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Public Records Reveal Lots of Backlash Against Satanic War Memorial in MN Town

One angry person wrote to officials in Belle Plaine, MN: "You just gave the Keys to the City to Satan. Very Dumb."There's more where that came from.

Christians and Atheists Speak a Different Language on Facebook

A new research paper offers a neat way to see the differences between how people of faith and no faith conduct themselves on Facebook.

Rapper B.o.B., Who Says the Earth is Flat, Tweeted His Way Through the Eclipse

This is what happens when your rap career takes off before you set foot in a science class.

Donald Trump’s Spiritual Advisor: If You Oppose the President, You Oppose God

If this doesn't make you want to join #TheResistance, I don't know what will.

Student Defending the Confederacy in Viral Photo Expelled from Christian School

He drove hundreds of miles, dressed up like a Confederate soldier, and saluted a statue of Robert E. Lee... but he's very upset someone took his picture and made his life difficult.

Peruvian Atheists Are Fighting Stereotypes By Asking for Hugs

This is one powerful way to challenge anti-atheist stereotypes in an overwhelmingly religious country.

Christian Author: I Can Do Basic Division, So the Eclipse Is a Sign from God

Author Eric Metaxas has spent years trying to promote the fine-tuning argument, and today's eclipse is no exception.

The Catholic Church Says Some Child Abuse Victims Gave “Consent” When Assaulted

A UK government agency has rejected settlement claims for 700 alleged abuse victims since 2012.Some of those stories involve priests who claim their victims gave consent.

Returning Your Diploma to Liberty University in Protest Is a Waste of Time

A group of graduates of Liberty University plan to send back their diplomas to protest Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s support of Donald Trump after the events in Charlottesville.Sounds like a powerful gesture. Too bad it won't accomplish anything.

A Malaysian Official Wants People To Flag Atheist Websites for Promoting Heresy

Another Malaysian government official wants to punish atheists for daring to meet in public.

Trump Will Cut Funding for Obama’s Program Lowering Teen Pregnancy Rates

White evangelical Christians are now supporting a President whose irrational policies hurt their own agenda.When will they finally admit it?

Tunisia Will Review Sexist Laws Regarding Interfaith Marriages and Inheritance

The process to change the laws will take years, but these first steps send an important signal to other countries governed at least in part by Islamic law.

Christians Are Using #EmptyThePews To Explain Why They Left Their Churches

Perhaps if Christians who walked away from church (even if they still believe in God) explain why they left, others will take the hint.

Podcast Ep. 177: People Are Seriously Boycotting the Eclipse

They also discussed an unhinged pastor from New Zealand, Tim Allen's ignorance of evolution, and the Juggalos.

A Survey of the Alt-Right Exploited a Complete Misunderstanding of Evolution

The researchers were able to put a number on the alt-right's views, but they used scientific illiteracy to get there.

An Eclipse Helped Me Find God, Says Photographer Who Doesn’t Get Science

If your beliefs are transformed because the moon passes in front of the sun, let's admit they weren't on solid ground to begin with.

Apparently the Founders Helped End Slavery By Omitting It from the Constitution

According to one Christian activist, the Founding Fathers secretly wanted to abolish slavery, so they did it by playing 4-dimensional chess with the Constitution.

KY Governor: Charlottesville Happened Because We Took the Bible Out of Schools

For some reason, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin didn't elaborate on how the removal of forced Christian prayer from public schools led white supremacists in Charlottesville to chant, "Jews will not replace us."

Bryan Fischer Thinks the Solar Eclipse is a “Sign” from Satan

The eclipse is a sign that Satan wants to cover up God's Truth, according to a Christian activist who would fail an elementary school science class.

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