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These Elementary School Students Can Get Free Shoes… but Only If They Accept the Bible, Too

Shoes 4 the Shoeless is one of those Christian non-profits that does something really wonderful: They give out socks and shoes to children who need them.But there's a catch: We include a Christian New Testament in every box of shoes we deliver. Show More Summary

How Should We Make Decisions Without Direct Evidence?

A lot of popular books about atheism focus on arguments for why God doesn't exist and how various religions are wrong. The authors want you to become an atheist by the time you're finished reading. That's all well and good, but it leaves...Show More Summary

Survey Shows We’re All Wrong About the Relative Percentages of Muslims and Christians in Our Countries

What percent of people in the U.S. are Muslims?Christians?Think about it...The answers are 1% and 78%, respectively. A new survey released by the Ipsos Mori social research institute shows that not only did we not know that, we weren't even close.

New “Research” by UFO Cult Shows Consecrated Communion Wafers Contain No Amounts of Jesus

In a study that could've been done by fifth graders with a science kit, or all of us with our eyes, the Raelian cult performed DNA analysis on consecrated Communion wafers to show that the body of Christ is nowhere to be found:

Child Molesting Priest, Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison, Wants Out After 6 Months Because He’s Learned His Lesson

This past April, Rev. James R. Schook of the Archdiocese of Louisville was convicted of sexually abusing a teenage boy several decades ago. Specifically, he was charged with "three counts of sodomy and one count of indecent and immoral behavior with an individual." It led to a 15-year prison sentence. Show More Summary

Three Years After the Arab Spring, Secular Parties Get a Second Wind in Tunisia

Tunisians took to the polls over the weekend in the first free election under their new constitution, voting the secular Nidaa Tounes party into an 85-seat plurality over their Islamist rivals. The results were a clear shift in the political...Show More Summary

Navy Approves First-of-Its-Kind Atheist Lay Leader

There are currently no Humanist chaplains in the military (despite there being plenty of atheists in foxholes). The lack of someone in that position also means that non-religious soldiers who want someone to talk to during stressfulShow More Summary

Turns Out the Christian Trolls at the “Freedom From Atheism Foundation” Are Lying About Even More Than We Thought

We've posted a couple of times about the "Freedom From Atheism Foundation" on this site. It's a group that rips off FFRF's name and is basically a couple of Christian trolls.Philip Rose looked into some of the claims on their website, including calling up the groups that supposedly endorse FFAF, and found that -- surprise! -- it's all bullshit.

Door-Holding Christian Throws a Hissy Fit in Fast Food Restaurant After Employees Don’t Thank Him

I'm pretty sure that if you're a Christian trying to do something nice for people... and it leads to you screaming in a restaurant (full of children) that you're a "fucking Christian [who has to] stand up for fucking Christians," you've defeated the purpose of whatever it is you were trying to do.Like this guy at an In-N-Out Burger in Redding, California:

Alabama County Commission Gives $3,000 Grant to Support Baptist Ministry for Men

The Covington Baptist Association in Alabama has a simple strategy for success: "Get more men to church." Because if they can get the men, they figure, the rest of the family will follow suit. That's why they're bringing in manly speakers...Show More Summary

I Threw a Bible-Based Halloween Party and Here’s How It Went

I was gearing up for Halloween when I came across The UN-Halloween Book at a used bookstore. It assured me I could still enjoy this time of year without "honoring the evil in the world."This alternative to Halloween wanted to replace...Show More Summary

Houston Mayor, Under Pressure from Christians, Rescinds Subpoenas of Pastors

Weeks after attorneys for the city of Houston subpoenaed five local pastors to find out if they had said anything to their congregations that might have violated the law, Mayor Annise Parker is rescinding that request. Part of it isShow More Summary

Pat Robertson: Brittany Maynard Shouldn’t Kill Herself Because “God Can Heal Anything”

Brittany Maynard (below) is the 29-year-old with brain cancer who has chosen to kill herself in a few days so that she can die with dignity before the disease takes away everything that she believes makes life worth living. Pat Robertson...Show More Summary

Mayor of Sioux Falls Says He Will Not Paint Over Religious Snow Plow Messages

Earlier this month, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the city held an event where students from local schools and youth groups painted the plows the city will use when the snow hits.But when two of the plows, painted by Christian schools, had religious messages, the city had to rethink their plan:

Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson Tapes “Bibles and Guns” Ad for Congressional Candidate (and Nephew) Zach Dasher

I don't know what scariest about this new campaign ad for Zach Dasher, running for Congress from Louisiana's 5th Congressional District: The fact that it features his relative, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson; that it mentions Bibles; that it mentions guns; or that it combines all of that in less than five seconds:

Afghan Mullah Mercilessly Raped a 10-Year-Old Girl in His Mosque; Court, in a Surprise, Sentences Him To 20 Years

Bravery under fire:A mullah who raped a 10-year-old girl in his mosque was sentenced to 20 years in prison after a dramatic trial here in Kabul on Saturday during which his accuser, weeping and shaking, summoned the courage to confront...Show More Summary

If You’re Looking for Something Scary to Give Away This Halloween…

Mrs. Betty Bowers reminds us that, this Halloween, there's nothing scarier than the Bible:

Some More Atheist Street Evangelism… With Analysis

Once again, Anthony Magnabosco has made a video in which he speaks to a stranger about his or her religious beliefs for just five minutes -- and then deconstructs the whole conversation afterwards.This one's much shorter than his previous attempts:

Georgia Sheriff’s Office Called Out for Having an Official Chaplain and Religious Poems on Its Website

If you check out the website for the Laurens County Sheriff's Office (in Georgia), you might notice this religious poem that has no business being there:

Forget Endorsing a Candidate; This Albuquerque Church Gave Parishioners Sample Ballots with Highlighted Names

What happens when church politics intersects with actual politics? One Albuquerque, New Mexico church may soon find out.Parishioners of Legacy Church recently went public with sample ballots given to them by the church -- ballots that included a handful of highlighted names. Show More Summary

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