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The Tragedy in Oaxaca Really Puts America’s Squabbles Over Education Reform in Perspective

There’s a nastiness to conversations about U.S. education reform, which are characterized by the kind of stark taking-of-sides that’s usually reserved for debates over guns or abortion rights. One side often sees the other as union-busting...Show More Summary

Ohio Is Trying to Clean Up Its Sketchy Charter Schools. Has It Done Enough?  

Ohio has long been an embarrassment to charter-school supporters nationwide, with its trail of scandal and graft and abysmal student performance. So it seemed like a good development when, in the fall, the state passed a big charter-school reform bill with overwhelming bipartisan support. Show More Summary

The Upper West Side Is the Latest Battleground for School Integration in New York

New York City has an integration problem. This is nothing new, of course; the supposedly most diverse city in the world has long had some of the most segregated schools in the country, and that’s saying something. In recent months, the...Show More Summary

It’s Ridiculous How Little We Pay Preschool Teachers

Preschool shouldn’t be controversial, but then again we live in 2016, when we can’t even agree to get guns out of the hands of terror suspects. On the early-education front, there’s no solid consensus on the type of preschool kids should...Show More Summary

The Government Says Chronic School Absenteeism Is a Crisis. What Can We Do About It?

The Department of Education just released its first-ever report on what it labels a “hidden educational crisis”—chronic absenteeism, defined as missing more than 15 days of school in a year—in American schools, and the statistics are sobering: In the 2013-2014 school year, more than 6.5 million kids fell into this category. Show More Summary

Complaints Accuse NYC Schools of Mishandling Sexual-Assault Cases in a Big Way

How do we as a culture respond to sexual violence? It’s a question that’s getting serious airtime in the week that Stanford swimmer-rapist Brock Turner has become a household name, igniting an international debate about how we punish...Show More Summary

Impossible Admissions Tests Prevent Many Poor Students from Getting Into New Orleans' Best Schools

Do some public schools, allegedly open to all comers, go out of their way to attract families with more money, more connections, and more flexibility—and in the process shut out families who lack those resources? It’s a familiar question...Show More Summary

Two-Thirds of Schools Have "Active-Shooter” Drills Because America  

Remember those dull fire drills we all endured as children—month after month, snaking in long formation down the hallways and loitering at the periphery of the baseball field until the assistant principal blew the all-clear whistle?Show More Summary

Texas Is Considering a Textbook That Blames Undocumented Immigrants for Crime and Drugs

The whole country seemed to breathe a sigh of relief Tuesday night when far-right conspiracy-theorist-in-grandma’s-clothing Mary Lou “Obama Was a Gay Prostitute” Bruner lost her primary runoff for a seat on the scarily influential Texas State Board of Education. Show More Summary

This Woman Billed Detroit Schools a Small Fortune for Nonexistent Tutoring. Great Work If You Can Get It!

Detroit Public Schools can’t seem to get anything right. As if the system’s forever-looming bankruptcy, the black mold in its classrooms, and the constant sickouts by frustrated teachers weren’t bad enough, now just two months afterShow More Summary

This Big Standardized Test Company Just Gave Teachers Another Reason to Loathe It

By one measure, Pearson, the education company that owns the PARCC test, is having a banner week: A new study commissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Education just found a strong correlation between a proficient score on the...Show More Summary

These Mississippi Schools Finally Must Desegregate—62 Years After Brown v. Board of Education

In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education, that “separate but equal” schools violated the Constitution. Sixty-two years later, after a federal court rejected alternate schemes proposed by the school district last week, the U.S. Show More Summary

The Next Fight Over Transgender Bathroom Policies Is Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas

Earlier this week, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called for the resignation of the superintendent of the Fort Worth Independent School District, Kent Scribner, for the egregious offense of issuing an administrative policy that would allow...Show More Summary

D.C. Is Teaching Second-Graders How to Ride Bikes. Why Don’t All School Systems Do This?

In an age in which kindergarteners regularly sit for “high-stakes” tests, one system is taking steps to teach kids actually useful life skills that can’t be graded. Back in the fall, District of Columbia Public Schools announced a program—the first of its kind, but here's hoping not the last—to teach all second-graders how to ride a bike. Show More Summary

Watch a South Carolina School Board Meeting Erupt Into “Jesus Loves Me” After an Attendee Speaks Up for Transgender Rights

Some very strange shots were fired on Monday in a brewing transgender-bathroom war in Horry County, South Carolina, when a woman defending transgender rights at a school-board meeting was interrupted by a roughly 500-person chorus of...Show More Summary

Giving Poor Kids Free Meals at School Should Not Be Controversial. Tell That to Congressional Republicans!

Don’t most of us agree that providing school meals to kids who need them is an overwhelmingly good thing? After all, nutrition is essential to proper cognitive development. We can all get behind feeding the poorest kids in school, right? Sorry,...Show More Summary

Why Teachers With “Savior Complexes” Are Getting It All Wrong

Chris Emdin—an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University, and associate director of Columbia’s Institute for Urban and Minority Education—wants education policymakers to rethink how they go about trying to educate students of color. Show More Summary

The Extremist Likely Headed to Texas’ Influential School Board Thinks Pre-K Is Pro-Gay Propaganda

You have to give credit to Mary Lou Bruner, the probable newest member of the Texas State Board of Education come November: Her far-right-fringe worldview is nothing if not coherent. In an election season where front-runners can’t decide...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Finally Gave Us a Glimpse of the Education Debate We Need

Earlier this week, Long Island’s Newsday interviewed Hillary Clinton at length on a number of topics, including education. That’s something no newspaper has managed to do throughout either party’s primary, which has largely glossed over K–12 issues. Show More Summary

Schools Are Underserving Minority Communities, and Black and Latino Parents Have Noticed

Diversity isn’t just a hallmark of big cities anymore. The U.S. as a whole is rapidly becoming a majority-minority country, starting with our youngest citizens: Last summer, the U.S. Census Bureau published a report on the changing demographics...Show More Summary

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