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Scientists Have Found Fossils of an Ancient Crocoduck (Your Move, Kirk Cameron)

Scientists have discovered fossils of an ancient creature that includes elements of both modern ducks and crocodiles and lived about 75 million years ago.Good luck finding this exhibit in the Creation Museum.

Don’t Let Roy Moore Represent the South: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, has a message for the people of Alabama: You don't have to let the nasty stereotypes prevail on Tuesday.

If Someone Makes a Mistake and Corrects It, You Should Trust Him Even More

What do astrologers, many religious leaders, and Donald Trump have in common?

Satanists Want $35,000 from MN Town That Changed Policy to Avoid Their Display

I don't know if what the city did was illegal, but it was unethical and cowardly.

Judge Says DC Metro Can Legally Reject Catholic Ad Urging People to Find God

There's nothing wrong with this ad. But the DC Metro won't allow it on their buses, and a judge now says that's perfectly fine.

Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore: “We Do Not Need Transgender in the Military”

We'll find out in a couple of days if the voters in Alabama care about issues that affect them directly or use their power to promote religious bigotry and sexual abuse.

Why Pope Francis Wanting to Change the “Lord’s Prayer” is Good for Everyone

Any changes to Catholic traditions are a good sign.Maybe next time, the Church will change something with actual significance.

He’s No Longer an “Evangelical Republican,” But Why Didn’t He Say So Sooner?

Conservative activist Peter Wehner says he can no longer call himself an "evangelical Republican," but the problems with both groups were obvious for decades.So where was he when the train began going off the rails?

Christian Right Leader: The Sexual Revolution is to Blame for Sexual Harassment

The Focus on the Family head also blamed the removal of forced Bible readings in public school for everything Harvey Weinstein did.

Listen to This Atheist Talk About How He’s Handling the Loss of His Grandmother

This video is honest, unscripted, and includes a lot of really useful advice for anyone struggling in the same way.

Podcast Ep. 194: Jesus and the Wedding Cake of Bigotry

We also discussed the possible end of church/state separation in Florida, Ravi (the guy with a masters degree), and how men don't understand sexual harassment.

AL Pastors Aren’t Openly Supporting Roy Moore (But Their Silence Isn’t Helping)

If these pastors really wanted people to respect their faith and take it seriously, they should take it back from the likes of Roy Moore and the modern GOP who have done so much to tarnish their brand.

If the GOP Really Cared About Jesus, They Wouldn’t Be Screwing Over the Poor

The Christian Right seems to forget that Jesus embodied everything they campaign against.

Couple Says God Saved Porcelain Nativity, Made in 2,200°F Kiln, From House Fire

I understand the desire to see this as a sign from God, but there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Can a Fundamentalist Christian School Produce Quality Mainstream Journalists?

If you want to report on hard truths, how can you learn those skills at a school where you're not allowed to challenge the obvious lies?

Maserati-Driving Millionaire Pastor Called Out by Ex-Church Members

Prosperity gospel pastors should be more transparent about their finances.

Even Female Pastors Have Their #MeToo Stories

This woman's boss, another pastor, was aware of her financial situation and used it to his advantage.

Christian Activist Says Vaccines Are the Reason “Deviant Sex People” Are LGBTQ

Dave Daubenmire began his rant by saying, "I read a lot of stuff."And then he spouted a whole bunch of nonsense.

Pastor and Founder of “Creation Festival” Charged With Molesting Kids

The assaults only came to an end a couple of years ago. The pastor is now 70.

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