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Here Are the Names of the Four Marines Killed in Chattanooga

The names of the four Marines killed in the shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Thursday have been identified. Here is what we know about each of them. Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan Thomas Sullivan was the oldest person killed in the Thursday shooting at two military facilities in Tennessee. He was... More »

Man Survives Fall Onto Times Square Subway Tracks

Commuters at Times Square witnessed a terrifying scene Friday morning: A 27-year-old man apparently fainted and fell onto the subway tracks as a downtown N train pulled into the station. The train didn't stop in time and ran right over the man — but apparently avoided hitting him, as he... More »

President Obama Will Have His Final Jon Stewart Interview on Tuesday

Continuing his summer tradition of indulging his favorite '90s comedians, Barack Obama will visit The Daily Show on Tuesday for his final interview with Jon Stewart. This will be Obama's seventh appearance on the show and his third as president; his most recent visit occurred during the 2012 campaign. In... More »

Michael Grimm Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison

Former representative Michael Grimm was sentenced to eight months in prison on Friday, after pleading guilty to a federal tax-evasion charge late last year.  Grimm resigned from his seat shortly after winning reelection in 2014. Dan Donovan, the district attorney in charge of the Eric Garner investigation, now represents the district.... More »

Teen Arrested After Allegedly Stealing $30 From Lemonade Stand

Two 13-year-olds in California were selling lemonade on Wednesday at $1 a glass. A man walked by and said he dropped his dollar on his run, and they gave him a free cup. He walked away, and then sprinted back, toppled over the stand, and grabbed the turquoise box containing their... More »

Road to White House Paved on Path of Smoothies, Mattress Stores, and Outside Spending

2016 presidential candidates have finally revealed how many people are giving them money so far — and where they've decided to spend it. As you might have expected, Hillary Clinton is in the lead, Senator Bernie Sanders has raised more small donations than anyone else (and Jeb Bush raised hardly... More »

Gawker Slammed for Story Outing Condé Nast Exec

Last night, Gawker published a story about a Condé Nast executive (who's married to a woman) allegedly arranging to meet up with a gay escort while on a trip to Chicago. When the escort found out who his client was, he attempted to blackmail him into helping with a housing-discrimination... More »

Terrible Human Drivers Can’t Stop Running Into Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Google announced on Thursday that when it comes to cars, the only thing to fear are those who steer themselves. On July 1, someone rear-ended one of the tech company's self-driving cars. For the eleventh time. It marked the first time an injury was reported after an accident; those in... More »

What Is Bringing Together Republicans and Teachers Unions

In 2010, Diane Ravitch, an activist for the most militantly anti-reform wing of the teachers-union movement, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed proposing that Republicans use their newfound control of the House of Representatives to roll back the Obama administration’s education reforms. Since then, the union backlash against the Obama... More »

What We Know About Chattanooga Gunman Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez

On Thursday in Chattanooga, Tennessee four Marines were killed and three others were injured when a gunman opened fire on a military recruiting center and a nearby Navy reserve center. The gunman, 24-year-old Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, was killed at the scene, either by law enforcement or by his own hand.... More »

During Prison Tour, Obama Says He Could Have Wound Up There

As part of his weeklong effort to highlight criminal justice reform, President Obama toured the medium-security El Reno Federal Correctional Institution near Oklahoma City on Thursday, making him the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. After spending 45 minutes talking with six nonviolent drug offenders, the president walked... More »

Colorado Theater Shooter Found Guilty of Murder

A jury convicted James Holmes on first-degree murder charges for the 2012 theater shooting that took place during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado. The verdict means that the 27-year-old is eligible for the death penalty. It took the jurors  — nine women and three men... More »

Clinton Campaign Finally Letting People See Its Boring Brooklyn Office

Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Brooklyn — where the candidate doesn't even keep an office (she prefers midtown) — is finally open to visitors after being considered an off-the-record space for three months. Politico stopped by for a look today. After swearing never to reveal any "Confidential Information" that could... More »

Angela Merkel Tells Sobbing Refugee That Germany Can’t Help Everyone

Things got awkward when Angela Merkel met with a group of teens in a school gym yesterday. During a Q&A session with the German chancellor, a young Palestinian refugee named Reem shared with Merkel her concerns that her family, which immigrated to Germany from a Lebanese refugee camp four years... More »

The Most Romantic Moments of the Iran-Deal Negotiations

No one knew whether this would work. They fought all the time. They never agreed. Their friends hated the idea of their relationship. Their families got along worse than the Montagues and Capulets.  Despite all that, the U.S. and Iran managed to build something lasting — a nuclear agreement that... More »

John McCain Mocks Marco Rubio for Pulling a McCain on Immigration

Ryan Lizza talked to John McCain, who, unsurprisingly, hates Donald Trump and likes Lindsey Graham. Somewhat less surprisingly, he mocks Marco Rubio. McCain was among the Republicans who supported the Rubio-led comprehensive immigration-reform plan. “Rubio backed away from it,” McCain notes, pouring on the mockery: McCain licked his finger, held... More »

Active Shooter Situation in Tennessee Over; at Least One Person Shot

A shooting situation in Chattanooga, Tennessee, around 11 a.m. on Tuesday had reportedly ended shortly after 1 p.m. The shooter has been neutralized and is reportedly dead. At least one person was injured — a police officer — and is in stable condition at a nearby hospital. The FBI and Bureau of... More »

German Finance Minister to Greece: Maybe You Should Just Leave

Not long after the Greek parliament approved an austerity-happy bailout package that would allow the struggling country to stay in the eurozone, if under a mountain of debt, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble wondered if it were time for Greece and the currency to go on a break. Maybe Greece would be... More »

Iran-Deal Opponents Don’t Know What It Does, Don’t Care

The best argument for the agreement with Iran is that there is no realistically better alternative. The United States has only managed to hold together international support for sanctions based on the promise that they’d be used to leverage a deal with Iran. Without a deal, the sanctions would disintegrate,... More »

Video: The Texas Traffic Stop That Ended With a Woman’s Death in Jail

Last Friday, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was arrested during a traffic stop after allegedly assaulting a police officer. On Monday morning, hours before she was scheduled to be released on $5,000 bail, Bland was found dead.  The Waller County Sheriff's Office deemed the death suicide, a "tragic accident" "from what appears to... More »

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