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Two Types of Subjectivism

Tomorrow, I am going to attend a PhD dissertation defense by a University of Colorado graduate student, Jonathan Spelman. When I learned that Mr. Spelman was delivering a presentation to the summer students at the university on "In Defense of Subjectivism about Moral Obligation" I wrote to him to ask if he had a paper on the topic I could review. Show More Summary

Problems for Libertarianism: History of Wealth Distribution

Imagine, if you will, a community living on a large island. A group of strong-men living on the island has been spending years accumulating wealth. Mostly, they have done this through strong-arm tactics. They have gone to property owners and commanded that they turn over property or face the consequences. Show More Summary

Problems for Libertarians: Economic Capture

As a part of my attempt to step outside of my particular intellectual bubble, I regularly listen to the podcast EconTalk hosted by Russ Roberts. The task of stepping out of one's bubble is to read things one may not necessarily agree with. Show More Summary

Arab and Medieval Philosophy, Free Will, and Consciousness

In 80 days and some change, I will be attending class. In the mean time my current activities have involved getting through the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps podcast. The "without any gaps" component has to do with the fact that it does not skip from Aristotle to Aquinas. Show More Summary

Trump and the Paris Agreement

I have been spreading the following moral analogy concerning President Trump's decision to have America leave the Paris Agreement: [I]President Donald Trump has actually given us all reason to be embarrassed to be Americans. Imagine a village where an alarm has sounded that the river going through town will flood. Show More Summary

The Value of a Life of Reason

I am starting my next paper. This one seeks to promote the virtue of seeking true and relevant beliefs in deciding on courses of action that impact the lives of others. This is how the paper starts: The Value of the Life of Reason (20170523) Alonzo...Show More Summary

Criticizing an Idea (Again)

With the terrorist attack in Manchester, the debate between "the legitimate criticism of Islam" and "Islamophobia" once again emerges. On this topic, my first question is: Can you tell the difference? In 1879, several Europeans, tired of being condemned for being anti-Jew, answered that they were not against the Jew. Show More Summary

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Markets

Recently, I have been trying to get participants in discussions at the Party of Reason and Progress to respect conservative ideas. This is not because I think that intellectual diversity has any type of intrinsic value, or because IShow More Summary

100 Days

In 100 days plus 20 hours I will be sitting in my first class. So, what news is there of the past 11 days since I was here last? Item 1: I got an email from the Philosophy department of the University of Colorado asking if I will be coming. Show More Summary

Prinz on Moral Relativism

I am back from vacation and ready to work on making the world a better place. In the "Documents" section of the new desirism blog site I have posted a new paper on Moral Judgment. This is the paper I have been working on responding to...Show More Summary

The School of Fact and Reason

Even though, in the last two posts, I have provided some objections to creating a private set of atheist schools - a "school of fact and reason" - I am ultimately sympathetic to the project. I think that it would be a good idea for atheists...Show More Summary

Thoughts on Atheist Private Schools (and private schools generally)

An accurate title for this blog posting would not easily fit in the title screen. It continues the discussion of atheists setting up a string of private schools that focus on teaching real-world facts and sound reasoning that I started yesterday. Show More Summary

Atheism and School Vouchers

In less than 118 days, I will be attending my first class at the University of Colorado. I have been away for a while attending to my 30th wedding anniversary. Technically, I am still away - and will remain so until the end of the week. Show More Summary

Party of Reason and Progress

In my last posting, I mentioned the Party of Reason and Progress... a group that I have joined in the hopes that I can do some good. There is an interesting mix of sentiments associated with becoming involved in a project such as this. It comes with a built-in conflict. Show More Summary

The Atheist Movement

132 days 7 hours until the first class starts. Yesterday, I started the matriculation process so that I can actually be taking that class this fall. I indicated my agreement to all of their terms and conditions and set up my student account. Show More Summary

Mars vs, The Asteroids

135 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes, 16 seconds until the first class begins. The clamor to colonize Mars continues... a foolish waste of effort, so far as I can tell. This is not because space development itself is dumb - quite the opposite. Show More Summary

Tribes and the Rise of the State

136 days, 18 hours, 43 minutes, 36 seconds until the start of the first class. The counter is set for the start of the first class session - at 2:30 PM on Monday, August 28. It is a class on environmental philosophy - just right forShow More Summary

An Open Letter to Jesse Prinz: Sentiments and Morality

137 days until the first class. I think I have a decent paper in the final stages of being written concerning the relationship between morality and sentiments. This is something that, of course, somebody who embraces desirism would be particularly concerned about. I am writing a paper for the class on the work by Jesse Prinz. Show More Summary

Liberal Blindness: The Global Poor, Minimum Wage Unemployed, and Energy Industry Worker

144 days until the first day of class - and it is looking now as if I will, indeed, have a class on Monday, August 28. It will be a class in environmental philosophy - which fits well in my intention of learning practical philosophy. My...Show More Summary

Freedom of Speech

150 days until classes start. From that task list I posted yesterday, I have decided to work on an article governing the right to freedom of speech. And here it is: The right to freedom of speech is a right against violence or threats...Show More Summary

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