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Trump Is Turning American Companies Into Reality-Show Contestants

What happens when the satisfaction of the president becomes an important business consideration?

Why Employers Are Rolling Back Raises

Many companies boosted worker pay in order to comply with President Obama’s overtime rule. Now, that rule may never get implemented.

Obama’s Final Jobs Report Marks 75 Consecutive Months of Growth

Over two million jobs were created in 2016, but economists believe there’s still room for improvement in 2017.

Mnuchin's Bank Was Reprimanded by the Same Department He May Lead

Documents show that state prosecutors and Treasury Department regulators believed Steve Mnuchin's bank was mishandling foreclosures at the height of the financial crisis.

Why Bosses Can Track Their Employees 24/7

In many states, employers aren’t barred from monitoring workers’ locations after hours or without their consent.

Women Know When Negotiating Isn't Worth It

Telling women to “always negotiate” might be bad advice, a new paper suggests.

Prosperity, Not Upward Mobility, Is What Matters

There’s too much focus on whether Americans can move up the economic ladder, and not enough on the basic question of their quality of life.

Two Major Credit Reporting Agencies Have Been Lying to Consumers

A CFPB investigation concluded that Transunion and Equifax deceived Americans about the reports they provided and the fees they charged.

Trump Picks Jay Clayton to Head the SEC

The President-elect has confirmed his intent to nominate the top Wall Street lawyer for the position.

Hedge-Fund Managers With Flashy Sports Cars Make Worse Investors

Traders who own minivans, a recent study suggests, are more financially prudent.

Donald Trump's Interests vs. America's, Dubai Edition

At a New Year’s Eve party at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Miami, the president-elect praised an Emirati business partner in front of more than 800 paid guests.

The Original Sharing Economy

For most of human history, there was no such thing as private property.

The Friendship That Created Behavioral Economics

A conversation with Michael Lewis about his new book on the research of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky

How to Get America's Businesses to Invest in the Long Run

U.S. companies are hyper-focused on quarterly earnings. What can be done to push them to think more about the years and decades ahead?

Embracing an Ordinary Economy

In his new book, economist and historian Marc Levinson explains why no one should expect a return to the growth of the post-war boom years.

2016: A Year Defined by America’s Diverging Economies

Just as income inequality has become a fixture in many Americans’ understanding of the country, so too must accelerating regional divides.

What RVs Say About the American Economy

Sales of mobile homes are a good data point for inferring the mood of consumers.

The Three-Word Question That's Changing What Charities Do With Their Resources

Humanitarian groups are reevaluating their work in light of how easy (and efficient) it is to just give cash to those who need help.

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