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A Conservative Christian Writer Just Released an Album of “Music” and It’s As Bad As You’d Think

A Christian writer known for her absurd conspiracy theories just released an album of her screaming gibberish into the void.

Hundreds Form “Human Wall” to Defend Catholic Church from Loud, Hateful Preachers

In response to Westboro-like preachers protesting outside a Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, hundreds of people gathered over the weekend to fight back with a message of love and tolerance.

Appeals Court Won’t Rehear Case Involving Ten Commandments Monument Outside NM Municipal Building

Can a Ten Commandments monument outside a New Mexico government building stay there? Last year, a three-judge panel of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals said no. This week, the entire roster of judges said the same thing.

Italian Priest May Get Defrocked For Defrocking Himself… At Orgies

Italian Priest Father Andrea Contin may soon get defrocked by the Bishop of Padua for having repeatedly removed said frock at various orgies, nudist retreats, and even sex parties at his own church.

This Must Be the New Department of Education Logo

I assume approving this logo is somewhere at the top of the agenda for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the Christian billionaire who wants to use federal money to fund religious schools.

Vermont is Once Again the Least Religious State in the Country

Congratulations, Vermont! Now do us a favor and teach a lesson to Mississippi.

Televangelist Lori Bakker: Most Participants in the Women’s March Were “Molested” or “Abused”

The opposition to stupidity and blissful ignorance is coming from everywhere, not just people Trump's defenders believe are "broken."

After Killing Their Son for Wanting to Leave Church, These Christian Parents Will Go to Prison

The parents (and other church members) had accused the boy and his brother of witchcraft, sexual molestation, and wanting to leave the church. That, according to their religion, was enough to warrant excessive physical abuse.

Bill Nye Saves the World Will Be Released on Netflix on April 21

If the trailer for Season 1 is any indication, they're going all out to make science interesting for people who might otherwise ignore it.

Judges Will Soon Decide if Christian Prayers Are Legal at a TX District’s School Board Meetings

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments yesterday in a case involving Christian invocations at school board meetings in a part of Texas. The same District has violated the Establishment Clause in many different ways over the past several years.

Rick Wiles: Satan and Barack Obama Are Leading a Rebellion Against Donald Trump

Christian conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles said on his Trunews show this week that President Obama is leading a rebellion against President Trump. And it's Satanic! And it has something to do with George Soros! It's like a wingnut edition of Mad Libs...

It’s Like We’ve Been Saying All Along…

Alabama native Zack saw this sign in Tuscaloosa and figured you'd all get a kick out of it. He wasn't wrong.

This Cringeworthy Super Bowl Sunday Church Service Will Make You Never Want to Find God

On Super Bowl Sunday, a megachurch in Ohio decided to get people in the door with a service that included ass-slapping, a crotch joke, sexual innuendo masquerading as humor, and a preaching competition. No wonder people want less and less to do with evangelicals...

Who Thought “Jesus, Please Heal My Dog” Would Be a Good Book to Read to Elementary School Students?

Of all the books the administrators at Grassy Pond Elementary School in Gaffney, South Carolina could have read to students, they chose one promoting Christian mythology.

MN Town Foolishly Votes To Re-Erect Christian War Memorial, So Atheists Will Ask For One, Too

Elected officials in Belle Plaine, Minnesota voted last night to put a Christian war memorial back up, even though they took it down last month to avoid a lawsuit. Now, atheists will request their own monument in the same location and Satanists may follow suit.

Australian Reality Show Features Jehovah’s Witness Mother Choosing Faith Over Her Gay Son

An Australian reality show called Bride & Prejudice just featured a gay man inviting his Jehovah's Witness mother and "traditionally minded" father to his wedding. They refused to come, even if it meant cutting him out of their lives forever.

Americans United: We’ll Fight Attempts by Betsy DeVos to Fund Religious Schools with Taxpayer Money

With the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, one church/state separation group is already talking about how it will oppose her plans to defund our public school system in order to support religious education.

Bryan Fischer: Jesus Would Support the Muslim Ban Since Going To Heaven Involves “Extreme Vetting”

Bryan Fischer says that Jesus -- a dark-skinned, Middle Eastern refugee himself -- would support Donald Trump's Muslim Ban. Somehow.

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