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‘Cannibal Cop’ Will Speak Out for First Time in New Documentary

A documentary premiering Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival follows the story of "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valles after he was convicted of kidnapping conspiracy in 2013 (that conviction was overturned in June). In Thought Crimes, Valle speaks at length for the first time about the "freaky stuff" he was into... More »

How Far Will Preet Bharara Go in His War on Albany?

Is this what Preet Bharara meant by “stay tuned”? Back in January, at a press conference detailing charges against Democratic State Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, the crusading United States Attorney teased reporters with those words, an unmissable hint that more big corruption cases were in his pipeline. And last night,... More »

78-Year-Old Senator’s Frozen Ringtone Goes Off During Hearing

Seventy-eight-year-old Pat Roberts is the sixth-oldest senator in Congress. He likes to ask serious questions about free trade during Senate Finance Committee hearings. However, he also seems to have the same taste in film as a six-year-old, judging from the ringtone that echoed across the hearing room when he forgot to... More »

The Press Isn’t Asking Enough Questions About Hillary’s Trip to Chipotle

According to Lexis-Nexis, fewer than 300 stories have been written about Hillary Clinton's trip to a Chipotle in Ohio on Monday. The press should be embarrassed. If reporters were truly interested in uncovering all the facts about what the presidential candidate knew about her decision to order a chicken burrito... More »

Helicopter Ben Makes It Rain — for Himself

When Ben Bernanke left his perch as the chairman of the Federal Reserve, he did not walk through the revolving door, unlike many other regulatory officials before him and despite the lucrative offers thrown at him. Instead, the former Princeton academic went to the Brookings Institution. But as it turns... More »

Confused Hedge-Fund Manager Cliff Asness Struggles to Express Continued Rage at Obamacare

As evidence of Obamacare’s success continues to mount, hedge-fund manager and occasional right-wing crank Cliff Asness takes to The Wall Street Journal op-ed page to retrench on behalf of the doomsayers. After noting that the Obama administration has touted “the largest reduction in the uninsured in four decades,” Asness concedes... More »

Hillary Clinton Calls Elizabeth Warren a ‘Special Kind of Leader,’ and Other Moments of Praise From the Time ‘100’

The Time "100" for 2015 came out today. The list of the year's most influential people features its signature mix of editorial shipping, with Time magazine tasking famous people with saying nice things about other famous people — sometimes confirming friendships the world already knew existed, other times revealing connections... More »

What Is the Bronx, Anyway?

The Bronx, Anthony Bourdain said this fall on an episode of Parts Unknown devoted to the borough, "is a big blank space in a lot of people's minds. Including me and I live, what, ten minutes away." Bourdain was on to something. An abiding elusiveness has seemed to grip the... More »

Iowans Think de Blasio Is the Guy Who ‘Outlawed the Large Sodas’

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio embarked on a trip to the midwest this week on a mission to "lead the nation leftward." That's a very noble goal and all, but unfortunately for Bill, nobody in Iowa seems to know who he is.“Was he the one who outlawed the... More »

NBC News’s Richard Engel Says He Misidentified the Syrian Group That Kidnapped Him

No one doubts that NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel suffered a terrifying and dangerous ordeal when he and five colleagues were kidnapped in Syria in December 2012, but thanks in part to the Brian Williams scandal, there are new questions about his story, and how the network handled... More »

George W. Bush: Mo’ Presidents in Your Family, Mo’ Problems

The Bush family has made it clear that even they have mixed feelings about political dynasties, and on Wednesday former President George W. Bush opened up to a crowd of 7,000 health IT experts about the issues he's created for his brother, saying the problem with Jeb's 2016 campaign is... More »

Report: New York Senate Leader Dean Skelos Is Under Federal Investigation

The arrest of New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on federal corruption charges earlier this year, and his subsequent resignation as speaker, sent shock waves through Albany – and apparently U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was just getting started. The New York Times reports that federal prosecutors are presenting evidence... More »

Don’t Worry If You See Minnesota’s Governor Painting Dots on Road Signs

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed an executive order that will turn the town of Lindstrom, self-described as "America's Little Sweden," into Lindström once again. Umlauts had evaporated from updated road signs in the town, owing to new federal rules concerning “Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices.” “Nonsensical rules like this are exactly why... More »

It’s 70 Degrees for the First Time in Six Months

We did it, you guys! For the first time since October, the temperature rose into the 70s today, with Central Park recording a 4 p.m. temperature of 71 and JFK checking in at 70. Spring is finally here, and it is wonderful.... More »

Harry Reid Calls GOP 2016 Hopefuls ‘Losers’

"I don't really care. I think they're all losers." So Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid dismissed the entire pool of 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls in two spare sentences. The Nevada senator was talking to CNBC in an interview that was characteristically Reidian. Besides calling Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker,... More »

Rogue Mailman Lands ‘Flying Bicycle’ on U.S. Capitol Lawn to Protest Citizens United

For more than two years, Florida man Doug Hughes has worked on a plan to land his small gyrocopter on the lawn at the U.S. Capitol in order to deliver letters to members of Congress. Today, he finally did it — and, miraculously, he wasn't shot out of the sky... More »

Obviously Terrified Harry Reid Refuses to Finger Mafia Assailants

In January, Harry Reid, sporting a bandaged eye, told reporters he had suffered an exercise mishap in his home. The cover story was obvious bunk. Conservative blogger John Hinderaker, reporting a rumor via his friend who had visited Las Vegas, which explained that Reid been been accosted by his jilted... More »

Dashcam Footage Shows Police Officer Ramming Into Armed Suspect on the Sidewalk

In February, the police department in Marana, Arizona, was trying to find the person who had allegedly robbed a 7-11, stole a car, broke into a church, and taken a gun and bullets from WalMart. At the time of the arrest in February, the Marana police justified the fact that... More »

Unscripted Hillary Clinton Still Feels Scripted

Most weeks, New York Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich speaks with contributor Alex Carp about the biggest stories in politics and culture. This week, the magazine asked him about various presidential announcements and whether Scientology will lose its tax-exempt status. With Sunday’s announcement video and her Iowa campaign tour, Hillary Clinton... More »

Tax Day Is the New Black Friday

It's Tax Day, and brands want to share your pain. And by share your pain, I mean sell you nachos. At the various Hard Rock Cafes, the deal is called "Sing for Your Supper," and it entails getting up onstage for some karaoke in exchange for a burger. It's an "enjoyable... More »

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