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All Tribes Are Not Equal

In a thought-provoking new essay in New York magazine titled “America Wasn’t Built for Humans,” Andrew Sullivan takes account of our tribal moment, seeking to explain how the country became divided into two, warning of the grave dangers division represents, and offering a solution for reuniting us. Show More Summary

“I Am a Working-Class Guy”

It’s a hot July evening in downtown Manhattan, and Von, a dimly lit cocktail bar, is packed. Three executives from Uber drink gin and tonics at the bar. A volunteer checks people in after a day spent working at a New York publishing house. Show More Summary

The Wealth Gap Between Whites and Blacks Is Widening

Most Americans believe active discrimination is a declining concern. They believe that despite the challenges our society currently faces, we are at least past the era of outright and explicit exclusion. The case for this belief rests...Show More Summary

Berkeley’s Bind

Ben Shapiro arrived in Berkeley Thursday night to a militarized zone. Large sections of the campus and six buildings were closed off due to his scheduled apperance. A sizeable contingent of police, recently empowered by the local city...Show More Summary

The Strongest Evidence Yet Donald Trump Is Violating Constitutional Anti-Corruption Clauses

Since Donald Trump took office in January, his presidency has been dogged by concerns about how he may be profiting off the executive office. Now, thanks to receipts obtained by the transparency group Property of the People via the Freedom...Show More Summary

Trump Is Playing Two-Dimensional Chess

Donald Trump is feeling desperate. The president is at long last reckoning with the fact that he is profoundly unpopular, which has proven a tough pill to swallow for a man with a yearning desire to win the approval of the hosts of various cable news programs. Show More Summary

Advice for Democrats on Single-Payer

On Wednesday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the Medicare For All Act of 2017, his long-awaited single-payer health care proposal that (as of this writing) has earned 16 Democratic co-sponsors. That’s a 16-senator improvement on the last single-payer bill he introduced in the Senate. Show More Summary

Hillary in My Head

The thing about audiobooks is that they rarely occupy 100 percent of your attention. They become background music, melting sneakily into your subconscious thoughts, so that you’re not sure whether the voice you’re hearing belongs to you or to some narrator who’s quietly hijacked your stream of consciousness. Show More Summary

Steve Bannon’s Intellectual Reputation Is a Charade

As both chairman for Donald Trump’s campaign and onetime chief strategist for his White House, Steve Bannon cultivated a reputation for a kind of vulgar brilliance—the erudition of an intellectual matched with the instincts of, in his words, a “street fighter.” And the political press has obliged this image. Show More Summary

“You Have to Side With Him”

Steve Bannon, the former Trump campaign CEO and White House counselor, has a lot to say. In a 60 Minutes interview that aired Sunday night, Bannon unloads on the media, the Republican establishment, and everyone else who gets in President Trump’s way. Show More Summary

What Steve Bannon Is Up To

Grandiose former White House chief strategist, Breitbart leader, and chaos Muppet Steve Bannon will use his connections and influence to challenge five incumbent GOP senators, Politico reports. It is part of his “war” against the Republican...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Not an Independent

It was just last year that Donald Trump ran for president promising cheaper health care for his supporters and greater trade protections. He rejected cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and pledged a new national commitment to infrastructure. Show More Summary

Trump the Triangulator

Now that he’s done an end-run around the Republican leadership in Congress on a short-term debt limit increase, what’s stopping Donald Trump from hammering out bipartisan agreements with his new pals Chuck and Nancy on amnesty for Dreamers,...Show More Summary

Donald + Chuck + Nancy

One day after President Donald Trump shocked the Capitol by accepting Democrats’ three-month debt ceiling extension over the strenuous objections of both Republican leaders and his treasury secretary, most congressional Republicans are saying they’re not panicking. Show More Summary

The Wrong Side of the Law

When President Trump pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio—then under contempt of court for bucking a federal injunction—he defended the action as necessary for the preservation of law and order. Lawmakers and advocacy groups expressed outrage, and for good reason. Show More Summary

Trump Sides With the Democrats

“I think that’s a ridiculous idea,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday morning during a press conference. He was referring to the offer that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had just floated, in a joint statement, to increase the debt ceiling for three months. “Let’s think about this,” Ryan said. Show More Summary

Trump’s Secret Letter

On May 11, two days after he fired FBI Director James Comey, President Trump admitted that the White House’s initial story about the firing—that it was prompted by a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein—was bogus. Trump told...Show More Summary

Trump Can’t Score a Win

Donald Trump was destined to have a difficult first year as president. He wasn’t just a minority president, selected by quirk of the electoral process; he was a political novice with no experience of public office and a uniquely divisive figure, who stoked white racial resentment to fuel his ascendancy. Show More Summary

Welcome Back, Congress

Congress returns from its summer vacation this week with a long list of straightforward legislative tasks it needs to complete to keep the country’s trains running on time. You should be terrified. In addition to reauthorizing various...Show More Summary

When ICE Came for the Chaldeans

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 11, a 29-year-old finance lawyer named Wisam Naoum stopped at a gas station to stock up on beer. It was a sunny, hot afternoon, approaching 90 degrees, and Naoum had a leisurely day planned at his sister’s backyard pool. Show More Summary

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