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City’s Partnership with Church for Summer Camp Event Ends After Outside Scrutiny

The city of Casselberry, Florida offers local families a summer camp for children. It sounds like a good time. They even have "Friday Fun Days," where they go off-site on a field trip.But one of those Fridays was going to be spent in partnership with a local church, and that's where a line was crossed.

Ken Ham’s Lawyers Still Think Kentucky Officials Are Persecuting Them Because of Their Christian Faith

As you all know by now, Creationist Ken Ham is suing Kentucky officials because he claims they're discriminating against his faith by revoking a tax subsidy worth up to $18,000,000 for his Noah's Ark theme park. Earlier today, in fact, lawyers for Answers in Genesis said as much in court:

Jim Carrey Goes on Ignorant Twitter Tirade Over California’s New Vaccine Law

Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 277, finally ending vaccine exemptions for reasons of conscience or religious belief: It was the right move in terms of public safety, but anti-vaxxers are all over the airwaves this...Show More Summary

Where Was God’s Wrath All Those Other Times?

While religious extremists do more harm than good, it’s hard to argue that they don’t provide entertainment every now and then. One of their favorite rallying calls of the past several decades has been to predict God’s apocalyptic wrath due to the acceptance of homosexuality in America. Show More Summary

If You Don’t Like Those Rainbow Profile Pictures on Facebook, Conservatives Made an American Flag Version

Is your Facebook newsfeed flooded with rainbow-tinted photos?That's because 26 million people have used a Facebook-created image generator to overlay a translucent rainbow flag on their profile pictures. It's a celebration of Pride month and of the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of marriage equality. Show More Summary

Josh Duggar May Be Sued by Non-Family Molestation Victim

When we first learned about how Josh Duggar (below) molested several girls when he was younger, it came out that four of the girls were his sisters. One was not.That non-Duggar victim may now be filing a civil lawsuit against Josh. InTouch Magazine, which first broke the scandal, reports on what may be coming down the pipeline:

Linda Barnette Didn’t Lose Her Job Because of Marriage Equality

You may have heard that Mississippi Circuit Clerk Linda Barnette (below) decided to resign from her job instead of signing marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples. My reaction to her decision? Good for her. She did the right thing. Show More Summary

Even NASCAR is Saying No to the Confederate Flag

Even if you don't enjoy watching cars race around in circles, you've got to be a little bit of a NASCAR fan this week. Brian France, NASCAR's chairman, announced on Saturday that they would ban the Confederate flag not only from official use at events but from any use on racetrack property.

Homophobic Preachers Try Saving an Adorable First-Grader; Guess Who Wins That Showdown?

This first-grader shows more love through silence and a rainbow flag than the annoying Christian preachers trying to "save" her:

Female Pastors at Two South Carolina AME Churches Receive Threatening Letter

In the wake of the shootings at Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina, you can imagine how other black church leaders across the state might be concerned about their own safety. In fact, the heads of two AME churches in the state have received letters with implied threats of violence. Show More Summary

SCOTUS Legalizing Marriage Equality Was a Victory for the Mentally Ill, Says North Dakota Legislator

The Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage was a huge win for people who believe in justice and dignity -- otherwise known as the "mentally ill," or more specifically, the "metally ill," according to North Dakota State Rep. Show More Summary

Mormon Church, in Press Release Condemning Gay Marriage, Features Couple Supportive of LGBT Rights

On Friday, after the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling, the Mormon Church issued a press release reaffirming their teaching of bigotry:

Tennessee Store Owner Puts Up “No Gays Allowed” Sign

There are some Christians who use the "love the sinner, hate the sin" line -- which is bad enough -- and then there are Christians like Jeff Amyx.He's the owner of Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in east Tennessee and this is the sign he put up on his door:

Lawyer for Alabama’s Christian Chief Justice Roy Moore: “Public Officials Are Ministers of God”

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, the man who constantly thinks he's above the law, is furious with the recent marriage equality ruling. So is everyone, it seems, inside his social circle.In a letter written by one of his...Show More Summary

A New Board of Trustees Could Put an End to Eruvs in Westhampton Beach

Under Jewish law, on the Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night), you're not supposed to carry any of your possessions between private domains (like your home) and public domains (like outside your home). But what if you want to take...Show More Summary

Orange, California Mayor Used Government Resources to Sponsor Christian Prayer Breakfasts

For the past couple of years, Orange, California Mayor Teresa Smith (below) has hosted a prayer breakfast. These events usually avoid being subject to lawsuits because officials don't directly promote one particular faith, opting instead for a general "Yay, religion" attitude. Show More Summary

I Was a Guest Speaker at a Church Last Sunday

In May of 2013, Kile Jones launched a nation-wide project called Interview an Atheist at Church Day where he matched atheists and preachers for video-recorded conversations in their churches. I had immediately signed up as a candidate, but he was not able to find a match for me. Show More Summary

Arkansas State Senator: The Majority Grants the Minority Their Rights “By Choice”

After the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling, Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert was livid. (You may recognize him as the same politician who recently passed a bill to erect a Ten Commandments monument on Capitol property.) He...Show More Summary

Following Ten Commandments Decision, Oklahoma GOP Wants State Supreme Court Justices Impeached

Well, that didn't take long.Following the Oklahoma Supreme Court's 7-2 decision today to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the Capitol Grounds due to it violation the state Constitution, several Republicans put out a statement calling for those judges to be impeached (where have we heard that one before...?):

ACLU Joins FFRF in Opposition to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The long overdue celebration over the decision that makes gay marriage just marriage overshadowed an important piece of news for the secular movement. On June 25, the ACLU announced that it would no longer support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act -- the federal law Hobby Lobby used to successfully challenge the contraception provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

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