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Some Thoughts on Moral Luck

189 days until classes start. I have not been posting to the frequency that I should. I need to be writing more - even if it means reading less. Though writing is not the absence of learning. I have learned that trying to explain my ideas forces me to make more sense of themselves myself. Show More Summary

The Value of an Interest

196 days until the start of class. Nervousness abounds. In my continuing work in the one class I am "auditing", I have continued reservations about the idea that neuroscience or evolutionary theory can debunk moral claims in the ways in which some people claim. Show More Summary

The Impossibility of Consequentialism

198 days until the first class. Work has gotten exceptionally busy these days, and I am coming to resent its ability to cut into my ability to spend time studying moral philosophy. I have been able to keep up with my readings... and I have continued to send comments to the professor. Show More Summary

Belief, Justification, and the Coming War with China

208 days until classes start. If we live that long. I have been spending the last day contemplating the proposition that a war between the United States and China is highly likely. This, in turn, got me to thinking about beliefs andShow More Summary

The Hitleresque Plan for War with China

209 days until class... I have been distracted somewhat in the past week - studying the history of events that lead up to the Civil War and World War II. There seems to be a good chance that we are currently living in the years thatShow More Summary

What Does Evolutionary Theory Debunk?

210 days until the first class.... As I have gone through the readings for Philosophy 5100 - Contemporary Moral Theory - I have expressed my problems with the discussion of the relevance of evolutionary theory to moral realism. I simply...Show More Summary

On Punching a Nazi

As a part of the sudden moral degeneration in this country, we have a return of torture, of black-site prisons run by the intelligence community, a president that lies, and people defending violence against a person who was simply using words. Dan Arel posted an argument claiming that it is morally permissible - perhaps obligatory - to punch a Nazi. Show More Summary

On the Beliefs that Evolutionary Theory can Debunk

In 214 days, classes start. Yes, I am nervous. I have been focusing on my faux taking of Philosophy 5100: Contemporary Moral Theory - keeping up with all of the assignments and doing some writing on them. The third assignment was Eric...Show More Summary

Moral Judgments vs. Attitudes of Cooperation

219 days until classes start. The reading assignment for PHIL 5110: Contemporary Moral Theory was Richard Joyce, "The evolutionary debunking of morality", appearing in J. Feinberg & R. Shafer-Landau (eds.), Reason and ResponsibilityShow More Summary

Realism About Desires

220 days until the first class. I have just posted my second longish paper over at the desirism group on Facebook. This one, entitled "A Foundation for Revolution" looks at what is wrong with politics and society today and offers a plan for improvement. Show More Summary

Sharon Street, "A Darwinian Dilemma for Realist Theories of Value"

I have finished the first reading assignment for Phil 5110: Contemporary Moral Theory: Sharon Street, "A Darwinian Dilemma for Realist Theories of Value", Philosophical Studies (2006) 127:109- 166. Since I claim to be a realist about value, one would think that I would have a problem with this argument. Show More Summary

PHIL 5110: Contemporary Moral Theory

222 days until the start of classes. Or... 0 days, depending on how you look at it. In looking at the University of Colorado course listings, I found a class in this spring semester that sounded very interesting. Professor Iskra Fileva that appeared to be interesting. PHIL 5110: Contemporary Moral Theory SEC 001, TR 3:30-4:45, HLMS 237 Prof. Show More Summary

Darius I: King of Persia

227 days until the start of class. In the realm of philosophical progress, I posted an updated version of a response to Hume's Is/Ought argument in the Desirism facebook discussion group. I have a five-day weekend coming up, at the end...Show More Summary

G.E. Moore on The Limits of Moral Knowledge Regarding Duty

Classes start in 233 days. I have just posted a new article over at the desirism group in Facebook. This concerns Hume's Is/Ought distinction. After posting a response to the claim that desirism commits the 'naturalistic fallacy', IShow More Summary

G.E. Moore and the Definition of Definitions

235 days until classes start. Today, I started W.D. Ross, The Right and the Good. It is another classic text that I have seen mentioned on several class syllabi for the University of Colorado, so I thought I should get it read. ThisShow More Summary

G.E. Moore Against Moral Absolutism

G.E. Moore: The Ends Justify the Means 236 days until the first day of class. Here is an argument from G.E. Moore against moral absolutism. More specifically, Moore provides us with an argument to use against anybody who claims certain...Show More Summary

G.E. Moore - Principia Ethica, Chapter 5

Classes start in 238 days. I have made my New Years Resolutions. (1) Exercise less, (2) Stop losing weight, and (3) Write more. And, in writing more, focus more on what is useful. This resolution to "write more" and "write that which is useful" has gotten particular emphasis from reading Chapter 5 of G.E. Show More Summary

G.E. Moore and Non-Natural Ethical Theories

I will be attending my first class in 242 days. I seem to have adopted a new practice of writing papers instead of blog postings or Facebook comments. This is new for me. I... tend to think that the papers are not very good, but I can...Show More Summary

Capitalism vs. Corporate Feudalism

248 days until my first class. I am thinking... I really need to fit John Rawls' A Theory of Justice into these next 248 days. I am still working on Henry Sidgwick, Methods of Ethics. I am finishing Book III of this. I am going overShow More Summary

Redistributing Wealth from the Bottom Up

251 days until the first class. gulp Okay. Calm down. Everything will be fine. Deep breath. I have two three-day weekends coming up and a five-day weekend in the middle of January. It’s a good time to get things done – with much of my work going into, “A Template for Revolution”. Show More Summary

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