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Author Ali Rizvi Explains the Problem With the Term “Islamophobia”

Ali Rizvi, the author of The Atheist Muslim, recently sat down for a really compelling 12-minute interview. It includes his suggestions for how to curb radical Islam.

Christian Activist: Atheist Teachers Are Telling Kids “Homo Sex Is Normal”

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire let out another rant this morning on his "Pass The Salt Live" webcast.This time, his frustration was directed at public school teachers -- all atheists, in his mind -- who indoctrinate children in the religion of The Gay.

Christian Who Harassed Atheist Lawyer: “I’m Man Enough To Stand Behind” My Words

The only thing Lou Cobb said that made any sense was that he calls himself a Christian.Not all Christians act like this, obviously, but the people who threaten atheists are invariably followers of Jesus.

Christian Evangelist, Upset by Facebook’s Rainbow Emoji, Wants a Cross Option

Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein clearly sees Facebook's rainbow reaction emoji as a form of Christian Persecution.That's why he wants the company to offer a Cross option for people who aren't defying God's will.

Supreme Court Says Taxpayer Money Can Fund Certain Church Projects

What church/state separation advocates feared has come to pass: The Supreme Court ruled today 7-2 that taxpayer money can be used to support church projects that are ostensibly secular. If the government makes a grant available to the public and churches qualify for it, they can't be ruled out simply because they're religious.

John Oliver Hopes to Undo Anti-Vaccination Mania With This Segment

Finally, there's a John Oliver video about vaccines that you can share with all those relatives whose Facebook status updates make you worried for their children.

A Fantastic Rebuttal to Dennis Prager’s Tribute to the Ten Commandments

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager thinks the Ten Commandments are incredible. Good thing we have people like Alex to rebut that absurd argument.

Christian Radio Host: The U.S. Should Ban Jehovah’s Witnesses Like Russia Did

Christian radio host Rick Wiles only cares about religious freedom when it applies to his faith.

Podcast Ep. 169: This is What Atheist Persecution Looks Like

We also discussed "Breatharians," the woman who refused to change plane seats to accommodate the sexism of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, and the Catholic Church's cruelty against suffering people.

Prosperity Gospel Preacher Charged with Multi-Million Dollar Tax Fraud Scheme

Todd Coontz, a Christian preacher who gave supposedly divine financial advice through his ministry, has just been charged with tax fraud for a decade-long plot to claim personal expenses for business use.

Ken Ham Continues to Lower First Year Attendance Estimates for Ark Encounter

I swear, every time Ken Ham gives updates on the attendance numbers for Ark Encounter, they keep getting lower.And he's still blaming atheists for his failures.

Forget the Collection Plate. The Church of England Wants Your Credit Card

The Church of England is making it a lot easier for you to give them money.Gone is the anonymity of a collection plate. Now they're passing around contactless credit card readers so your money can be zapped right into the Church's bank account.

When Bible Study Goes Horribly Wrong

If you're going to crash a Bible study, you should at least have a basic idea of what people are talking about.

Why Did McDonald’s Pledge Allegiance to New Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia?

McDonald’s, Burger King, and Domino’s just pledged allegiance to Mohammed bin Salman, the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia, in a semi-religious show of support.

Every Religious Person Should Be Able to Answer These Questions

Tia, a confident Christian who attends Bible class, was asked how she knows her beliefs are true.When the questioner kept prodding, however, hesitation began creeping into her responses.

California’s “Travel Ban” Against Anti-LGBT States Isn’t Hypocritical At All

You may have seen that California has enacted its own version of Donald Trump’s controversial “travel ban,” limiting state-sponsored visits to Texas and a number of other states in response to their anti-LGBT laws. But contrary to what critics say, it's not a form of hypocrisy at all.

Catholic Bishop: Gay Couples Can’t Get Funeral Rites or Holy Communion

A Catholic bishop in Illinois decreed that Holy Communion and funeral rites should be denied to same-sex couples who don’t show “some signs of repentance.”

Is There a Doctor at This Anti-Vaccination Rally?

Given how many people at anti-vaccination rallies think they're medical experts, you'd assume you'd find a lot of doctors there, right...?

Women Can’t Withdraw Consent Once They Agree to Sex in North Carolina

A man who rapes a woman can’t be guilty of “rape” if she had previously agreed to the act, even if she then asks him to stop, under an outdated North Carolina law.

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