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Why Don’t U.S. Senators Hold Old-Fashioned Filibusters Anymore?

Texas Democrat Wendy Davis thrilled abortion rights supporters on Tuesday night with a 13-hour filibuster, helping to beat back a Republican bill that would have closed most abortion clinics in the state. Huge crowds gathered inside and outside the Texas Senate chamber as Davis resisted the urge to sit, lean, or digress. Why did U.S. senators stop holding talking filibusters?

The Rudest Justice

After authoring a slew of 5–4 conservative opinions this week and helping to effectively kill the Voting Rights Act, Justice Samuel Alito should be in a good mood. He’s not. On Monday, a cranky Alito rolled his eyes, shook his head,Show More Summary

The Limits of Panic

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

We often hear how the world as we know it will end, usually through ecological collapse. Indeed, more than 40 years after the Club of Rome released the mother of all apocalyptic forecasts, The Limits to Growth, its basic ideas are still with us. But time has not been kind.

“We Can't Let the Iranian Regime Play This Game”

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

JERUSALEM—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Lally Weymouth on Thursday in Jerusalem about how he sees the situation in Israel and across the region. Excerpts:

Game of Thrones, Season 3

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Every week in the Game of Thrones TV Club, Rachael Larimore will IM with a different fan of the show about the goings-on in Westeros and across the Narrow Sea. This week she discusses the finale with Yahoo Sports writer and columnist (and frequent TV Club guest) Jay Busbee.

Advertisement: The Week's Top IT Stories: 03/29

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Every week, Eaton scours the Internet to bring you the top five industry headlines of the moment. This week, American Express confirmed its website was hacked, RIM announced a new strategy to revive the company, and Google launched its same-day delivery service. See what else made our top headlines.  Eaton >> Read more Ads by Pheedo

Advertisement: Snag-a-Sidekick With Eaton's Claw O-Matic

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Research shows that taking short breaks can actually enhance your productivity level. That's why Eaton is excited to offer you an opportunity to boost your efficiency while learning some valuable information--and even win prizes!   Eaton >> Read more Ads by Pheedo

The Killer Robot War Is Coming

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Drones are everywhere. They are blasting suspected al-Qaida militants in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. They are menacing China. They are being shot down in Israel. They are hovering outside of homes in America and spying on their residents. And they are forcing us to rethink some basic legal principles—for good reason, because drones are making the old ones obsolete.

The Book of Woe

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Listen to Gary Greenberg discuss what he calls the “DSM wars,” The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry:

The Next Boston

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Every once in a while, a terrorist sets off a fatal bomb in the United States. In 1993, it was the World Trade Centers. In 1995, it was Oklahoma City. In 1996, it was Atlanta Olympics. Now it’s Boston. Each time it happens, we’re shocked.

Seeing Greens

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

The annual Masters golf tournament begins Thursday, and most of us will watch the festivities in air-conditioned splendor. In a 2002 article reprinted below, Alex Heard commends those who take in the proceedings while reclined on the couch. "Be not ashamed of yielding to televised golf's soporific power," Heard advises.

The Best Tennis Player I Ever Saw

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

One hot summer day when I was 12, I stepped onto a clay tennis court to play a girl I’d never met before. I knew that her name was Lisa and that she was 9, and I could see that she was short. I figured that I’d gotten a lucky draw.

The Guns of April

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

At first glance, the tensions with North Korea seem like Europe 1914: One country steps out of line; another responds with the threat of force; the next thing you know, the World War I breaks out.

Postcards From Camp

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

I have a friend who does not understand camp. Or at least, she’s not confident of her camp judgment. So once she learned that I was preoccupied with the subject, she took to regularly asking me if this or that thing was camp. “Drag queens...Show More Summary

The Healing Power of Holding a Grudge

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Last week a man bumped into me on Fifth Avenue.

Friday Night Lights and Leather Pants

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Every weekend, Longform shares a collection of great stories from its archive with Slate. For daily picks of new and classic nonfiction, check out Longform or follow @longform on Twitter. Have an iPad? Download Longform’s app to read the latest picks, plus features from 70 of the world’s best magazines, including Slate.

Doctor Who, Season 7, Part 2

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

To say that this is an exciting year to be a Doctor Who fan is pretty much the under-est of understatements. Sure, show runner Steven Moffat has already set this season’s mystery in motion – who is Clara Oswin Oswald, why does she seem...Show More Summary

The Chilling Effects of the DMCA

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

It was hard to believe, but the student insisted it was true. He had discovered that compact discs from a major record company, Sony BMG, were installing dangerous software on people’s computers, without notice. The graduate student, Alex Halderman (now a professor at the University of Michigan), was a wizard in the lab. Show More Summary

Sharks Are the New Whales

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

Seven years ago, I jumped into shark-infested waters. Three dozen black-tipped reef sharks swarmed around me while two 12-foot tiger sharks circled the perimeter. There was no cage—just 12 divers and a swarm of sharks, sometimes literally brushing past us. They darted above, below, and beside me in the silent and shallow blue waters off South Africa.

Emergency Exit

2 years agoNews : Slate - Recycled

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