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Why Is Hillary Clinton Suddenly Tied in the Polls With a Widely Reviled Demagogue?

Donald Trump is an electoral disaster — the most unpopular major-party nominee in the history of polling. The most hated by women, Hispanics, and “the blacks.” Heck, more than a third of Republicans can’t stand him. He broke the GOP in two, and it may never be whole again. There ... More »

Fresh Intelligence: Charleston Shooter to Face Death Penalty, While Ferguson City Attorney to Face the Music

Good morning and welcome to Fresh Intelligence, our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you'll be talking about today. In this edition, Dylann Roof will face the death penalty, Ferguson's Attorney General steps down, and something has Stephen King shaking in his boots. Here's the rundown for Wednesday, May ... More »

How Running for ‘Obama's Third Term’ Became a Political Asset for Hillary Clinton

Back in the days when the 2016 presidential campaign was still in formation, many Democrats feared Barack Obama would become an albatross for the Democratic nominee given poor presidential job approval numbers, scary-high "wrong track" sentiment, and natural fatigue with the incumbent's party.Here's how a preview of the approaching campaign ... More »

U.S. Seeks Death Penalty for Dylann Roof in Charleston Church Shootings

On Tuesday, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old man who shot and killed nine black churchgoers in a racially motivated attack in Charleston, South Carolina, last June. In a statement, Lynch said the decision was "compelled" by "the ... More »

New Mexico Trump Rally Turns Violent

An anti-Trump protest once again spiraled out of control Tuesday night, this time outside the presumptive Republican nominee's rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The protesters reportedly broke through police barricades and lit fires outside the event and threw "plastic bottles and other items" at police officers stationed there. Others waved Mexican ... More »

The Return of Paul Broun and Other Tales of Right-Wing Vengeance from Today's Georgia Primary

With the Republican nomination contest being essentially over (yes, there's a primary in Washington but it doesn't matter who wins or loses), and the Democratic battle taking a brief break (yes, Washington Democrats will vote, but it's only a non-binding "beauty contest" primary), it will be a quiet political Tuesday ... More »

Why Did Bernie Sanders Put an Obama-Hater on the Democratic Platform Committee?

The liberal case against Hillary Clinton rests in large part upon her associations — people she surrounds herself with and whose judgment she relies upon. She has caught an enormous amount of flak, some of it fair, for her ties to figures in the finance industry or advisers with morally questionable ... More »

Trump Campaign’s New Office Plan Will Keep Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski Away From Each Other

Now that he's locked up the Republican nomination, Donald Trump is racing to upgrade his campaign headquarters — including a new office arrangement that would functionally separate the two warring factions of his staff, insiders say. Next month, according to three campaign sources, newly appointed chairman Paul Manafort will be ... More »

For Bernie Sanders in California, Time Is Slipping Away

For weeks now, California's 475 pledged delegates have glimmered on the near horizon for Bernie Sanders's supporters like the Cheshire Cat's smile, faint some days and clear on others. In theory, an exceptionally strong performance in the Golden State could greatly shrink Hillary Clinton's pledged-delegate lead (271 at present, according ... More »

Survey Says: Majority of L Train Riders Would Rather Suffer Through Complete Shutdown Than Longer, Partial One

Those doomed souls who depend on the L train to access the many opportunities of Manhattan are coming around to a majority opinion on their collective connundrum: A full 77 percent of commuters on the line would rather see a complete, 18-month shutdown versus a three-year, partial shutdown with limited ... More »

Donald Trump’s Steadfast Commitment to Climate-Change Denial Just Got a Bit More Baffling

Noam Chomsky, the celebrated linguist and left-wing political theorist, was recently asked to contemplate the consequences of a Trump presidency.“Well, first we have to ask if he means what he’s saying,” the elderly intellectual replied. “If he does … the human species is in very deep trouble.” Chomsky paused, and ... More »

Creating ‘Medicare for All’ Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

Among Republicans, every discussion of health policy in this presidential-election year has begun with the assumption that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster that must immediately repealed and replaced by some "market-oriented" system that turns back the clock to 2009 or perhaps to an even-much-earlier era when people paid ... More »

Fresh Intelligence: Freddie Gray Cop Won't Go to Jail, and Hilary Clinton Won't Go on Fox

Good morning and welcome to Fresh Intelligence, our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you'll be talking about today. In this edition, the policeman in Freddie Gray's arrest is acquitted, Hillary Clinton backpedals, and Bernie gets a say. Here's the rundown for Tuesday, May 24.WEATHERIt won’t be a very ... More »

Democrats Cave, Will Give Sanders a Say in Party Platform

Bernie Sanders is not going down without a fight, no matter how ill-advised that fight may be. Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is about 90 delegates shy of clinching the Democratic nomination, Sanders said in a statement on Monday that she “may want to be not quite so presumptuous ... More »

North Korea on Donald Trump Meeting: Thanks But No Thanks

The Kremlin isn't the only authoritarian leader Donald Trump admires — he's also a self-proclaimed fan of North Korea's Kim Jong-un. During a rally in Iowa back in January, Trump praised North Korea's Supreme Leader as "incredible." "He goes in, he takes over, he's the boss," Trump said. "It's pretty ... More »

Good News for Public Urinators and Litterers: New York City Council Is Voting on a Bill That Will Reform How Cops Deal With Low-Level Offenses

Peeing in public or tossing your soda can on the street may no longer be a criminal offense in New York City. The City Council is set to vote on a bunch of new bills on Wednesday that will reduce penalties for some low-level offenses, including public urination and drinking. ... More »

Handy Thieves Cut a Hole in the Roof of a Queens Bank, Rob It

A few crafty thieves in Queens spent at least part of their weekend executing a fairly creative bank heist. The robbers cut a hole in the roof of the Maspeth Federal Savings Bank, where they dropped into the vault and stole the contents of about three dozen safe-deposit boxes. They ... More »

Asian-Americans Like Clinton, Don’t Like Trump

One of the more surprising exit-poll findings of the 2012 presidential election was that Asian-Americans voted for Barack Obama in higher percentages (73-26) than did Latinos (71-27), despite having (on average) much higher socioeconomic status and less of a pro-Democratic partisan tradition. And that's why a 2014 exit poll finding ... More »

Donald Trump Releases 15-Second Horror Movie Starring Bill Clinton As a Rapist

Donald Trump may live in a (very classy) glass house, but that won't stop him from throwing stones. On Monday, the grotesquely misogynistic Republican nominee released an Instagram ad titled, "Is Hillary really protecting women?" The 15-second spot layers clips of women tearfully accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assault over ... More »

Conservatives Aren’t Sure Trump Is Qualified to Be President — But They’re Still Planning to Vote for Him

Of all the potential problems Donald Trump faces in a general-election campaign against Hillary Clinton (and there are many), one that seems to be fading very rapidly is the threat of defections by conservative Republican voters incensed by the mogul's deviations from conservative orthodoxy. Yes, opinion-leaders like Erick Erickson, Tony ... More »

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