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Snooping Through Hillary Clinton’s Email: The Hackers, Hummus, and ‘Home Girls’ Edition

If it's the end of the month, it can only mean one thing: it's time to dig through Hillary Clinton's old State Department emails for evidence of gross misconduct and/or mundane tidbits about her personal life. In this month's 6,000-page trove, Clinton and company seem weirdly confident that the Chinese... More »

The Desnudas Can Stay in Times Square, But Commissioner Bratton Doesn’t Want to Visit

Times Square's costumed characters and topless women will likely be allowed to keep plying their craft, but the city will set new limits on when and where they can approach passersby for tips. With the panhandlers dominating the summer’s tabloid news coverage and drawing the ire of both Mayor Bill... More »

Richard Glossip Granted Stay of Execution, But Not Because He May Be Innocent

Earlier this week Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin refused to grant Richard Glossip a stay of execution to examine evidence that suggests Justin Sneed, who killed their boss Barry Van Treese in 1997, was lying about Glossip's involvement in the case. But just before Glossip was scheduled to be put to... More »

Congress Avoids Government Shutdown, For Now

The government shutdown drama came to an anticlimactic end on Wednesday when the House passed a temporary spending measure just hours before the midnight deadline. The vote was 257 to 151, with all Democrats and 91 Republicans approving the measure. Angry House Republicans did manage to make one pointless gesture:... More »

What Happened to That Meeting Between Donald Trump and Roger Ailes?

Donald Trump and Fox News chairman Roger Ailes have not sat down for the much-publicized fairness summit that is supposed to take place this week, according to two sources close to the principals. And as of now there are no active plans for a get-together. “It may not happen,” one Fox... More »

‘Serial’ the Podcast Will Now Become Serial the TV Show

Serial is set to become a TV series: The Lego Movie duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller are adapting Sarah Koenig's hit investigative podcast for Fox 21 Television Studios (so Fox's TV production company, not the network), with Koenig, Ira Glass, and their "This American Life" team serving as executive producers... More »

Twitter Will Reportedly Welcome Back Jack Dorsey As CEO

Apparently eager to return to the 16-hour days of managing two tech companies, Jack Dorsey will be named Twitter's permanent CEO tomorrow, according to Re/code. The move would mark the end of a stalemate on the company's board over whether company co-founder Dorsey was the right choice to replace Dick Costolo,... More »

Twitter Comedian Defends NSA-Leaker Edward Scissorhands on HLN

It isn't easy being a cable-news booker. There are so many talking heads in the Beltway! And sometimes their names get confused. But when you're looking for a prominent Twitter pundit to provide an earnest defense of NSA outlaw Edward Snowden, you probably shouldn't pick the guy whose handle is... More »

Bernie Sanders Becomes the First Candidate to Reach 1 Million Individual Donations

The campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said it received its millionth individual donation on Wednesday. He becomes the first presidential candidate from either party to reach that threshold in 2015. But with an average contribution of less than $25, he's still raised far less than Hillary Clinton.The campaign... More »

1 Dead, 13 Sick in the Most Recent Wave of Legionnaires’ Disease

A new spate of Legionnaires' cases has popped up in the Morris Park section of the Bronx, so far killing one person. A total of 13 people have been diagnosed with the disease — up from 7 Monday. Eleven people are still hospitalized, all of whom were sickened with the pneumonia-like... More »

Benghazi Committee Yet Again Proves Bonanza for Inane Partisan Bickering

Representative Kevin McCarthy, the odds-on favorite to be our next speaker of the House, credited the Select Committee on Benghazi for sinking Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers on Fox News last night. Did he suggest that the committee was created specifically for that purpose? That's one interpretation! In any case, Democrats... More »

Palestinian Authority President No Longer Wants to Recognize Agreements With Israel

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas said he intended to “drop a bombshell” in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Some thought the 80-year-old leader might resign; instead, it turned out his big surprise was saying that he no longer is interested in obeying the Oslo Accords, agreements meant to keep... More »

Woman Admits She Hid Her Mom’s Decomposing Corpse for a Year

Mary Kersting pleaded guilty to charges stemming from her decision to store her mother's decomposing body in her upstate New York apartment for a year in order to continue collecting Social Security and pension benefits — more than $14,000-worth. She will be sentenced on November 6 and faces six months... More »

Tropical Storm Joaquin Is Now Hurricane Joaquin

Remember yesterday when New York City was supposed to get seven days of rain, with maybe a tropical-storm denouement? Those were the good days. Overnight, Tropical Storm Joaquin got much bigger, windier, and intense and became the third hurricane of the season at around eight o'clock on Wednesday morning —... More »

Rand Paul and the Fizzling of America’s Libertarian Moment

Libertarians in America tend to be highly sensitized to the minute, daily intrusions of the nanny state, and in 2001 a Yale Ph.D. student named Jason Sorens proposed a solution. If a critical mass of libertarians would pledge to move to an underpopulated state and come to influence its politics, he... More »

Out-of-Control Weeds Aren’t Free Speech, Says Judge

Today in weird attempts to call upon the great and misunderstood power of the First Amendment as America's official Get Out of Jail Free card: A plaintiff sued Chicago over an ordinance allowing the city to fine anyone who lets very tall weeds take over their yard anywhere from $600... More »

Clayton Kershaw Pitches One-Hitter, Shows the Mets What They’re in for in NLDS

The N.L. East–champion Mets officially know their opponent: The Dodgers clinched the West division crown last night, and the teams will now spend the next five days angling for home-field advantage in the NLDS. Los Angeles’s clinch last night gave the Mets a look at what they’ll be up against... More »

Russia Reportedly Begins Air Strikes in Syria

After a few days of arguing with the West over what should be done in Syria, Russia decided to begin conducting air strikes in the war zone on Wednesday. The airstrikes, which took place near the western town of Homs, were approved unanimously by Russian Parliament. The United States and... More »

Is Oklahoma About to Execute an Innocent Man?

Just after Pope Francis called for an end to the death penalty in his address to Congress, six death-row inmates are set to be put to death over the next two weeks. It's the biggest burst of executions in the U.S. in more than two years, and there are many... More »

Kim Davis’s Attorneys Claim She Secretly Met Pope Francis

Pope Francis said nothing about Kim Davis during his trip to the United States, and did not seem familiar with the Kentucky county clerk when asked about her case on his way back to Rome, but on Tuesday her attorneys at the Liberty Counsel claimed they had a secret meeting... More »

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