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My New Favorite Thing on Twitter

Helen Pluckrose (@HPluckrose) is one of the many fantastic people I follow on Twitter. She's a secular humanist in London. She also happens to be one of the very few people I follow on Twitter who regularly interacts with people with whom she disagrees without being disagreeable and resorting to name-calling. Show More Summary

Progressive Responses to Charlottesville

A recent article by David Weigel in The Washington Post reported on the conclusion of the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta. As suggested by the title, Progressives quickly organize responses to Charlottesville, it mentioned how those at the conference were responding as they learned about the violence in Charlottesville. Show More Summary

What If Nobody Showed Up When the Far-Right Came to Town?

I support the free expression of views I find objectionable, and I welcome non-violent protests even when I disagree with the reasons for the protests. As long as those protesting do not interfere with others who are not involved in the protest, I'll support their right to protest. Show More Summary

Nuclear Threats and Climate Change: The Toxicity of End Times Theology

Consider the important decisions facing those in the highest levels of the U.S. government with regard to North Korea's nuclear program and/or the scientific consensus pointing to the role of human behavior in the global climate crisis. Show More Summary

The Opposite of Wisdom

I'm not sure what to call it, but I think we've all seen a trend where people dismiss anyone who disagrees with them as uninformed, a "denier," or just plain stupid. Some will go so far as to label the person "evil" as well, although...Show More Summary

Trump: Did We Know What We Were Getting?

Since he has been in office, a few of President Donald Trump's spokespeople have said something along the lines of, "I'm not sure why you seem so surprised by how President Trump is running things. You knew what you were getting." Unlike the quote in the image above, this is not a direct quote but a paraphrase. Show More Summary

No Beer on Sunday Mornings

Depending on where you live, your experience with this will vary. I cannot think of a single state in which I've lived where it was legally permissible to buy beer on Sunday morning. Why? Jesus, of course! The real question is why the rest of us go along with this nonsense. Show More Summary

Secular Self-Segregation

Mike D. (The A-Unicornist) concluded an interesting post about the failings of the "Christianity as counterculture" movement with the following:In many respects though, the evangelical community is still thriving—especially here in the Midwest. Show More Summary

The Question of Whether Atheism is a Choice

Back in 2009, I wrote a post titled To What Degree is Atheism Voluntary? In it, I wrestled with the question of whether atheism is a choice people make, and I explained that my own lack of god belief did not seem to be a choice I had made for myself. Show More Summary

A Test of the Uninformed Outrage Hypothesis

At the end of June, I wrote a post called Uninformed Outrage: Reacting Without Reading in which I noted that I have seen an increase in the number of people attempting to interact with my content on social media without reading it. I...Show More Summary

U.S. Lacks Moral Authority to Prevent Others From Developing Nuclear Weapons

Beginning shortly before President Obama took office in 2008 and continuing for several months into his administration, we heard an awful lot from him about how we needed to "look forward as opposed to looking backwards." To place this...Show More Summary

Church, State, and Satanism

When a local government disregards what our Constitution says about separation of church and state by permitting Christian displays on public property, a group of Satanists comes along seeking permission to erect their own display alongside the Christian one. Show More Summary

Can the Democratic Party Survive the Rift?

Much has been made of the rift in the Democratic Party, the one between the establishment wing represented by Hillary Clinton and the progressive wing represented by Bernie Sanders. With regard to the party's strategy for the future,...Show More Summary

The N-Word

I often laugh when I hear adults referring to "the F-word" when no children are present. It strikes me as more than a little silly that adults wouldn't either say the word they want to say or replace it with something more appropriate if they are in a situation where that would be of concern. Show More Summary

Blogging More Efficiently

I had an idea that other day about one way I might approach blogging so that it requires less time than I've been devoting to it. Since I know some of you are bloggers or have been bloggers in the past, I thought I'd run it by you and see if you've ever tried it. Show More Summary

An Unholy Alliance

When the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was trying to censor heavy metal music in the 1980s, who empowered them? They were highly influential women, so-called "Washington wives," with the sort of impressive connections that allowed them to weild real power. Show More Summary

Puking on the Floor and the Unintended Consequences of Progress

When I was in college, there was a bar a short distance from campus. Actually, I suppose it was a tavern instead of a bar because I don't think they sold anything stronger than beer. At least, I never saw anybody with anything stronger than beer there (with some specific exceptions I'll mention below). Show More Summary

Atheists Using Bible Verses Out of Context

Many atheists have read at least one of the many versions of the bible some Christians characterize as "holy." Not surprisingly, this is especially true for those of us who are ex-Christians. Some of us have read it many times.Many atheists have attempted to discuss certain portions of this book with Christians. Show More Summary

Bible Gives Good Advice About Prayer

The problems with prayer are too many to list, and I've written about several of them over the years. In fact, I've written about one of them (i.e., Christians praying publicly even though their bible explicitly condemns the practice) several times. Show More Summary

Trump Is Our President, Just As Obama Was Theirs

Remember when Barack Obama was the president of the United States? I sure hope so. It wasn't that long ago, after all. You probably still remember when he was elected to his first term in 2008. I bet you even remember how some conservatives reacted to his election and how some of them treated him throughout much of his presidency. Show More Summary

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