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Smoke Detectors Saved the Life of a 109-Year-Old Woman… So, Of Course, She Gave Credit To God

Stella Lennox, a 109-year-old resident of Rockford, Illinois, escaped a tragedy this month when her electric blanket caught on fire. She was okay, thanks to working smoke detectors and a fast-responding fire department... but her gratitude went in another direction first.

Christian Website: Angry Liberals Witches Are Casting Another “Binding Spell” on Donald Trump

I thought Christians were over the whole witches-are-trying-to-destroy-Donald-Trump thing last month, but I am clearly wrong.

An Interview with Susan Gerbic About Online Atheist Activism

I recently answered some questions for Susan Gerbic, who runs the wonderful Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project, and our exchange is over at the Center For Inquiry's website.

Podcast Ep. 154: Anne Bouleanu, Freelance Journalist

Our latest podcast guest is Anne Bouleanu, a freelance journalist from Chicago.

With #HangAyazNizami, It’s Clear the Anti-Atheist Sentiment in South Asia is Getting Worse

Just over a week ago, an Indian atheist, H. Farook, was hacked to death by assailants who were furious over posts he made to a WhatsApp group and Facebook page.Things haven't gotten any better in the region since then.

At Least This is a Better Use of Your Time in Church

Okay, which one of you is thinking up erotica plotlines while sitting in church...?

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? A Debate Featuring Matt Dillahunty and Dr. Mike Licona

In an event that took place last month in Austin, Texas, The Atheist Experience's Matt Dillahunty and theology professor Dr. Mike Licona debated whether Jesus rose from the dead.

Study Finds That Atheists, Just Like the Devoutly Religious, Don’t Fear Death

There's a belief among many religious people that atheists fear death. That's why, when trying to convert us, they focus on the afterlife and the joy we'll find in Heaven. A new study, however, finds that atheists, just like deeply religious people, have very little anxiety about death.

OK House Passes Bill Making Good Friday a State Holiday… Because Everybody’s Christian, Right?

If HB 1444 becomes law in Oklahoma, Good Friday will become an official state holiday. Because Christians need another perk from the government.

Christian Sex Educator Withdraws from Speaking at WA Public School After Community Backlash

Brad Henning, a Christian sex educator who has no business giving kids advice on that topic, said he would not speak to students in Washington's Kennewick School District after several community members complained about his fact-free, stereotype-heavy presentations.

Pat Robertson (On Thursday): God Is “Going To Give Trump Victory” With the GOP Health Care Bill

This is entertaining as hell to watch the day after House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump failed miserably in their quest to make 24 million people suffer more so that rich people could get even richer.

Singaporean Atheist Amos Yee, Fearing Persecution Back Home, Has Been Granted Asylum in the U.S.

Singaporean YouTuber Amos Yee, the 17-year-old provocateur who has been repeatedly targeted for his supposedly "blasphemous" videos and has been held in a U.S. detention facility since December, has finally been granted asylum as a political refugee.

I’ll Be Speaking at The Ohio State University Next Week

For anyone near Columbus, I'll be giving a talk next week about the changing demographics of atheism and what that means for our future at (The) Ohio State University.

The Most Hated Woman In America: A Review of Netflix’s Film About Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Netflix's new film The Most Hated Woman In America about Madalyn Murray O’Hair is a surprisingly nuanced portrayal of the notorious atheist. For all her faults -- and she had many -- we also see an admirable activist who spent her life fighting for important causes no matter how much backlash she received.

NC District Pulls Book About Gender-Nonconforming Boy After Pressure from Religious “Values” Group

You'd think a book teaching kids not to bully those who are different from them would get universal praise.But because the victim of the bullying in this book is a gender-nonconforming boy, a faith-based "family values" group pressured a NC school district to stop using it.

Did Jesus Really Exist? This Book Series Says He’s “Mything in Action”

What evidence is actually out there to support the idea that a real, singular Jesus ever existed? And how much of it is credible? That's the premise behind David Fitzgerald's new three-book series.

An Oklahoma School Had a Christian Sex Educator Speak to Kids, and (Surprise!) It Was a Disaster

Administrators at an Oklahoma public high school foolishly invited a Christian sex-ed lecturer to speak to the senior class, and now they're getting the inevitable backlash because the speech was a disaster.

Does God Exist? A Debate Between William Lane Craig and Michael Nugent

For those of you who enjoy debates, here's a lengthy one on the question of God's existence. It took place earlier this week at University College Cork in Ireland and featured Christian apologist William Lane Craig and Atheist Ireland's Michael Nugent.

This Free App Lets You Know When Atheist Groups Are Gathering in Your Community

The United Coalition of Reason, which is best known for paying for and putting up pro-atheism billboards around the country, has released a free mobile app to help people find non-theistic events in their communities.

GOP-Led Oklahoma House Advances Bill To Put Ten Commandments Displays in Public Places

The Oklahoma House has passed a bill allowing the Ten Commandments to be posted on public property -- including schools and courthouses.

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