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A Checklist for Mitt Romney to Consider Before Signing On as Trump’s Secretary of State

Stephen Sestanovich: No job interview is going to settle every detail of administration policy, but some issues should be aired in advance, so the secretary-designate knows the president-elect’s mind.

Reince Priebus: No ‘Wrongdoing’ or ‘Undue Influence’ in Donald Trump’s White House

President-elect Donald Trump's incoming White House chief of staff said Sunday the new administration will be careful to avoid any wrongdoing related to Mr. Trump's extensive private business interests.

Donald Trump Turns to Twitter to Demand ‘Hamilton’ Apology

A central part of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign was his use of social media to weigh in on issues surrounding him – large and small – and he did it again on Saturday morning.

Mike Pence Is Shaping Up as Arbiter of Space Policy Disputes

President-elect ’s transition team isn’t scheduled to focus on NASA or broader space-policy issues for a week or perhaps longer, but that hasn’t stopped various factions inside and outside the agency from lining up behind opposing strategies. As debate heats up over whether sending manned missions to the moon or Mars should be the primary […]

How to Talk to Donald Trump About Valuing U.S. Allies

Stephen Sestanovich: You can play rough with friends or with adversaries, but not with both.

Elizabeth Warren Jabs Mitt Romney, Tells Audience ‘Time for Crying Is Over’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren continued raising concerns about President-elect Donald Trump's transition moves, criticizing 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his plans to meet with Mr. Trump.

Schumer Promises Close Vetting of Sessions, Wants Explanation From Flynn

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer vowed a thorough vetting of Jeff Sessions as a possible attorney general and calling statements made by the Trump's pick for a top national security post "very, very troubling."

On Social Media, Michael Flynn Criticized Clinton, Muslim Immigration

A review of the tweets from retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn show a freewheeling use of social media that included sharp criticism of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and support for stopping Muslim immigration, while sometimes sharing unproven conspiracy theories.

Chris Van Hollen to Run Senate Democrats’ Campaign Arm

Senator-elect Chris Van Hollen of Maryland has been selected to direct the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm for the 2018 cycle.

Steve Bannon Says He Is ‘Economic Nationalist’ not ‘White Nationalist’

Trump adviser Steve Bannon said he is an “economic nationalist,” rejecting characterizations that he is a “white nationalist” who should be barred from a government post.

Ted Cruz Issues Judicial Rallying Cry at Conservative Legal Gathering

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) told a gathering of conservative lawyers Friday that with Donald Trump’s election, they would soon take the reins of government—and bear responsibility if Republican control in Washington left supporters disappointed.

Manufacturer of ‘Make Donald Drumpf Again’ Parody Hats Files for Bankruptcy

The factory that made campaign hats for many of this year’s presidential candidates — and got a boost in orders for its “Make Donald Drumpf Again” parody hats — has filed for bankruptcy protection. Officials at Unionwear got special permission from a federal judge on Thursday to spend restricted cash on payroll for its 151 […]

3 Criteria for Sizing Up Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Nominee

Aaron David Miller: The nation's top diplomat needs to be an actor, teacher, tactician, confidant--and able to intimidate. Most of these qualities are natural and instinctive, rather than learned.

Reporter’s Notebook: 12 Hours Inside Trump Tower’s Lobby

A revolving door of important people have been meeting with President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team at Trump Tower this week. WSJ's Damian Paletta writes about a day spent reporting in the skyscraper's lobby.

Capital Journal Daybreak: Trump Transition, More

HERE’S A LOOK AT THE DAY AHEAD OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: President Barack Obama attends a meeting with European leaders in Berlin, and then travels to Peru for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings. Secretary of State John Kerry also attends the APEC meetings. The White House hosts a summit on “Clean Energy Savings for All Americans,” beginning […]

How Hillary Clinton Won the Popular Vote but Still Lost the Election

Hillary Clinton leads in the popular vote by as much as 1.3 million votes, in one tally. Here's a look at how she managed to beat Donald Trump by that much while still losing the Electoral College.

Romney, Haley, Cruz? Donald Trump Makes Friends With Onetime Foes

Abraham Lincoln had his team of rivals. Incoming President Donald Trump may be considering a team of once-mortal enemies.

From Overseas, President Obama Broadcasts Advice to President-Elect Trump

President-elect Donald Trump is receiving a range of advice from President Barack Obama while he primes world leaders for January’s transition in the White House.

Democrats Seek Answers on Potential Conflicts in Incoming Trump Administration

Democrats are taking aim at potential conflicts of interest in President-elect Donald Trump's emerging administration, focusing on the role Mr. Trump's son-in-law could play in government and introducing legislation that would force the incoming president to distance himself from his business interests.

Tim Kaine: ‘Nope,’ He Won’t Run For President in 2020

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, the vice presidential nominee on Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential ticket, said he does not intend to run for president in 2020.

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