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Study Says Thinking About God Causes People to Take Bigger Risks (in Certain Situations)

A new paper published in the journal Psychological Science takes a look at the impact that thoughts of God can have on a person's risk-taking behavior, and the results are interesting. The Stanford University researchers were particularly...Show More Summary

A Reporter Searches for Evil Atheists Listed on the American Family Association’s “Bigotry Map” but Comes Up Empty

Josh Kruger of Philadelphia Weekly wanted to know just how awful the atheist/Humanist groups listed on the American Family Association's Bigotry Map were, so he called up the groups' leaders to figure out why there's so much hate in their hearts.He was in for a surprise.

Unaware of Praying Pig’s Sudden Celebrity, Chinese Farmer Slaughters It

A Chinese pig that caused a viral sensation after it was seen "praying" close to a Buddhist temple in China apparently didn't pray hard enough to avoid being killed.A pig has become a viral star in China after escaping from its farmShow More Summary

Ohio Requires Abortion Doctors to Conduct Non-Existent Fetal Viability Tests on Women

Conservatives are often lambasted for their ignorance of science and medicine, particularly when taken in combination with their desire to pass laws about these same topics. Pro-life "gynoticians" are particularly infamous for this... Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer Claims Job, Far from Being a Biblical Hero, Should Have Done More to Defend God’s Wrath

What's the moral of the biblical story of Job?My understanding of it has always been that it's about a man who -- despite all the horrible things that happen to him during his life -- remains completely loyal to God. For that loyalty,...Show More Summary

Diner Told (Once Again) That He Can’t Sue for Injuries Sustained While Praying Over Sizzling-Hot Fajitas

As far as bad ideas go, hovering over a skillet full of sizzling fried food, even if it is to commune with the divine, would certainly make the list... and credit goes to a prayerful diner in Burlington County, New Jersey for coming up with it.In March of 2010, Hiram Jimenez ordered fajitas from an Applebee's restaurant. Show More Summary

Oregon City Council Member Receives Death Threat After Opposing “In God We Trust” Display

Last month, I mentioned that Klamath Falls, Oregon was the latest city to considering putting an "In God We Trust" display in City Hall. But unlike most other cities, there was actually resistance from elected officials:

A Texas High School Student Recorded His Principal Reciting Bible Verses During Morning Announcements

Every morning, students at White Oak High School in Texas hear their morning announcements... along with a daily Bible verse read by Principal Dan Noll.If you're thinking that sounds illegal... you'd be right. The 1963 Supreme Court case Abington School District v. Show More Summary

Christine Weick, Who Denounced “Satanic” Monster Energy Drinks, Weighs In On “Stigmata Soda” On Tosh.0

[Caution: This post is possibly NSFW]We're not the only ones who can't get enough of Christine Weick, the crazy Christian lady who warned last year that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil. Weick, who has since drawn attention...Show More Summary

Michigan Public School District Seeks Superintendent with “Strong Christian Background and Philosophy”

The McBain Rural Agricultural School district in northern Michigan is looking for a new Superintendent.But none of you can apply because one of the requirements is a "strong Christian background and philosophy": Looks like that's about to change, however, now that the ACLU is involved.

Bill Nye, Ever the Scientist, Admits He Was Wrong About GMOs and a Revised Edition of His Book Will Rectify That

A few months ago, Bill Nye published a book called Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation: In it, he mentioned that food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could pose environmental risks:Genetically engineering food is controversial, as it should be. Show More Summary

State Rep and Christian Preschool Owner Gave His Adopted Daughters Away — To a Rapist Now Serving 40 Years

Suffer the little children.On March 6, 2013, Arkansas State Representative Justin Harris posted pictures of two young girls, 3 and 6, to his social-media accounts. They were now his daughters, he explained -- siblings that he and his...Show More Summary

Sam Harris and ISIS Expert Graeme Wood Discuss “the True Believers” of Islamism

Sam Harris doesn't do short. Even his blog posts often run the length of many, many screens, and his latest piece is no exception. Posted last night, it's a 12,000-word meeting of the minds between Harris and Graeme Wood, the authorShow More Summary

I Knew It! Jesus Is Full of Hot Air

This Easter, Sky Sail Balloons Inc. will be renting out this hot air balloon:

Is Homosexuality Nature’s Way of Preventing Overpopulation? Of Course Not, Explains Richard Dawkins

For Darwin Day, Richard Dawkins answered questions about evolution for his viewers. The first one: "Is homosexuality nature's population control?" (Spoiler: No.)

Google’s Digital Truth Serum: Could a New Algorithm Cut Down on Internet Lies, Disinformation, and Woo?

It's almost impossible to spend an hour traversing the Internet without coming across a hoax, a half-truth, or a bit of satire that others (never we, of course!) think is real. If you're anything like me, you've spend hundreds of hours...Show More Summary

Leonard Nimoy Redux: Mr. Spock Is Now Shown On Canadian Currency (via Pens and Sharpies Only)

Canadian Star Trek fans are not about to pass up an opportunity to honor Leonard Nimoy, a.k.a. Mr. Spock, who died on Friday.His death sparked various memes worldwide including a group of Canadians who began “spocking” their five dollar bills. Show More Summary

Seven More Atheist Billboards Are Up in Chicago

Last December, the Chicago chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up 11 billboards throughout the city featuring local atheists (including myself). Three more billboards, featuring groups of people, went up in January.And now there are seven more billboards showcasing proud local atheists:

No, Time Magazine Did Not Publish a Cover Calling Craig Stephen Hicks “The Face of American Terror”

I've seen an image doing the rounds on social media that is not what it seems. Some of the commenters at Friendly Atheist were also more or less snookered by it, following its inclusion in a YouTube video by the abominable Gordon Klingenschmitt that Hemant featured in a post yesterday. Show More Summary

Prison Proves That People “Absolutely” Choose to Be Gay, Says GOP Presidential Contender Ben Carson

On CNN today, Chris Cuomo asked his interviewee, neurosurgeon and Tea Party hero Dr. Ben Carson, to explain his opposition to same-sex marriage. (You know Carson's sentiments aren't going to be pretty, given that the possible GOP presidential...Show More Summary

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