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Brother of Qandeel Baloch: I Killed Her Because “Girls Are Born to Stay Home and Follow Traditions”

Over the weekend, we learned that 26-year-old Qandeel Baloch, a.k.a. "Pakistan's Kim Kardashian," was strangled to death by her brother in what was dubbed an "honor killing." It happened shortly after Baloch posted a picture on Instagram of herself with a senior religious leader. And now her brother has confirmed every suspicion about his motive.

10 Catastrophes That Could Cause the Extinction of Our Species

There are a growing number of threats that could catapult us back into the Stone Age or, even worse, trip us into the eternal grave of extinction. But we can't overcome those threats unless we know what they are. So let's talk about them.

Joshua Feuerstein: If You Threaten a Cop, “I Will Shoot You Dead,” Just Like Jesus Told Me To

After the horrific deaths of five cops in Dallas earlier this month and three more this weekend in Baton Rouge, it should go without saying that no decent person is celebrating what happened. Those officers were doing their jobs. They were keeping the peace. And they were killed for no reason other than misplaced outrage [Read More...]

Here’s a Cringe-Worthy “Hotline Bling” Parody That’s Supposed to Make You Want to Come to Church

This "Hotline Bling" parody by the people at Florida's Church by the Glades is intended to make you come to their services instead of sleeping in on Sundays. But after you watch it, I suspect you'll come away very satisfied with your decision to stay home...

A Ghostbusters Review That Focuses on the Real Issue: Why Aren’t These Ghosts in Hell?

In a hilarious review of the new Ghostbusters movie, The Onion's film critic Peter K. Rosenthal argues that the movie is horrible because we never truly understand why these ghosts aren't burning in Hell for their earthly sins.

Podcast Ep. 118: David Diskin, President of Camp Quest West

At the recent American Humanist Association conference in Chicago, we spoke with David Diskin, the President of Camp Quest West. Camp Quest is a summer camp for children that embraces science, natural wonder, and humanist values. Diskin has worked with Camp Quest West since 2010. Show More Summary

Sam Harris and Dave Rubin Discuss Islam, Politics, and Free Will

Dave Rubin, the interviewer who recently decided to leave Ora TV and self-fund his show, is back on the air, so to speak, and Sam Harris is his first guest.

The Liberal Redneck Just Signed a Book Deal

Since he has a lot of fans on this site, I'm happy to share this exciting news for Trae Crowder, a.k.a. the Liberal Redneck: He just signed a book deal along with two of his stand-up comedy friends! The Liberal Redneck Manifesto will be out this October.

Kentucky Reporter Dismayed by Ark Encounter: “This Pseudo-science Doesn’t Hold Water”

Tom Eblen of the Lexington Herald-Leader knew he had to check out Ark Encounter. He heard what atheists had been saying about it, but he wanted to judge it for himself. Turns out the atheists had a point.

Many Evangelicals Believe Mike Pence Isn’t Conservative Enough

Republican Vice Presidential pick Mike Pence is about as staunch a conservative as you can imagine. And yet, according to Politico, many conservative Christians are upset by the selection because Pence backed off from allowing Christian business owners to discriminate against gay people without limitation:

Ark Encounter’s Official Attendance Numbers Are Far Below What Creationists Expected

We now know how many people visited Ark Encounter in its first week, and it's far below what Ken Ham predicted.

Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward Have Announced Their Separation After 24 Years

Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward (best known for playing Romana in Doctor Who) have announced their separation after 24 years of marriage.

Arkansas Pastor Shares “Truth About Pokémon” (Spoiler: Demons Are Involved)

Arkansas Pastor Dwain Miller has a warning for anyone out there playing Pokémon Go: It's evil and demonic and you need to stay off his lawn.

A Better Life Without Belief in God

A few years ago, Chris Johnson released a multimedia book about atheists called A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God. Chris also made a film featuring some of the atheists in the book and he's been touring with it for the past year. Seth Andrews recently caught up with him to talk about the project:

Al Jazeera Tackles Whether Religion is to Blame for Violence, but It’s Frustrating to Watch

Mehdi Hasan, the host of Al Jazeera's UpFront, hosted a conversation the other day about whether religion is to blame for violence. Fascinating topic. Too bad the conversations were just full of facepalms.

Pakistani Internet Star Strangled to Death by Brother in “Honor Killing”

26-year-old Qandeel Baloch, known as "Pakistan's Kim Kardashian" for her provocative social media posts and online appearances, was strangled to death by her brother last night in what's being calling an "honor killing":

Study: Most Evangelicals Think Transgender People Are Immoral

Transgender people are one of the most marginalized communities in the United States. They face disproportionate rates of suicide, violence, unemployment, poverty, and discrimination. Oh, and the majority of evangelicals still think their mere existence is "immoral."

Texas High School Busted for Showing Pro-Christian and Anti-Evolution Films in Class

Why would any teachers in their right minds show the stereotype-heavy God's Not Dead or the anti-evolution Expelled: Intelligence Not Allowed in their public school classrooms? (Answer: Texas.)

GOP Platform Says Pastors Can Endorse Candidates from the Pulpit Without Losing Tax Exemptions

During Donald Trump's official introduction of his running mate Mike Pence today, he bragged about how the Republican platform now calls for a repeal of the Johnson Amendment. If that happens, it would be one of the biggest disasters in a campaign full of horrific ideas.

Why Are Evangelicals Not Bothered by Donald Trump’s Obvious Hesitation Over Mike Pence?

Donald Trump's selection of Mike Pence as his running mate is proof that evangelicals aren't being persecuted. But should Trump's reported hesitation on the selected give conservatives pause?

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