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The Psychological Advantages of Strongly Identifying As Biracial

As I reported in the most recent issue of New York, a new program at an elite private school in New York aims to combat racism by dividing young children, some as young as 8 years old, into "affinity groups" according to their race. The program has been controversial among parents,... More »

All 6 Police Officers Indicted in the Death of Freddie Gray

Earlier this month, when Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby announced criminal charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, many criticized her for not waiting for a grand jury to review the case and make their own judgment first. Now that's happened, and yesterday Mosby announced that a grand... More »

Christie Prepares Expletive-Filled Audition for Next Comedy Central Roast

Chris Christie attended the annual New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club dinner last night, and gave his customary roast of the people who cover his every move and misstep all year long. “We don’t give a shit about this or any of you,” he said, "to laughter and applause from about 350... More »

The Internet Still a Garbage Place, Even for the President

President Obama made his inaugural visit to Twitter this week, and instead of being on their best behavior, Twitter users continued to behave as the racist, awful people they usually are. Great job, everybody!The Times reports that moments after sending out his first tweet, the president was subjected to the types... More »

An Interview With Donald Green, the Co-Author of the Faked Gay-Marriage Study

“I don’t know that I have anything particularly deep or profound to say,” Donald P. Green tells me when I get him on the phone. “Maybe because I’m just very close to this. I’m sort of in a state of bewilderment.” It’s an understandable reaction given what has happened to... More »

Robert Gates Says Ban on Gay Boy Scout Leaders Must End

Robert Gates, the former secretary of defense who now heads the Boy Scouts, said that the organization's ban on gay leaders "cannot be sustained" at a national meeting in Atlanta on Thursday.  "Dozens of states — from New York to Utah — are passing laws that protect employment rights on... More »

Obama Laments That New Things Are News

President Obama had a long conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic this week, mostly about foreign policy. The president also managed to connect a point about his frustrations over how his relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is portrayed to frustrations about how his relationship with Senator Elizabeth Warren... More »

D.C. Quadruple Murder Suspect Believed to Be in New York

Investigators believe that the main suspect in last week's quadruple homicide and fire in Washington, D.C., may be hiding in Brooklyn.  Savvas Savopoulos, Amy Savopoulos, their 10-year-old son Philip, and their housekeeper Vera Figueroa were all found dead last Thursday in the Savapoulos family's mansion, which had been set on... More »

The Supreme Court Decided Its First Cop-Shooting Case Since Ferguson. Cops Won.

If you’re a police officer called on to help a woman coping with a serious mental illness, but on arrival, she feels threatened after you use a key to let yourself into her apartment, what do you do? What if, in response to your entry, she grabs a small kitchen... More »

How Companies Crush Women’s Ambitions

Women are never more ambitious in a workplace than they are when they first get there. But their confidence and desire to get into the C-suite plummet after a few years on the job, and the desire to make it to the top never fully comes back. That's true for... More »

Man Strips Naked in Protest After Being Bumped From Jamaica-Bound Flight

A man who was unceremoniously bumped from an overbooked flight to Jamaica on Wednesday stripped off all his clothes in protest. Maybe he was headed to a nude resort?The unidentified man argued with staff at the U.S. Airways counter at Charlotte Douglas International Airport when they bumped him from his flight.... More »

Former Carly Fiorina Staffer Would Rather Go to Iraq Than Work for Her Again

Until right before former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced her 2016 Republican presidential bid, she still owed high-ranking campaign staffers from her 2010 Senate race — as well as a bunch of other consultants, experts, and other assorted firms — around half a million dollars. Fiorina has an estimated net worth... More »

Capitol Police to Learn How to Go to the Bathroom

"We are now providing additional training on what to do when you have to go to the bathroom," Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine promised Congress yesterday. It may seem silly, but the people protecting our lawmakers could use some pointers on how to safely relieve themselves without leaving loaded Glocks behind... More »

Sweet 16 Party Ruined by Poop Rain

When you plan your Sweet 16 as a teenage girl, there are several things you worry about possibly ruining the party. For example: that your crush won't show up, that you won't get all the presents you want, or that your parents will embarrass you by enforcing the "no grinding"... More »

Obama Is Defaming Putin, Complains Harper’s Cover Story

In the Harper’s cover story on the Obama presidency, “What Went Wrong,” David Bromwich recapitulates mostly familiar grounds of left-wing disenchantment with the administration. (It is not available online because Harper’s hates the internet.) Bromwich, though, arrives on creative new ground when he gets around to denouncing Obama’s policy toward... More »

Stuffed Owl Makes Surprisingly Bad Lawyer

Aspen resident Charles Abbott appeared in court on Tuesday to defend himself against charges that he violated a protection order. But Abbott wasn't alone: He brought with him a stuffed owl, which he said would act as his lawyer. "He’s a very sensitive guy, has law degrees from Yale, Harvard,... More »

ISIS Seized Yet Another City This Week

ISIS seized the airport, intelligence headquarters, and a major prison on the outskirts of Palmyra on Thursday, taking away a major city under control of Syrian government forces for the first time. Islamic State militants now control about half of Syria. As one resident told CNN, "They are everywhere." The... More »

New Research Suggests de Blasio’s Unbanning of Cell Phones in NYC Schools May Have Been a Bad Idea

In March, New York's Department of Education, responding to a nudge from Mayor Bill de Blasio, ended a decade-old policy banning cell phones in the city's schools. Administrators couched it partly as a matter of basic convenience — parents often need to get in touch with their kids, and vice... More »

Get Out While You Still Can: Memorial Day Traffic Is Going to Be the Worst in a Decade

Grab your eye patch! This weekend it's the Escape From New York: Memorial Day edition.This year's Memorial Day traffic is estimated to be the worst we've had in a decade, according to the Times. Approximately 37 million people plan to hit the road this weekend in search of barbecues and beach... More »

Why Landmarks Said No to Aby Rosen’s Four Seasons Renovation

Holy moly! Aby Rosen, the owner of the Seagram Building, was about to despoil the pristine interior of The Four Seasons Restaurant when the Landmarks Preservation Commission yanked the sledgehammer from his fist. Or: Argh! Aby Rosen, hoping to nudge a venerated but tired restaurant back to life, asked to... More »

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