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Against Hoppy Beer

As a beer writer, I often find myself preaching the word about craft beer to people who don’t want to hear it. There are a lot of Bud Light fans and people who’d rather sip a zinfandel, even in the craft beer capital of the world, Portland, Ore., where I live. Show More Summary

Martini Madness

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and designate a driver, for here I give you Slate’s Official Martini Madness Bracket. Behold its pimento-stuffed logo. Admire its roster of potent potables. Click on the names of the drinks to read the full recipes. Show More Summary

Martini Madness: Brackets

Follow along with Slate's Martini Madness tournament with the brackets chart below. Click a recipe name to see the full recipe.

Martini Madness

What Aristotle said of Greek tragedy in the Poetics is also true of the Martini. “Having passed through many changes, it found its natural form; and there it stopped.” …. I am not arguing that there is a natural recipe for the Martini, a natural proportion of gin to vermouth. Show More Summary

Martini Madness

The other day, while relaxing over a couple after-work drinks, it occurred to us at the Slate Drink department that it had been 15 years since we last considered the largest topic in the cocktail world. Fareed Zakaria was on the mic,...Show More Summary

Putting the White Dog to Sleep

Most serious whiskey fans seem content to let the white whiskey fad of recent years slip into oblivion alongside Crystal Pepsi and New York Seltzer. The term white whiskey is basically a marketing name for what distillers call white dog, referring to grain-based spirits that haven’t been aged in wood to improve their flavor. Show More Summary

Girl Drinks

Girl drinks, also known as chick drinks and girlie drinks, exist primarily to serve and to overserve persons eager to know the fun of catching a buzz while staying ignorant of the bliss of tasting liquor. This article represents an independent-study...Show More Summary

Royally Brewed

Those inclined to roll their eyes at beer snobbery have plenty of reasons to do so these days. There are black tie awards balls and beer sommeliers called Cicerones (only six of whom have achieved the title of “Master” after grueling, multiday exams). Show More Summary

The Best Worst Brews

By popular demand, our topic today is beer, cheap beer, beer cheaper than a relatively solvent individual generally sucks back. “Try all of the cheapest beers,” a thirsty mind demanded. “Compare and rank them.” Some of you may be wondering,...Show More Summary

Brewing the Best

Every February, the superlimited release of Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Younger sends beer lovers swarming to bars like ants to crusts of bread. All of this hubbub because the beer currently holds the No. 1 ranking at the user-driven review site, making it the unofficial “best beer in the world.”

Should You Let Your Kids Try Wine?

When my son James was 10 months old, he was baptized into my religion. The ceremony took place in Bordeaux, and I performed it myself, rubbing a small amount of 2000 Château Pétrus on his gums. Yes, the kid started well. Since the age of 4, he has been allowed to dip his finger into my glass pretty much whenever he wants. Show More Summary

Grab Me a Warm One

The worst sip of beer I’ve tasted recently was of Brooklyn Brewery’s Pennant Ale ’55. This will surprise anyone who knows my taste in beer. I’ve lived down the street from Brooklyn Brewery for a decade and am a longtime fan of their beers. Show More Summary

Beyond Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest began on Saturday, Sept. 17, which means tourist hordes have begun staggering through Munich hoisting 9-euro beers to wash down pretzels the size of infants, weisswurst, and a menagerie of roasted meats. They'll be served by locals diligently playing along in dirndls and lederhosen. Show More Summary

That's Amari

In the middle of the summer of her 40 th year, Sophie Bitterson went very slightly mad, contentedly so. Retrospectively, reviewing her intense fling with a peculiar class of liquors, she counted herself a housewife corrupted by reading fiction.


Pisco, a clear grape brandy from the stills of South America, is the fastest-growing liquor in the booze biz, and I'll bet you a round of dry Capitáns that cocktail historians will record this as the season of its breakthrough among norteamericanos. Show More Summary

Beyond Bacardi

Convincing serious drinkers to try aged rum as a sipping spirit is a tough sell. The first image that comes to mind when most think of rum is probably the beach, or, more specifically, a sloppy spring break scene with frat boys passing around handles of Bacardi and Captain Morgan. Show More Summary

The Greatest Wine Retailer in America

Depending on your circumstances, visiting a great wine shop can be an exhilarating experience or it can leave you feeling like a eunuch at an orgy. I'm on an austerity plan these days, and while I can walk into most wine stores content...Show More Summary

Wieners and Wine

Every Fourth of July, I find myself contemplating the same three questions: How were the Founders so smart, does anyone else notice that those fireworks look like sperm, and what wine goes best with hot dogs? That last question is no...Show More Summary

Patterson's Pimm's

The Pimm's Cup is the established tipple of posh summer sport everywhere treasure rhymes with leisure. Originated in the mid-1800s as an afternoon refreshment for London money men, the drink now epitomizes "seasonal events featuring irritating rich people"as the Guardian put it last year. Show More Summary

Rooibos Tea

The first time I drank rooibos (also called red bush) was two months ago at the most fashionable cafe in my Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood— Café Pedlar. It's a robust herbal tisane (not technically a tea), and its flavor has an almost tobacco-like, nutty quality. Show More Summary

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