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German Would Be Making a Huge Mistake By Instituting a Ban on Full-Face Veils for Muslim Women

German chancellor Angela Merkel announced yesterday that she would support a ban on veils that hide the entire face of Muslim women "wherever it is legally possible," arguing that the full-face cover was "not appropriate" and went against cultural norms. This would be a tremendous mistake.

Now That Trump Is President, We Can’t Feed People Who Say “Merry Christmas” To The Lions Anymore

Corey Lewandowski is thrilled that, under Donald Trump, people will finally be able to say "Merry Christmas" again... even though no one was stopping them from doing that over the past eight years.

Weather Channel Scientist Slams Breitbart for Using Her Image to Cast Doubt on Climate Change

Right-wing propaganda website Breitbart recently posted an article downplaying the effects of global warming. That piece included a video featuring Weather Channel meteorologist Kait Parker, suggesting that her reporting backed up their conspiracy theory. She responded yesterday with a glorious takedown of their lies.

Anti-Gay Christian Activist Linda Harvey Says She’s on the “Right Side of History”

Anti-gay activist Linda Harvey recently interviewed fellow gay rights opponent Peter LaBarbera on her radio show about how the GOP seemed to be easing up on the fight against LGBT equality. The oddest part of the conversation was when Harvey explained that conservative Christians would eventually be remembered as the heroes of this cultural battle.

Ghanaian Bishop Says He Has the Power to Make Your Penis Larger If You’ll Just Let Him Touch It

If you really, really wish you had a bigger penis, here's some advice: When your pastor says he can help by touching you there, resist the urge to say yes.

Less Than a Day After Going Up In Boca Raton (FL), An Atheist’s Display Has Been Vandalized

Preston Smith, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, erected an atheist-themed banner and giant Satanic pentagram yesterday in Sanborn Square Park in Boca Raton, Florida as a way to counter a Nativity scene on the same property.Less than a day later, that banner and the display have been vandalized.

A Fox News Host Invited an Atheist to Church As He Promoted His Group’s Latest Billboards

Yesterday, American Atheists' national program director Nick Fish appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the group's latest billboards. The hosts wanted to know why Fish was so offended by Christmas and Christians -- he wasn't -- even using the opportunity to invite him to church.

An Atheist and a Christian Discuss Whether Religion Leads to Violence

It's not often you see a working collaboration between a Christian theologian and an atheist, but Randal Rauser and Justin Schieber have found a way to make it work in their new book An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything.It's an informal debate on faith, morality, and the universe.

Should It Matter That HGTV Reality Show Hosts Belong To a Church That Opposes Marriage Equality?

Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the HGTV reality show Fixer Upper, were recently "outed" by Buzzfeed's Kate Aurthur for belonging to a church that is anti same-sex marriage. The implication was that they shared the view and would possibly ban gay couples from appearing on their show. Show More Summary

In White America, Girls’ Clitorises Were Cut Off Because Christian Parents Feared Masturbation

Dr. Renée Bergstrom, now 72, was just three years old when, back in 1947, her Christian mother took her to a doctor to have the girl's clitoris removed. The problem, as the concerned parent saw it, was that the toddler had possibly been rubbing her private parts.

After One Woman’s Parents Voted for Donald Trump, She’s Holding Their Pastor Accountable

Kristy Cooper was shocked over Thanksgiving when she found out her parents had voted for Donald Trump. For all their religious talk of helping the poor and caring for the least fortunate, it made no sense to her that they would voteShow More Summary

Irony Alert: Atheist Billboard Urging People To Skip Church Features Two Devout Christians

American Atheists recently put up new billboards in several cities urging people to celebrate Christmas by skipping church. One of their ads, however, features two women who are Christians in real life. It's an ironic twist, but it's hardly the group's fault.

Christian Pastors Met Up With Congress Members to Drive Satan Out of the “Halls of Legislation”

This is what it looks like when adults in power seriously think prostrating themselves in front of God will help guide this nation to glory.

This Fake News Article Went Viral, Despite All the Obvious Clues Proving It Was a Hoax

Speaking at a conference for math educators over the weekend, blogger Dan Meyer gave a brief yet eye-opening presentation on how one particular fake news article went viral.What's appalling in the example he uses is just how many clues there were for anyone who wanted to debunk the story... and yet the misinformation spread anyway.

A Dying Atheist Tells a Heartbreaking Story About Being Condemned By Her Religious Sister

I don't think religious people always understand the difficulties of being an atheist in certain families, in certain parts of the country. But the isolation some atheists feel is very real and it can have a drastic impact on their lives.

A Possible Science Advisor to Donald Trump Called Noah’s Ark Theme Park “Amazing”

There's some speculation by right-wing websites that Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican Congressman from Kentucky, could become either the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy or the next Secretary of Energy. Show More Summary

James Randi: Donald Trump “Doesn’t Know Anything” and Is Just a “Blowhard With a Bad Wig”

Magician and atheist James Randi said Saturday that he is “depressed” over the results of the recent election, saying President-elect Donald Trump “doesn’t know anything.”Randi, who is well-known for his criticisms of religion and supernatural fraudsters of all stripes, told me during a Skype interview that Trump is “a blowhard with a bad wig.”

Christian Homeschooling Advocate: “The Only Reason Math Works Is That Jesus Created It”

Religious controversies in public education tend to arise when we're talking about Christians pushing Creationism in science class or arguing over banned books in English. But Israel Wayne, the director of Family Renewal and an advocate of faith-based home-schooling, wants to make math the next educational battlefield.

North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Governor Pat McCrory Finally Concedes Race to Democrat Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, the Republican whose anti-LGBT legislation turned his state into a national symbol for bigotry, has finally conceded his re-election bid to opponent Roy Cooper. It's a bit of good news in an otherwise disastrous election cycle.

Satanic Activist Swaps “Distress-ivus” Pole’s Upside-Down American Flag for Trump-less MAGA Banner

Just days after Satanic activist and provocateur Chaz Stevens put up an anti-Donald Trump display outside of Deerfield Beach, Florida (right next to a Nativity scene also on the government property), he says he's being forced to change it.

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