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Warren Allen Smith, Author of Who’s Who in Hell, Has Died

Warren Allen Smith, a longtime atheist activist, died Monday evening at the age of 95.

Donald Trump Appoints Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Head “Vaccine Safety” Commission

Of all the bad things I thought would happen during a Donald Trump presidency, I have to admit I didn't even think something like this was on the radar.

How I’m Raising My Non-Religious Children in a Religious Community

As a secular family living in the South, this is what we do to help our children adjust.

Bryan Fischer: I Never Called Opponents of Christianity Traitors (Spoiler: He Did and It’s On Tape)

Religious Right activist Bryan Fischer is now backtracking on his comments that anyone who opposes or criticizes Christian influence in the U.S. is automatically a traitor. He never said that, he says... even though we have a recording of him saying exactly that.

Donald Trump Will Meet Today With Notorious Vaccine Denier Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Donald Trump will be meeting today with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an anti-science advocate who falsely claims there's a link between vaccines and autism. Given Trump's own anti-vaxxer beliefs, it's a troubling sign that Kennedy could have some influence on public policy.

E.W. Jackson: Liberals Are Attacking Anti-Gay Singer Kim Burrell Because They Hate Black Christians

E.W. Jackson, the conservative activist who ran a losing campaign in 2013 to become Virginia's next lieutenant governor, said on his radio show yesterday that the "godless atheist secularists" who went after singer Kim Burrell for saying gay people were perverts who would die from their homosexuality did it because they hate black Christians.

Here’s What Jeff Sessions Must Answer About Church/State Separation During His Confirmation Hearing

When Sen. Jeff Sessions begins his confirmation hearings on Wednesday to become our next Attorney General, there are a number of questions relating to church/state separation that we deserve good answers to. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has compiled a strong list of questions they'd like the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask him.

The Richard Dawkins Atheism Scale Explained

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses Richard Dawkins' Atheism Scale.

Christian Evangelist: Don’t Let Dating Get in the Way of Your Relationship With God

In this cringe-worthy video featuring Christian evangelist Ron Luce, we learn that "God would blast Adam with His love... and that was the original love affair." The moral of the story is that dating is only getting in the way of our relationship with God.

Creationists Are Holding a World Religions Conference To Teach Christians How to Fix the Others

The thought of a World Religions conference where attendees can learn about various beliefs might sound educational... until you realize the speakers are all Creationists and the goal is to teach Christians how to fix everyone else.

An Atheist with a Kidney Disease Asks People of Faith to Stop Saying It’s Part of God’s Plan

In a recent episode of the Kidneycast, a podcast about a man who has a genetic disease affecting that part of his body, Ari Decherd and his wife Larra Morris (both atheists) talk about how religious people often say his disease is part of God's plan or offer non-scientific solutions to whatever Ari is going through.

These Are Good Reasons to Leave the Mormon Church, Regardless of Theology

Back in November, a pro-Mormon website published a list of reasons you'd want to join their Church even if you didn't believe any of its theology. So it's entertaining as hell to read this response -- written by a believer, I should add -- of all the reasons you might want to leave the Mormon Church even if you believe in its stories.

Christian Show Host: Gay People Should Be “Disqualified” From Teaching Due To Their “Immorality”

Christian talk show host (and former Colorado State Rep.) Gordon Klingenschmitt said recently that gay teachers shouldn't be allowed to work in public schools. Instead, they "should be disqualified immediately because of their immorality."

The Governor of Massachusetts Should Veto a Bill Legitimizing Pseudoscience

Should the state of Massachusetts give a seal of approval to witch doctors who claim that the eye of a newt can cure cancer? How about lending credibility to homeopaths who say that diluted sugar water can heal your strep throat? What's actually happening isn't much different.

Cleveland Clinic Doctor Roundly Criticized After Writing Essay Questioning Vaccine Safety

On Friday, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute posted an op-ed questioning the efficacy of vaccinations. It led to a barrage of criticism from doctors who actually know what they're talking about.

If Only I Had Finished the KJV Bible, My Diabetes Would Be Gone By Now

You thought it'd be okay to stop reading the King James Bible after page 1,116? You fool.

Podcast Ep. 143: Galen Broaddus, Secular Celebrant and Lawsuit Winner

Our latest podcast guest is Galen Broaddus, an atheist who just won a lawsuit that will allow Secular Celebrants to solemnize weddings in the state. I spoke with Galen about why this lawsuit was necessary, what services he provides families as a Celebrant, and why some atheists wish he never took on this battle at all.

Middle School Bible Club Shut Down in Missouri, But Not for Any of the Right Reasons

The Joplin School District in Missouri shut down a middle school Bible club because it wasn't following school board policy. However, that explanation doesn't mention the multiple (real) reasons the club was violating the law, including the fact that a faculty member spearheaded the group and bribed children with doughnuts to attend.

The Miraculous “Fact That Everyone Isn’t Noticing” About 2017 is an Easily Disprovable Hoax

There's a meme floating around online, spread by Christians, about how certain dates in 2017 all happen to fall on a Sunday. It's not true. It's easy to show why it's not true. And yet everyone seems to be falling for the hoax.

Kentucky Woman Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Disabled Man Who Joked About Being an Atheist

A Kentucky woman was arrested this week after assaulting and robbing a disabled man who joked about how he didn't believe in God.

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