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The Perils of Being a Black Atheist, In the Words of Several Activists

Vice's Brian Josephs spoke with a number of prominent black atheists about their unique (and difficult) positions as minorities within a minority. What's that like? Here's a sampling:

Here’s the Truest Prophecy You’ll Read Today

Cartoonist David Sipress relays a remarkably perceptive (and depressingly accurate) prophecy/curse:

Yale Psychologist Paul Bloom Argues In a New Book That Feeling Empathy “Makes the World Worse”

What could possibly be bad about feeling empathy? In this three-minute video, Yale professor of psychology and cognitive science Paul Bloom explains why empathy is "fundamentally, from a moral standpoint, a bad thing."

The Legacy of Prince’s Jehovah’s Witness Beliefs, As Explained by a Former Believer

Lloyd Evans, who was raised in the Jehovah's Witnesses and now speaks out against them, ran through a number of clips of Prince speaking about his JW faith.Evans gives a little more background and details about what Prince is really saying, how messed up it all is, and why many current JWs may not be able to relate to the icon.

Puerto Rico Will Begin Cracking Down on Churches That Violate Non-Profit Rules

In the U.S., we have a problem where the IRS never seems to investigate churches even when their pastors endorse political candidates from the pulpit, blatantly violating the rules by which all non-profits must abide. More broadly, churches...Show More Summary

A Mauritanian Blogger Who Allegedly Blasphemed Loses Appeal, Still Faces the Death Penalty

Mohamed Cheikh Ould M’kheitir (whose name is spelled various ways in the press) is a writer from Mauritania who's facing the death penalty for something that shouldn't even be a crime: His latest appeal was just rejected.

Mormon Leader at BYU Graduation: “Disconnect Immediately” from “Those Who Have Lost Their Faith”

During the commencement ceremonies for Brigham Young University on Thursday, most of the speeches were pretty typical, even for a school affiliated with the Mormon Church. Pursue your passions. Family comes first. Money isn't everything. Show More Summary

Opposing the Holy Bible as Tennessee’s State Book: Liberal Redneck Edition

The Liberal Redneck makes a lot of sense when talking about Tennessee's ridiculous attempt to make the Holy Bible the official state book, a bill that was eventually vetoed by the governor.

Well, He Asked For It…

If you get a tattoo that says only God can judge you, what else would you expect?

We Couldn’t Have Been Created in God’s Image…

Forget the conversation about what color Jesus was, and let's start talking about what species God is:

English Professor Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

On Saturday morning, as 58-year-old Professor Rezaul Karim Siddique headed to work at Rajshahi University in Bangladesh, assailants stopped him before he reached the bus station and hacked him to death with machetes:

The Swiss Citizenship of Two Muslim Boys is At Risk After Handshake Controversy

Earlier this month, I posted about how two Muslim boys in Switzerland were at the center of controversy because they refused to shake their female teacher's hand before and after class. They didn't want to follow the longtime Swiss tradition because their religion, they claim, won't allow them to touch women who aren't family members. Show More Summary

Three Candidates for Oregon State House Come Out As Openly Non-Religious

The Freethought Equality Fund just endorsed three candidates for the Oregon State House -- and all three are coming out as openly non-religious in the process.

TheParodyQueen Revisited: First Amendment Lawyer Marc Randazza Confirms She’s On Thin Ice

Yesterday's post about Christian cover artist TheParodyQueen (TPQ) elicited a lot of discussion about whether her brand of "satire" (I use the scare quotes advisedly) could pass legal muster. So I asked a friend of mine, attorney Marc Randazza, for comment. Show More Summary

After Letter from FFRF, Florida School District Permanently Bans Christian Chaplain from Campuses

A couple of days ago, I posted about one of the most egregious violations of church/state separation you'll ever see in a public school district.It involved the Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida. That's where David Gaskill,...Show More Summary

Brave Student Who Fought Back Against Pro-Abstinence Speaker in High School is Now a Truman Scholar

A few years ago, when Katelyn Campbell was a high school senior, a pro-abstinence speaker came to her high school. That speaker, Pam Stenzel, is notorious for spreading misinformation, and this event was no different. She told students...Show More Summary

Maine Governor Paul LePage: Life Is Precious But Heroin Overdose Victims Should Die Already

Is it better to let drug users who overdose on heroin die, than to give them a life-saving drug?Maine's Governor Paul LePage says yes. He just vetoed a bill that had been unanimously OK'd by the state legislature. The bill would have given pharmacists the green light to dispense the opioid antagonist naloxone without a prescription.

This Couple Takes “White Savior Complex” To a Whole New Level

There are very good reasons to adopt children, starting with the fact that there are more than 100,000 kids in the U.S. alone who are in need of a home. That number skyrockets when you take a global perspective.I've got a lot of respect for folks willing to open their homes and hearts to these children. Show More Summary

Harriet Tubman Was Christian, but Other Women Who Will Be On Our Money Were Critics of Religion

When we're talking about the new faces that will eventually appear on U.S. currency, most of the attention is rightfully on Harriet Tubman, the soon-to-be face of the $20 bill. While many people are excited that a woman will finallyShow More Summary

It Seems the Gay Pastor Who Tried To Sue Whole Foods Was Desperate for Cash

I don't know how this is even possible, but the controversy involving an Austin, Texas Whole Foods store and a gay pastor who claimed the store's bakery added a slur to his "Love Wins" cake just got even stranger.Last we heard, after Pastor Jordan D. Show More Summary

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