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No Politician in History

I imagine most of you have already seen this image countless times, but I couldn't resist sharing it. The quote is yet another in a long series of "Trumpisms" from our president, complete with his characteristically oblivious narcissism and overly sensitive whining about the mainstream news media being mean to him. Show More Summary

Who is Responsible for the Negative Media Coverage of Trump?

Believe it or not, my Trump fatigue has subsided a bit. With virtually all the news in the last couple weeks being Trump-related, I wouldn't have guessed it either. My second wind probably won't last long, but I'll ride it out for now.President Trump has been doing an awful lot of whining lately about the mainstream news media being mean to him. Show More Summary

Anti-LGBT Bigotry and Discomfort with Same-Sex Attraction

Religious protesters of gay pride event, 2006. North Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia) For nearly as long as I've been alive, there has been a popular theory floating around that says that anti-LGBT bigots are overcompensating for their own same-sex attractions (or are at least confused about their sexuality). Show More Summary

Facebook Needs to Stop Removing Atheist Pages

The story about Facebook punishing secular pages for offending religious believers has taken off, with many atheist blogs and a growing number of other media outlets reporting on it. Having read quite a bit about this over the last few days, there are a few things that stand out to me. Show More Summary

Atheist Mother's Day

In all the years I've been writing Atheist Revolution, I think it is strange that I don't recall ever writing a Mother's Day post. I am not completely sure that I have not done so, but I don't recall doing so. And so, I think I'll fix that this year. Show More Summary

Review of the Krups KH732D50 Toaster

Over 15 years ago, I bought my maternal grandmother a toaster. I think this was a Mother's Day gift, although it could have just as easily been her birthday. She was an extremely thrifty woman who would never buy anything beyond the least expensive version of any item. Show More Summary

Brief Thoughts on Antifa

When those who describe themselves as anti-fascists (Antifa) adopt violence as a tactic, it becomes difficult to see how they are any better than those they label as fascists. I suppose the anti-fascists would claim that their violence is justified. Show More Summary

Facebook Punishes Secular Pages for Offending Religious Believers

I suspect most of you have already heard about Facebook's recent punishment of two secular pages, Ex-Muslims of North America and Atheist Republic. Punishment? That's right, I chose that word deliberately because that is what appears to have happened in at least two cases. Show More Summary

The Obligation to Call Out Bigotry

I was writing a blog post the other day, and I had my Twitter app open on my desktop as I often do when I am writing blog posts. Out of the blue, someone I was not following and with whom I was unfamiliar tweeted a bigoted statement to me. Show More Summary

A Brief Review of Don't Breathe

I recently watched Don't Breathe (2016) and liked it very much in spite of some plot holes and a weak ending. I think it is a good example of a film that is likely to be more effective the less one knows about it going in. That being...Show More Summary

Tired of Hearing About Trump?

In the past month or two, I have read many social media posts about how tired people are of hearing about President Trump. Although the people posting these sentiments are probably hearing about Trump from nearly every news source they consume, the complaints are usually aimed at social media. Show More Summary

Teaching Others About Atheism

Atheism isn't about hating gods. Atheists don't believe in gods, and it is not at all clear how we could meaningfully hate entities in which we don't believe. Assuming you do not believe in fairies, it would be a safe bet to assume that...Show More Summary

Can Atheists Unite on Church-State Separation While Disagreeing on Muslims?

By JayCoop - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link Atheism does not mean anything more than the lack of god belief, and this may well be one of the reasons it can be so difficult to unite atheists for the purpose of activism. Not believing in gods does not translate directly into any sort of activist efforts or causes. Show More Summary

Shooting First Online

"Shoot first, ask questions later." You've all heard this expression. Are there situations where shooting first and asking questions later, if at all, makes sense? Hell yes, there are! It is not difficult to imagine combat scenarios where shooting first is the only sensible way to stay alive and to help those on one's side to do the same. Show More Summary

A Brief Review of The Babadook

I went into this one with high hopes but also trying to temper my expectations to avoid disappointment. I had read a few reviews in which the reviewers had compared this film to what is probably my favorite horror film of all time, The Shining. Show More Summary

Free Expression is Much Broader than the First Amendment

The free expression of ideas (i.e., free speech) is much broader than the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The concept of free expression is not unique to the U.S., did not originate with our Constitution, and is not limited in scope by anything one finds in our Constitution. Show More Summary

Some Atheists Choose to Be Kind to Others

A couple of the comments on a previous post about social media discourse got me thinking. I know that atheism does not mean anything other than the lack of belief in gods. I also know that atheists suffer from all the same flaws that afflict all humans. Show More Summary

The March for Science

The March for Science took place in Washington DC yesterday, with other marches happening in many other cities around the world. It generated some controversy because - well, what isn't these days? It generated controversy primarilyShow More Summary

A Brief Review of The Witch

Since I was not at all impressed with It Follows, I was eager to take a chance on a film that made practically every "Best Horror of 2016" list, so I watched The Witch. In a word, wow! Even though I thought it was a bit of a stretchShow More Summary

Respecting Those With Whom We Disagree

I respect many people with whom I rarely agree on matters of religion, politics, or practically anything else. I can recognize their intelligence, kindness, and other positive attributes even though I disagree with them on many issues. Show More Summary

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