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Why Science and Religion Are Not Compatible

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why science and religion are not compatible.

Scottish Reverend: Humanists Want School Libraries to Carry Godless Book to “Indoctrinate Young Children”

Last year, Scottish schools gave students an anti-bullying guide encouraging Christian prayer. It was a veiled way to push God into the classroom.So the British Humanist Association announced this week that they would be countering that by delivering a copy of Alom Shaha's The Young Atheist’s Handbook: Lessons for Living a Good Life without God to every school:

War Memorial with Jesus Fish Symbol Still Sits Outside the Boone County (Missouri) Courthouse

Last year, we learned that a war memorial outside the Boone County courthouse in Missouri had finally covered up the Jesus Fish symbol that had been there for 20 years: That happened as a result of a letter that Americans United For Separation of Church and State sent county officials back in May of 2014. Show More Summary

Dry Cleaner Owes Damages to Customer, but Can’t Stop Writing “Buggerer” and “Sodomite” on His Checks

Some people just can't let go of a grudge...When Byron Batista dropped off four throw pillows at Rosali Cleaners, he was surprised to get one of them back all torn up. No big deal. He figured he would just talk to the owner. That didn't...Show More Summary

Duck and Cover: The Atheists Are Coming

YouTuber MisterSharp appears to have discovered a public information video on atheists from the 1950s.

HBO’s VICE Goes to Uganda to Witness U.S. Evangelical-Led Homophobia in Action

Friday night's episode of VICE on HBO featured a disturbing segment on the anti-gay climate in Uganda and how it was in large part inspired by American evangelical Christians. (Remember: This is the country that once considered a bill that could apply the death penalty to homosexuals. I think Christians refer to that as "loving the sinners.")

On New Show, Comedian Jim Gaffigan Explores How People Might Treat Him if He Was Caught Holding a Bible

Comedian Jim Gaffigan posted a first look at his upcoming eponymous show on his website -- it received 500,000 views in the first 48 hours -- and it's just fantastic.In the episode, Gaffigan, a practicing Catholic who still pokes fun at religion in his act, has to bring home a Bible for his wife. Show More Summary

Murder Trial Hinges on Whether Jehovah’s Witness Victim Could Have Survived with Blood Transfusion

In early 2013, David Quevedo became angry after his San Francisco 49ers lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl. He soon got in a fight involving Omar Silva, who lived in the area, and the altercation turned deadly hours later when Quevedo shot Silva multiple times.Silva didn't make it. Show More Summary

Christian Businessman Builds 14-Story Bulletproof Cross in Pakistan. This Can Only End Well…

I guess no one close to this guy had the heart to tell him, "What the hell are you thinking?!"Christian businessman Parvez Henry Gill is building a 14-story Christian cross in Karachi, Pakistan.But don't worry. Everything will be fine. Because it's bulletproof.

Actually, This Plan Would Probably Backfire on Churches…

You know, I get the joke Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is going for in this cartoon...

Yvette d’Entremont Talks About Her Takedown of “Food Babe” Vani Hari

Last month, Yvette d'Entremont received a lot of attention for her lengthy takedown of Vani Hari, the "Food Babe." In short, Hari has a history of promoting nonsense, her followers fall for it, and she pretends to be persecuted anytime...Show More Summary

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Whether Science and Religion Are Compatible

I thought Neil deGrasse Tyson might offer something of a wishy-washy answer on this question of science versus religion... and I was halfway right.

High School Director Who Made Racist Remarks at Graduation Ceremony Fired

Last week, during the high school graduation ceremony for TNT Academy, a private school just outside of Atlanta, founder/director Nancy Gordeuk accidentally dismissed the crowd earlier than expected. So as a student was trying to give a speech, there were people walking out of the ceremony. Show More Summary

Florida Sheriff, Unable to Separate His Faith from His Job, Delivers Sermon in Uniform

The last time I wrote about Polk County (Florida) Sheriff Grady Judd was in 2010, when he was removing basketball hoops from the local prison and giving them away to local churches. When Judd was asked why he wouldn't give the hoops to a secular organization, his response (referencing an atheist group) was, "Why should I kowtow?"... Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Discusses Reforming Islam on Real Time with Bill Maher

On Real Time with Bill Maher last night, guest Ayaan Hirsi Ali shared her life story and formula for reforming Islam (which calls on Muslims to adopt less extremist ideology -- good luck with that one).They also spoke about why liberals have been among the louder voices criticizing the cartoonists drawing Muhammad rather than the people killing them.

It’s Been Warming Up Outside, Too…

The Onion weighs in on the recent Pew Research study showing rapid growth in people with no religious affiliation:

Those Other Religions Are Way Worse Than My Own

It's always fun when religious people try to explain why other religions are silly... even when it's satire. Over at College Humor, Johnny Anonymous tries to laugh off Scientology:

These Indian Children Show Remarkable Wisdom on the Subject of Religion

Here's a really neat video featuring a bunch of children from India answering questions about religion. At first, they seem a little ignorant on the subject, offering answers that basically amount to calling different religions "Christianity,...Show More Summary

Bus Driver Scolds 11-Year-Old Girls for Playing Together, Saying They’re Gay and Will Burn in Hell for It

Last Friday, 11-year-old Maurissa Rushing was on the bus heading to Pathway Academy, a charter school in Kansas City, Missouri. She sat next to her best friend and they played a game that involves one girl's fingers racing up and down...Show More Summary

Want to Help Get “In God We Trust” Off of the Money?

Many people -- monotheistic and atheistic alike -- find the inscriptions of "In God We Trust" on U.S. money to be offensive for myriad reasons. In a court of law in a constitutional democracy, however, the only reason that matters is if the practice is unlawful. And under American law, the practice is clearly unlawful.

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