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Party of Reason and Progress

In my last posting, I mentioned the Party of Reason and Progress... a group that I have joined in the hopes that I can do some good. There is an interesting mix of sentiments associated with becoming involved in a project such as this. It comes with a built-in conflict. Show More Summary

The Atheist Movement

132 days 7 hours until the first class starts. Yesterday, I started the matriculation process so that I can actually be taking that class this fall. I indicated my agreement to all of their terms and conditions and set up my student account. Show More Summary

Mars vs, The Asteroids

135 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes, 16 seconds until the first class begins. The clamor to colonize Mars continues... a foolish waste of effort, so far as I can tell. This is not because space development itself is dumb - quite the opposite. Show More Summary

Tribes and the Rise of the State

136 days, 18 hours, 43 minutes, 36 seconds until the start of the first class. The counter is set for the start of the first class session - at 2:30 PM on Monday, August 28. It is a class on environmental philosophy - just right forShow More Summary

An Open Letter to Jesse Prinz: Sentiments and Morality

137 days until the first class. I think I have a decent paper in the final stages of being written concerning the relationship between morality and sentiments. This is something that, of course, somebody who embraces desirism would be particularly concerned about. I am writing a paper for the class on the work by Jesse Prinz. Show More Summary

Liberal Blindness: The Global Poor, Minimum Wage Unemployed, and Energy Industry Worker

144 days until the first day of class - and it is looking now as if I will, indeed, have a class on Monday, August 28. It will be a class in environmental philosophy - which fits well in my intention of learning practical philosophy. My...Show More Summary

Freedom of Speech

150 days until classes start. From that task list I posted yesterday, I have decided to work on an article governing the right to freedom of speech. And here it is: The right to freedom of speech is a right against violence or threats...Show More Summary

Writing Goals for the weekend of April 1 and 2

151 days until the start of classes. PANIC! Writing on "Bigotry and the Immorality of Moral Sentimentalism" has been a struggle. However, the struggle has not been in the area of philosophical argumentation. It has been in the area of...Show More Summary

Anger, Guilt, and Agent-Centered Sentimentalism - and Two New Arguments Defending the Minimum Wage

154 days until the first class. The class paper is going poorly. I am not at all happy with my writing on the section that discusses anger and its implications for agent-centered sentimentalist moral theories. The actual problem is, I think that agent-centered sentimentalist moral theories are so wrong that the paper sounds mean. I mean... Show More Summary

Minimum Wage and Earned Income Tax Credit

157 days until class. My job in the last 24 hours has been to write up a position proposal for the Party of Reason and Progress. I originally thought they wanted a short paragraph that they could post - a brief description - which I did not like to do because I like details. Show More Summary

An Assignment from the Party for Reason and Progress. Minimum Wage and College Tuition

158 days until class. I am trying to get into a new lifestyle. In terms of my use of the internet, this site is to be used as a journal and where I sketch sketchy ideas. The brand new desirism site is where I post (or work on) more formal presentations of ideas. Show More Summary

The Implications of Moral Instruction on Moral Theory / The Party of Reason and Progress

159 days until first class. My accomplishments in the past 24 hours include continued work on "Bigotry and the Immorality of Sentimentalism". The part that I am currently working on aims to show that the evidence Prinz points to in his...Show More Summary

Anger, Hate, and the Democratic Party

160 days until classes start. Accomplishments yesterday include more work on "Bigotry and the Immorality of Moral Sentimentalism". I am posting the drafts of this paper as I word on them on the in progress section of my Desirism website. Show More Summary

Websites and Aesthetics

161 days until the first class. I am taking additional steps to preparing myself for a new, more academic, lifestyle. In 148 days, I will switch to being a part-time employee, providing me with 20 extra hours per week to devote to academic pursuits. This weekend - on an impulse, I bought the domain name and set it up as a website. Show More Summary

Bigotry and Intellectual Recklessness

163 days until the first class. I am feeling the tug between moral theory and practical moral philosophy. I have a strong sense that moral theory, though interesting, is of limited practical value. All of the various theories floating about have had little impact on the way that people actually debate moral issues. Show More Summary

Imagining Future Cities

165 days until the first class. One of the things that I enjoy doing is imagining possible futures for humanity. Before I start, I would like to comment that many readers may not like this vision of the future. And, admittedly, I consider it a possibility, not because I consider it ideal, but because I consider it likely. Show More Summary

Motivations and Meanings

166 days until the first class. I have gotten permission from Professor Iskra Fileva on the topic I wrote about in a previous post. As a reminder - in " "The Emotional Basis of Moral Judgments," Jesse Prinz sought to defend "agent-centered...Show More Summary

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, Dr. Samual Cartwright, and the Perversion of Science

168 days until the first class. First... I posted "Morality from the Ground Up" on the Desirism site in Facebook over the weekend. For anybody who wants to know the basics of desirism, this is the document for you. Second... I spent the weekend starting my next paper, "Bigotry and the Immorality of Sentimentalism". Show More Summary

Condemnation and Moral Sentamentalism

169 days until classes start In my Phil 5100 course, the current reading assignment was Jesse Prinz, "The Emotional Basis of Moral Judgments." In this article, Prinz argues for agent-centered moral sentimentalism. To believe that something...Show More Summary


171 days until classes start. With respect to finishing the long paper, "Morality from the Ground Up," I am on page 31 of 37 in editing. I am in good shape to meet my objective of having this paper formatted and posted by the end ofShow More Summary

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