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Kentucky Women Tweet Vagina Questions at Goveror Who Signed Anti-Abortion Law

Kentucky's newly elected Governor Matt Bevin probably isn't going anywhere near Twitter today. There's an uprising of Kentucky women who'd like to take a meeting with him on behalf of their reproductive organs, candidly seeking his advice...Show More Summary

Podcast Ep. 94: Lyz Liddell, Executive Director of the Reason Rally Coalition

Our latest podcast guest is Lyz Liddell, the Executive Director of the Reason Rally Coalition. Before her current job, Lyz worked with the Secular Student Alliance and played a large role in the Openly Secular campaign, which got celebrities...Show More Summary

Iowa County Issues Proclamation Recognizing Darwin Day

The Humanists of Linn County (in Iowa) got their local Board of Supervisors to issue a proclamation recognizing International Darwin Day.

Ted Cruz Explains Why Atheists Should Support Him While Urging Them to Find God

Last month, Iowan Justin Scott asked Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz why atheists should consider voting for him. The response left a lot to be desired. Cruz went off on a monologue about how he hoped Justin would find God before eventually saying he supported freedom of speech and religious freedom. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Will Show the “Face Of The God That We Serve” to America, Says His Wife

Ted Cruz has made no secret of his religious fervor or political ambition during his campaign. His election to the presidency would be, to use his own words, "the Body of Christ ris[ing] up to pull us back from the abyss."The good news for Cruz is that it's not just the Body of Christ that's pulling for him. Show More Summary

I Never Want to Be an Angel

I was smoking my pipe at the edge of a park that had been infested with Word of Life preachers, when young girl approached me. She was about sixteen, short and cute and lightly pimpled. Full of confidence, she smiled, looked me in the...Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer: Methuselah Lived to 969 Because He Was Protected by a “Vapor Canopy”

While there are many parts of the Bible that make people question its legitimacy, the age of Methuselah is a fairly simple one.How the hell did someone live to the ripe old age of 969?Don't worry. Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer has a perfectly logical explanation.It involves a vapor cloud and radiation and genetics. You know, science.

Wisconsin Now Allows Pastafarians to Wear Colanders in Their Driver’s License Photos

When Michael Schumacher went to a DMV office in Wisconsin to get his driver's license renewed, he wanted to wear a strainer on his head to honor the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They told him no... so he got a lawyer involved.

Mississippi Legislator Introduces Bill to Allow Creationism in Public School Science Classes

Mississippi State Rep. Mark Formby just introduced legislation that would make students even more confused about science than they already are. House Bill 50 would open the door to teaching Creationism in the classroom — using conservative code words meant to challenge the strength of evolution without actually bringing up any real science: The teaching [Read More...]

Gay Republicans Release Ad Tearing Down Hillary Clinton, as if the GOP is Better on LGBT Issues

If you care about LGBT rights, then asking what political party you support should be a pointless exercise. Of course you support Democrats. They're not perfect, and they took their damn time getting to that point, but most prominent...Show More Summary

Why Do So Many Smart People Believe in So Many Ridiculous Things?

We know intelligent people believe in God... but why? How do smart people end up accepting so many forms of irrational dogma?DarkMatters2525 shows us how these bad ideas can propagate:

If You’re Going to Draw Jesus, At Least Make It Accurate

It turns out the other prophets are jealous of Muhammad's Special Rule:

Richard Dawkins Postpones Speaking Tour After Minor Stroke

74-year-old Richard Dawkins suffered a minor stroke last Saturday night, causing him to postpone his upcoming tour through New Zealand and Australia. He appears to be doing just fine -- he went to the hospital, is already back at home recuperating, and is expected to have a full (or near-full) recovery.

If Anti-Evolution Arguments Were Taken Seriously, This Would Totally Happen

Ever wonder what happens to people who post anti-evolution comments on Facebook...?Well, here's what those commenters probably think should happen:

Belief in an Angry God Helped Civilizations Grow, Says Evolutionary Biologist

How have societies flourished in various parts of the world?A new book by evolutionary biologist Dominic Johnson says that God has a lot to do with it.He isn't saying that God exists, but rather that the idea of God can scare people into working with strangers who believe the same way, allowing a civilization to grow.

Bryan Fischer: Politicians Should Pass a Test Administered by David Barton Before Taking Office

Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer agreed with a caller this week who said government lawyers should have to take a class taught by Pseudo-historian David Barton before they get hired.Fischer actually took it farther, saying that rule should apply to members of Congress as well. Show More Summary

The Number of Victims of Female Genital Mutilation is Much Higher Than We Thought

Well, this will ruin your day.We've been underestimating the number of females who are victims of genital mutilation. By at least 70,000,000.

Mormon Author Whose “CES Letter” Helped Many Leave the Faith Now Faces Excommunication

Jeremy Runnells, the author of the viral Mormon phenomenon known as the CES Letter, is facing an LDS Church disciplinary council and very possible ex-communication.It has been more than two-and-a-half years since Jeremy published the document asking a director of the LDS Church Educational System (CES) for clarification of Church history that he found disturbing.

“Atheists Make Better Lovers” Billboard Goes Up in California

Four years ago, the Backyard Skeptics group in California put up a billboard, just in time for Valentines Day, featuring the phrase "Atheists make better lovers. (After all, nobody is watching.)"You know a message like that bears repeating, which is why it's back up all this month:

Comedian Margaret Cho, Rapper Killah Priest, and Several Others Added to Reason Rally Lineup

In 2012, the Reason Rally, a gathering of atheists in Washington, D.C., brought together an estimated 20,000-30,000 people from across the country. A similar (and much larger) event is taking place at the Lincoln Memorial on June 4,Show More Summary

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