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Maajid Nawaz is Suing the SPLC for Calling Him an “Anti-Muslim Extremist”

Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist who is now working to reform the faith, will sue the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation for putting him on a list of "anti-Muslim extremists."He made the announcement during tonight's episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.

I Spoke With a Christian Terrorist Threatening Atheists in Tennessee

The atheists working to put a Clarence Darrow statue outside the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee are receiving a number of subtle and not-so-subtle threats from a Christian activist on Facebook.So I gave her a call.

Pastor Uses Rainbow Flag as a Rug, Calling It a “Filthy Rag” on TV

Javier Soto, who claims to be a pastor in Chile, insulted the entire LGBT community by stepping on a rainbow flag meant to promote LGBT+ equality and calling it “a filthy rag.”

Finally, There’s a Fidget Spinner for Atheists

And you thought fidget spinners were only useful for teaching kids about the Holy Trinity...

Dave Daubenmire to Christians: Get Angrier or “Your Grandkid is Gonna Be a Homo”

Everyone's at peak angry right now.But Christian activist Dave Daubenmire wants Christians to get even angrier. Or else their grandchildren will get it. (And by it, he means The Gay.)

Pence Calls Trump “Unwavering Ally” of Anti-LGBT Group Focus on the Family

Vice President Mike Pence said today that Donald Trump is an “unwavering ally” of Focus on the Family, the conservative Christian ministry that has been long been considered one of the most influential anti-gay groups.

A Charity Database Now Highlights “Hate” Groups, So the Christian Right Is Angry

GuideStar, the charity database, is now using information from the Southern Poverty Law Center to highlight which organizations are considered "hate" groups.Naturally, those groups are furious that their hateful rhetoric is coming back to haunt them.

Pastor: The Sexual Revolution Leads to Homosexuality, Bestiality, and Bonnaroo

The sexual revolution always unfolds the same way, says TN Pastor Greg Locke.Somehow, it includes animals and musicians.

Egyptian Cleric: Wives Who Deny Their Husbands Sex Are “Rebelling Against Allah”

Sheikh Mohamed Al-Mallah, an Egyptian cleric who recently appeared in a debate about marital rape, claims women are “categorically not allowed” to deny their husbands sex and, if they do, they are “rebelling against Allah.”

Turkey Will No Longer Teach Evolution in High School Classrooms

Turkey, a country once ranked dead last when it came to acceptance of evolution, will no longer teach the subject to high school students. A government official said it was too complicated for them to understand.

Christian Author Pines For Days When Religious Leaders Got To Boss Hollywood Around

Christian author Jerry Newcombe is not happy with Hollywood these days.He longs for the "good old days" when the Motion Picture Production Code allowed church leaders to have more of a say in what ought to be allowed in movies.

A Surprising Number of People in the Czech Republic Don’t Believe in God

When it comes to belief in God among Central and Eastern European countries, the Czech Republic stands out in its non-religiosity.

ISIS Destroys Famous Mosque, Showing How Their Terrorism Hurts Muslims Most

Members of the Islamic State (ISIS) have reportedly destroyed the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, a medieval Islamic religious institution in Mosul.Reports say the terrorist group is blaming the West for the attack.

“Satanic Day Care” Couple Fully Exonerated After Wrongful Convictions

Dan and Fran Keller, who were convicted in 1992 of child sexual assault charges despite a distinct lack of evidence, have been officially exonerated by prosecutors in Austin, Texas.The couple spent more than two decades in prison before being released on bail.

Israeli Court: Airline Can’t Ask Women To Switch Seats For Ultra-Orthodox Men

A grandmother sued an Israeli airline for sex discrimination last year after they told her to change seats to accommodate ultra-Orthodox Jewish men (who refuse to sit next to women who aren't their wives).An Israeli court just ruled in her favor.

Soldiers Will Fake Being Trans to Avoid Combat, Says GOP Congressman

A Republican Congressman from Oklahoma said in an interview that "soldiers who don’t want to deploy" will pretend to be transgender in an attempt to avoid combat duty.He also said openness about gender issues would “hinder readiness” in the military.

No Religious Majority Backs Anti-Gay Discrimination by Business Owners Anymore

A new survey shows that Mormons, evangelicals, and other religious groups are far less likely than before to get behind anti-gay discrimination by florists and bakers.And none of them have a majority of people who support that bigot...

There’s a Reason Senate Democrats Didn’t Ask Questions of Two Muslim Reformers

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani are angry that Senate Democrats didn't ask them any questions during a hearing last week about religious extremism. Did those senators not care what two Islamic reformers had to say?It's not that simp...

Turkish Man Assaulted Woman on Bus Because Her Short Shorts “Provoked” Him

Turkish university student Melisa Saglam was riding a bus in Istanbul when a man punched her in the face, then pushed her back when she tried to retaliate.Why the assault? Because, he said, her shorts were too short and he felt "provoked" by them.

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