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Cinematiq glasses are made out of strips from vintage films

Love movies? Now you have the opportunity to carry real movie scenes wherever you go with eyeglasses that feature pieces of actual strips from vintage 16 and 35mm films. The Cinematiq Eyewear team used film from old movie theaters, TV...Show More Summary

Researchers charge phone from across the room using freakin' laser beams

Let's face it, the way we charge our phones hasn't evolved much over the years. You plug your phone in, or place it on a precise place on a wireless charging pad, and then you wait. But the genius researchers over at the University of Washington have developed a way to charge your phone from across the room using freakin' laser beams![...]

BP's chief economist predicts plastic bans will slash oil demand

Oil giant BP has predicted that increased regulation on plastic pollution around the world will result in decreased demand for petroleum, the key ingredient in most plastic. “We think we’re going to see increasing regulation againstShow More Summary

Scientists develop the first solar fuels reactor that works at night

Researchers have developed the world's first solar fuels reactor that is able to function at night. Called CONTISOL, the solar fuels reactor is capable of producing fuel such as hydrogen without the intensive greenhouse gas emissions caused by creating the fuel from burning natural gas. Show More Summary

Elon Musk's brother Kimbal is giving away his personal Tesla Model 3

Kimbal Musk, Tesla CEO Elon Musk's brother, is giving away his Tesla Model 3 — the sixth one ever made. Why would he do that? According to Electrek, it's for a good cause: to benefit his nonprofit, Big Green, which provides Learning Gardens for underserved schools. Hit the jump to find out how you could win.[...]

Here's how to turn your kitchen scraps into clean energy

Each year, 1.3 billion tons of food ends up lost or wasted — 46 percent of the world’s garbage. While the global food waste situation is what you’d call a “doozy,” consumers and companies like HomeBiogas are determined to turn food waste into clean, usable energy. Read on to find out how.[...]

What the 'world's loneliest tree' tells us about humanity's impact on Earth

Over 170 miles away from a single other tree, the 'world's loneliest tree' rests on Campbell Island. New Zealand governor Lord Ranfurly planted the Sitka spruce on the island around 400 miles south of the country sometime in the early 20th century, and researchers now believe it holds clues about the Anthropocene Epoch. Show More Summary

This idyllic 15-acre farmhouse is the worlds second Living Building residence

A picturesque 15-acre farmhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan was just officially crowned the world's second "Living Building" residence by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). The owners of Burh Becc at Beacon Springs, Tom and...Show More Summary

World's first floating wind farm performing better than anticipated

The 30 megawatt Hywind Scotland floating wind farm started operating last fall, and Statoil recently said the farm, a world first, "performed better than expected in its first three full months in production." The floating farm, a Statoil...Show More Summary

Green-roofed holiday home is fashioned from three shipping containers

Led by a desire to reduce landscape impact, Melbourne-based Studio Edwards turned to cargotecture for a sustainably minded getaway on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. Raised atop stilts on a steep slope, House 28 was fashioned from a trio of 20-foot shipping containers sourced from nearby Port Melbourne. Show More Summary

Ephemeral timber pavilion doubles as sculpture and film venue in Portugal

This elegant ephemeral pavilion does double duty as a film venue and sculpture that complements the garden grounds of Portugal’s Serralves Museum. Porto-based Diogo Aguiar Studio designed the architectural object, which is made up of curved timber partitions that come together to form two concentric spaces: the main film viewing area and the interstitial space.[...]

Translucent 'hugging' towers could help clean Hong Kong's air pollution

Architect Suraksha Acharya from Midori Architects has proposed a pair of ultra-green translucent towers for the Hong Kong skyline. The futuristic Aero Hive skyscrapers are clad in an organic facade interspersed with greenery that leads up to the towers' expansive open-air rooftop gardens. Show More Summary

Multiple dog foods recalled due to contamination with euthanasia drug

If you feed your doggo and puppers foods made by the J.M. Smucker company (and the list is long), you are definitely going to want to read this. The company has recalled several brands of food because they are contaminated with a drug used to euthanize pets. Show More Summary

How farming with rocks could improve global food security

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have learned that farming with crushed silicate rocks mixed into the soil could improve global food security, increase crop yields, promote soil health, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "Human...Show More Summary

Hedgehog highways make London friendlier for the adorable spiny mammals

Urban areas don't tend to be too kind for hedgehogs. As they're declining in Britain, some people are trying to help. Enter Michel Birkenwald, a jeweler Atlas Obscura described as "one of London's most enthusiastic engineers of infrastructure for animals." Birkenwald builds hedgehog highways — and they're pretty darn adorable.[...]

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski wants her party to talk about climate change

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), the senior senator from her state and the chairwoman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, wants her party to start talking about climate change. During an address to the National Association...Show More Summary

Angular Casa Casi Cubo in Chile plays with light, wind and shadow

Casa Casi Cubo in Chile uses geometry and patterns to provide shelter from the strong local winds — letting in tons of light. LAND Arquitectos designed the house as a pavilion-like structure that plays around with different shapes to create a balance between protection from the elements and exposing its occupants to expansive views of the sea.[...]

New paper-based batteries can be discarded with zero ecological impact

Forget lithium - this Barcelona-based company is creating batteries with paper. Fuelium is developing paper-based batteries designed for disposable diagnostic devices, OZY reported. Unlike regular batteries, Fuelim batteries don't create toxic waste that requires complicated recycling processes. What's not to love?[...]

Efficient Superlofts adapt to homeowners needs over the course of a lifetime

Marc Koehler Architects has created a series of lofts that put the design decision-making process in residents' hands. Their Superloft design is comprised of a flexible and efficient structural system that adapts to residents' changing needs over a lifetime. Show More Summary

Heavenly Organics uses honey to foster peace in conflict zones across India

Amit Hooda hopes to eliminate conflict with sustainable honey harvesting. He started Heavenly Organics, a company selling honey with the goal of providing ethical jobs, to foster peace. The company supports almost 600 family farmers in conflict zones across India, selling raw, organic honey they describe as the "cleanest sourced honey you can find."[...]

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