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JC Hawaii SD-3 Thruster

My little brother has had an old JC Hawaii SD-3 surfboard for the past 3 years, and somehow that thing is still kicking around the house. It’s been pretty beat up, but through constant repair, is still surfable. On top of being used in California, it’s been used on several trips to Hawaii in the…

How To Surf Rocky Point: North Shore Oahu

Rocky Point is one of the most high performance waves on the North Shore of Oahu. Stop by on any day that has swell on the North Shore and you’ll see Hawaii’s best locals and the world’s best surfers who are in town ripping this surf spot apart. It’s the place to go if you…

How to Surf Nukumoi Point in Kauai

A few weekends ago, I spent some time in Kauai looking for waves. Since it was May, we went looking for waves on the south side of the island, because most of the north swells were gone by then. A north swell was supposed to hit on that Saturday, but it didn’t really hit until…

How to Surf Lower Trestles: Southern California

If you’re planning on surfing Southern California, then Trestles should be one of the main spots on your list of places to go. Surfing Lower Trestles isn’t something super technical that requires local knowledge like many of the famous reef breaks around the world, but there are still some simple things that you should know…

How to Paint a Surfboard Using Dish Soap and Spray Paint

Ever since modern surfing began surfers have been painting their surfboards in a whole variety of ways. The styles of art have changed a lot over the years, and today you can see a little bit of every kind of surfboard art on the boards out in the water. About 5 years ago I traveled…

Freds Wave: The Ultimate Replica

Check out this video:  (a well spent 53 seconds of your life): As you can tell by the size of the wave, and the fact that it is powered by the back wheel of a truck, this is not the final product, simply a scale model.  But, if you surfed a wave that good whenever you wanted,…

Donald Takayama In The Pink Longboard

First, I’ve never been a huge Surftech fan (I always thought the boards were too light), but i can honestly say that the Donald Takayama In the Pink longboard is the best Surftech longboard and maybe the best overall longboard that I’ve EVER ridden. I promise that I’m not over hyping ;). After reading countless reviews, [...]

Green Foam Surfboard Blanks

Over the past several years the phrase “Go Green” has been created and used alongside almost everything.  “Go Green” can relate to your lifestyle, your refrigerator, your food, your car and now it even relates to your surfboard.  Green Foam, a company in San Clemente, Ca. has pioneered a new “green” technique of making surfboard [...]

Panama Jack Suncare

Summer is fast approaching and that means one thing, the sun will be shining. When the sun comes out, so do the sunblocks, sunscreens, face sticks and plenty of kooks. If your skin has been hiding behind thick layers of rubber all year, you are going to want to apply some type of sunblock while [...]

Buying A Surfboard: Off The Rack vs. Custom

If you are going to buy your first surfboard, or are just thinking of adding a new board to your quiver, you will have to choose between buying a board off the rack or finding a local shaper and have him make you a custom surfboard. It can be a tough decision and there truthfully [...]

The GoofBoard - A New Balance Trainer for Surfers

The GoofBoard is a new balance trainer (similar to the Indo Board) that has been specifically designed for surfers. The GoofBoard was created by Armin Brown, “for surfers as a way to bring home the surf riding experience AND return to waves the better for it.” Armin was looking to create a balance trainer that simulated [...]

Surf Sleeve: A Solution to Thigh Rash

The Surf Sleeve is a new, patent pending idea that will save you from rash caused by your board shorts chaffing your inner thighs. This chaffing often happens to surfers who wear wetsuits all year, and then once summer or a warm water surf trip comes up, they switch to boardshorts and the shorts rub [...]

Big Blue: The Wavestorm SUP Review

A while back thesurfingblog did a review on the 8’ foam board that you most likely have seen in your local lineup over the last couple years that we all know as the Wavestorm. In the last couple years, the Wavestorm has been the go to board for those beginning to surf and for those [...]

Shaper Review: J. and John Richardson of Surfboards Makaha

On the West side of Oahu, J. Richardson has been making surfboards since he was 16. He started making boards because he needed something to ride the waves and he didn’t want to pay others to make boards for him. He never thought it would be anything more than making boards for his own quiver. [...]

Panama Dream Surf Trip: Special Discount Price

Thesurfingblog is dedicated to all things surfing. Nothing describes the soul idea of surfing better than traveling to new locations in the search of waves. We want to help you guys score great waves at great prices this summer. So we went out and did just that, we got you an amazing deal on [...]

Ocean Sunglasses: Eye Protection While Surfing

I’ve never really thought about wearing sunglasses while surfing, but it makes sense. We make sure we have our shades on when we step out the door on a sunny day and others even “wear their sunglasses at night”. So why not wear shades while we surf all day in the sun? The answer is [...]

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

On April 20th, 2010, an explosion on the oilrig Deepwater Horizon caused the rig to sink and the oil to start spewing into the sea, (hope you didn’t own stock in BP). Depending on who you ask, the amount of crude oil being deposited into the Gulf is anywhere from 5,000 – 25,000 barrels per [...]

Surf Mentawai Islands: Macaronis Surf Resort

I want to surf Macaronis in the Mentawai Islands more than any other wave on earth. A perfect left starting with a barrel section ending in one of the most rippable waves on earth…what more could a goofy-foot surfer ask for? The thing that is surprising about this wave is that more than just a [...]

How to Surf Waimea Bay: North Shore Oahu

This past season I have entered into a whole new category of surfing…big wave surfing. Having lived on the North Shore of Oahu for a couple of years now, I’ve always had this desire to get out in the water on those super swells when every normal spot is closed out. And when everywhere on [...]

One Track Mind: A Surf Film by Woodshed Films

Recently I was reminded of a surf film premier I attended last fall on the North Shore of Hawaii in Haleiwa. This particular surf film entitled, One Track Mind, was another amazing 16mm creation directed by Chris Malloy and produced by Woodshed Films. The title does a great job of explaining what the [...]

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