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Texas Boy Recites Christianized Version of the Alphabet in Viral Video

Tanner Hemness is an adorable four-year-old from East Texas who knows his ABCs... but that's not why the video of him reciting them went viral.The boy has become popular online because, in his alphabet, every letter stands for a different Bible verse.

How Ex-Muslims Living in Islamic Countries Should Plan Their Exits

What should you do if you're a young ex-Muslim woman living in an Islamic country, and you'd like to get the hell out of there?Imtiaz Shams offers some excellent and detailed advice in this video:

Mourning the Loss of Bob Carroll, Creator of The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Susan Gerbic penned a lovely eulogy for Robert Carroll, the creator of The Skeptic's Dictionary, who died this past August from pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer.His website categorized and explained alternative medicines, hoaxes, paranormal phenomena, and New Age nonsense -- all with a critical eye -- long before anyone else was doing it.

Iowa Man Wants to Turn Former Church Into Space for an Escape Room Game

I know a lot of atheists want to escape from church, but I never thought someone would take it this literally:

The White House Must Be Exorcised Of Bisexual Native American Demons, Says Christian Writer

BarbWire contributor Julio Severo claims an invocation given by a Sioux speaker at the recent White House Bisexual Community Briefing invited gay and bisexual demons to haunt it. Because why not?

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Doesn’t Really Care If Donald Trump Sexually Assaulted Some Ladies

While many former supporters have started to back the hell away from Donald Trump in the wake of multiple accusations of sexual assault (and videotape of Trump bragging about doing just that), the deeply holy Jerry Falwell, Jr. is standing by his man.

My Summary of the Bible… in 10 Tweets

Reading the Bible can get tedious, but no worries! I condensed some of the most famous stories into single tweets.

Louie Gohmert: Christians Will “Literally” Be in Shackles Soon Due to Hate Crime Laws

Texas congressman Louie Gohmert says that Christians will "literally" be in shackles one day because of hate crime legislation. It was a strange thing to say. Partly because that's never going to happen, and partly because it had nothing whatsoever to do with the question he was asked.

The Satanic Temple is a Step Closer to Installing a Baphomet Monument at the Arkansas Capitol

Since a Ten Commandments monument seems likely to go up on the Arkansas Capitol grounds next year, The Satanic Temple submitted an application to put up a Baphomet monument right next to it. Yesterday, the two groups explained their proposals to a subcommittee of state officials, but not without some fireworks from the Christian side.

Islamic School That Said Men Can Beat Their Wives is Shutting Down After Ex-Muslim’s Expose

Ex-Muslim Aliyah Saleem, whose excellent videos have been featured on this site before, has effectively shut down the Islamic boarding school she once attended in England after exposing their disturbing curriculum.This was a school that...Show More Summary

7 Memorable Clips of Sean Carroll Talking Physics

Several clips of physicist Sean Carroll being awesome? Don't mind if I do.

Liberty University Students Defy Jerry Falwell, Jr.: “We Want Nothing To Do” With Donald Trump

Tonight, a group of Liberty University students calling themselves "Liberty United Against Trump" issued a statement saying they did not share the political views of their school President Jerry Falwell, Jr. and that they were embarrassed by Falwell for using the school's credibility to boost Trump's campaign:

Illusionist Derren Brown Exposes Faith Healers By “Curing” Woman’s Bad Eyesight in New Special

This week, Channel 4 aired illusionist Derren Brown's latest special Miracle. It includes tricks in which Brown, impersonating a faith healer, restores one woman's horrible eyesight before temporarily screwing up the eyesight of a man who could see just fine.

Rep. Louie Gohmert: People Who Are Abused As Children “Universally” Become Gay

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), a man who was elected by human beings to represent them in Congress and have incredible political power, says that men who got molested as kids "universally... ended up feeling that they were gay."

Massachusetts Churches Sue To Prevent Trans People From Peeing In Their Bathrooms

Four Massachusetts churches are suing the state over a new law that went into effect this month, permitting trans people to go to the bathroom and use locker room and changing room facilities in accordance with their gender identities. Show More Summary

Church’s Complaints About Homeless Meals Program Were Misguided, Say Rescue Mission Leaders

It's a story that won't die. Leaders of the Merced County Rescue Mission in California now tell me that a local church's complaints about their work, which led to a temporary shutdown of their meals program, were completely misguide...

Married, Catholic Louisiana GOPer Apologizes In Weird Commercial For Sexting 17-Year-Old Boy

Mike Yenni, a married Catholic Republican politician from Louisiana, is in a fair amount of trouble after getting caught sexting with a 17-year-old male high school student.

Men Who Assaulted Sikh Man and Cut His Hair May Face Hate Crime Charges

A Bay Area Sikh man was allegedly beaten by three Chevron contractors who also cut off the man’s hair, a major offense to Sikhs who allow their hair to grow naturally as a symbol of respect for God’s perfect creation.

Indiana Mother Says She Killed Her Children So “They Can Go to Heaven With God”

An Indiana mother, Amber Pasztor, faces murder charges after smothering to death her 6-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. She said she did it so they could "go to heaven with God" instead of living "traumatized like their mom." As if those were the only two options available.

Christian Athlete Tim Tebow Didn’t Do Anything “Miraculous” at a Baseball Game

Once again, the most Christian of athletes, Tim Tebow, is getting credit for something he didn't do.

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