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Britain Forecasted to Leave the European Union

The United Kingdom's vote on whether or not to leave the European Union took an unexpected turn Thursday night, with polls showing the "leave" side at an advantage. Analysts had predicted the "remain" side would rule out — indeed, British Prime Minister David Cameron would hardly have allowed the vote ... More »

In New York Speech, Sanders Eyes Democratic Party Reform

As Bernie Sanders continues to remind us, he's still in the running for the Democratic nomination. And although he admitted on Wednesday that it "doesn't appear" he's going to be the nominee, he's refusing to fade quietly into the background. He said as much during a speech to supporters in ... More »

Trump Fans Really Want a Less-Diverse America

There's an ongoing debate in the chattering classes about the deepest motives of those who support Donald Trump for president. One theory is that it's cultural change — epitomized by immigration and the spread of non-Christian religious views — that makes these folks tick. Another is that it's a product ... More »

Tim Kaine and the Evolution of Pro-Choice Politics

The Great Mentioner of the collective news media is beginning to dwell on Hillary Clinton's options for a running mate. And a name we are all hearing more and more is that of Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia. Indeed, Politico is now placing him at the top of Clinton's list, ... More »

Donald Rumsfeld Will Vote for Trump Because He's a ‘Known Unknown’

In the weeks since Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination, Republicans have offered a variety of rationalizations for why a xenophobic demagogue with little policy knowledge and zero governing experience should be the U.S. president. Some have emphasized the mogul's alleged pragmatic streak. Others have insisted that our system of ... More »

Trump’s Former Campaign Manager to Become CNN Commentator

Dry your eyes, America — Corey Lewandowski is going to be okay! Donald Trump’s (former) campaign manager was fired Monday for his part in fueling a five-alarm dumpster fire. Then, immediately after security escorted him out of Trump Tower, Lewandowski made a beeline for CNN’s midtown studio. This turns out to ... More »

Baltimore Cop Charged for Giving Freddie Gray a ‘Rough Ride’ Is Acquitted

The third trial in the case of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old Baltimore man who died in police custody in April 2015, ended Thursday in an acquittal. Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson Jr., who opted for a bench trial, was cleared of second-degree murder, three counts of manslaughter, and three other lesser charges, ... More »

Deadlocked SCOTUS Keeps Obama Immigration Initiative Frozen

It's one of those developments that drive non-lawyers justifiably crazy. A federal policy potentially affecting millions of undocumented immigrants and of interest to many millions more Americans is being left in limbo by a Supreme Court nondecision (with no explanation, either) over a procedural action by an obscure Texas judge. That's ... More »

Affirmative Action in College Admissions Survives SCOTUS Again

The much-traveled case wherein Abigail Fisher (who subsequently graduated from LSU four years ago) sued to end consideration of race in admissions decisions by the University of Texas returned to the Supreme Court for a second time this term. In Fisher I, the Court (in an opinion written by Justice ... More »

California Democrats Call for an End to Both Caucuses and Superdelegates

One of the main objectives left for the Bernie Sanders campaign is to promote certain reforms in the presidential nominating process, especially an end to the use of unelected and unpledged superdelegates, and a ban on closed primaries that exclude independents. It's been widely observed, however, that this "reform" agenda is ... More »

Can Jill Stein’s Greens Make It a 4-Candidate Race?

Thanks to the extreme unhappiness of Republican elites and many GOP voters with Donald Trump, most of the third-party speculation this year has been around the possibility of a "movement conservative" independent candidate. As that scenario has slowly faded, the Libertarians went the extra mile to make their ticket attractive ... More »

America Doesn’t Want a Real-Estate-Mogul-in-Chief

The Republican nominee often begins his speeches by emphasizing how much he enjoys not being the president. On Wednesday, Donald Trump opened his remarks on the stakes of November’s election with a paean to the joys of working in a family business. “I have built an amazing business that I ... More »

New York Times Finally Stops Repeating Trump Steaks Lie

On March 3, Mitt Romney denounced Donald Trump in a speech that, among other topics, mocked the failure of numerous Trump-branding ventures: “Whatever happened to Trump Airlines? How about Trump University? And then there’s Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks and Trump Mortgage. A business genius he is ... More »

Fresh Intelligence: Today Is a Great Day to Be a D.C.-Area Sleeping Bag Vendor, But a Bad Day for Marco Rubio’s Future Happiness

Good morning and welcome to Fresh Intelligence, our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you'll be talking about today. In this edition, Democratic lawmakers refuse to budge, Bernie Sanders acknowledges reality, and Bed Bath & Beyond falls on hard times. Here's the rundown for Thursday, June 23.WEATHER Extreme thunderstorms ... More »

Congresswoman Makes Personal Plea for Gun Control: ‘I Know What It’s Like to Have a Gun Pointed at You’

On Wednesday morning, Democratic lawmakers launched a sit-in to force a vote on gun-control measures, and as of early Thursday morning they show no signs of going home — Elizabeth Warren even made a Dunkin' Donuts delivery. Throughout the sit-in, lawmakers have come up to the podium one by one ... More »

Chaos Erupts as Paul Ryan Tries to Take Back House Floor During Gun Control Sit-in

A sit-in staged by Democrats that began Wednesday morning turned chaotic as the night progressed, with lawmakers chanting over Paul Ryan and breaking into song as he attempted to resume House business, and one Representative — Louie Gohmert of Texas — engaging in a shouting match with Democrats holding the ... More »

Thanks to Brexit, Journalist-Turned-Mayor Boris Johnson Could Be the UK’s Next Prime Minister

One of the few things I find duller than the sport of soccer is the question of whether the United Kingdom will vote tomorrow to leave the European Union: the so-called Brexit. If it leaves, will Britain negotiate a way to maintain access to the Common Market, like Norway, while ... More »

The (American) Idiot’s Guide to Brexit

Brexit. It sounds like an unappetizing breakfast cereal. But you know it has something to do with Britain and the European Union. Immigrants are involved. Someone was assassinated. The words “market volatility” come to mind. Still, you’ve been too busy gawking at the lurid carnival of American democracy to pay ... More »

Trio Arrested at Holland Tunnel Entrance With Weapons Cache Claim They Were Trying to Save a 16-Year-Old From a Brooklyn Drug Den

The three people arrested in New Jersey at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel Tuesday with a huge hoard of weapons and ammo have told police that they were on a mission to rescue a teenage girl trapped in a Brooklyn drug den. The trio, from Pennsylvania, were apparently pulled ... More »

Christian Soldiers Not Mobilizing for Trump

The fact that Donald Trump is the putative nominee of the political party the Christian right has sworn fealty to helps explain why upward of a thousand self-designated leaders of The Cause showed up Tuesday in New York for a close encounter with the wiggy mogul. Their curiosity about this ... More »

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