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Some Miami Jews Are Staying Home During Hurricane Irma Since It’s the Sabbath

These people think obeying God's rules is more important than protecting their families.

An Atheist Billboard Was Deemed Offensive, But These Signs Are Apparently Fine

This atheist billboard was taken down in Lincoln (Nebraska) last year after some people complained.But those same people seem silent about the current occupants of the same advertising space.

A New Netflix Documentary Will Follow Hasidic Jews Leaving Their World Behind

Imagine how brave these subjects must be to leave the world of ultra-Orthodox Judaism for the unknown.

Christian “Prophetess” Will Stop Hurricane Irma By Hitting It With a Scepter

She should've at least used a lightsaber.It would've accomplished the same thing and been more colorful.

Mormon Cult Must Pay $16 Million for Forcing 14-Year-Old to Marry Her Cousin

Nothing -- not even $16 million -- can make up for the sexual abuse of these girls.

TX Pre-K Teacher Asks Parents for Permission to Preach the Bible to Their Kids

This teacher seems to think a stack of permission slips would give her a green light to break the law.

Malaysia Blocks Access to Gaming Website Steam Over “Fight of Gods”

The Malaysian government thinks a fighting game involving Jesus and Zeus is too offensive for citizens' sensibilities.

Trump Nominates Church/State Separation Denier for Federal Judgeship

Jeff Mateer thinks church/state separation is a hoax.Donald Trump wants to reward him with a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.

Arkansas Superintendent to Atheist Lawyer: I Pray “You Will Repent”

There's no secular reason to force schools to put up "In God We Trust" signs.When an atheist attorney said that to Arkansas superintendents, one wrote back with an odd message.

High Schooler: I Won’t Stand for the Pledge Due to “Unacceptable Racism”

She's taking a stand because she just doesn't have pride in the country right now, and this is her way of making it better.

Crank-Calling Joel Osteen’s Prayer Line is a Weak Attempt at Humor

I get the joke, but this is making life more difficult for someone who has nothing to do with the problem.

Kevin Swanson: We Can Stop Hurricane Irma by Banning Abortion and Gay Marriage

The pastor who blamed Hurricane Harvey on Texas not passing an anti-transgender bathroom bill has an idea for how we can stop Hurricane Irma.It's just as idiotic.

TheraminTrees Explores the Problems With Prophets

How are religions created and what do they tell us about the creators?YouTuber TheraminTrees explores those questions in this series.

Study Says Religious Groups Distrust Each Other (But Some Have Reason to Worry)

Some people are standing on top of a mountain and complaining about all the people trying to climb up.

Kirk Cameron: The Hurricanes Were Sent By God to Make Us More Humble

Actor and creationist Kirk Cameron explained that the recent hurricanes are a "spectacular display of God's immense power."

Ark Encounter Receives $1.8 Million Tax Rebate Check from Kentucky

After successfully fighting a lawsuit and creating a self-inflicted wound, Ark Encounter has received a massive check courtesy of Kentucky taxpayers.

Christians Mad Over Middle School Poem Calling God “Mythical” Like a Unicorn

This wasn't an intentional slight against Christians, but try telling that to the people who always scream persecution.

Appeals Court Says Christian-Only Prayers at MI County Board Meetings Are Fine

A horrible ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will allow politician-led, Christian-only prayers at one Michigan county's board meetings.It may also set up a Supreme Court showdown.

Here’s How Atheists Are Helping People in Houston After Hurricane Harvey

A letter to the editor in a Kentucky newspaper yesterday included a simple question about Hurricane Harvey: "Where are the atheist relief groups?"I'll tell you where they are.

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