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Pennsylvania County Commissioner Under Fire After Several Anti-Islam Facebook Posts

Mifflin County (Pennsylvania) is run by three commissioners, one of whom, Lisa Nancollas, is under fire after making multiple Facebook posts calling for an outright ban on Islam:

A Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood May Soon Have a New Neighbor: A Clinic Offering “Reverse Abortions”

It's bad enough that an anti-abortion clinic may soon open up next to a Planned Parenthood center in New Orleans. We've seen that before; in some cases, the "crisis pregnancy centers" literally pretend to be the abortion clinics in order to trick women who were trying to end their pregnancies. Show More Summary

Donald Trump is Also Horrible When It Comes to Science Policy

Given all the awful things Donald Trump has said over throughout his campaign, it's easy to forget (yet important to remember) what a disaster a Trump presidency would mean in terms of science policy. The media doesn't talk about this nearly as much as they do his views on immigration and security, but it's no less important. Show More Summary

Why Christians Need to Accept Scientific Realities

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why Christians need to accept scientific realities.

Aron Ra on Countering Creationism in Texas

In a talk for the Center for Inquiry given this past April, Aron Ra spoke about the battle to counter the teaching of Creationism in Texas:

Donald Trump: Liberal Redneck Edition (Part 2)

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, made another video for the New York Daily News about Donald Trump. Because the last one came out weeks ago and much has changed since then...

In Ireland, Where Abortion is Illegal, a Woman is Live-Tweeting Her Arduous Journey to Obtain One

In Ireland, where abortions are prohibited by law and women caught obtaining one can face up to 14 years in prison, a young woman is traveling to Great Britain so she can have the procedure done legally. She and the friend accompanying her are live-tweeting their two-day trip directly to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. Show More Summary

Religious Right Leader: If the Target Boycott Fails, Christians Won’t Be Able to Pee Anywhere

Everyone shed a tear for the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios. Our society is getting to the point where Rios and other Christian bigots like her will never be able to use a public bathroom again! The only thing standing between her Religious Peedom and complete chaos is the AFA's boycott of Target.

Will a Catholic Group Running Walgreens Clinics in Two States Impose Restrictions on Health Care?

A Catholic company will own and operate more than two dozen Walgreens clinics in Missouri and Illinois beginning this month... which raises a lot of concerns about whether they will provide comprehensive care for patients or adhere to Catholic doctrine.

Christian Evangelist Describes His “Militant Atheist” Past (Spoiler: It Involved Reading Books)

In a new trailer for evangelist Ray Comfort's movie The Atheist Delusion, his colleague Oscar Navarro briefly shares his personal journey from "militant atheist" to Christian.And what makes him such a "militant" atheist? Was he getting into fights with Christians? Did he want to eradicate religion off the face of the earth?Nope. He literally read some books. That's it.

Ark Encounter is Advertising by Giving Away Those Awful Christian Million Dollar Bills

The folks at Ark Encounter must be desperate to boost their attendance numbers. Forget the $40 entrance fee; they're paying people at the Iowa State Fair to drop by for a visit! Wait. Strike that. They're just handing out those awful only-in-Jesusland million dollar bills...

Blood Donor Needed for Child in India (But Only If You’re From the Right Caste)

A crowdsourcing blood donation app called Blood+ is receiving a lot of criticism today after tweeting out an emergency request for O+ donors in Hyderabad (India) in order to save the life of a three-year-old boy... that included the caveat that donors had to be from a specific caste.

Louisiana’s Lt. Governor Saw a Cloud in the Shape of His State, So Everything Will Be Okay Now

Louisiana is suffering. 40,000 homes are in ruin. More than 4,000 people have spent at least a night in a shelter. More than a dozen people are dead. And it'll be a long time before the parishes are back to normal, whatever that even means now. But don't worry! Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser knows God is on Louisiana's side!

Court Rules in Favor of Christian Employer Who Fired Transgender Female for Not Wearing a Suit

Yesterday, a federal district court ruled that an employer's religious beliefs trumped his employee's civil rights, and the details of the case will infuriate you.

A New York Church Had Its Tax Exemption Rightfully Revoked, and It’s Suing to Get It Back

Does your church deserve to be tax exempt if all you really do is sell souvlaki (a kind of Greek food) to hungry customers during a week-long festival in the summer?Tonawanda (New York) City Assessor Judy M. Tafelski says no, and that's why she revoked the tax exemption enjoyed by the Holy Protection Orthodox Church earlier this year. Show More Summary

Why is CNN Asking Presidential Candidates with Undeclared Faiths If They Believe in God?

Earlier this week, Dr. Jill Stein was asked during a CNN Town Hall meeting about her religious beliefs. In June, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson was asked the same question. There are times when religion may influence a President's...Show More Summary

YouTube Atheists Sue Christian Film Company Over Multiple Frivolous DMCA Complaints

Hugo and Jake from The Bible Reloaded show announced yesterday that they were filing a lawsuit against the Christiano Film Group for filing multiple copyright claims against them, forcing their videos to come down. The atheists says the DMCA requests are frivolous and they're taking a stand for other YouTubers who don't have the money to fight back.

10 Things You Should Know About Seventh Day Adventists

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 10 things you should know about Seventh Day Adventists.

Here Are All the Ways Religious Right Leaders Have Struggled to Justify Voting for Donald Trump

It's not hard to guess why Religious Right leaders don't want Hillary Clinton to win the election. They know it would lead to a more progressive Supreme Court, more rights for LGBT people, more reproductive choices for women, and more religious freedom that doesn't single out Christians as special. Show More Summary

An Oregon Priest Wants to Destroy a Gun He Won in a Raffle, but His Plan May Backfire

Rev. Jeremy Lucas, an Episcopal priest, won a semi-automatic rifle in a raffle intended to raise money for a girls' softball team. His intention is now to destroy it, in order to make a point about gun safety and our violent gun-loving culture. But an unforced error on his end is leading to a lot of backlash.

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