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A Church Leader Responds With Kindness After Former Pastor Announces His Atheism

Earlier this month, Carter Warden finally came out of the closet as an atheist after a long career as a Christian pastor. But what did his former church have to say about his deconversion?

There’s a Reason Atheists Don’t Show Up At Your Doorstep

"We'd like to talk to you about how awesome your life already is."

A Kentucky Scientist’s Blistering Review of the Noah’s Ark Theme Park

Dan Phelps, the President of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, has been a vital source for journalists looking for information about Ark Encounter, and he finally posted his own thoughts on what's inside the $100 million attraction.It's a comprehensive, blistering review of a "museum" that deserves those quotation marks.

Portland State University is Home to Saudi Atheists Who Must Keep Their Beliefs a Secret

Portland State University is home to hundreds of international students from Saudi Arabia... which sounds like an odd mix. What happens when you leave one of the most oppressive countries in the world to live, temporarily, in one ofShow More Summary

Phoenix Firefighter Who Saved His Own Father’s Life Slams Atheists for Denying God’s Intervention

Derek Dee, a firefighter and paramedic for the Phoenix Fire Department, recently saved his own father from almost certain death. And then, while celebrating his team's work, Dee chose to insult atheists and Agnostics, as if we're stupid for denying the supernatural intervention that didn't take place.

Report: Ark Replica Isn’t Allowed to Leave Denmark Until Dutch “Noah” Pays His Bill

A Danish Noah's Ark replica won't be allowed to sail anywhere after the people who own it refused to pay the workers who repaired it.

In Australia, Nurses Who Spread Lies About Vaccines Face Prosecution As Regulators Crack Down

It's one thing for someone like Jenny McCarthy or Donald Trump to spread misinformation about vaccines -- they're celebrities, but no one would ever mistake them for medical professionals. But what happens when actual medical professionals are telling the lies? Regulators are finally cracking down on anti-vaxxer nurses and midwives.

Meteorologists May Have Solved the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Why have so many ships and planes been lost in the Bermuda Triangle? We may finally have an explanation, and it doesn't involve anything paranormal.

Someone Didn’t Think Through This $50,000 Kickstarter That Delivers Your Prayers to Israel

Paul Tucker is currently running a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign that will deliver your prayers to holy sites in Israel... because that, apparently, does something that "normal" prayers can't.

Atheists Aren’t Trashing a New Movie About a Columbine Victim Supposedly Killed for Her Faith

Today marks the release of I'm Not Ashamed, a movie about Rachel Joy Scott, the first student killed in the Columbine High School massacre. But because a couple of atheists questioned the film's premise, the media wrongly thinks all atheists are trashing this movie about a supposed Christian martyr.

Atheists and UW-Madison Students Proudly Counter Westboro Baptist Church’s Latest Protest

When the Westboro Baptist Church showed up in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, there were plenty of people responding to their hate.

A Presidential Candidate’s Faith No Longer Matters As Much for the Religious Right

A new PRRI/Brookings survey finds that white evangelical Protestants no longer care as much if a presidential candidate is religious. Or "immoral," for that matter.

Christian Right Activist Gordon Klingenschmitt: If I Die, Blame Hillary Clinton

Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (whose one and only term is nearly over) said on his Pray In Jesus Name show recently that his health is just fine. Perfect, in fact.That's important to acknowledge because, if he dies, he wants you to know it was almost certainly Hillary Clinton's fault.

PA Bureau of Motor Vehicles Accepts “ATHE1ST” Vanity Plate, Calling Earlier Rejection an “Error”

I posted yesterday about how the Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected three vanity license plates suggestions from Jeffrey Prebeg, Jr.: "ATHE1ST," "NO GOD," and "N0 G0D." After a lot of media attention and a letter from FFRF, they've suddenly changed their mind.

Sweden Just Got Its First Religion-Free Cemetery

In a story that shouldn't be a story, Sweden has opened its first cemetery that doesn't include any religious symbols on the tombstones, effectively creating a space for atheists to be buried without going through any of the rituals of faith.

The Green Party Openly Preferred George W. Bush in 2000 and Openly Prefers Donald Trump Now?

The Green Party didn't just play spoiler in 2000 by handing Florida (and, therefore, the presidency) to George W. Bush. Ralph Nader was actively supportive of that idea. And now, Jill Stein is doing the same irresponsible thing, arguing that Donald Trump would be better in the White House than Hillary Clinton, even though the GOP actively opposes the Green Party's mission.

Montana Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Gianforte is Criticized in New Ad for His Creationism

The gubernatorial race in Montana is between the incumbent Democrat, who accepts science, and Republican Greg Gianforte, a Creationist. And now, a political action committee has released an ad calling out Gianforte for his science denial.

AZ School Sends Girls to Mandatory Christian Abstinence Assembly, Boys to Voluntary Dating Seminar

Officials at Payson High School, a public school in Arizona, may be rethinking their sex ed curriculum after inviting Christian abstinence advocate Brad Henning to the school to speak to students. Well, sort of...He spoke to the girls...Show More Summary

A Catholic Church in Ontario is Now Home to a Statue Featuring a Freaky Baby Jesus Head

A replacement head for a Catholic Church's Baby Jesus statue is getting a lot of attention because of how horrifying it is.

Watch This Glorious Movie Trailer Featuring an Evil Pope Hellbent on Getting Revenge

I don't know what I just watched, but it involves the Pope, terrorism, Black Jesus, a Papal conclave party, lasers, gore, violence, nudity, and a child who... well, you'll see.

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