summary

FOUND: An iPhone That Fell 9,300 Feet And Works Just Fine

If you're going to drop an iPhone, might as well be from a plane (Photo: redlegsfan21/Flickr) Ben Wilson, of Texas, owns a company that sells propane storage tanks and gas plant equipment. Also, he owns an iPhone. And on the way back...Show More Summary

Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, New Jersey

While Hessians were sleeping away in these barracks, raised in 1758, General George Washington and 2,400 Revolutionary soldiers were crossing the icy Delaware River to start the First Battle of Trenton. Built to house 300 soldiers during...Show More Summary

The Brutal Beauty of Concrete Buildings

Orange County Government Center by Paul Rudolph, Goshen, New York. (All photos: Ty Cole) Brutalism is one of the more controversial architectural styles of the 20 th century. Named from the French word for rough concrete, béton brut,...Show More Summary

The Secrets of America's Best Rest Stop: Free Ice Water, Donuts, the Cutest Jackalopes in Town

A Wall Drug billboard (Photo: Jennifer Kirkland/Flickr) Driving through South Dakota, it's impossible to avoid Wall Drug. The billboards start before you even enter the state, and they're arrayed, hundreds of them, alongside I-90, for more than 400 miles. Show More Summary

What It Actually Means to 'Read the Riot Act' to Someone

(Image: Library of Congress) When someone talks about being "read the riot act," it usually means they've been caught engaging in antisocial behavior and chastised accordingly. But it's not just a quirky idiom—the origin of the phrase comes from a real Riot Act designed to quell discord. Show More Summary

7 of America's Smallest Civic Institutions

(Photo: Paxson Woelber/Flickr) Historically, Americans have taken a "bigger is better" attitude but in a few notable spot around our great big country, it's the little things that count. From forests, to post offices, to a whole other...Show More Summary

Gereja Ayam, the Abandoned Chicken Church in Magelang, Indonesia

Should you be trekking through the thick forests of Magelang, Indonesia, try not to be too alarmed if you stumble upon a titanic, rotting building, shaped like a chicken. Known as Gereja Ayam (unsurprisingly, "Chicken Church"), thisShow More Summary

Humphreys Peak B-24 Wreckage in Humphrey's Peak , Arizona

Hidden away near Humphrey's Peak, the highest point in the state of Arizona, the remains of a plane crash that killed eight people can still be found, a junked memorial to their tragic accident. During the night of September 25, 1944, a U.S. Show More Summary

For Many Islands, Tourism Means Too Much Trash. Is Cuba Next?

A busy street in Havana prepares to become somewhat busier. (Photo: Stefan Vetter/Flickr) What will Cuba look like in twenty years? Right now, as the lifting of most remaining travel restrictions and embargoes seems increasingly imminent, people all over the hemisphere are betting on the answer to this question. Show More Summary

Codex Gigas (The Devil's Bible) in Stockholm, Sweden

The largest Medieval manuscript in the world, believed to have been the work of a single monk in Bohemia (in the modern Czech Republic), it's not its 620 pages at three-feet in size that makes it remarkable; it's the Devil containedShow More Summary

FOUND: Aurorae 1 Million Times Brighter Than Any on Earth

An artist's impression of the aurora (Image: Chuck Carter and Gregg Hallinan/Caltech) Eighteen and a half light years away from Earth, there's an object that we call LSR J1835 + 3259. It's the type of body astronomers call a brown dwarf, or a failed star—more massive than Jupiter, but not quite big enough to be a star. Show More Summary

Inside Togo's Thriving Voodoo Fetish Market

Animal bones and horns are stacked high at a stall at the Fetish Market. These items are usually ground up for use in powders, pastes, or other potions. (All photos: Angelica Calabrese) Got a big test coming up? Powdered chameleon will help you pass with flying colors. Show More Summary

100 Wonders: Model Behavior

The US Army Corp of Engineers work often goes largely unseen and unappreciated—why they make the news, it's usually when things have gone wrong. Think of, say, when the New Orleans levees failed, or species are endangered by dams. Critique...Show More Summary

Meikleour Beech Hedges in Perth, Scotland

The words “world’s largest” have a way of piquing the interest of just about anybody, but the world’s largest hedge might seem to be the exception to that rule. However don't let the mundane name fool you, it is one hell of a leafy sight, standing 120 feet tall at its highest point. Show More Summary

Where Bowling Meets Golf on a Country Road in West Virginia

An Irish Road Bowler in action. (Photo: Courtesy of West Virginia Road Bowling Association) On a winding country road in Ireland, West Virginia, a heated competition is taking place. Two rivals, standing in the middle of the road, take turns sprinting and hurling a custom-made iron ball down a hilly, bucolic stretch of lane. Show More Summary

New Yorkers Have Been Illicitly Cracking Open Fire Hydrants For Centuries

Summer in New York. (Photo: Rebecca Wilson/flickr) It’s become a tradition for New York City reporters. The scene: a steamy day in July or August, heat distorting the air above a scorching pavement. People hold bottles of cold water or cans of soda to their foreheads. Show More Summary

Edwardstown Anglican Church in Saint-Chrysostome, Canada

This rotting 19th century church doesn't look as bad as it could considering it has been abandoned for decades, but the small cemetery on the grounds looks even better. St-Matthews Episcopal Church, otherwise known as the Edwardstown Anglican Church was originally built in 1847 in order to minister to the settlers flocking to the area. Show More Summary

Point Nemo in Pacific Ocean, Antarctica

Sometimes you just wish you get the hell away from everyone and everything, and there may be no more effective spot to do so on the entire planet than Point Nemo, the spot that is further from a landmass than any other spot in the seas. Technically...Show More Summary

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