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Noah of Story Real The

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After “Auditing” the Field Museum, Megan Fox Visits the Creation Museum

When I had a conversation with Megan Fox, the science "skeptic" who audited an evolution exhibit at the Field Museum, one of the most interesting moments to me was when she said she planned to visit the Creation Museum.No kidding, I thought. Show More Summary

Two Girls Sat Out Part of a Soccer Tournament Because Muslim Players Refused to Compete Against Them

It's not very often we see Catholics in the news for doing the morally correct thing, but they deserve credit this time. It has to do with this rule for kids playing sports:

UK Hasidic Leaders Ban Women at the Wheel; Kids Whose Mothers Drive Will Be Expelled From School

All Abrahamic religions have a tendency to treat women as irredeemably damaged and fatally compromised. Here’s the latest example — from the world of conservative Judaism. The British leaders of a major Hasidic sect have declared that women should not be allowed to drive. In a letter sent out last week, Belz rabbis said that having female drivers [Read More...]

Another Compilation of Daniel Dennett’s Best Arguments and Retorts

Here's another excellent compilation of Daniel Dennett's best arguments and comebacks:

Seminary President Films Video for Openly Secular Campaign

Following in the footsteps of Rep. Barney Frank, Penn & Teller, Bill Maher, Julia Sweeney, and members of the symphonic metal band Nightwish, President of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Danny Akin has recorded a video explaining why he's "openly secular":

A Duggar Family Response to the Child Molestation Scandal, Courtesy of Funny or Die

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar finally responded in some depth to the allegations that their son Josh molested his sisters severals years ago:I'm just shocked they decided to do it at Funny or Die...

In Swing States, Christians are Fading and Nones are Rising

Maybe if we keep giving politicians reason to pay attention to those of us without religion, some of them (hi, Bernie Sanders!) will take the hint.Using the Pew Research Center's 2007 Religious Landscape survey and their own 2014 American...Show More Summary

We Need More Liberals Willing to Critique Islam, Says Ex-Muslim Leader

The American Humanist Association just uploaded several videos from its recent conference in Denver. I'll post a few of them over the next day or so, but the crown jewel so far has to be Sarah Haider's speech about the necessity of liberal critiques of Islam.

Locked Out of My Own Facebook Page… Please Help?

I don't know what to do. Maybe someone out there can help me out?Last night, my personal Facebook account was hacked. I went through the site's security protocol and regained access to my account this morning.But it looks like whoever got into my account removed both me and my co-administrator from the Friendly Atheist Facebook page. Show More Summary

Young People Aren’t Leaving Christianity Just Because They’re Apathetic About Faith

Adam Ford, a Christian cartoonist, made this comic that I've seen several people sharing online: The full strip is here and you should read the whole thing to understand his perspective.In short, it acknowledges what the studies have been showing: Christianity is losing people while the "Nones" are growing. Show More Summary

A YouTube Introduction to Street Epistemology

I've posted a number of videos by Anthony Magnabosco on this site, in which he speaks to strangers about their religious beliefs for just few minutes and then deconstructs the whole conversation afterwards.Now, Socrates Jones has offered a lengthier introduction to how you can do this sort of "street epistemology" yourself:

India College Will Now Accept Openly Transgender and Atheist Students

This is pretty neat, especially in a country known for its traditional and cultural norms: India's Jorhat College (Amalgamated) will now accept openly transgender and atheist students, becoming one of the first schools of its kind to do so (if not the first):

Facebook Page Has Been Hacked

Quick note. The Facebook page for this site (along with my personal page) has been hacked. I’ve gone through the motions to regain access to it, but the security settings say I have to wait 24 hours to get back on. If you know anything else I should be doing right now (or know someone at [Read More...]

Christian Pastor Claims to Resurrect Man from the Dead, but Man’s Sister Tells a Different Story

This story has been messing with my head for the past several days for reasons you'll understand in a moment, but I figured I should go ahead and post this now.Pastor Robby Dawkins -- no relation to Richard -- was preaching in England...Show More Summary

A Creationist Just Made a Huge Scientific Discovery… Really!

Edgar Nernberg was excavating ground for his company in order to build a new home in Calgary, Alberta when he realized he was looking at something special:

Georgia Science Teacher Reportedly Proselytized to Atheist Student and Showed Class Preaching Videos

In the several years I taught at a high school, I ran into a number of religious students. Some of them wanted to talk about religion with me but I did what I could to change the subject. Even if I strongly disagreed with their beliefs,...Show More Summary

Caught on Camera: Maine Church Gets Struck by Lightning

When your church gets struck by lightning, I think God's trying to tell you something...:

An Atheist, Two Pastors, and Sean Hannity Discussed Religious Freedom and It Went Exactly As You’d Expect

Last night, American Atheists President Dave Silverman appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News show to talk about religious freedom... alongside two pastors known for their conservative Christian faith.So you know that was entertaining.

Edwina Rogers Sues Atheist Lobbying Group, Alleging Defamation and Wrongful Termination

According to a lawsuit obtained by this site, Edwina Rogers (below) is suing the Secular Coalition for America (her former employer). Last year, Rogers was fired as the lobbying group's Executive Director for reasons that were never fully explained to the public. Show More Summary

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