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Skeptics Shouldn’t Be Criticized for the Issues They Focus On

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses journalist John Horgan's theory that skeptics only go after "soft" targets.

Here’s How the “Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion” Works

Captain Disillusion has done us all a service by explaining how the hell the incredible "Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion" works:

Mississippi Police Department With “In God We Trust” on Cars Includes Bible Verse in Press Release

A Mississippi police department put "In God We Trust" on all the vehicles but showed its hand by including a Bible verse in the announcement. Can anything be done about this?

My Son Asked Me: Does the President Have to Be Religious?

After hearing multiple references to God during this week's speeches at the Democratic National Convention, my son asked me if being religious was a requirement to be President. I want to tell him no... but even I know that's not exactly true.

Even Glenn Beck Thought God’s Not Dead Was an Awful Movie

On his show yesterday, conservative Glenn Beck talked about how he and his daughter went to go see the film God's Not Dead, the film all about an atheist college professor who pushes his non-belief on students, only to get outsmarted by a passionate Christian. Turns out Beck hated the movie, walking out halfway through.

Ohio Judge, a Supposed Church/State Separation Advocate, Puts Godly Sign on Courtroom Wall

An Ohio judge who went out of his way to talk about how he supports church/state separation just put up a Christian sign in his courtroom.

In Her Nomination Speech, Hillary Clinton Took God Out of the Motto and Embraced Science

I, like many others, have been calling for Hillary Clinton to do more to reach out to non-religious Americans the same way she does with every other group making up her base, and her nomination speech last night offered two subtle nods to our community. Neither was perfect. But both were interesting on their own terms.

Bill Nye Counters Common Arguments Against the Reality of Climate Change

In a nifty video from Vocativ, Bill Nye runs through several arguments used by climate change deniers and tears them down, one by one.

At the DNC, a North Carolina Preacher Delivered a Sermon Even Atheists Could Get Behind

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, gave a sermon tonight that brought down the house at the Democratic National Convention. While the beginning was heavy on faith -- you can't blame him for that -- the rest of it was a call to arms for justice and love for all people. Including atheists.

FFRF Challenges Taxpayer-Funded Scholarships from Ohio City to Local Christian College

In Grove City, Ohio, the city council set up a scholarship fund for students in the community. Students who apply are eligible for up to $1,000 per semester to go to the local school of their choice, and they have three options: Columbus State Community College, Harrison College, or Ohio Christian University. Show More Summary

An Openly Transgender Person Just Addressed a Major Political Convention for the First Time

In a heartfelt and inspiring speech at the DNC, Sarah McBride just became the first openly transgender person to speak at a political convention. McBride is the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign.

Ken Ham Still Thinks Public School Students Can Take Field Trips to Ark Encounter

For weeks now, Creationist Ken Ham and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have been doing battle over whether public school students can attend Ark Encounter for "educational" field trips. It's not actually a battle. FFRF said those field trips are illegal. Show More Summary

The Christian Who Jumpstarted the Purity Movement Admits He May Have Done More Harm Than Good

Nearly two decades ago, 21-year-old Joshua Harris wrote a book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye that came to define what it meant to be in a relationship as a Christian. Dating around? Bad idea. "Courtship" was preferred -- that is, you should only see someone with the intention of marrying them. Show More Summary

Census Results Show India Has Fewer Atheists Than Rhode Island

According to 2011 census data released yesterday (because lots of data means lots of lag time), the entire subcontinent of India has only 33,304 atheists. That boils down to 0.0027% of the population. If that seems remarkably low... you're right. There are literally more atheists in Rhode Island than in all of India.

How Are People Describing Ark Encounter? Let’s Just Say “Accurate” Didn’t Make the Cut

The crack research team at Answers in Genesis just put together a list of the top 7 words and phrases people are using to describe Ark Encounter. What's on the list? Revolutionary? Educational? Accurate? Darwin, eat your heart out? Not even close.

Julia Sweeney’s Excellent Reason Rally Speech is Now Online

Julia Sweeney's speech from last month's Reason Rally is now available online. She does a great job of talking about why she's a proud atheist. She doesn't get angry. She doesn't get loud. She just shares a shortened version of her journey away from Catholicism and why it was the most logical thing to do.

Jesus, That Trick Never Goes Over Well

Jesus should've known better than to try and pull a fast one over an angry skeptic.

Christian Preacher Proselytizes Outside CERN (But No One Seems To Be Listening)

Screampreacher Angela Cummings, who spent much of May yelling inside mostly empty Target stores about how their bathroom policies make God angry, recently visited CERN. CERN! Home of the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of so many breakthroughs in particle physics!

Jill Stein Is Anti-Science, Bad for the Environment, and Deserves Her Anti-Vax Label

I’m a strong progressive with socialist leanings. I’m an environmentalist working for biodiversity. I’m a naturalist and organic gardener, who lectures about gardening for wildlife. And it's precisely for these reasons that I won't be voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein for President.

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