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'What You Do for a Living Doesn’t Define You!'

Reader Lisa elaborates on that point in bracing detail following her story of financial struggle and triumph: My wake-up moment? When my husband passed away unexpectedly. I was 41 with an 11-year-old to raise and no family within 450 miles. Show More Summary

The Two Contradictory Ideas Many Americans Have About the Economy

How do people reconcile a belief in individual autonomy with nationwide wage stagnation?

Another ‘Brexit’ Warning

This one’s from the OECD, which says Britain’s departure from the EU would cost U.K. taxpayers thousands of pounds per year.

A Natural Born Fiscal Conservative

Another anonymous reader uses the Notes space to tell her story of financial struggle—and perseverance: I was born with a very rare genetic disorder. I received a brand-new lifesaving treatment just in time, long before it was FDA approved. Show More Summary

'With Enough Money Saved, You Can Tell Them All to Piss Off'

Or other variations: That tip comes from Atlantic reader and fiscal conservative Lori Miller, who offers a lot more advice in this email: I read Neal Gabler’s article on the disturbing fact that so few American had even $400 cash to spare. Show More Summary

How Segregation Has Persisted in Little Rock

Nearly 60 years after the integration of Central High, the city’s schools are still divided by race.

Discovering Your Family's Been on Food Stamps

Hugh Kretschmer / The Atlantic A young reader describes how secretive and unreliable her father has been when it comes to finances: I’m only 23 and have yet to experience any financial disasters, but I wanted to share the child’s point of view on what’s described in Neal Gabler’s article. Show More Summary

Selling Sex to Avoid a Financial Crisis

That’s what this reader did, in part, and she’s not ashamed of it: I didn’t realize how lucky I am until I read Neal Gabler’s article, “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans,” about the financial insecurity that apparently plagues most of them. Show More Summary

My Fargo

A writer reflects on her experience growing up as one of the very few Asian Americans in her hometown in North Dakota.

'Credit Is a Double-Edged Sword'

When it comes to middle-class financial woes, Mehrsa Baradaran, a law professor and author of How the Other Half Banks, notes the shifts in how lenders and borrowers look at credit: Marquette [the Supreme Court decision Neal Gabler discusses] marked a pivotal cultural shift. Show More Summary

Quitting Birth Control to Save Money

That’s the risky decision this reader made: I’m in my late twenties. Growing up, I was much wealthier than most of my peers—both of my parents made about $100,000. They covered my out-of-state college tuition, let me stay at home while...Show More Summary

Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy

It’s a paradox: Shouldn’t the most accomplished be well equipped to make choices that maximize life satisfaction?

'Our Middle-Class Shame Thanks to Enron'

That’s how this reader begins her personal indictment of the infamous energy company: Neal Gabler’s article will stick with me for a long time. I know the feeling of being down to your last $5 while carrying a full load of middle-class...Show More Summary

How Can the U.S. End Homelessness?

Giving people access to support services and a place to stay can reduce the number of those living on the streets. But can that be done affordably?

The Changing Nature of Work

Kristin Seefeldt, an assistant professor of social work at the University of Michigan, expands on our discussion over Neal Gabler’s piece on the shrinking of middle-class wealth: The financial insecurity experienced by so many Americans...Show More Summary

Pension Plans Are Gone for Good

Earlier in the week Damon Jones responded to our May cover story with a discussion of retirement plans. Today, John Beshears, a professor of behavioral economics at Harvard, adds to that theme with an anecdote about his mother:   My mom retired as a high-school teacher in the San Francisco public-school system about two years ago. Show More Summary

More Media Consolidation?

Gannett, which publishes USA Today, is offering about $815 million for Tribune Publishing, which owns the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

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