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Pragmatic Secular Activism

Suppose for a moment that you agree that the U.S. "still has far too many racists" and "a serious race relations problem" (jobsanger). Even among those who agree with these claims, one might expect to find considerable disagreement over what to do about it. Show More Summary

Maybe Your Deceased Loved One is Looking Up On You

I'm sure you've noticed that people often refer to deceased loved ones as “looking down” on them. The implication, of course, is that their loved one is now in heaven. This strikes me as more than a little presumptuous. How do they know...Show More Summary

October 2017 Horror Watching

One of the October traditions for which I try to find some time every year involves watching as many horror movies as I can. I am fairly successful some years, managing to see several. And there are other years where it just doesn'tShow More Summary

Friday the 13th: Religious Superstitions Are Even Worse

I'm not sure what percentage of Americans would say that they are at all concerned by the fact that today is Friday the 13th. My guess is that at least 30% would say so if they were polled, but this is just a guess and is based on nothing...Show More Summary

Thoughts and Prayers

In the wake of every tragedy to touch the U.S., social media fills with Christians calling for "thoughts and prayers." Elected officials quickly get in on the act, and this includes both Democrats and Republicans. These calls are inevitably...Show More Summary

Skepticism and the Joys of October

October has been my favorite month for as long as I can remember, although the reasons for that have changed over time. As a child, it was simple. October marked the beginning of fall and was the month of my favorite holiday (i.e., Halloween). Show More Summary

Do Atheists Have a Version of Clearing the Planet Like Scientologists?

I hope this post is not misread as either a defense of Scientology or a critique of atheists. I'm not aiming for either of these things. After my recent post about whether we might ever see the sort of criticism we have seen of Scientology aimed at the Catholic Church, I've caught up on Season 2 of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Show More Summary

The Weatherman Who Cried Wolf...Repeatedly

I consulted several sources for weather-related information last night before I went to bed (e.g., local TV news, the Weather Channel, the FEMA app on my phone). You see, I was bracing for a direct hit from Hurricane Nate. I was told that conditions would deteriorate rapidly between about 1:00 and 3:00 AM. Show More Summary

Bragging About Being Blocked on Twitter

By Donald Trump -, Public Domain, Link I see quite a few people on Twitter bragging about how they were blocked by someone with whom they disagree. Some are so proud of being...Show More Summary

Angry Gods, Hurricanes, and TV Preachers

If you imagine prehistoric humans living roughly 6,000 years ago (you know, because the Earth is only about 6,000 years old), it is easy to understand why they might have thought that gods were responsible for the weather they faced....Show More Summary

Information Overload: Why Do We Do It To Ourselves?

As far as relatively trivial first-world problems go, the sort of "information overload" you often hear people complaining about has to rank up there with the most trivial. I suppose people can mean different things by information overload,...Show More Summary

October is Time for Horror

October is finally here, and the countdown to JesusWeen has started! As is usually the case, I do not anticipate having nearly as much time to indulge in watching horror flicks this October as I'd like. Still, I've had years where I managed to fit quite a few in even though I didn't think I'd be able to do so. Show More Summary

Nuance: Two Things Can Be True About Aid to Puerto Rico

No rational person can deny that the Trump administration is providing assistance to Puerto Rico. FEMA and other federal agencies are there, after all. Claims that the federal government is doing "nothing" can easily be discarded as inaccurate. Show More Summary

Skeptical of Superfoods

There are countless claims out there about how much better one will feel after changing one's diet. Many emphasize weight loss, but others promise all sorts of additional benefits. Many of them do not even require long-term changes but...Show More Summary

What Comes After Scientology?

I've been watching the second season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E. I'm a few episodes behind, but I'm slowly catching up when I can. For those unfamiliar with the show, it is a documentary series exposing the Church of Scientology. Show More Summary

Kaepernick's Protest Was Not About Trump

When former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick infamously took a knee during the national anthem in 2016, he told us that he did so to protest police brutality against racial minorities. We should not be surprised that his statements about why he did what he did were quickly lost amidst the widespread outrage that followed. Show More Summary

Recognizing Our Progress Helps Sustain Atheist Activism

Progress can be hard to detect because it is often slow. It seems to be especially slow when it comes to issues about which we really care. It is tough to be patient in the face of perceived injustice, discrimination, bigotry, and the like. Show More Summary

Removing Confederate Monuments

New Orleans: Old "St. Louis Hotel" building. Inside the rotunda dome, with view of stage which had served as a slave auction block before the American Civil War. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Even though my parents never had much money when I was growing up, they made a point of taking as many family road trips as they could afford. Show More Summary

3 Steps for Converting Atheists to Christianity

What I am about to write is going to be a review for most atheists. At least, nearly every atheist I have encountered over the years seems to be at least moderately familiar with what I am about to outline. I am writing it because I still come across a surprising number of Christians for whom it seems completely novel. Show More Summary

On the Evil of North Korea

If there is one thing the mainstream news media in the U.S. seems to agree on, regardless of whether we're talking about those platforms that lean to the left or to the right, it would have to be that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is crazy. Show More Summary

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