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Fresh Intelligence: 2 NYPD Officers Shot in the Bronx, Jeb Has Mom Issues, and More

Good morning and welcome to Fresh Intelligence, our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you'll be talking about today. In this edition Democrats face off in New Hampshire, Jeb delivers more secondhand embarrassment, and Playboy covers up. Here's the rundown for Friday, February 5.WEATHER Here comes the snow; expect... More »

What You Missed in the 5th Democratic Debate

It's been an exciting week of firsts that don't feel like first in the 2016 race. After years of hearing pundits talking about the race, Iowans finally voted on Monday, and following 11 events billed as debates, last night we saw the first discussion that actually involved two candidates delving... More »

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Debate Moderation

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been debating an idea for weeks before Sanders finally put into words what that separated them. “You can be a moderate. You can be a progressive. But you cannot be a moderate and a progressive,” he wrote. The first half hour of their New... More »

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Just Had One of the Best 10-Minute Exchanges in The History of American Political Debates

For the first seven months of the Democratic presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders has distinguished himself from Hillary Clinton by pointing out their disparate sources of campaign funding. While the former secretary of state has accepted millions of dollars from Wall Street firms and other special interests, the Vermont senator has... More »

Watch the 5th Democratic Debate With Daily Intelligencer

Tonight in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off in the fifth Democratic debate –  and this time, it's O'Malley-less. Get ready for shouting about big banks, exclamations about electability, and unnecessarily vicious arguments on your social media feeds! The debate comes three days after Clinton edged past Sanders... More »

Ben Carson’s Weird Vendetta Against Ted Cruz

It's understandable that Ben Carson and his staff and supporters were upset on the night of the Iowa caucuses when they learned that a tweet from congressman Steve King and an email from Ted Cruz's deputy state director suggested Carson might be leaving (or at least taking a break from,... More »

The 10 Most Punchable Faces of Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli, hedge funder and pharmaceuticals profiteer, invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify on Thursday before the House Committee on Oversight. He also made a lot of smug faces, every one of which we would all like to punch.______________ Feigned benign pleasantness. ___________________ Sarcastic eagerness. ___________________ Feigned interest.... More »

And Just Like That, New York’s About to Get a Winter Weather Advisory

Today you left your hat and gloves at home. And tomorrow? Snow is definitely on the way, and we're getting a sizable amount even earlier than expected.The New York area could get up to four inches of snow, thanks to newly named Winter Storm Lexi. The nearby suburbs will probably... More »

A $10-Per-Barrel Tax on Oil? Obama’s Final Budget Proposal Turns Bold

President Barack Obama has decided that in his final budget proposal he no longer has to bother with politics. In a bout of wishful thinking that evokes candidate-Obama-style idealism, next week's budget proposal will reportedly ask that $300 billion be dedicated toward the future of transportation. How will he pay... More »

Is Bernie Sanders Vulnerable to the Kind of Media Pile-On That Took Down Howard Dean?

One of the fruits of ESPN's acquisition of Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight is the capacity to produce films, and so the wonky "data journalism" site has produced for our post-Iowa enjoyment a brief video look back at the "Dean Scream" — the iconic moment on the night of the Iowa caucuses... More »

For the First Time Since Their Campaigns Began, Sanders Raised More in a Month Than Clinton Did

Perhaps Bernie Sanders's musical side gig is paying off. Earlier this week, the Sanders campaign announced it had raised $20 million in January, outpacing Hillary Clinton for the first time since their campaigns began. Clinton's campaign, which took in only ("only") $15 million this month, and her staffers are acknowledging... More »

The S.S. United States May Beat the Odds and Sail Again

It's way too early to say that the fastest ocean liner ever built will soon be zipping across the ocean again. But suddenly, this crazy possibility has become a lot less crazy. Crystal Cruises announced Thursday that it's signed a deal with the S.S. United States Conservancy — the preservationist... More »

Des Moines Register Says Iowa Democratic Caucuses Were a ‘Debacle,’ Calls for Audit

On Iowa caucus night, in the frenzied effort by the Clinton and Sanders campaigns to claim (or at least suggest) victory, anecdotes began drifting into the airwaves about irregularities in caucus procedures and other features of the system that allegedly obscured the will of the people. In particular, we heard... More »

Ammon Bundy and 15 Other Oregon Occupiers Indicted on Conspiracy Charge

The latest from the bird refuge: On Wednesday, a federal grand jury in Portland indicted Ammon Bundy and 15 of his fellow Oregon occupiers, charging each with a single count of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States. As of Wednesday, four militiafolk still remain at the Malheur National Wildlife... More »

Entitled Millennial Workers of the World, Unite!

A specter is haunting America — the specter of millennial entitlement. Last month, an article titled “3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired” enjoyed a bout of social-media virality. The column, by Inc.’s J.T. O’Donnell, makes a fine addition to the growing canon of anti-millennial jeremiads — think pieces that warn... More »

In Rare Republican Attack From the Left, Christie Hits Rubio for Opposing Rape and Incest Exceptions to Abortion Ban

Look quickly, political junkies, because Chris Christie did something on Morning Joe today that is as rare as the sighting of the most endangered of species: one Republican politician attacking another for being too conservative. He went after Marco Rubio for opposing exceptions to a hypothetical abortion ban for pregnancies... More »

Donald Trump Takes Plunge in New National Poll

If the Establishment Republican in your life seems to have a spring in his or her step this morning, here’s why: Public Policy Polling’s latest survey shows Donald Trump tanking and Marco Rubio rising. The Donald has fallen nine points since PPP’s December survey and now leads the Florida senator... More »

Martin Shkreli Refuses to Testify at Congressional Hearing, Cements World-Class-Jerk Status

"On the advice of counsel, I invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question" is pretty much all Martin Shkreli said during his appearance before the House Committee on Oversight earlier Thursday, and he said it over and over and over. In fact, he answered... More »

De Blasio’s Carriage-Horse Deal Goes to the Glue Factory

The New York City Council was all set to vote this Friday on the mayor's proposal to curtail the carriage-horse industry, but now it's looking like the deal behind the bill has crumbled. The Times reports that the Teamsters, who represent the carriage workers and signed on to the plan... More »

Poor, Awkward Jeb Bush Is Giving People Secondhand Embarrassment

Consider the recent adventures in awkwardness from Jeb Bush’s campaign: On Monday, the former Florida governor took the stage at a pre-caucus briefing in Des Moines after being introduced as “George — er, Jeb — Bush.” Later that same meeting, two apparent seat-fillers stood up and loudly demanded to know... More »

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